GMC Objectified


For some awful reason, I decided to use to make an Ace Attorney parody of an old argument @RichHopefulComposer and @GMWolf had.
(Edit- Better you you have a whole 36 megabytes of hard drive space. XD)

The title is an obvious nod to GMComicified, but I don't expect this to be a series or anything. XD

The original debate is on this page somewhere. August 19.

Obviously, I'm not very good at using yet.


If you ever do one with NakedPaulToast, he must be Manfred von Karma. No objections.

EDIT: ForstyCat would make a good Edgeworth. Ethian could be Larry Butz, Roytheshort could be Redd White, Yal could be Maya Fey, Tsuka could be Franziska and Nocturne as the judge.
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