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Lava Jamp
Dallas Riley (Sk8dududu) & Riley O'Neil (Not a GMC member)

I only just realized as I'm submitting this that my game doesn't have a name; 'Lava Jamp' it is.

So my buddy and I have entered a couple of game jams before and really enjoyed it, and we haven't for awhile so we were committed to joining this one. Unfortunately we both just didn't have time to do much this weekend between parenting and feeling kinda ill. So we only worked on it for a few hours on saturday. As always, he sent me the art and music and I just put it together.
The night before we did chat for a bit talking about ideas of what to do, and it was a close choice between a few, and I actually kinda regret not choosing something else, but once we started I just had to get it done so I had at least something to show.
The art music and everything in the game was done during the timeframe of the jam.
Really wish I could have added more to the game, but hopefully next time. Still an enjoyable experience as always though.


By Dickson Law (FrostyCat)


1. Rock beats scissors.
2. Scissors beat paper.
3. Paper beats rock.

3 timeless rules. 1 brand new way to play.

Trichotomy is an abstract strategy board game based on classic rock-paper-scissors mechanics. Take turns placing pieces onto the board, each with one of the three hand signs. Try to take over your opponents' pieces by beating them with your own, but watch out for defending pieces already on the board. Take over a majority of the board to win!

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Hey! You've got the store to yourself most of this shift.

Make sure it stays safe in there. I know it's a lot to ask, especially with your usual shiftmate out sick. And with the number of reported illnesses going up lately. We won't have enough coverage if you get sick, and if we can't keep the store clean, more people will get sick and we'll have to shut down for a bit. And we can't take a prolonged closure - sales have been awful as of late! We should strive to keep everyone safe and things afloat as long as we can manage.

It's a tall order, I'm sorry. But if you stick to the basic guidelines you'll probably be fine.

  • Don't leave the shelves empty.
  • Maintain a safe distance from other people.
  • Clean your hands and the surfaces they touch frequently.
You've got this. I'll see you later today!
- Your Shift Manager
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Weapon Master

You must lead the player through a dungeon to defeat the boss on the otherside. Use a sword bow and magic to vanquish your foes. The enemies change colour to correspond to what type of attack they are vulnerable to.

Red = Melee
Green = Range
Blue = Magic

WASD - Move
Escape - Pause
Mouse - Aim / Interact with objects
Mouse wheel - Cycle through weapons
1 - Change weapon to Melee
2 - Change weapon to Range
3 - Change weapon to Magic

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Drunkenly crashing your Unicorn into a market stall was the last straw according to the judge from your last court appearance. By court ordered mandate, you must attend Alcoholics Anonymous and complete a minimum of 200 hours of community service.
Screw that! Since when have you ever done what you're told? Time for a pub crawl!
...I don't think the elves from AA are going to be happy about this…
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Outside the square.
By: ericossiqueira, and Benjamim(my little brother)


You are in a square world, where there are three rules:
1-Keep yourself square.
2-Don't run.
3-Walk the line.
These rules, although simple, prevent you from evolving. The time has come to break them and leave the square world.

wasd/arrows to move
E and Q to change the size
left mouse click to shot
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