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Discussion in 'GMC Jam' started by Nocturne, Apr 17, 2016.

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    Apr 13, 2016
    This forum is exclusively for the great GameMaker Community Jam! This event is held every three months and is a celebration of GameMaker and making games in general. The Jam runs over a span of 72 hours (three days), normally from the last Friday of the month (Jams start at noon on Fridays) through to the following Monday and is open to everyone, after which the community gets to vote on which games they liked the most and share their personal insight into the games submitted. The votes are then tallied and the results announced.

    The nearest GMC Jam will run between 25th May, 12:00 UTC (Friday noon) and 28th May, 12:00 UTC (Monday noon).

    Note that the GMC Jam is not about winning and there are no official prizes for coming first other than getting involved in choosing the theme for the next Jam. The Jam is all about passing some fun time with the community and at the same time prototyping something new and original, or for challenging yourself to make something outside of your usual "comfort zone." However we do encourage users to offer community prizes, and they don't have to be for those that come in the top 3 or whatever... if you want to give a prize to the person that came 13th then you can! Community prizes cannot be monetary, but you can, for example, offer to gift Steam games, create artwork or music, or give anything else that isn't directly cash.

    Each new Jam will have a Discussion Topic, a Games Topic and a Voting Topic, so keep your eyes open for the latest ones as they are created!

    We hope you'll participate and have fun with the rest of the members of this fine community!
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