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Three Simple Rules

Thursday 27th August, 2020 12:00 UTC

Monday 31st August, 2020 12:00 UTC

  • Any GMC member can take part in the GMC Jam. You must use GameMaker to create your game.​
  • Games must be made between 12:00 UTC on August 27th and 12:00 UTC on August 31st, and posted here in the games topic.​
  • You may use resources such as graphics, sounds and scripts that were made prior to the jam, as long as the bulk of your work takes place during Jam weekend.​
  • You may create one post per entry in the games topic. You may create this post before your game is finished and continue editing that post to update your progress, in fact you are encouraged to write a devlog!​
  • All entries must have a download link in the Games Topic before it closes at 12:00 UTC on August 31st.​
  • All entries must work on Windows as a standalone executable / compressed zip folder. No installers please. Your entry can also work in HTML5 and on other platforms, but most reviewers will only play the Windows entry.​
  • All entries are encouraged to follow the Jam theme. It isn't mandatory to do so, but you'll often get more favourable reviews from your peers!​
  • You may participate alone or in a team of up to 3 members. See the "teams" section below if you're looking for teammates. Only one team member creates a post for the game in the topic - do not create multiple posts for the same game.​

Recommended post format:

Game Title
Developer Name / Team Name
DOWNLOAD LINK (when finished)

- maybe a screenshot here -

- your devlog here -

You can keep editing your post to write a devlog about your game.
You can also post in the discussion topic as you develop your game.
Do not post more than one post per game in the games topic.

As at the start of the jam the following people were looking for teams but be aware, they may already have teammates at this point:

  • @Bart - As last time, I'd once again like to make one tune for someone looking for music for their jam game. People who are interested can have a look on my SoundCloud page.​
  • ...No more members looking for teams​
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Red Phantom

Fire Realm

Game By: Red Phantom


All I know so far is that my game is going to be in some kind of "fire realm" or "dimension.

Rule ideas for game concept
1. Don't jump backwards.
2. Collect all the coins.
3. Defeat all the fire enemies.
Created sprites:
- Coin
- Fire creature
- Red background
- Platform

Three Simple Rules for game changed to:
1. Defeat all the fire creatures
2. Do not shoot the electric creatures
3. Do not enter the lava

Removed from game:
- Coins

Found and added music

Programmed rooms:
- Room 1

Created sprites:
- Water bot (for main player) with animations

- Water sphere
- New fire creature - fire creature 1

Removed from game:
- Old fire creature

Created Sprites:
- Lava
- Spirits
- Menu
- Fire Creature 2
- Fire Creature 3
- Fire Portal

Programmed rooms:
- Menu
- Room 1 (re-programmed)
- Room 2

Created Sprites:
- Fire Boss
- Fire Creature 4

Programmed Rooms:
- Room 3
- First stage complete room with simple text
- Room 4
- Room 5
- Room 6

Game is complete and a stable demo is out!
I'm not sure if I am going to change anything from here or update it further, but hopefully I motivate myself to do so.

Added electrocution death via two means (getting hit by electric orbs and shooting electric creatures).
Changed final rule "avoid the lava" to "do not get hit by the electric orbs".

Created Sprites
- Fire Boss 2
- Electric Creature 1
- Electric Creature 2
- Electric Creature 3
- Electric Sphere
Programmed Rooms:
- Restart game room
- Room 7
- Room 8
- Room 9 (final room)
- Rooms 1-6 (re-programmed: added electric creatures)
- Room with simple 'game complete' text

Good news! I managed to work up the courage to do a bit more work on the game.
- Health-bars added to enemies.
- Fire creatures now shoot fire orbs.

Thanks to some amazing feedback from Yal and Zuurix, I've now got my work cut-out for me with a large list of things to do to improve the game (e.g. prologue). If I get a single 1 thing done before the jam ends I will be happy.
I made a lot of major changed/additions this time around.

- Re-designed levels 1-6
- Removed 3 rooms
- New invincibility mechanic for player
- New movements and shooting mechanics for enemies
- New prologue

- Red Phantom appearance at end of game
- New skull decorations
- New death animations for fire creature
- Rephrased 3rd rule "don't get hit by orbs shot by other creatures"
- Added "special thanks to" at end of game
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The M


~ Devlog ~
My goal for this jam was to make something outside my comfort zone. I was going to make an mmo-metroidvanea but since the theme did a turn from multiplayer I'll be doing a battle-royal in space instead. Oh, and it'll be in 3D! Last time (and the only time) I did 3D in game maker was Memory Lane, years ago. It's about time I give it another shot! :D

Why does this always happen? I'm glad I've got four days because this is going to take a while...

I couldn't get the dome to look decent and so, disappointed with the setback, I pretended everything was fine and started with the player ships. Having no editor for this makes modelling a pain where you tweak numbers and hope the triangles end up in the right places. I'm not bothering with lighting and normals at all at this point and just want the shape to be right. My tools for viewing the final model are very rough at this point but it looks alright if I do say so myself. Hopefully I can get some kind of stream going behind the ship. Aiming with the cannons could technically be done (they're a separate model) but it's probably not worth the effort since you won't be able to see your own ship.

It's taken a while but I've got most things somewhat under control now. Rotations are hard and while some of the math I remember from school, some is completely improvised. It works though, and I have a first draft of a dome I can fly around in. There are asteroids but no collision yet. Once you can hit them, the next goal will be shooting them and then we can start adding enemy ships. I am really looking forward to making the enemy AI! 😁

I added collision and it works great, except the collisions appear in the wrong places, making you collide with thin air and pass through the asteroids. After some debugging it started to dawn on me that I had forgotten yet another rule of 3D transformations: scale first, then rotate, then move. Kind of funny, really, since I already had a session of debugging why things moved around when I rotated them.


Pew! Lasers! They're awesome! I added a simple cross of two planes and stretched them out to make a beam, then added a shader to distort them a bit. Now, between shader code, a new model and the usual rotation issues it would be a surprise to see it actually work. Obviously, it didn't and all I got was a black cross that was invisible half of the time. It wasn't a challenge I couldn't overcome though: after removing texture sampling from the shader, the color returned, then I disabled backface culling for the laser and so the disappearing disappeared. I still have some issues with the angle in which it is drawn and I'm not sure if I'm firing it in the wrong direction or drawing it wrong. That'll be a problem for future me.


Future me here! Past me was a jerk! I added collisions for the lasers so that you could shoot the asteroids. It took a bit of math to calculate if there was a hit, and even more math to calculate where the hit was on the surface as that's where I want the ore to spawn. It works somewhat but since the lasers are buggy it's hard to say if this part is broken or if the lasers just don't hit where they seem to be hitting. Either way, I let future future me deal with it (edit: thanks...) while I sat up a billboard model that could draw a texture facing the camera. By now I've done enough transformations that it wasn't hard, but since I didn't think of adding texture coordinates to the model it took a bit longer than it should have to get it to work.

Turns out improvising math is never a good idea. After a ton of debugging I realized I had to go back and redo things. After that, it worked much better!

With basically one day left I'm done with most of the core mechanics. I would love to add a secondary weapon but will let that wait until I've got the gameplay done. You can upgrade your weapons and shields using ore - this is the first rule of the game. The second rule: "kill enemies to steal their stats", and the third: "there can only be one survivor in the MEGADOME" remain. Tomorrow I will start working on the AI and then I'll make the dome shrink (and hopefully have time to add a few neat effects to it). For now, I'll leave you with the UI:

I'm now working on the AI. It's interesting for sure. I'm trying to give it varying levels of aggressiveness and skill, though so far I've been focusing on making it mine resources. It works, somewhat, as the AI ships dash for the nearest asteroid, firing blindly and flying straight into the rock they aimed for, putting their shields into a desperate overdrive. Then it's off for the next rock, unless two or more ships chose the same asteroid in which case they get tangled together and only hit each other with the lasers. Since they can't die yet they're stuck in place, shooting feebly but never reaching the rock. It's kind of sad, really.

I'll be tweaking their behavior to make sure they only shoot when their target is relatively in front of them and also tell them to slow down if there's an obstacle in the way. Chasing other players will be harder since there might be rocks in the way and they should preferably steer around them. Oh, and also dodge incoming fire so that two AI ships won't just fly close to each other and duel at a standoff. Then I'll make the dome shrink... 😈

I wanted to add people on the forum to the game as names for the bots so I went through the list of everyone who's posted in the games or discussion thread of the jam to add their names and an appropriate color (based off their profile pic). Turns out there were quite a lot of people and at the time of writing my list at 73. It's completely unsustainable to have such a large list but I felt bad for excluding people so here we are. I probably can't have more than 20 or so players in the game so I'll pick people randomly from the list. Your skill level and play style will be randomized (except for me of course, who'll always be at max level 😛).

I feel like I've used the word interesting a lot here but, well, interesting things seem to happen often now. I added 20 AI ships to the game and unleashed them. It was incredibly chaotic so I decided to maybe not spawn them all in a pile but spread out over the dome. The behavior that emerged was fun: some ships minded their own business mining, while other ships would sneak up on them and initiate combat. I've made it so that you steal levels when killing enemies and that gave you absurd stats. To put things into perspective, you need ore equal to your level to level up and each asteroid gives 1-8 ore depending on its size. When I killed the last opponent I ended up with 60 attack and defense. That's well over 3000 ore worth of stats and the game had only been running for a minute or two. Ironically, I was then one-shot by another ship I hadn't seen that I presume had even crazier stats! Maybe I should make it so that you only get one level in attack and defense instead. I want to make mining a viable strategy.


