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GMC Secret Santa 2017 - ALL GIFTS DELIVERED!

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Hey, hey, hos! It's time for the GMC Secret Santa!
Hosted by the one and only me this year.
In proper GMC: SS tradition, the post is %9000 copypasta, so if you notice anything amiss, pm/@ me to say!
I've adjusted the times due to the late start, happy holidays and have fun! :D

You can check gift statuses at the gift page on my website!
SHIELD YOUR EYES, THE COLOURS! AUUUUGHUHG: http://spellweavergames.com/SecretSanta2017/

(The following is copypasta from last year, mostly.) (Even that was copypasta)
What it is

"GMC Secret Santa" is an event carried out each year where each participant makes some kind of a gift for a "Secret Pal". Then, by December 23rd all gifts are published for all participants to unwrap! Note, however, that the identity of your Santa will remain hidden - it's 'SECRET' Santa, after all.
(Feel free to check the last discussion topic as a reference for how things were done last year.)

It's a bit late, no?

Yeah, I know, but it was only recently brought to my attention that it hadn't been done yet this year!

How do I sign up?

Well, to sign up, you need to make a post in this topic before the 6th of December, 0:00 GMT saying you want to participate. You may also state your gift preferences in that post, but be careful about being too specific - you wouldn't want to give your secret Santa a headache, now would you?
On December 6th, I will make an announcement in this thread that the sign-up period is closed and I'll randomly assign "Secret Pal's" to "Secret Santa's". Soon afterwards, you should get a message in your GMC inbox with the name of your "Secret Pal" and you can start making their gift.

Making the gift

After your "Secret Pal" is assigned, your Secret Santa present must be made and messaged to my GMC inbox before the 22nd of December, 23:59 GMT.
Don't publish it here or PM it to your secret pal; it's supposed to be SECRET.
Do take into account your pal's preferences, but try to be discreet. Use whatever means you can devise to maintain your anonymity and keep your identity a secret from your "Secret Pal" as you research his or her preferences. However, sometimes it may be fun to leave little hints to your identity within your gift. Also, and this should go without saying, the gift you give must not be mean spirited, offensive or even break the GMC rules. Additionally, the gift must not be financial (Steam keys, program licences, cash bribes, etc.).

Examples/ideas of what you could make:
  • a new avatar
  • banners or promo images for their games
  • music or sound effects for their WIP
  • "Let's Play" videos of their games
  • a simple game (made with GameMaker, naturally)
  • a holiday video message
  • desktop wallpapers
  • your own idea here
Of course, if you have your own idea for a gift, feel free to make it -- these are just examples!

If at some point you find that you can't make the gift after all (due to lack of time or random circumstances such as runaway trains or time travel misfortunes), please message me about it as soon as possible, and at least 5 days before the December 22nd deadline! That way I'll have time to assign your secret pal to someone else.
Please be sure that you will be able to follow through with your obligation to create a gift. Reassigning Secret Santa's to Secret Pal's at the last minute doesn't always work out so well, as you might imagine.

The unwrapping!

By December 23rd, I'll gather all the gifts and publish them for your viewing pleasure (except for those that can't be published, for one reason or another). You're free to share your joy in this topic, comment on whichever gifts others posted here, or even try to guess your Santa. Keep in mind, however, that your Santa's identity may never be revealed.

In a nutshell...
  • to sign up, write a post here before the 6th of December, 23:59 GMT
  • you can state your preferences in the sign-up post, but please, don't be too specific!
  • after sign-up is closed, your "Secret Pal" name will be messaged to your GMC inbox; you will then have over two weeks to make the gift! (until the 22nd of December, 23:59 GMT)
  • once you make the gift, message it to my GMC inbox; don't send it to your secret pal or post it here, it's supposed to be secret!
  • all gifts should be virtual, unless you want the expense of air-mailing a teddy bear to your secret pal
  • when making the gift, try to think what your pal would want; also, the gift should not be rude, offensive, inappropriate, etc.
  • finally, no financial gifts (Steam keys, program licenses etc.)!
  • if you can't make your gift, please PM me as soon as possible and at least 5 days before the December 22nd deadline, so that I can assign your secret pal to someone else.
  • by the 23rd of December all gifts will be published here to unwrap (except for those that can't be shown here); then you may try to guess your Santa if you want

Participants so far (sign-up post link; gift preference)

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I'll participate!

unlike @Bingdom , I'd love nothing more than an avatar, just make sure it shows BiTrunade ;)


Woot woot! Sign me up!

What do I want? Original art piece with me (as my avatar) as the subject matter (Art == image, gif, game, poem, or story). It does not need to be based on truth or reality. Extra points if it makes me laugh.


I'm in! ^ ^,

I'd like whatever, just no avatar please, even though I don't really like my current one... it's complicated.
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I would like to participate, too.

No avatars/signatures/wallpapers please. ^^'


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I mean... errr. Please sign up for much holiday joy! :D


The forum's immigrant
@Misu So, are you in? You didn't actually say in your post!
I didnt say because Im probably wont be since hurricane Maria raped me. Im gonna be in a moving phase during the month of december and wont have the time to participate.

Although Ill probably will sign up...
If my previous gifty guesses me :)


Kind of a weird, small turnout for Secret Santa this year. (So far.) Are people really busy? Or just not feeling it? I wonder.


I'll bite. I don't know anyone here very well, so this'll be interesting to see how it turns out. :p

No preferences.


to sign up, you need to make a post in this topic before the 6th of December, 0:00 GMT saying you want to participate.
So, sign-ups are over now, right? As of posting this, it's roughly 6:50 AM Wednesday at GMT +00:00.
Should definitely be over, but, if my counts are correct, we have 15 people. How is that gonna work?


Gay Wizard Freak
Okay, sorry about the late reply here. I had some stuff to do today.
I will add the last few people who replied, and set up the giftees tomorrow.
Entry is now closed!

And with an odd number of people, I end up making a gift or having someone make multiples. Don't worry, Santa always has a way!


Ahahah... it's kinda terrible. I really respect the person I'm making my gift for and I'm not doing so great so far on the gift. I know the whole "it's the thought that counts" and all, but I can't help but think that a good gift really adds a nice touch to the thought. :p


I'm lvl 99 in stakling and info gathering on my main. I even have the skill cape for it.


Can I enter or is it too late? My WiFi and laptop got destroyed in a fire but luckily it was put out and no one was hurt, unluckily my router and laptop were doused in water. Please say I can enter :p
I turned in my gift to the magician that made this all happen.

If anyone backed out of their Secret Santa-ing I can get another done in the next 2 or so days.


Just finished mine and sent it to our friendly wizard. I had a hard time deciding what to do for my giftee. I really hope they like it.
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