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All images, including a smaller version of 1st place, available here.​

Full Ranking

  1. Party Animal by TehPilot, TheFugue
  2. Emmy and Sal by Mercerenies
  3. Forty; or the Modern Big Brother by SoapSud39
  4. Wastoid Rodney And the Keytar of All Space-Time by Cloaked Games, JosephEllis, BlakeNorth
  5. Plague Rats by Nocturne
  6. Crimson Festival by Alice
  7. One Big Party by Gizmo199, shortbread
  8. Crimson Guild's Glamorous Guest List by Mr Magnus
  9. The Adventures of Robot X by Pixel-Team
  10. Wham Bam Dan Jam Slam by GameDevDan
  11. Candles Have Feelings by Jordan Ottesen
  12. Candle Wars by Yozoraki
  13. Greymoor Hall by Ninety
  14. Final Battle by Kahrabaa / Kosmos
  15. Jenka Dungeon by dosto, Reaktori, Riuku
  16. The Matchmaker by eimie
  17. Three Mice In A Trenchcoat by Bart, TheSnidr, Xor, Naterboy
  18. Roborazzi by Kultisti, Sulo
  19. Hero Horde by PinesOfChaos
  20. Jam Defenders by Kepons
  21. Castle Meta by The M
  22. The Golden Balloon by Josh Chen, bandman28
  23. Party Mountain by AJTheApple
  24. Survival Party by HayManMarc
  25. Snake Dance by Greenblizzard
  26. Robot Surprise Party stealth birthday action by samspade
  27. Fiesta Down by VinylFly
  28. The Party Must Go On by GVmG
  29. GMC Fruit Salad Surfer by Yal
  30. Gangs Bash by D'AndrΓ«w Box
  31. Need for Beats by matharoo, BlaineTanuki, _aeternumgames
  32. Hero Huddle by ThinGinger
  33. Christmas with Uncle Tom by BluishGreenPro
  34. The Annual GMC Party! by O.Stogden
  35. HealthBar by Fanatrick
  36. Demon Dance by Mightyjor, Twintertainment, Brett-Bit
  37. QUICKLY! DISPENSEGIFTS by Allison James
  38. Me PARRty by ghandpivot
  39. Blackout by Siolfor the Jackal
  40. Extinction Tea Party by Moon Goat
  41. Keyboard Hero by tadashibashi
  42. Escape of the Clowns by kburkhart84
  43. Queen by Toque
  44. Your Brain on Party by thijsmie
  45. Happy Birthday by Yal
  46. Party Animals! by ScaryPotato, Kalzme
  47. Party Detective by Mercyssh
  48. One Big Political Party by Terminator_Pony
  49. Fantasy Strategy Clicker by Julien, Hyomoto
  50. The Scattered Army by Sirham
  51. Dr. Smiley's Brain Jam Party by Yal
  52. R-pg-ING by Micah_DS
  53. Jaguar Pogo Party by TotallyAverageGamez
  54. Candle by Steelegms2
  55. Apocalypse Party by aspiringgamemaker
  56. Get to the Party!! by Wabb, sequential
  57. Behemoth by sp202
  58. Florida Man by BreakfastBoy
  59. Barry Bear's Birthday by Richerama
  60. Survive the Party by Nejc Podlipnik
  61. City Scuttler by Bearman_18
  62. Dawg the party animal by NivesStudio
  63. Crazy Waiter by Gatefiz, JP, Claire Dujardin, Benfik
  64. Fiesta Fist by Cristobal, MatthewPattel
  65. Party Puker by Ben Stitt
  66. GMC Party Adventure by Imagine Galaxy
  67. The Way Back To The Party by NoodleHead
  68. MATOSET by Poizen
  69. Party Pooper by Lukan
  70. Party Parade! by Tristan
  71. Party Paddles by Fusai
  72. Goin' All Nite by Dadio
  73. The Retrieval by Dr. Wolf
  74. Party Guardians by StarDreamIX
  75. DUMBURK 9000 by BretHudson, Allen Webster, Jared Cohen
  76. Life Party!! by Cat, var
  77. Color Splash by EvanSki

Best Ofs

Best use of Theme (One Big Party)

Crimson Festival by @Alice

Best Concept
Crimson Festival by @Alice

Best Presentation
Party Animal by @TehPilot, TheFugue

Best Story
Forty; Or the Modern Big Brother by @SoapSud39

Best Devlog
Three Mice In A Trenchcoat by @Bart, @TheSnidr, @Xor, Naterboy

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Clash Of Gangs

🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎 The Red Gang Wins 🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎

The Red Gang dominated the Clash of Gangs by having the highest scoring games,
giving the most votes and reviews AND guessing the theme first!