So about the player names. I thought it'd be fun to have an announcer for the game that would comment on the current state. Rather than outsourcing it to the community I decided to try it for myself. That meant recording almost 100 voice clips, editing them and porting them into the game. It took hours and, honestly, I have neither the voice nor equipment to do it well (not to mention that some of your usernames are a nightmare to pronounce 😅). Thankfully, after a low-pass filter and some extra reverb I found myself sounding at least good enough for a friendly jam. Dynamically adding names to the start or end of sentences isn't perfect and the delay can be noticeable, but it's pretty fun to hear everything going on at once. I found that so much happens at once that the announcer can't keep up. I solved this by giving a few messages priority, cutting all previous messages that hadn't yet started playing.

I've made it so that the dome starts shrinking after half the players are gone. It didn't feel necessary at first because the game ends quickly, but I found that it can be hard to spot the other ships when there are few left so making the arena smaller helps a little with that. It also feels more tense, which is great!


And with that, I'm done! The game is fully playable, though it lacks some polish. I think the biggest issue is not seeing enemy ships and maybe that the game ends a little too fast (though since the theme isn't 3 minute timer I guess that's fine). As a final touch I did end up hard coding myself to be have a level 9 AI. I'm not really sure how big the difference is, but it feels good~


(Edit: since I had a little extra time left I decided to add the five people who had shown up in the game thread since I recorded the voice clips. That means I have exactly 100 sound effects in the game and that is a new record!)
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Spielcomm 2020
We Don't Go To Cologne

by Bart

< Download Spielcomm 2020 >

UTC+2 timezone


14:00 - A good afternoon! Seems like it's that time of the year again.
The theme turned out to be Three Simple Rules, not Three Minute Timer as I thought/expected/hoped.
No inspiration right now so I'm going for a nice walk to spark creativity, hopefully.

15:30 - This walk turns out to be quite inspiring! I'm not good at making up rules but reality is a good inspiration for that this year.
I'll be using the following "three simple rules":
  • Wash hands often
  • Wear a facemask where appropriate
  • Keep a distance of 1.5m
Last year I made Spielcomm for the GMC Jam, which took place in an alternative version of Cologne.
But looks like "We Don't Go To Cologne" this year.
Yeah. I think that'll work pretty well as the baseline of the story.
Next up will be the game mechanics for those rules when I get back home.

17:30 - I finished my walk and got quite a bit of inspiration out of it. I couldn't resist to start modeling things already.
Here's the first model, modeled after something I took a photo of during my walk:

The "screen" part of the model will be exported as a separate model and has a ratio of 3:4 with uvs mapped from 0 to 1.
I'll be using surfaces to draw the actual contents. Or maybe just sprites. That's even easier. Unless I want the contents to scroll vertically.
Hmm, probably not.
Next up are sinks and taps to be able to comply with rule 1!

22:00 - I already got quite a few models done: an ad kiosk, a sink, a traffic light, a modern looking bench. I also started working on a metro tunnel piece.
So that part is definitely advancing really well!
Next I really need to think about the map. Last year for Spielcomm I used an actual floor plan of Gamescom and basically drew over those lines, then extruded the shapes along the z axis to get some decent looking "buildings".
This time I want to take this one step further but it doesn't mean I'll be putting a lot more effort in it. Obviously, as a programmer, I'm supposed to be lazy :D
I recently toyed around a bit with blender-osm and it's the plugin I'm going to use to import actual building data from OpenStreetMap.
The collision masks I'll add myself, as well as some tweaks to the imported models and the additions required for actual gameplay (toilets/lavatories/...).
I'll do a couple of these areas and connect them via a metro system that runs underground.

Here's how the area around the Central Station comes out:

I may spend one more hour on this today. That'll be spent on thinking about the world map, the mechanics and on how to properly integrate the two.
The distance of 1.5m is an easy one but how do I make this interesting as a mechanic?
The hand washing rule requires that there are lavatories and toilets in the area. Those could be safe havens of some sort.
The facemask rule I currently find the hardest to find a proper use for. It might obscure your sight or something.
Hmm... A lot of stuff to think about.
Time for a late night walk!

0:45 - I exported the first version of the model to GameMaker. It does look like there'll be quite a bit of cleaning up to do...
Also added some basic 3D camera code.
A basic projection and movement using the arrow keys. No mouse just yet...
Happy with the result for today!

2:30 - So it turned out to be a bit of night work already...
But the fancy advertisement boards are working!
Very happy for today. Time for sleep.


11:00 - A good morning!
I spent about fifteen minutes writing down some technical details and thinking about other things I want in this game:

17:45 - The last couple of hours I worked on the 3D model of the central station square and on some info screens.
I also added the collision mask in Blender by drawing over all lines in the model that act as a boundary.
Next up are the export of that mask and starting work on the crowd.
I'm going to use the morph batches that I've been working on for that. Not entirely though, only those three lines that get the animations going. I'll code the rest from scratch again.
But first it is high time for dinner!

22:00 - After dinner I continued working, this time on the collision mask.
The way I do this is pretty cumbersome, drawing all edges manually, then extruding them to make a face out of each of them that then becomes an edge shaped fixture when imported in GameMaker.
A lot of work that needs to be done, but the good thing about this: perfect collisions!
I did use a couple of scripts from the original Spielcomm because I don't like rewriting the same boilerplate code all the time.
Here's how the result of the work looks in Blender:

I guess that'll be it for today. I didn't go out for a nice walk today yet and I notice it's influencing the thinking.
So that's what I'll do now: have a nice evening walk outside!
Maybe I'll continue working on this a bit more when I get back. Just maybe...


09:45 - A good morning again!
Turns out I didn't do anything anymore yesterday night. But I think I got surprisingly far already.
I just saw a billboard in the city where I live. It displayed exactly 3 simple rules, though one rule is different from mine:
  • "Was je handen" - Wash your hands
  • "Mondmasker verplicht" - Face mask mandatory
  • "Shop alleen" - Shop alone
Today I want to focus on actual mechanics and crowd.
Hmm... I guess I'll try to write that down on paper first.

12:15 - I wrote down quite a bit on game mechanics and it's starting to get to a point where everything starts to form a consistent whole.
The most important things:
  • In certain zones within the city a face mask is mandatory
  • All face masks are disposable and need to be replaced after a certain amount of time (it definitely won't be a three minute timer 😅)
  • Face masks that are no longer safe need to be thrown away in a nearby bin within 10 seconds
  • Crowd will not be simulated but I'll try to come up with paths myself based on the area you're currently
  • Hands must be washed after throwing away face mask
These are obviously more than three rules, but they're not actually rules. They're not related to the main three rules, which remain the same.
It's actually making quite sense. In the last couple of months I often thought of how it'd be interesting to make a game out of this "new reality".

I just went to the market and got a full bag of waffles. Then made myself a nice strong coffee when I got back.
One could say that "conditions could hardly be more ideal" for further development on this jam game.
Time to detail those mechanics a bit more!

16:45 - I've been trying to get morph animations working but there seems to be an issue with the array copying that I don't seem to spot at the moment.
Time for a break.

23:15 - The crowd is moving!
Some triangles in the models seem to disappear when interpolating from one frame to another, though.
And while I haven't found the cause just yet, I think it's looking good already nonetheless.
I've also been working on an elevator that'll take you to the underground metro (the U-Bahn for those interested in the German word :D) that, in turn, will take you to the Spielcomm site where the game will have its end.
The idea is to make the cart physics based so you can actually step into the metro and ride it.
Lock the player to the cart using a temporary revolute joint. Then apply a force to the whole to make it drive from one side to another.
3D and Box2D in GameMaker is such a fun combination!

I'm starting to wonder where the gameplay will end up being in the final version of my game. Then again, there's no denying everything has been going incredibly well so far and I've had loads of fun with this!


09:30 - Another good morning! The one before last in this GMC Jam period.
I worked a couple more hours on the game last night and managed to add the elevator to the underground metro station:

I'm not sure where to go with the gameplay. The idea of the odds of infection going up seems good but the actual game environment isn't suited for that.
The odds of having to get close to someone on such a big square are close to 0.
So either I add more obstructions or I take an entirely different approach.
Maybe even the laziest approach possible: make it some kind of FPS.
Hmm wait. I just realize I need thrash cans for the disposable face masks.
Hmm... Many ideas right now.

19:15 - Phew! I've been working the entire day on adding a large new region to the world model.
Also, the metro is now working!
I used a prismatic joint to guide the carts along the rails and enable the joint motor to make them drive. So it's truly physics-based 😁

Ah yes, gameplay, right... I need to have a look at that tonight.

01:00 - I tried getting some gameplay in but it's not working out at the moment. I'll have tomorrow morning to have a further look at it.
Overall I'm very happy with the result but actual gameplay is once again not really there.


09:30 - Good morning! The final hours of the jam now...
And I have some new ideas... As usual 😅
I'm going to try to add two game modes: timed and free exploration.
In timed mode you need to protect yourself at all times with a face mask and replace it when its safety wears off (is that the correct English way of putting it?).
I have until 14:00 local time. Let's see what we can do.

13:50 - 10 minutes left!
In the last couple of hours I managed to get some gameplay in.
The goal is to try to get to the Spielcomm location while not getting infected.
The metro costs coins that you need to collect.
Trash cans need to be used to dispose of dirty face masks.
And that's it! Time to upload my jam game!

