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All medals for all participants are available HERE
They are available in both 120px-tall versions (suitable to use directly in signatures) and 240px versions.
Also, for games with best-of awards there are versions with a rank, a best-of and both.

Full Rankings

  1. Igor by @Ninety
  2. Subside by @HyprBlu
  3. The Faults in our Code by @EvanSki, @Cloaked Games, @JosephEllis
  4. Coco Cards Casino by Team Flob (@GameDevDan, @NAL)
  5. Inconvenience Store by @TehPilot
  6. Night of the Winning Dead by @Pat Ferguson
  7. Three Rules Standing by @Alice, @Mercerenies
  8. Snakes on a Plain by @Richerama
  9. MEGADOME by @The M
  10. HookLab by TeamAuThe (represented by @Lambda)
  11. YOUR RULES by @Gravedust, Tomato
  12. Rules of The Rhinoceros by @Yal
  13. Three Rules Make a Riddle by @ghandpivot
  14. Robber Rules! by @KPJ
  15. Trichotomy by Dickson Law (@FrostyCat)
  16. Grow a plant by @Poizen
  17. Break! (don't brake) by @kalzme
  18. Weapon Master by @DreadedDruid
  19. They Bleed Red Too by Ezra (@SoapSud39), Amos, Zeke
  20. The Ritual by @Finh2003
  21. Fire Realm by @Red Phantom
  22. Mage's Quest by @Calepiaro
  23. A Game for 8 Colors by @DEGLIS
  24. Wizard's Pub Crawl by @HayManMarc, @Siolfor the Jackal
  25. Morning Commute by @yothebob
  26. Cannibal Rules by Scott Goldsmith (@ZombieLawyer)
  27. 1000 rules to live by by Me When Entertainment (@wooshdude)
  28. Nod Zombies by @BigDallas
  29. Upside Down Tower by @Armored Dragon
  30. PUSH by @Toque
  31. Three Nights of Knights by @kris24
  32. Spielcomm 2020 by @Bart
  33. Guess Who, Hostage Rescue! by @Mightyjor
  34. Robo Royale by Team pB&J (@bandman28, @Josh Chen)
  35. ColorWars by @Rui Rosário
  36. Whack (only) the mole by @awlred
  37. Rush. Kill. Repeat. by @filiprb
  38. Lava Jamp by Dallas Riley (@Sk8dududu), Riley O'Neil
  39. Coco Bombs by @Adam Games
  40. The Vaccine Maze by @Lucas Poeiras
  41. Conquer and Drill by @Cpsy1714
  42. Out of the square by @ericossiqueira, Benjamim
  43. Collect. Build. Kill. by @Lukan
  44. Fishy Clicker by @sylvain_l
  45. You Only Have 3 Minutes by @EvanSki


Best use of Theme:
Three Rules Standing by @Alice, @Mercerenies

Best Concept:
Igor by @Ninety

Best Presentation:
Igor by @Ninety

Best Story:
Three Rules Standing by @Alice, @Mercerenies

Best Devlog:
Night of the Winning Dead by @Pat Ferguson

Results Spreadsheet
(you can see best-ofs breakdown near the right end of the spreadsheet)