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Heyyyyy, totally not stealing @Ninety 's idea from the old GMC forums, I'm gonna make some random comics on recent GMC events!

Don't expect anything serious or well made or high quality or anything really. I'm just a guy with a random graphics tablet and Microsoft Paint.

And before anyone gets mad, don't worry, I have Ninety's permission :lemwink:
Also this is not GMComicified (the old comics he used to make) so the content may vary from time to time even though that's the basic idea.

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Why would anyone get mad?
Why do you think you need his permission?
He doesn't. I told him he didn't need to ask, but he wanted to anyway. Which is fine. If anyone else wants to try their hand at a webcomic series that consumes their life and amasses a small following of persistent readers who won't leave you alone that's fine by me!


I don't hate clowns either.

I just didn't expect the users to immediately make clown comics as soon as I posted mine.

(who am I kidding, I knew it was going to happen)


Clown comics appearing as soon as a completely "new" idea appears is almost a rule... and they appear again whenever someone decides to continue other person's idea, either way they appear because of some intricate mechanism of this universe that was built there from the very start

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Apparently I'm on a roll today, so here's another comic. I'll be leaving for vacation tomorrow for about a week, anyway, so there won't be anything during that time, if I decide I am officially hopeless enough to go on drawing these.
It really does help in terms of drawing practice, though; Ninety (*ahem* I mean, uh, StewartB *ahem*) improved a lot over those 102 comics.

Anyway, to the comic.

Pokémon Go
The teacher was never seen again.