13:57 - It's up! Time for a serious break now.
I've rarely worked this intensely on a jam game. Phew!
I hope you'll enjoy playing my entry!

14:03 - Made a very tiny change to the readme...
But I'm done now!
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Conquer and Drill

Developer :

A game where you conquer to get more oil, coal and natural gas.

There are 3 rules;

Rule 1: Dont run out of Oil.

Rule 2: Dont run out of Coal.

Rule 3: Dont run out of Natural Gas


[Download]-(Google Drive)

Controls : Mouse movements, right click and left click
Right click to open Menus,
Left click to select armies and click buttons

You can right click to create an army on the USA or your regions (green coloured places), select your army and you will need to train troops at the bottom right menu, Soldiers cost coal, Tanks cost Oil, Planes cost Natural Gas.
You can declare war on a country by right clicking and selecting declare war.
After you select your army you can right click on an enemy army to attack.
After you kill all the enemy armies you can select your army and right click on their region (land) and click liberate to conquer their land.

While fighting with the enemy army there are three rules

1. Soldiers are stronger against Fighters.
2. Fighters are stronger against Tanks.
3. Tanks are stronger against Soldiers.
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robber rules (1) (1).png
Robber Rules!
a game by @KPJ (me!)


After you have been caught in a messy attempt to rob the bank, the police are hot on your trail!
Test your timing and reflexes as you run and make your way through the bank, and don't get caught!
But, there are obstacles in your way - these pesky heavy doors! And the pesky humans, in the way! Not to mention the lasers (the red things)!
Avoid the obstacles, but don't dare slow down. With every mistake, the police gain ground on you.
As they get closer and closer, can you manage to escape in time?

Robber Rules! 8_30_2020 4_27_07 PM.png
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Raccoon Jam Host

By: @EvanSki @Cloaked Games @JosephEllis


A game about quality testing robots for Azimov's three laws of robotics as they come out of the robot factory.
Meet randomly generated Robots and a few special characters you've probably seen before ;) Decide their Fate!
The game features modern edge game controls of Clicking the mouse!
Featuring 6 Different Endings!

Will you be the best employee?
Screen_0.png Screen_1.png
The Faults in our Code


Artist/Story Designer:
Joseph Ellis

Music/Sound Effects:
Cloaked Games

Sounds from Freesound:
coral-island-studios "button-10"
Im going all in

Three Minute Timer
Doubling Down

Three Minute Timer
Three Simple Rules
Team got together on a discord call
got an idea about some robots trying to steal cheese cake or whatever

@JosephEllis told me his great anime origin story

@Cloaked Games reminded me of my horrible programming skills

These two have no idea how horrible of a choice they've put into me to be the only programmer and controller of the project

I read @EvanSki 's devlog post, and then listened to Chemical Plant from Sonic 2 because the others told me to. Also reflected on how much better I am than Evanski at GML, like I typically do around twice per day.
  1. the sonic 2 soundtrack on .5x speed slaps
  2. we've decided on the basic concept of our game. Cloaked, in his total, infallible wisdom decided to dumb the game down by focusing on humor instead of an actual storyline.
  3. working on UI art right now.
Exposed Cloak as a robot by making his Bot-sona
Got the best coding skills cranking out gameplay no ones ever seen
I updated the dialogue code I used for Daughter of Dreams and sent it to Evanski. Hopefully he can figure out my big-brain not-at-all-janky-and-confusing-code code--it may be beyond his feeble smol-brain understanding.

Now onto creating a FONKY CHONKY groove for the soundtrack in this game.

Best to not let the experience get too serious, that would be a bad idea.
been working on the UI for the game. Gonna try some animations soon.

been thinking of a way to tie some overarching story to save this game from Cloaked making it too childish. that’ll come later.

Look guys I made buttons!

The groove is grooving strong. It’s fonky chonky, it’s that good splish splash. It mooooves, it grooooves just like I want it to. It’s energetic, not at all childish. There’s only one person here that has anything to do with childishness and it isn’t me.
I take it back @Cloaked Games is this guy

[“Insertion” Cloaked Games]
[Cloaked Games]

Got Joseph-chan to finally do some work
And now my code can do its funky magic
okay you know you may think i’m childish but i’m not the one saying ‘fonky chonky’ and ‘that good splish splash’ i’m the one trying to make an actual good game with depth and story. what’s childish about that?

today i made most of the UI, my first animation (which doesn’t look that bad), 4 unique robot designs (featuring a face from the past), and started brainstorming for the story. Tomorrow will be spent with more art and starting to write the story.

I have completely and utterly ripped out Cloaks terrible excuse for code Textbox system
And made my own superior code he couldn’t possibly understand!
I even have the robots exactly how they should be. This team would have nothing if not for me. HAHAHAAHA!
Earlier today I tried to explain my code to Evanski, and as I expected, it went completely over his head. That’s alright, I’m just here for the funky beats. I am very tired and sad today, so I haven’t done much composition, but the first song is slowly coming together. As always, the finished piece sounds completely different than my vision going in, but that’s okay!
PSA: Check out Ocarina of Time 100% speedruns. Completely wack. I love it.
PSA: Check out GDQ Silent Hill 2 by Punchy
Is this devlog just speedrun video suggestions now? Here’s another sick zfg run.
I finished the first song. Hopefully I can finish at least one more for the game. This is “Robot Factory”, check it out on Soundcloud: I aimed to make it funky! I don’t know how well I pulled it off, really, but I am happy with how it came out regardless.
Due to personal problems i wasn't able to work on much of the story today. got a lot of artwork done though. updated background, did a mouse design, a title logo, and made bases and face that can be combined to 60 randomized robots.

Tidied up some code, made the random bots all generated
Made it so special bots appear and have special conversations
Did the entire convo for ArBotzka! GLORY GREATEST!

did the whole story tree today, with dialogue. total of 6 different endings! did some art for the menu, and a new robot design. Rest of today will be writing random dialogue scripts, writing the ending scripts, and doing art for the ending awards.
as much as i hate him, cloaked was missed today
It almost sounds like he doesn’t actually hate me.

I went to a park today, and relaxed. Then did some other things I needed to. Maybe I’ll do some writing a little later tonight, but at the moment I’m kind of glad to relax a bit. Sadly this means I don’t think we’ll have a second song, considering the first one took 2 full days.
You think I don’t hate you, Cloaked?

While you took an evening stroll across the park, i was getting Grawlix done. Since the last update from me, I wrote the ending scripts, wrote the special robots dialogue, made a new random robot body bringing the total to 75 unique rando-robots, made the awards page, made six custom awards for each ending, made a tutorial skip button, and redesigned a robot to fit with the aesthetics.

I harbor nothing in my heart for you save Hate, Cloaked.

Tomorrow if I can focus on writing a bunch of random-robot dialogues, and if Cloaked can focus on doing anything, i think this can be an actually good game.


All endings are finished and implemented
Awards are finished and work!
Dialogue Dialogue, everywhere.
But not a line to break;
Eh, I try but it’s just a chill sort of weekend. I drank some tea, (got a new version of chai spice that’s pretty good) and helped clean the house.

Now I’m writing some random robot dialogues. Most of them just end up being jokes, but trying to make some serious ones too.
With the dialogue done, I released my finger from the trigger, and then it was all over.
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Cannibal Rules
You've been voted leader of a post-apocalyptic bunker full of cannibals. Each decision you make will effect their lives, and determine whether or not you're dinner!


8/27 12:45pm EST - Finally have my three rules. Going to make a reigns-style game, where you make choices by moving the card left or right, the 3rd rule is to not "die". It'll be a roguelike, so death means a complete restart. I have the cards implemented, they just go left or right. Now to come up for a reason to die. Hoping to work on the save/load feature now too. Considering including achievements.

8/28 12:15pm EST - Added some background artwork. Implemented Stats GUI with images. Basic gameplay structure is in place *cards move and change stats*, now to start making some content!

8/28 3:35pm EST - Added a screen and some screen flares to make it look realistic. Also added happiness as a metric to keep up with. I now have my first three scenarios, that your agreeing or disagreeing with will effect the metrics. Played around with the save functions more to streamline it, and added text saying you're agreeing or disagreeing so that's clear. I also included some semi-hidden clues, so you can see what metric will be effected by your choice if you're careful.

8/30 11:35am EST - Finally added an end-game to my game. Added more clear instructions on how to play as well as a high score feature that's nice, as you can play against yourself infinitely now. Tweaked the graphics of the main card a bit too. Hoping to update the "happiness" icon with a survivor looking person. Added several more scenarios. The game is done, just need more content, which takes a bit given the style of the game. Hoping to get to at least 20 unique events before the jam is over.

8/30 6pm EST - Finally added several more events to the game and upgraded additional artwork. I'd love to make the game have 50-100 events, but there simply isn't time. I've published the game as is for now, and if I have another hour or so before the deadline, I'll use it to add even more events to the game. This feels like my most polished game jam game to date. It has a save game feature and a historically highest score feature. Definitely helped to keep feature creep out. Hope you all enjoy!


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Adam Games

Coco Title.png
Use your Coco Bombs to soak the other players!
Throw your Coco Bomb within 5 seconds of picking it up
Don't go into the deep water

Download on Google Drive

screen shot 4 c.png

More Screenshots + Dev Log
Oh my gosh, what a ride THIS was... I've been sitting at my computer like it was keeping me alive 😂

There were SO many other things I wanted to put into this game. Some of them were gonna be game rules haha!