Well done reds. Here is an image for your signatures in case you want to show off!

Dan's Clash of Gangs Superstar Award
I didn't plan this, but there is clearly one member who deserves a massive special mention.
@Alice dedicated masses of time and energy to foster the community spirit this jam and propel the Red Gang to victory!
Alice, you are the Clash of Gangs SUPERSTAR 🌟

You've won so many awards, how will you choose your signature? πŸ˜…

🎊 I want to say a one last HUGE thank you to everyone for making this the best jam ever 🎊
Long may we party, and who knows where we'll be in 10 years time?

You are responsible for bugging members about community prizes - I'll be in touch about the official prizes asap.​
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61st place. Oof. I'm not sure I've ever fallen below upper 50% before. XD That's OK, I was experimenting even more than usual this time, and I learned a lot.
Congrats to the winners, and to Red gang! I loved this style of Jam, with the gangs and everything, and I hope we can do it again sometime.


Firehammer Games
I ended up right about where I thought I would be...lower end of the middle of the pack. There were plenty of really nice entries, and plenty of people who have done plenty of jams before, and people who are simply good at this!

Indeed, congrats to the winners!!! And congrats to you @Alice as yes, you did indeed put in a massive effort for this thing even from the beginning before the concept was invented in the first place.


Third place and best story: I've peaked!
I don't think I'm beating TehPilot or Mercerenies on a good jam anytime soon. My game this time already came out much much better than they usually do.

(I wish I could have gotten those and written reviews/ranked games. But I got caught up with finals and then didn't have access to my PC)


Congrats to everyone for some amazing games, especially the glorious red gang! 🍎πŸ₯³
I've tried various game jams now and I can say that GMC jams are the best there is to offer. Such a great community with talented people helping each other become better!
I'm super glad I started joining in, and I'll see you all at the next one! :D


Master of Pixel-Fu
I was hoping I'd be in the top 20, so 9th feels really really good. So many talented folks out there! Congratulations to the winners. So well deserved!


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Thank you everyone, it has been a fantastic (if a little time-consuming) Jam, and I'd like to especially thank people from the Red Gang for the time we spent together. It was a fantastic experience.
Receiving a reward as the Clash of Gangs Superstar comes across to me as a surprise, but I'll gladly accept it. ^_^

I am also thankful for the Best Use of Theme and Best Concept rewards. I'm glad the idea of my entry - however experimental and reliant on other entries it was - did pay off in the end.
I plan to keep working on Crimson Festival after the Jam, hopefully bringing more complete story, even more events and references and perhaps more decision-making (maybe even some minigames?). Speaking of which...

I, as the representative of the CRIMSON GUILD,
to participate in the CRIMSON FESTIVAL, making it even greater than ever!

In other words, I'd like to incorporate Jam entries - not only from the Red Gang, but Green and Yellow as well - into the post-Jam version of the Crimson Festival!
I have yet to decide on the specifics, but for now I'm strongly considering setting up a bundle on consisting of Crimson Festival as well as all the games linking to it.

More details about what would need to be done on other entries' side:
  1. The entry would probably need to be uploaded to
  2. The entry would probably need to be available for free (though it being, the buyer would be able to pay as much as they like).
    Alternatively, we could polish all participating entries to a commercial-level quality, but it takes significantly more effort.
  3. Preferably, the entry wouldn't rely on references to real-life people, and especially on GMC in-jokes. (sorry, O.Stogden, as entertaining your entry is...)
    References to the battle of gangs (or more specifically the rivalry between Crimson Guild, Emerald Academy and Gilded Collegium) are perfectly fine.
  4. The entry needs a kind of goal that can impact the shape of the festival in some way. There might also be multiple goals.
    (note: endless games can also have goals, vide Crimson Guild's Glamorous Guest List)
  5. Once specific goals are reached, the entry should save file in its %localappdata% folder; Crimson Festival would then search this folder for the metadata file and load it as necessary.
  6. The entry needs to have some decent production quality, in terms of gameplay and audiovisuals alike. But don't worry! If you struggle with some aspects (art, music, some programming etc.) maybe others will come to help!
  7. The entry must not use external resources without properly crediting them; using copyrighted resources without license is a no-go.
Feel free to contact me if you are interested.
(I might also contact authors whose entries are particularly promising for the Crimson Festival sometime later, once I setup basic scaffolding for the cooperation)
Congratulations to everyone who participated in this jam. You're all winners in my book. It was great fun playing and reviewing all of these terrific games, and very difficult indeed to rank them.

