GMC Jam Results GMC Jam 39 - Results!


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All medals for all participants are available HERE
They are available in both 120px-tall versions (suitable to use directly in signatures) and 240px versions.
Also, for games with best-of awards there are versions with a rank, a best-of and both.

Full Rankings

  1. The Frootinis by @GameDevDan, Allison James (@NAL)
  2. Hopper The Toucan by @Mercerenies
  3. Dung Beetle by @Pat Ferguson
  4. To Hell With It by Michael Psarommatis (@MIchael PS)
  5. Pathetic Prosthetics by @Yozoraki
  6. Awarémon by @Mightyjor
  7. The Stick by @Siolfor the Jackal
  8. HÅRS by @The M
  9. FlufferPuff by @Micah_DS
  10. Six Feet by Ezra (@SoapSud39), Amos
  11. Detritus by @NavierIsStoked, Chalkbot
  12. Monster Hunger by TheWingedBlue (@MatthewPattel), Unreal Boy
  13. Old Man Toque by @Toque
  14. Morse Code Trainer with Pathetic G-chan by Dickson Law (@FrostyCat)
  15. Drunken Joe by @Gatefiz
  16. Danger Noodle by @ghandpivot
  17. Bandit by TeamPicklefishGG (represented by @deadfish)
  18. Journey To Earth by @Poizen
  19. Pugthetic by @Fernando Gonzalez
  20. Nova Mare by @Bart, @TheSnidr
  21. Distress Signal Found by @samspade
  22. Hansha by @EvanSki
  23. Pathetic Swarm by @Zodaris
  24. Flight of the Bin Chicken by Adam, Aidan, Marcus, Noah (one of them is @Lt. Farfetch'd)
  25. Where Creatures Roam by @Josh Chen, @bandman28
  26. BLOCK by @Sirham
  27. Crusty Chris by @woodsmoke
  28. Pathétique by @Mr Magnus
  29. Five Minute Mystery by @Terminator_Pony
  30. A Hole In Space by @Neo_Kesha
  31. Revenge Turkey Strategy by @gmx0


Best use of Theme:
Pathetic Prosthetics by @Yozoraki

Best Concept:
The Frootinis by @GameDevDan, Allison James (@NAL)

Best Presentation:
Dung Beetle by @Pat Ferguson

Best Story:
The Frootinis by @GameDevDan, Allison James (@NAL)

Best Devlog:
Six Feet by Ezra (@SoapSud39), Amos

Results Spreadsheet
(you can see best-ofs breakdown near the right end of the spreadsheet)


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Thank you everyone! Not just for the early Christmas present of winning the jam, but for participating, playing and reviewing... And just generally making the jam what it is. We couldn't do it without each and every one of you!

And massive thanks to Alice for putting so much effort into these results posts with all the amazing banners :)


That was a fun jam. Congrats to the deserving winners. Thanks to the reviewers and videos as well. So fun to watch.


Those medals are fantastic! I didn’t realize but it looks like you recreated all of the different art pieces which must have taken ages. Thank you @Alice!
This jam is such a blast and always feels so much more of a fun community experience than any other jam I’ve participated in. Thanks so much for your submission, your game reviews and critiques, and a special thank you to anyone who streamed or recorded their play through for me to watch. I had a blast seeing those!
All the games were so good it was tough to rank them, so great job to everyone and congrats to the winners!


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Grats to Dan and Allie and all the Winners and to everyone who entered. Really solid Jam and really solid results! Massive thanks to Alice for so much time and effort on all the badges! Your work is always appreciated! This community rocks! Roll on the next big 40th Jam!
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Congratulations to @GameDevDan and @NAL, and @Mercerenies , and all the other winners, and thanks to all for playing my game and for your votes. Thanks to all for your criticisms and comments as well. And thanks to @Alice for spending time doing the badges. I think they are all very special, and very much appreciated!! I'm delighted to be part of such a friendly community of people who love expressing themselves through their games. I'm looking forward to the challenge of the next jam, and want to see a larger turnout in 2021! Viva la GMC!!
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Congratulations to the winners and to everyone who entered the jam! Thanks for your reviews, they've been very interesting to watch and read.

I also want to thank @TheSnidr for teaming up for this entry!
It's been a very good experience to not work solo on a jam game on this 10th time entering the jam.

See you all soon for the next one :)

(And, once again, very nice looking medals!)


Brilliant! I had a ton of fun with this one! And based on the feedback, it seems like I hit the mark on visual effects too, so I'll definitely have to keep that in mind in the future.

Congrats to Dan and Allison, who as always made an extraordinary entry!