1. Macaws. Rule: Do not hit the macaws with your Coco Bomb! Red macaws fly from palm tree to palm tree, to distract you.

2. 3 types of Coco Bomb. Rule: You must use a different Coco Bomb type every time! The three types were going to be:
  • Soft Coco Bombs: Break on impact with any surface, including players! (These are the type that are in this downloadable demo)​
  • Green Bouncies: Bounce off surfaces, and break after a few moments​
  • Rotten Coco's: Bounce off all vertical surfaces, but break on the ground, and players! These ones release a damaging gas into the air.​
There is so much more I can talk about, but I'll leave it here, and leave you with some more screenshots of Coco Bombs!

screen shot 3 c.png
screen shot 5 c.png
Dev 1.png
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"You're still coming in, right?
You'd better not be late again."

Screen Shot 2020-08-31 at 9.52.34 pm.png


Igor is a puzzle platformer that revolves around gaining and losing world-altering rules.​


devlog friday 2pm
i am really bad at coding

devlog friday 3:14pm
it's another Ninety Classic™
Screen Shot 2020-08-28 at 3.12.17 pm.png

devlog friday 5:20pm
i am extremely rusty with GMS. missing unity

devlog friday 11:30pm
ok so all the code sucks so far but i've implemented a lot of the foundational stuff. i think i'm gonna finish up for the night by doing some background work

devlog saturday 1:25pm
it's getting there. most of the core visual elements in.

devlog sunday 3:00am
Screen Shot 2020-08-30 at 3.05.53 am.png

devlog sunday 12:00pm
Got five levels finished and the opening cutscene in.

Screen Shot 2020-08-30 at 4.59.04 am.png
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Master of Pixel-Fu
Pat Ferguson (PIXEL-TEAM)

RULE1: Get your zombies from the crypt to the safe house before the timer ends, by any means necessary
RULE2: Have some snacks along the way
RULE3: Don't die. (Wait. You're already dead. Don't get utterly obliterated.)



Devlog 8-27-2020
I made a few scripts a couple weeks ago that allow me to make a game like Lemmings, where the sprites can carve out little bits of the level. This is going to form the main engine of the game. I made a zombie sprite that walks along the level, and a basher, that carves out the level in a horizontal direction so far. I definitely need blockers, boomers, and something creative for the bridge builder...I'm thinking vomit bridge. Wish me luck!

8:49am Day 1: Puking Zombie

6:00pm PST Day1: Puking Zombie Complete

8:54PM PST Day1:
I had an idea to do a tv news caster for the intro and outro to the game. I got the pixel art done for the bigscreen TV, the newsman, and a piece to animate his mouth. I'm up in the air whether I'll do text for speech, or a voice-over audio. The pieces are almost ready to animate. I need to make some TV static, some color bars, maybe some papers he holds to read from... and a zombie to come eat his brain!!!


2:35PM PST, Day 2:
Got the safehouse and scripts dealing with zombies touching it. Safehouse starts locked until enough zombies make it home, then it unlocks and they all enter together. Zombies bang on the locked safehouse in random positions along the front, starting with the door. I'm thinking civilians should be able to run into the safe house... if you don't catch them first!
Got Blockers blocking
Got splat animation deaths when Zombie falls too far...
Got water splash death.
Got level intros and summary screens for success and failure...
Got voice-over recordings for news caster. Going to attempt my first set of sequences today. It will be easier to animate the newscaster's mouth and sync it to the audio this way. Wish me luck.

6:46AM PST, Day 3:
Got some buttons made. The plus and minus are to speed up and slow down the zombies coming out of the crypt. Then from left to right, the Digger, Boomer, Puker, Blocker, and the Nuke.
Sure hope I can pull this off!

10:30AM PST Day 3:

3:48PM PST, Day 3:

7:31AM PST Day 4:


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Deleted member 45063

A game by Rui Rosário


~ Rules ~

Green > Red, Red > Blue, Blue > Green
Same color collision -> Bounce
Different color collision -> Strongest one wins

~ Controls ~

A -> Shoot Green
S -> Shoot Red
D -> Shoot Blue
A, S, D + Shift -> 5-second shield of the corresponding color

~ Development Log ~
The theme is the one I favored so I already had an idea of the base rules for my game:

1. There are three core types in the universe (Rock, Paper, Scissor) that interact on the basis of contextual precedence: Rock has higher precedence than Scissor but lower precedence than Paper and Scissor has higher precedence than Paper.

2. When bullets collide the one whose type has a higher contextual precedence wins, maintaining its trajectory while the other one vanishes. However, if both bullets have the same type then they repel one another, creating new trajectories.

3. When a bullet hits an entity the entity will lose HP if the bullet's type is of a higher contextual precedence, replenish HP if it is of a lower contextual precedence or repel it if it is of the same context precedence, unless the entity is a Wall, in which case the bullet is always repelled.

The wording will need improvement but in the end this describes an action / bullet hell adaptation of Rock, Paper, Scissor. This idea came from an entry of mine for a different set of Game Jams (Tunnel RPS), although this one was done in a different game engine.

Currently at work so I could only write up a mock of the core rules, but I'll flesh out the game idea a bit more once I get home (hopefully). Initial ideals include different enemy types, bosses, power ups, shields and tutorial. Would like to also create a story of some sorts but I'll focus on the base mechanics and polishing that first, as it stands as a game of its own without the story.
Simplified the text for the rules a bit. Still think it could be improved upon, but should be significantly simpler to understand now:

1. Rock beats Scissor, Scissor beats Paper, Paper beats Rock, Wall collisions are always draws.
2. HP is replenished or lost based on whether the entity's type wins against the bullet's type.
3. On draws the bullets are repelled from the colliding entity.
Feeling sick so I'm skipping work today. This also means that I can try to put in a bit of work towards the Jam, since so far I haven't been able to dedicate any time to it. Let's see if I'm not too sick for that.
Managed to quickly add the core bullet mechanics (no fancy graphics or anything like that yet).
Player movement, attack and shields are done! Time to move on to some crude enemies!
Some stupid enemies were added and even though there isn't much in the game at least it is mildly fun (for a few seconds). Time to add HP and score!
Got interrupted for a bit under an hour with some personal matters but managed to add some crude UI with the player health and score. Unfortunately this means I won't be able to add the boss I had in mind :c I'll try to just add a tiny amount of particles to the game to at least make it look a bit better. I'll just need to read up on particles again 😅
Particles and enemy spawn easing added! Gonna work towards creating / hosting a current executable version and then gonna try to still add sounds to it.
Initial version uploaded and Jam topic updated. Not gonna try to add sounds as my head is already spinning as it is ahah
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by Selek
Move. Resupply. Attack.

December, 1940. Italy threatens to capture the Suez Canal, but Britain readies a counteroffensive, code-named Operation Compass. Can you outfox the Italians, who have greater numbers, with the elite tanks in your 7th Armoured Division? Can you capture Tobruk before the inevitable Axis counter-attack?

Download Here!

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Gay Wizard Freak
Collect. Build. Kill.
A game about surviving.


Times are in Pacific Standard Time
8:23 AM
Woke up, read the theme, got an idea that I'm just gonna roll with.
Let's see where this goes.

9:19 AM
I have made a little player dude and am working on some inventory stuff.
Man gms 2.3 is really throwing me off.

11:48 AM
I took a small break but before that I got my inventory and character done!

1:49 PM
Working on some enemies.
Made a cute little goo guy!

3:49 PM
I have made a good amount of progress on mechanics.
All items that you can collect can also be used to kill by throwing them at enemies, yielding more loot!
"building" is also possible now, but no collisions are implemented, so it's basically paint with extra steps.

9:11 PM
Well, I left the house, had some tea and dinner with my in laws, and did laundry.
I also added enemy spawning and day/night cycles to the game!

11:21 PM
The last update for Day One.
I have a technically playable thing, though I'm not happy with how collisions ended up working.
I'll work on that tomorrow, but for now it's bed time. <3
10:20 AM
Woke up and started working on the collisions, they're tile based now and seem to work pretty well.

11:22 AM
Working on enemy path finding, it's...not great so far.
Might work on building mechanics soon.

2:51 PM
I've been hard at working getting the saving and loading working after getting building to work right.
So far, it works flawlessly, thought it takes a fair bit of time to actually load.

4:22 PM
After wrestling with trying to figure out HOW to implement crafting, I settled on the idea of smashing things together.
So now, as long as you're in range of a Crafting Altar TM, you can throw items at the altar and hope that an item is created.
I may post a list of recipes later with the game, but I'm still not sure.

5:23 PM
I've added some music and sound effects to give the game more feel.
A mute button is included, as I remember Alice liking those <3
Adding key remapping right now, then I should have a build ready soon.

5:55 PM

The menu is done, and all those buttons work!
The remapping could be better, but for now it works.

I missed all of Day Three due to work.

9:31 PM
I cleaned up some code and built a version to slap up before the deadline.
It's pretty barebones, but it's better than my usual Jam fare.​
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Josh Chen

👑 Robo Royale 👑

By: Team pB&J 🥪
@bandman28 & @Josh Chen)


Two skillful Robo Masters, yourself included, lead armies of 10 robots into battle. As the robots are deployed around the arena, they will fire bullets in the directions of the opposing robots. When a robot is defeated, it's loyalty converts to the other team's Robo Master. Meanwhile, you must strategically deploy and relocate your bots, while simultaneously hunting for coins spawned around the stadium, which can be used to upgrade your robots' abilities: range, damage, health, and firing speed.