Thank you to everyone who tuned in to my streams, and followed me on Twitch. Thanks to you all, I leveled up to Affiliate this month. That wouldn't have been possible without this event. I sincerely appreciate the support.

I've enjoyed every second of this jam. It was an honor and a privilege to be a part of it. I'm looking forward to the next one! Stay excellent, folks.


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Neutral parties can participate as well, though I'd be tentative about Wham Bam Dan Jam Slam specifically because it's a massive reference to previous Jams. ;)

(something like Roborazzi, though; I think I could incorporate that, just maybe tone down the energy consumption in the third room?)


When I played all the other entries I knew I would be in the bottom 7, the fact I made 70th place makes me feel fuzzy inside, granted I only spent 5 hours on the game but next time I'm going all out! Congrats everyone!
Rip blue team..


Once again I am blown away by everyone's support and commentary. This jam was a blast to participate in with the team aspect and I've got a great base of a game to expand upon thanks to it. Well worth the few days off work it required to participate, I'd say!

Let's do it again some time, shall we?


Unfortunately, Red Gang winning proves that E V I L does win in the real world, unlike those nice stories we read about and see in movies. :p

Jokes aside, it was a good time, like always. I look forward to the next jam! Maybe next time I'll play it a bit safer. Experimenting is great and all, but I'd like to ensure I make something that plays well next time (without taking me all jam to get a decent game feel, like R-pg-ING did..... gotta pick a better name next time too, lol).


Great jam everybody! So many high quality entries!
I would like to claim being the first to guess the theme in the discussion post but I guess someone might have pm:ed the host? :p
Great work Dan as usual, cheers!


Congratulations everyone! So many good entries this time!

This jam was a special one for sure. This 11th time I finally discovered the meaning of being hyped for it. And the clash of gangs certainly added to that.
Very happy to be part of this!

Also, it's been an absolute honor to team up with @TheSnidr and @Xor for this entry and an exceptional experience working together.

Starting the countdown to the next jam already!


Fantastic jam everyone and congrats to the winners! For my first game jam and with all the issues, 32nd might as well be first place. Super happy with the results and big thanks to @GameDevDan for organizing it.

Will definitely be participating in more in the future. It was tons of fun.
But Next time I plan to be first ;)
Still, I think last place deserves something. Even if it's just a signature banner made in MS Paint.

Next time I plan to be eligible. You know, by actually submitting something... But on second thought, I'd hate to win my own prize. Maybe I should stick to being a game critic. πŸ€ͺ

Edit: Well, there's no time like the present.


I maed a signature banner for you, @EvanSki. Cherish it always.
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Raccoon Jam Host
Still, I think last place deserves something. Even if it's just a signature banner made in MS Paint.

Next time I plan to be eligible. You know, by actually submitting something... But on second thought, I'd hate to win my own prize. Maybe I should stick to being a game critic. πŸ€ͺ

Edit: Well, there's no time like the present.

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I maed a signature banner for you, @EvanSki. Cherish it always.
I shall always cherish it


Apparently my account got deleted for inactivity (since my only activity has been silently making music for @TehPilot - this is a new account)!

I had a lot of fun making music this year, and working with TehPilot as always. I'm currently playing a lot of the other submissions - they were really good this jam! Thanks to everyone who participated - I always look forward to these game jams, and I'm thankful for the community that makes them happen (even if i'm so silent and ghostly that my account gets nuked lol)
Hi winners,
as promised in the prize list the first 5 developer or team can send me a message with what console they have between Switch/XB1/PS4, including the region, and they will receive a game code.
Also we are evaluating the games to see and know if some of those could be extended for a possible commercial version.

Great job to every developer and keep making amazing games using Gamemaker Studio.


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I created a Discord server for development of Crimson Festival!
I invite you all to join, whether to suggest your own game to connect to the Crimson Festival or just to hang around in general, or maybe even help out other people.