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All medals for all participants are available HERE (mirror)
They are available in both 120px-tall versions (suitable to use directly in signatures) and 240px versions.
Also, for games with best-of awards there are versions with a rank, a best-of and both.

Full Rankings

  1. Boom! by @Alice
  2. Big Miss Steak by @Pixel-Team
  3. Fish Food by Ezra (@SoapSud39)
  4. I, T'kemsa by @Siolfor the Jackal
  5. Shadow Bouncer by @JordanOttesen
  6. Van Helsing's Big Missed Stake by @Mr Magnus
  7. There Is Going To Be A Bomb by @Bearman_18
  8. Magic's Final Stand by @The M
  9. COLD by @Toque
  10. Robozoic Park by @GameDevDan
  11. Fjootjah Skate by @Bart, @Xor, @TheSnidr
  12. A Tentacle With A Knife! by @BreakfastBoy
  13. Lens of the Last Surviving Human by @Mercerenies
  14. Evanski's Raccoon Adventure by @EvanSki
  15. Pursuit by @BluishGreenPro
  16. YoYoCoin Market by @Mr Magnus
  17. Shroom Boy by @Poizen
  18. The Secret and the Bread by @Josh Chen, @bandman28, @Micah_DS
  19. A Small Mistake by @Ericbomb
  20. Mosquitattoos by @Yozoraki
  21. Super Ordinary Brothers by @Yal
  22. Wheelchair Joyride by @Terminator_Pony
  23. CATCH THE DAMN CLOWN by @Nocturne
  24. E.T. 2021 by Firehammer Games (@kburkhart84)
  25. I will win the GMC Jam 41. The winner for the worst game. Mark my words!!! by @Cantavanda


Best use of Theme:
Fish Food by Ezra (@SoapSud39)
A Tentacle With A Knife! by @BreakfastBoy
YoYoCoin Market by @Mr Magnus
E.T. 2021 by Firehammer Games (@kburkhart84)

Best Concept:
Boom! by @Alice

Best Presentation:
Big Miss Steak by @Pixel-Team

Best Story:
Fish Food by Ezra (@SoapSud39)

Best Devlog:
Fjootjah Skate by @Bart, @Xor, @TheSnidr

Results Spreadsheet
(you can see best-ofs breakdown near the right end of the spreadsheet)


Firehammer Games
Wow, OK, 4 best use of theme winners this time! Off to generate a couple more keys so I can award those prizes then(saved one since I don't count :) ). That means 12 codes total needed for each of the two systems.

@Alice @Pixel-Team @SoapSud39 @Mr Magnus @BreakfastBoy @Bart @Xor @TheSnidr

I will be PM-ing each of you so you can let me know if you are claiming your prizes or gifting them to someone else, just as soon as I finish generating the extra codes I need.


Master of Pixel-Fu
Congratulations Alice, and Ezra! This jam was a blast!! I'm going to circle back around and apply some of the critiques I received on Big Miss Steak, and see if I can't put out a director's cut. Thank you all for playing and voting, and thank you to the streamers who took the time to live stream all the games.


Firehammer Games
I'm beginning PMs now. For those of you that choose to gift them to others(either because you have extras or because you simply don't want them for some strange reason), the first ones to respond as such get first call on who they gift to, and the ones who respond later will need to choose again.

In hindsight, I probably should have just chosen to gift to only the ranking winners, or only the "other" winners, but not both, as that's what created all the overlap. Oh well, here is to hoping these things are useful to you guys, and everybody has configurable controls in their future jam entries :)


Some of the games felt extra special to me, and I got to do audio again, so I had a great time. :) I'm already getting excited about GMC Jam 42.

Next time, I'm planning to go solo again, and I think I'll do much better than I have in the past, because I've recently changed my creative work habits with a 'no zero days' mentality (i.e. never let a day pass without doing a game dev task), which should help keep me from getting too rusty between jams.


Firehammer Games
As of right now, all the original prize winners, except [S]@BluishGreenPro[/S] , have responded to my PMs. Most have received their codes, and a couple chose to re-gift theirs to other people. All receivers of those re-gifted prizes have responded, except for @Yozoraki . So I need you two to please respond to my DMs so I can finish serving these prizes.

I also have one pair that is being given by a person to whoever is the next ranking person that has yet to receive one, and another single (FHInput) license going to the rank after that. I'm just waiting on these confirmations to reveal who did what and then see who is next in line to receive these available ones.


Correction, Bluish was gifted his by Ezra(SoapSud39). Furthermore, Bluish just responded and is taken care of. I just have Yozoraki left, plus the few that I'm waiting to distribute in case Yozoraki gifts theirs to someone.
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