Do you have what it takes to grow your army of oil consuming mechanical war machines, and cease control of all 20 robots? Or will the other CPU Robo Master be able to defeat you? Time will tell. Victory awaits.

[video-to-gif output image]
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"They Bleed Red Too"
developed by Ezra (@SoapSud39 )
(for the sake of pointless anonymity, I have refrained from revealing my full legal name)
(this game is incomplete)
Despite how it may look, it's actually a platformer, kind of.
Drive link

"There are three fundamental laws that must be followed. First, do not murder. Next, do not steal. Finally, do not jaywalk."
In a game about jaywalking to murder people and then stealing their identities. Well, there's more to that. A solid narrative focus, I like to think of it. But it turns out four days wasn't nearly enough for me to finish it how I wanted.

Anyway, a few tips for those playing:
- it might be loud, but you can press 1 and 2 to change the volume.
- the window size is also kinda big, but I enabled chaging window size so just do that (sorry, didn't have time to implement a proper menu).
- in case it's unclear, there is one target per level for the first two actual levels, so don't go randomly killing people.
- if you keep dying, just know that collateral damage from the bots trying to shoot npcs for jaywalking causes the most deaths.
- you only have one health, so use it wisely (but I mean if you die the level just restarts).
- please let me know if there are any major bugs, like crashes or anything.
- this is my first jam. let me know how you think of my game, please.
- speaking of which, before you judge too harshly, I don't have good backgrounds or any sound effects because I spent so much time working on character sprites and the soundtrack.
- everything you see and hear in the game was created during these four days, aside from prior coding experience (limited) and the font that I pulled off the internet.
- I wanted to have more config settings, like controls and volume and window stuff, but that was low priority, so you'll have to make do with arrow keys and Z/X/C

I also forgot to include in the credits that I also wrote the game/narrative, in addition to programming, music, and art.

About the game:
Father, the ruler of the world, employs you, Servant, to carry out assassinations. His son Young Master guides you and you come to learn a bit more about their relationship...
As you navigate the streets full of demons, be wary of the THRNs and CHRBs, the machines patrolling the skies and the streets. One of their bullets can vaporize a full-grown video-game sprite! Utilize your powerful knife (also able to vaporize a full-grown video game sprite, who knew?) and wall-dragging skills to navigate the world about you and discover a world you didn't really want to discover in the first place.

use your attack in mid-air to switch image xscale, very useful for the third level (minus tutorial, so the one without civilians)

Hello, strangers! Hopefully, I'll have a devlog to write here by the end of Sunday, or tonight. I'm in LA right now, so I was sleeping when the jam started. Glad I woke up in the morning (hahaha) (it's about 9 AM PST at the time I am writing this).

syke, devlog 1:
Since I have been working on a separate, larger project, the deadline for which is prospectively next week, I'd decided to only do this jam if the theme was, as some guessed, "Three Simple Rules." Well, here we are. That is to say, I have been planning this game conceptually on the basis of the theme, "Three Simple Rules."

Prospectively, the title is, "They Bleed Red Too," and I will update the first line of this post accordingly when I have some semblance of a game to show off. My three rules are: 1. Do not murder, 2. Do not steal, 3. Do not jaywalk. It will be something of a 2D action platformer with heavy elements of narrative. I hope you like platformers, because that's what I'm in the mood to code.

Here is some concept art, via cheap notebook.

1. "Father", the 'antagonist.' Well, I'm not really sure if he'll end up being a boss or anything, but he's the narrative antagonist at any rate.
2. Concept for the player, an assassin employed by "Father". They will have more skins.
3. Some surveillance cameras to make sure that all citizens are following the rules.
4. Player ability: identity theft. In case you need to get away from authorities (for whatever reason).

I had been planning to make the graphics in Aseprite, but I might need to use Photoshop, since the characters turned out more detailed than I would be comfortable drawing in low-res. It's also easier to use a tablet on PS than on Aseprite (probably because of my settings, but I'm more used to PS so whatever).

(edited 28 August 2020, 12:08 PM PST / 7:08 PM UTC)
I spent probably a couple of hours working on player animation this morning, after posting the previous devlog. Now, I know what you're thinking: "Why are you working so hard on sprites first instead of the game mechanics?" I tell you the truth: I wonder the same. However, being the type of person I am, I tend to prioritize themes, aesthetic, story, etc. when working on a project like this, so sprites come first. Anyway, that's not important. We have a few days, so I can take my time on actual game mechanics.

I have two versions of an 8-frame run animation. I was trying to use the first one, before realizing that it would be way easier (in terms of work, since I'm not too great an artist, and in terms of aesthetics, because no arms can look cool too) to go with the second.
(for reference, the first character looks like a poorly drawn comic-book character, while the second one is as pictured below. unfortunate that we can only attach 5 files; I'll have to edit this post later to include everything)
The next step, after completing and refining all the base animations, is to create clothing designs/animations. Hopefully, I'll be done by the end of today (there was only a 5 hour gap between now and the previous devlog because I had lunch and had to watch a friend blind-playtest another project, plus working on the run animation), or 4 AM tomorrow, because I also have homework due today. Then, I'll probably convert the sprite color to gray and change the image_blend variable in GMS to create skin tone variations and add a shader to emulate glare from lights and it'll look really cool.

Soon to come: jump, fall, hide, murder, pick-up, throw animations (maybe more, maybe omit some??).
I drew some more player animation sprites. If I get around to it, I'll compile them onto one image to post here. I also typed up a dialogue script and created the narrative for the game. If I can implement it by Sunday night, I can promise that it will be awesome. I also got a couple of friends to do voice lines for me. They're not in the GM Community, but I will credit them in the game itself. Hopefully, with some awesome backing music it'll be really epic.
Wow, I can't believe it's already 3 in the morning. The way my character generation works: all characters like the one in the gif above (ie. the player and civilians) have the same base animations, but there are also several variations of eyes, accessories, clothes (wip), all animated according to run and murder animations. Every character will have a different combination of all categories, and these will be set to a random color within a range, topped with shaders to give depth. At some point, the player will be able to customize the appearance of the protagonist (if I can get that far), and it'll be pretty cool.

Currently working on blood animation, and then, later, enemy animations. I probably won't go to sleep for another couple of hours, or I might just pull an all-nighter, but that never feels good (so I think I'll go to sleep by 5 and wake up around 10 to continue working).

Tomorrow's plan: finish spriting (enemy sprites, explosion animation*, enemy attack animations, background assets(??maybe), tiles, background scenery, other character portraits); start coding, hopefully by 8 or 9 PM and stay up late again. In the unlikely event you happen to be keeping up with my devlogs, expect another one or two devlog 2.x; 3.x should be on code and game mechanics.
(*the only explosion animation I have is a long 31 frame explosion I made in Aseprite, unsuitable for this project, so I'll have to draw a small one, maybe 6 frames max)

While I'm at it, Saturday's plan: finish making the framework of the game. Hopefully, that includes important non-gamey story elements (viz cutscenes involving my friends' voicelines and some more art I have to make, as well as making and implementing sound effects. Sunday's plan: compose some short looping tracks for bgm and implement those. Refine anything important and improve aesthetic quality if I'm done with important things by 8 or 9 PM. Implement extraneous features that I may have foregone. Finish the game by 2 or 3 AM (hopefully) (which is about 2 hours before 12 UTC). Play through for final bug checks. Upload zip to Drive and, if I have time, create an account and upload there.
One last devlog before I call it a night (lol). I didn't mention it in devlog 2.2, but I've finished the important parts of player/civilian sprites. I still have clothing and hair to do, but those are low priority (the game would function as intended even without them). Since 3 AM, I've finished one of the enemy sprites and a traffic light sprite, as well as two blood splash animations.

I've been thinking a lot about my game mechanics while I was drawing or doing homework or otherwise all day. I do believe I have solidified my game plan (haha), plus a lot of cool little features that will really add to the game. I won't go into specifics, to limit spoilers (too bad I've already spoiled some stuff in devlog 1(.1); oh well, I'm not removing it), but I will say what I'm planning to do with my game. It's going to be a platformer with some elements of action, stealth, and strategy involved, depending on how one wants to play. Hopefully, it will be multi-leveled and involve quite a few cutscenes. I've written some dialogue around the framework of my story for the game, which involves five 'acts' and several 'interludes,' as well as a bit of varied gameplay to accompany the narrative. If everything goes according to plan, the full game might actually take at least 20 minutes to play through (assuming the platforming and missions aren't too difficult) (well, that's just a guess based on what I have planned. fun fact: when I watched my friend play-test a game I made for a project we are doing together, about 15 hours ago, it took her a solid half-an-hour to get through a game that should have taken maybe 10 minutes tops, so my estimates clearly aren't the best).

am tired, good night (morning, afternoon, whatever)
And I felt a pain in my head, and, glancing into the looking glass, saw that my head had split open, and my blood was caffeine. And they took my blood and drank from it, and some gained eternal wake, others gained everlasting insomnia, and others yet gained literal heart attack.

Seriously, though, I planned to get up around 10 and had an alarm set at 9 (plus some others), but instead woke up to the sound of a garbage truck or something around 8:30 and couldn't fall back asleep.

