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We want to know the face behind the avatar, so post photos of yourself here and tell us a little bit about yourself too! In addition to the rules and guidelines that are applicable everywhere on the GMC forums, we'd also appreciate it if you didn't post images of yourself in utterly naughty and inappropriate poses, and/or with little or no clothing.

Oh, and replies to people's posts are fine, but if you haven't got anything nice to say, it's better to say nothing at all... ;)

To get the ball rolling, this is me, your Friendly Admin @Nocturne:

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You asked for it -- this was me in university. I'm currently sporting a beard but have no camera.

Edit: Added another more recentish image of me just landing after falling really far

12299361_1228644390495486_5292471074469333282_n[1].jpg UXtR6UY[1].jpg
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Scared you, didn't I?

Hello! I'm Thiago "Jaqueta", from Curitiba (Brazil), I use GM since I was 11, that's... almost 7 years now. Oh my...
I currently developing a Coop Hack'n'Slash game for PC with a friend. It's in early stage, so it will take a while till you guys see something = P


IDK but I just thought today, with all the **** going down in the world right now, that it's cool to be part of such a diverse community, as one people, independent of government. Ok, enough with the sentimentality, back to thuggery! :p
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*Sniff*... Gimme yer wallet man... I'm sorry I just gotta feed my kids y'know? It's a hard world out there man, listen, *sniff* you go home and hug the ones you love, never take them for granted, don't take the same path I did man...
Strange thing is that's not a million miles away from something I almost did many years ago and am glad I didn't go through with it and I apologised to the people involved.