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All medals for all participants are available HERE
They are available in both 120px-tall versions (suitable to use directly in signatures) and 240px versions.
Also, for games with best-of awards there are versions with a rank, a best-of and both.

Full Rankings

  1. Cthildha by Jordan & Amber Thomas (@Mightyjor)
  2. The Insufferable Pan by @Pixel-Team
  3. Ullr by @Siolfor the Jackal
  4. Secrets of Tapiola by @Poizen
  5. Ravana by @The M
  6. Rolldyce Kingdoms by @GameDevDan
  7. Babel: A comically large tower built by man, destroyed by God, as demonstration of humanities hubris. by @Mr Magnus
  8. APOLLO by @CardinalCoder64
  9. The Will o' Wisp by Bearly Co-oping (@HeadlessOne et al)
  10. Blade of Redemption by Ezra (@SoapSud39)
  11. Mars God Of War And Sometimes Internships by @Mercerenies
  12. Gilgamesh by @Ninety
  13. Invaders Of Egypt by @Jarfunkados
  14. The Third Day by @ghandpivot
  15. Prometheus Rising by @EvanSki
  16. Toilet Story by @Micah_DS
  17. Unicorn Rampage by @Richerama
  18. FarOutPost 42 by @HayManMarc
  19. Hades vs. Satan by @kburkhart84
  20. Murder on the Styx Express by @Alice
  21. CRUSH by @Toque
  22. Sleepy Gods by @Mr Magnus
  23. Hat Wearing Children by @Bearman_18
  24. Escape from Tartarus by @Ericbomb
  25. Typhon's Return by Vulcain Games (@herostone67 and @🌌Royaku🌋)
  26. Map of Legend by @PugWizard101
  27. CROW by @Terminator_Pony
  28. Half a Dozen Potatoes by @Josh Chen, @bandman28
  29. Minitaur by @Sirham
  30. Spielcomm: Origins by @Bart
  31. I will win the GMC Jam 41 II: I will win the GMC Jam 42: Otter: Prologue -mythologies- by @Cantavanda
  32. Gravity Bunny by Koopashy (@GuineaPig)
  33. Lore Quest by @BraydeeJohnson


Best use of Theme:
The Insufferable Pan by @Pixel-Team

Best Concept:
Ravana by @The M

Best Presentation:
The Insufferable Pan by @Pixel-Team

Best Story:
Cthildha by Jordan & Amber Thomas (@Mightyjor)

Best Devlog:
Blade of Redemption by Ezra (@SoapSud39)
Spielcomm: Origins by @Bart

Results Spreadsheet
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Thank you so much to everyone who left kind reviews and kind criticisms of Cthildha, it was such a great learning experience for me. I’ve never won a jam before or even gotten close, so thanks to everyone helping me be a better game dev. My wife (the narrator) and I had a wonderful Cookie Sundae to celebrate :)

Thank you to Evanski for giving 100% as a jam host and Alice for the amazing medals and everything else you do. Also a huge congratulations to the other winners, especially @Pixel-Team and @Siolfor the Jackal! This is such an amazing community and I look forward to these jams so much.

Also, my wife has offered her voice talents to anyone else who would like narration done in future games :)


I had even more fun than usual with this jam, both when making and when playing. Good times, guys! And I really appreciate all the feedback/streams for my game. I was hoping to get in the top 10 this time around, but heyy, I got a power of two at 16th place, so there's my nerdy silver lining. :p

BTW, I'm not expecting to be done with my community prize until around the start of next week.


Congratulations everyone! Definitely some unique entries this time.

Thanks to Alice for a great theme and for the very nice medals!
I shall display that medal of shared Best Devlog with pride (looks like I finally found a category that I can win :p)

My community prize is still in the works at the moment. I expect to have it finished by the end of this week.

Looking forward to the next one already!


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Congratulations, everyone, I think this Jam turned out quite well overall, with a nice variety of entries and theme executions as well.
I especially congratulate @Mightyjor and his wife, and I hope you will choose your theme well. No pressure, of course. ;)

I shall display that medal of shared Best Devlog with pride (looks like I finally found a category that I can win :p)
A friendly reminder that in the Jam #35 you won both Best use of Theme and Best Devlog, and in general your entries have been winning Best Devlog for the last 3 Jams.
(from this place I'd like to thank @GameDevDan whose Jam history explorer makes finding this kind of information much easier)


Congrats to everyone some really fun games! had so much fun making this game with my family, can't wait for the next one. thanks so much to all the hosts and everyone who helped behind the scenes to make it run so smooth.