Okay, so it's not a bad update, just something I wanted to share so I would be obligated to do it later. Since my story is narrative heavy and I know that a lot of people (game devs included) aren't that good at platformers (and mine tend to be pretty difficult, at least for beginners), I have come to the conclusion that in order for players to get the full narrative experience, I should include a 'narrative mode'. Basically, it will remove all platforming aspects and leave only something like a short visual novel (but of course playing the actual game is still recommended). Furthermore, if I have time, I will get a recording of myself playing through the game (no commentary) and uploading it to YouTube, so that those who find it difficult to get through the actual game will have the option of watching someone who knows the nuances play the game (you would also theoretically be able to learn secret techniques from the video).
I grow weary of drawing character animations. Therefore, I have decided to forgo clothing (which were going to be trenchcoat, yukata, and cape), for I have determined what I have in terms of variation to be enough to give some spice to the game (plenty of spice, even). The designs weren't too great anyhow. Honestly, I'm more excited that I don't have to sprite them than I would have been finishing them.

Conclusion: Player animation sprites finished as of this devlog, until I decide to add more features (like a fool).

Next: explosion, major npc sprites (sprites for cutscenes for two npcs), backgrounds (I'll probably go with something simple for now), tilesets, bullets, hitspark (these last two should be easy). And then I open up GMS2.
(I might implement a money system too, but that will come later)
It is nigh time for lunch, so I shall take a break. All that remains for spriting: npcs, backgrounds, tilesets; plus, I need to 'save as' everything into png from Photoshop (terrible. maybe there's a setting in Preferences that will make it easier) and then upload to GMS2 and hope everything is aligned. In the meantime, I have combined my concept images into one, so here is a gif of my seven-frame explosion.
This will have to do. I'm too lazy to make it better, and sprites lower quality than this are totally excusable in game jams anyway.
(this doesn't exist anymore!!)
This will probably be the second to last spriting devlog.

I got back to work around 2, and I have just finished spriting Father, the antagonist (concept drawing pictured in devlog 1.1). I'm honestly impressed with myself how well he came out. Can't wait to do his cutscenes. Next is the other npc (yet to be revealed), who shouldn't be as hard to do as Father (for reasons you may see in the actual game), and then some simple backgrounds and tiles. Then export and start gamemaking.
On the off chance that you have been following my devlog, you may be wondering, "When are you going to start coding?" Truth be told, I have been wondering that myself for the past day and a half. However, the time is now!

I've finished my last character sprite, and I've decided to hold off on spriting backgrounds and tiles until I can get a working game, so that I can get a better feel for the visuals of the components and sprite accordingly.

Okay, I said it was time, but it's actually not yet. I still have to export all my images (there must be over a hundred of them; I'll count next time) and import them into the GMS project. And then, I shall have dinner and work on some homework that is due by 12 tonight. And then, I hope that it will only be 8 or 9 by the time I finish other things. And then I can start coding.

You can expect devlog 3 before 12 tonight with some substantial progress. Hopefully, I can implement the variable accessories and animate them efficiently by then.
A slight miscalculation on my part. I thought I had over 100 images. It's true, but I had nearly 300 images to export from Photoshop and import into GMS2. Now, the thing is, my pshop is CS6, so I don't know how the newer versions work, but on CS6 you have to go to 'Save As' and then choose .png from a drop-down list of 20ish options, and then rename, and then hit enter twice, while making sure you don't mess up the name, and I did that about 300 times (pretty impressive, but RIP me). And then I had to import all of them, in order, into GMS2. Fortunately, that wasn't as bad as exporting.

Almost two hundred of those frames went into one sprite, so my side thing isn't too cluttered, fortunately.

I could have coded an okay game in the time it took to draw all of that and export and import them. But now I can make a decent game hahaha haha. Good thing GMC jam goes for four days and not two like GMTK or some other jams.

Next step is getting all my animations in order in the code, and then coding player movement and collisions. Shouldn't take too long (I hope). Maybe I will have finished the animation stuff within an hour.
am tired. Coding something new at 1 in the morning after several days of sleeping late is not a good idea.

What I'm trying to do: I have a sprite with 191 frames of like 20 different entities going through the same animations (in case you were wondering, there are inconsistencies, intentionally), and I'm trying to map the frames in a way that is not too inefficient (I couldn't get it to work with for loops because of complications like aforementioned inconsistencies and draw layering** so now I'm resorting to if statements rip). **btw, these entities exist at the same time, but all in one draw event, so I have to be careful with the order and it gets pretty messy because I'm experimenting here.

Anyway, I've achieved randomization and successful mapping (probably) to static character sprites. Take a gander:
character randomizer.gif
Next step is mapping my actual character animations (much fewer frames, but still like 20-something in one sprite) and then testing to see whether my appearance mapping works with it. In case you are wondering, the animation in question is a head turn (for running, etc.), and also the attack animation, since the player character turns his head there too.

I'll probably keep working for another hour (I guess it's normal to stay up until 5 nowadays), drop another devlog, and then go to sleep and maybe wake up at 8:30 again??? (I guess that's normal too lol). Long day spriting, long day tomorow (or today, I guess) coding. It's my first game jam and I've already made the poor decision of being too ambitious. But I'm gonna pull through (or try to, anyway).

*you should be able to see the cloth covering the whole face kinda flapping back and forth; it's a small idle animation and also one of the 'complications' I mentioned
I threw together some platforming movements and collision boxes and tweaked the numbers for a bit. I've started working on character animation, and I think I know where I'm going. It's kinda inefficient because I'm still experimenting, but I think it should be fine if I put the array I wrote into a script for the create event and the state/case into another script for step (I'm kinda explaining like you can see my code, but you can't. Well, you probably know what those terms mean anyway, if you've been developing). Anyway, it's a game jam, so inefficiencies will happen and are excusable, so I'm just gonna roll with it so I don't have to think too hard about optimization.

I'm gonna sleep now and maybe wake up in 4 or 5 hours. I'll finish animations later, when my brain is functioning better, and then test out the face stuff on a head-turn thing.
I woke up at 8:30, no problem, which is really unusual, but I guess I did that yesterday too. If you're a weeb like me, you'll understand when I say that I felt my kokoro go dodododododododo. Too much caffeine.

I got my base animations in order, and I got the appearance components to animate correctly as well. Sample here:
character movement even smaller.gif
I'll have to use the randomizer to test the different accessories, but I think I'm ready to throw in some level design and enemies.
My head hurts. I've been working on this project all day, and I think it was a bad idea to stay up so late the past couple of nights. Well, I'm gonna do it again, so wish me well.

I worked on actual gameplay stuff all day today, including the above devlog, and while it is a substantial amount of work that I have completed, it doesn't feel like it, because there's just so much more to do and I kept messing up here and there (and I was not helped by my tiredness). I've even had to drop a few small features because I couldn't figure out the code for them and decided not to waste too much time on them. I've finished most interactions in the game, but there is still a lot of work to go their way, such as criminal detection AI, plus all my level design (though I did take a few minutes earlier to draw out some rough sketches). I'm taking a break from all this little interaction stuff now. I wanted to do some narrative sequences, but I had in my mind a plan to play it along to music, so I think I'm gonna go compose something real quick.

I'm not too great a musician, but I used to mess around with Musescore, so I'm hoping I still have the musical talent to make something that sounds good. Well, when in doubt, organs and chords go really well with drama, so it shouldn't be too disappointing. I'll probably spend two or three hours at most before returning to coding. Maybe doing the sequences (more efficient than doing hard stuff late at night). And if I'm feeling it I'll draw some environment sprites.
Turns out, I make pretty decent music. Well, I guess you will be the judge of that. I made two cutscene tracks since the above post, about 50 and 60 seconds long. I thought the longer one would be shorter, since it only had 14 measures, but I guess I did have it at like 60 bpm. I paired the intro track (50 secs) with my friend's voice lines and tweaked it a bit on Audacity and wow does it sound good. I can't wait to see the completed game.

Now, I'm going to make the scene where that track features, which should hopefully take no more than an hour. And then do some really simple environment stuff (I'm talking rectangles and gradient colors, which can look p cool in their own right). I'll probably use my 47 tileset I made for another project (also happens to be the only one I actually have) and enlarge/edit it a bit. No sense wasting time on repeated minor sprites when I've got more than half a game left to code (yikes).

The caffeine has kicked in, so I'm feeling tired but also awake. I'll probably stay up pretty late again. Who knows, if I'm feeling it I might even pull an all-nighter. I also made a miscalculation on a devlog a few back. I had planned to keep working on the game through tomorrow night/morning up to the deadline (5 AM in LA). But I actually have homework due at 12 AM and lecture in the morning. Well, maybe caffeine will pull through, but I'm not counting on it. Hopefully, I can finish more troublesome stuff by the time I pass out, and then I'll finish touching the game up tomorrow (aesthetic things like the main menu and sound effects and an actual pause function).
I put the music/audio track to some sprites and words, and now I feel like my introduction sequence is really high-production-value. I mean, not really, but given the restrictions of the game jam, it actually might be.

I also coded a bit of enemy AI. Basically, my three rules are laws, and if you break them, robots will attempt to kill you. So I did some basic crime/criminal detection.

It feels like I did so little between the last devlog and now, but I'll keep pushing on. I think I'm going to pull that all-nighter. I brewed me some black tea so now I'm waiting for the extra caffeine to kick in.

