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GMC Jam Discord Server

DISCLAIMER: This chat isn't moderated, supported or endorsed in any way by YoYo Games. It is run and moderated solely by the community volunteers responsible for running the GMC Jam on the forums.

I decided to setup a Discord server for every GMC Jam enthusiast who might interested in socializing with people of the same kind and converse about at least one of their common interests, the GMC Jam, regardless of whether any iteration of this fine event is currently ongoing or not. Everyone can get access and be a part of this server as long as all rules are followed, and proper decorum and sanity maintained at all times.

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(click the link to be taken to the web version or copy-paste it in your copy of the software to be taken to the server)
In order to get access and become a member of the server, first of all, please read the #info channel carefully and make sure you agree to follow all the rules. Then leave a message in #get-access after reading the pinned instructions, and you'll be granted the necessary permission role shortly. You may begin in other channels as soon as that happens.

Note that this server is still very new and in active development, so you may see various minor or major changes over the course of time, which includes but is not limited to addition / removal of channels, interactive bots and a variety of roles for our members. You'll be notified of these changes via the #announcements channel. Speaking of which, there might be many things you may not like and want to change, and things you wish were present. Since you are the ones who are going to use this server and make it what it's planned to be, I'm eager and in a need to hear your suggestions and remarks in this topic. But most importantly, have fun!
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