Next steps: finish enemy AI, make sure all environmental interactions are working properly, then do some extraneous sprites (simple backgrounds/buildings, mod a previous tileset, small icons), and then it's level design (fun). Hopefully, I'll have a lot of this stuff done by 12 PM (7PM UTC), leaving me with time to do other cutscenes and music. Also sound effects. I'll need those.

It might seem like I'm just making it worse staying up, but four hours really helps. Doping on caffeine also happens to help more than short sleeps. Well, I could do with a short power nap or two later, but I'm feeling solid right now.
It's after lunch now, so here's another devlog. In case you're wondering (which I'm sure you're not), I did pull an all-nighter (some would say I'm still pulling it right now). Yes, my brain does hurt. Yes, my kokoro does go dodododododo on occasion. Yes, I would like to sleep. And Yes, I still have homework due tonight that I have not done yet and would like to never look at.

However, I'm done with the hard part: platforming and AI and collisions (!!!). Now, all I need is level design (pretty quick, perhaps) and then to make all my cutscenes. It'll take a few hours, at least, but I've made a DDLC-inspired game with dialogue and special gameplay mechanics recently, so cutscenes will be a cinch (hopefully). What I'm worried about, though, is sound effects. I might just do fewer than anticipated, but those will take time anyway since I have to find real-life sounds to record and edit on Audacity, and then go back into the platforming code. And no, I'm not going for royalty-free sounds off Google. I make my own royalty-free assets.

Speaking of royalty-free assets, I finished composing all of my soundtracks, and I've already spliced voice lines onto my cutscene music. I would say the music turned out very well. You would be impressed when you play the game, especially given that I only played music in high school and that was already a few years ago (not as long ago as some, but still pretty distant), and that the music was the one part of game development I was worried I wouldn't be able to do by myself. Turns out, I have more talent for composition than I thought. It only took from about 9 to 12 to finish everything (I have 6 unique tracks, though to be fair, most of them are within 20 bars; I just checked and my longest one is like 23 or 24 bars, and half of them are under 10 bars. Still impressive though, considering I made at least 3 minutes' worth of music while being a complete amateur, and it sounds good to boot).

Next steps: Cutscenes (coding several sequences plus aligning subtitles with soundtrack position), and then I still have to make those extraneous sprites, and then make sound effects eventually. I always overestimate, but I really hope I can finish by 8, because I still have to do homework and then playtest a few more times, and then maybe sleep so I can wake up in time for lecture tomorrow.

I was also planning on making a Youtube playthrough with a link in the game. Still doing that if I finish soon enough.

PST times are accurate. I hope I'm getting the UTC times correct.
I'm a new member of the GM Community (joined just for this jam), and also relatively new to GMS and coding in general. I'm an undergrad at UCLA (or, I guess, UZLA), and classes don't start until October first, so I have a bit of free time. jk, I'm taking summer classes, so I also have a paper due next Wednesday (oh well). The truth is, I never formally learned to code. I'm actually a humanities double major (English literature and Philosophy, for those interested), and I only got into gamemaking when I started messing around with GMS 2 back in March. I've come a long way from drag-n-drop, and hopefully I can show that in this jam.

Good luck, strangers, and have a good weekend (plus Thursday and Friday).
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Snakes on a Plain
by Richerama
I've not got a great idea but have decided to do something simple so at least i'll be able to finish. So far i've got:
  • A character that can run and jump​
  • A background which turned into a desert with a few cactii​
  • A couple of enemies to avoid - a snake and a vulture​
I did want to use a goose but apparently geese don't live in the desert. I want my character to punch a goose though and my vulture looks rubbish so this might change. I'm not big on realism.

Next to do - vulture punching, draw a big monster. I should maybe add a screenshot.

Not much done today, i've got Jeff punching and spent ages animating a big spider. It's not feeling that fun to play at the moment so trying to work on that.

Next day i've got all to myself so will be doing the bulk of the work. And drinking lots of tea.

Made in GameMaker Studio 2 28_08_2020 17_21_34.png
Here's Jeff trying to jump over a snake.

Spent all day yesterday working on this. I've got a nice big spider that can eat you and put in a cutscene system. There's now a friendly fox who teaches you the rules and breaks up the gameplay (what little there is) with short cutscenes. A few other bits and pieces like blood and particle effects and i've fixed my dodgy shadows and got the cactii drawing in the right order. Next, i just need to get the enemy behaviour right and work out how to steadily increase the difficulty to make it challenging enough.

Another long day of tinkering and fixing things. Finally got something submitted late last night. I would have like to do more, like work on some sound effects and add music but just ran out of time. Hopefully there's something at least playable here.

Made in GameMaker Studio 2 30_08_2020 16_29_03.png
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Ok, here I go again. Time to make things work.

My second game jam, and I hope to be the first one I finish the game.

The very first game I finished.
I hope you guys enjoy and give me a good feedback so I can learn more.


These are the most simple rules I could think:

1) Go home fast.
1) Masks can save your life
2) Stay away from people snezzing
3) The syringes lie.
3)Find the cure: collect all the syringes you can

I changed the rules as I was making the game so they could fit the core loop.

Part 1: about 13:00 (time zone: São Paulo/Brasil)
I'm trying to make a good core loop for a topdown game.
I started programming the moviments, colisions and obstacles.
Part 2: about 18:00
I got some items to help the rules to happen
Im trying to program an enemy shooting logic.

Part 1: around 16:00
Now our player got SOAP SHOTS!!
I also added a nice sprite to the player
Next step will be to design a maze.
How about the level one blueprint?


Part 2: around 20:00
Time to make the game menu
Also add a point system
Made the first level

Im thrilled to say that I will be able to take part on the Jam.
The game is ready for at least one level, and its not even saturday yet!!!
Im looking forward now to add some cool sprites and Sound FX.

I made 3 levels for the game., two with a basic experiencie and one with a big maze.
I just made the menu, an instruction room and polished a lot of stuff.
Im building the final zip right now and my work will be over.
I worked for 36 hours in the game during the Jam time spam.
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🐧 *penguin noises*
GMC Elder
Rules of The Rhinoceros
So you wanna be the king of the Rhinos? All you need to do is to follow these three simple rules!
...they're changing each stage? Yeah, of course! Otherwise this would be way too easy.

DOWNLOAD: (Itchio)

Rules of the Rhinoceros is a roguelike where you have three simple rules to follow on each floor! The catch? The rules are randomly generated, and you won't know what you're gonna get until it's too late!

Throw guns, shoot giant parrots, and dodge ghosts on your way to become the King of All Rhinos! Buy powerups from your friendly neighborhood shopkeeper lizard between stages or scavenge what you can from each level.

Gameplay tips:
  • Thrown guns instantly kill most enemies. You don't need to wait until you're out of ammo to throw a gun.
  • The goal always in on the right-hand side of the level.
  • Buying a health upgrade will heal you to max health afterwards.
  • While "Coins hurt you" is in effect, you will not actually take damage when invincible after an attack. Use this to your advantage to nab some cash!
(yes I forgot to add a readme so these tips are GMC forum exclusive and most people will probably not realize they can do this while voting)



Listen to Uncle Rhinosam for the latest and greatest in Simple Rules!
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by Gravedust and Tomato

Okay, I'm gonna be perfectly honest, I did something weird and somewhat personal and I what I came up with sort of isn't a game. ( It LOOKS like a game, but it kind of isn't. If anything, it's a very simple puzzle and I guess an attempt at storytelling, in a really abstract way.

I think what I'm trying to say here is that you might not like it, and it's okay if you don't like it. But if you do approach it, keep in mind it's design is less about mechanics and more about expressing a feeling, and trying to share lesson I've had to teach myself a few times.

...I guess it also bears mentioning that I've been up for 24 hours straight..

I had the help of my wonderful friend Tomato on this, If you're familiar with my art style you'll know when you get to the stuff done by them. ;)

Anyway, it's been fun. Time to go to bed.
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Yellow Dog
Lumenflower's Game

I am going to do my best to enter this competition, but due to an imminent and drastic change of situation, I am spending the week catching up with my friends to say goodbye. For this reason I will only be able to dedicate to this a fraction of the time I would have liked, and so my entry will most likely be quite simple and short. The main lesson I learned from the previous jam was to not skimp on presentation. Although I was happy with how the flexible hose gimmick turned out, the packaging around that core mechanic was pretty poor and my entry suffered for it. I want to aim to get the core gameplay done tonight so I can spend whatever time I have left working on levels and presentation.

Add to the mix that a powercut corrupted the most recent project file and undid a few hours of work and I'm really doubting that I will be able to submit a quality entry...


I have just thrown together a very simple platformer engine featuring coloured blocks and wallpapers. My intention is to create a very standard and simple platformer, but in each new room you must obey a new set of three rules (such as "must not touch red blocks" or "must not jump while in front of green wallpaper". When I was brainstorming this initially, I wanted to pick the rules randomly from a roster each time, or even have them running on a timer. However, I think this would create some serious challenges with regards to level design, as each level would have to be completable given any possible combination of three rules. Also, players may feel encouraged to either wait or exit-and-reenter a level until they got an acceptable set of rules. This would probably end up being frustrating.
Instead I now plan to manually choose the rules myself for each level. This will end up being more work, but should lead to a more balanced game.
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Upside Down Tower

A game about a mage that need to collect gems in a ancient tower.

Upside Down Tower for GMC JAM 38

I was not sure about what kind of rules that i would follow to make this game but i realized that i was focusing on really complicated rules, since this is my first attempt in participating on a game Jam, i thougth that focus on finishing the entire process instead of creating a AAA game should be enough.

The rule that i'll be using in this game are really simple.
1. You can only move when attacking.
2. You recoil when defending.
3. Pickup all that crystals!!!

The objective is to pass through the bullet-hell-like scenarios and pickup all the crystals in that level.
(Simple enough)

27/08 - Setting up the basic mechanics.
28/08 - Now i have the basic templates. Let's start to implement THE RULES!
I know it looks really simple but i promise this will look better when i finish this
28/08_13:30UTC - Finished the basic mechanics and started to work on pixelart.
28/08_14:30UTC - The art is starting looking good.
28/08_17:56UTC - Finished the scenario art and animations.
I think it will look really nice when finished.
29/08_10:30UTC - Finished the final sprites. Starting to work on the particles, light and the game menu (i need to finish all this today lol).
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Ran out of time​

  • Havn't been able to start yet. Stupid Work. :confused:
  • 36 hours after Jam started I think I have some time to start working on something. But what...
  • After some thinking I plan on essentially cloning an old school game and altering 3 of its basic mechanics
  • I've decided to make a game heavily inspired by Qix. It has always been a favorite, and I have a few ideas for which 3 mechanics to change.
  • 7 Hours later instead of making a game I have implemented a rudimentary unit testing framework. o_O
  • After about three hours work some of the structure of the game is coming along
  • I rendered a line on the screen w00t.
  • Last Day, about 14 hours left. I'll see if I can actually get something done.
  • Bleh, Got to work on the game for a couple hours then got called into work. Don't think I am going to finish.
  • Gotta call it. Just couldn't get it going fast enough. Good luck all.
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@Fernando Gonzalez
DOWNLOAD LINK (when finished)

- Screenshots -


- Devlog -
I just realized that the Jam started yesterday and therefore I already lost 24 hours... for now I only have the initial concept of the game and a reference of what I would be trying to do.

You are a robot sent from the future to kill potential leaders of the human resistance BUT you have to comply with Asimov's three laws of robotics:

- A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
- A robot must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
- A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First and Second Laws.

PS: I'm still thinking about how to use each law as game mechanics.

As for the game itself, this time I'm thinking of something much less ambitious (to be able to finish it). I've been watching YouTube videos of Hitman GO, it seems like a feasible concept in the time frame available.


Unfortunately I will not be able to finish again. But as always it was quite fun and I will leave a couple of miserable screenshots as a testament to my greatness
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Mage's Quest

Developer: @Calepiaro
Download Link
mage's quest.png

You play as a mage that has almost poisoned his king(by mistake).
The king is enraged but decides to spear your life with three simple conditions:
1. You must find all the 4 power orbs(situated on the dangerous "Floating Lands").
2. You have to find each orb within 30 seconds.
3.You must not try to get down the "Floating Lands" until you have found all the orbs.

This "update 1" is kind of late. I have almost finished the game, only nuance stuff remaining.
Maybe some more art, intro, buttons, eastereggs:3. Who knows?(Well... I do)
Anyway here is a picture.
Annotation 2020-08-29 220553.png
This is the platform you start on! Won't spoil the rest of the world!
This is literally my first ever game I finish (almost finished space rocks tho, but it is quite boring 🙃)
and taking that into account I am extremely satisfied with it!😄

My first ever game is finally finished! I have seen many game dev youtubers saying that it is
better to finish a small game than to abandon a big one. They are totally right, this feels so good!😃
The game is posted on and... I hope you like it!
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Raccoon Jam Host
You Only Have 3 Minutes

The most exciting game to Be entered into the GMC 38 Jam!
The Theme May not have been 3 minutes But That didnt stop this Exciting Seat jerking experience from being made!
The most Immersive Horror Sim yet, DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY INPUT FROM YOU!!!
Give it a try now!
my own personal entry that is separate from my teams other game This is a joke entry

Im going all in

Three Minute Timer
Doubling Down

Three Minute Timer
Three Simple Rules
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Three Nights of Knights


1. A Knight collects treasure for his liege lord.
2. A Knight will defend himself if necesary.
3. A Knight shall always help those in need.

Egads! A curse has befallen all of your fellow knights, turning them into shambling zombie-like beasts. Fortunately, once you've knocked some sense into them, a bit of money seems to clear that ye olde curse from your tin can buddies.

Other than the name and the player character, I don't have much else that I'm decided on. Just basic platforming mechanics and animations so far. Little worried about that.
My initial idea was to a sort of dimension jumping / parallel world thing, with different "simple rules" for each that would let you solve the level, but that's likely beyond my ability to make.
I'm hoping to get some new inspiration tomorrow.
Still not much of an actual game to work with, I did make a fair bit of progress today but the core game loop isn't there yet. We'll see if I'm able to pull something together yet in one more day.
It's 3AM, I'm going to hate being at work tomorrow. I rushed in some last minute music and some niceties for the beginning and end, but there's a lot that could have still been done better, of course. But I hope people have some fun with it.

Three levels plus a few places for people that bother to explore a bit. If it's too difficult, you can adjust the difficulty with keypad + and - (at the main menu is best since it doesn't change existing spawned cursed knights). I hope I didn't leave anything majorly broken...


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Three Rules Make a Riddle
by Ghandpivot


Hints for all the levels in the game (SPOILERS)
Level 1:
The current pandemic.
Level 2:
That which you do at night
Level 3:
A huge ship that sank.
Level 4:
It's made out of wax.
Level 5:
Feb 29th
Level 6:
Neil Armstrong
Level 7:
To keep it fresh, brush your teeth or take a mint!
Level 8:
A Soviet leader
Level 9:
Fork, spoon and knife
Level 10:
When using a brush in your mouth
Level 11:
The art of cleaning yourself after taking a dump.
Level 12:
A religious superstar.
Level 13:
A low temperature war
Level 14:
Ancient Egypt
Level 15:
A statue in New York
Level 16:
Playing up the scenes from a good book in your mind could be seen as mild hallucination. What do you do with a book?

Making the game took about 12 hours of work.
I started out crafting the engine. First I brute-forced everything, but then I had to redo it all to make it more adaptive, using a lot of code loops to create letters, check for answers and construct the layout of each level.

I try to always learn something new for GMC Jams. This time it was variable arrays. That is absolutely something one should have looked into earlier seeing how extremely useful that function turned out to be. By coding everything with arrays, statements such as
 if box_number[i].filled_in_letter = letter[correct_letter]
could be used to quickly and effectively handle the entire alphabet and checking all the boxes you can fill in. I will definitively use for-loops and "variable_name" a lot more in every project from now on.

Every letter was a unique object. This was probably not necessary but felt rather simple to do and eventually less time consuming. If you write "E" and there are several E:s to choose from, I constructed a fancy piece of code for the engine to select which of all the E:s to use.

[I] if used = 0
    var i, first;
    i = 0;
    first = 0;
    for (i = 0; i < instance_number(obj_a); i += 1)
        letter[i] = instance_find(obj_a,i)
    var i = 0;
    for (i = 0; i < instance_number(obj_a); i += 1)
        if id < letter[i] || letter[i].used = 1 || id = letter[i]
    if first!=instance_number(obj_a)
        letter_to_use = 0;
    letter_to_use = 1;
    } [/I]
I have not used instance_find to list several objects before, that was also a neat function.

All in all it was a simple project that once the engine was done was quick to work with. It took a little longer than expected to come up with the riddles (some are inspired by already existing riddles and some are made up entirely). I do hope the game isn't too hard. I quit working on it because while it was easy to expand, it was rather uninspiring to work with.


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RKR - Rush. Kill. Repeat.
The rules are surprisingly simple.

The rules are so simple, in fact, that the rules are in the title! Rush to Kill all the enemies before you bleed out! Repeat until you find your head.

This is my second attempt at a game jam. I'm quite proud of this one. I will release the first build tomorrow!

The Download Link

Teaser Trailer

UPDATE: The game has been published!

UPDATE: Added controller support

UPDATE: Fixed keyboard and mouse controls (Didn't test it before publishing controller support. Sorry about that!)

UPDATE: Added difficulties and final toggle button as some players suggested, and updated the HTML5 build​


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Grow a plant
by Poizen


Day 1
I'm thinking a puzzle game with three simple objectives. I can't promise a good puzzle game though.
So I doodled a little and started coding a little something. Not a super productive first day.
Day 2
Basically all I've done is to try to get my water physics working. I wanted to do it with without physics but this is more straightforward (in theory).

Day 3
There are going to be blocks you can move. Working on those now.

Also fixing the damn water... Ok, now it shakes the balls around until it's level.

Some functionality for different blocks. The whole game is summarized in this gif:

Fighting with surfaces for a good bit. Alright, now blocks cast shadows.
Day 4
Working on the actual graphics now.

Aand my computer froze while running the game. Looks like I gotta optimize my crappy code. Remove and infinite loop or two.
More graphics.
Downloading some music.
Making some levels.
I wish I had time to make a system to save your progress, but eh, it's not that important.
Also didn't have time to find sound effects.
The game is so unfinished but I'm out of time. I just hope there aren't fatal bugs that I missed.



created by Mightyjor (a.k.a. Jordan Thomas)


Title Screen.PNGRules.PNGGameplay 3.PNGGameplay 2.PNG

Hi Everyone! This is my first game jam and I would love for you to play my game! Hope you enjoy!

How to Play:



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