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Master Key
by Poizen

A small metroidvania where you try to leave a mysterious dungeon or something.


Move and jump: WASD
Shoot: Left mouse button
1/2/3: Change weapon
Fullscreen: F4
Restart game: R

Music: Puzzle Dreams 3 by
C++ libraries: Clipper, Poly2Tri

Day 1
Wasting time overthinking the theme and panicking. But I think I got something.

Day 3
I've spent so many hours since Thursday on these polygon calculations. And I made a sprite for the guy. And those polygon outlines are looking good.

Finally got the laser beam collision working right.

Then I realized the beam might collide with something that is not a rectangle. Gotta scrap the trigonometry and use the physics engine to check for collision. physics_test_overlap() should work, right?

Day 4
About time I start designing a level. And I should post this devlog now that there's a chance I finish this game.

I just keep tweaking the laser beam. I think it's good now.

Still haven't made the level, but all the items and object are done.

And finally gotta throw some music and sounds in there.

Ok, now off to design the level and then I'm done I think.

Well there isn't a whole lot to the game. You can beat it in a few minutes if you know where you're going. And now that I test the game, the platforming is a little clunky. But you *can* beat the game.
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"ĝi scias ion, kion vi ne faras"

I started school this week and totally spaced on this. Gonna try to throw together a pretty half assed space shooter when I awaken.

UPDATE: I made the game, but I'm having trouble compiling it owing to UWP issues. So yeah. Whatever. I'll just post it in the regular made in GameMaker section when I figure it out because I'd rather watch TV rn than mess with it.
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Master of Pixel-Fu
Hello all! This was my very first GAME JAM. I did this game in its entirety from sprites to audio to code from scratch in 96 hours, and using the BETA. I wanted so badly to get the monster kill in the game, but I just ran out of time. so while you can find a baseball bat, you can't kill the monster with it. However, the game does have a beginning, and two endings. You'll probably get the first ending a lot., lol The second ending only comes by finding the key to the chain lock. It randomly appears in one of the lockers each game. Good Luck, and have fun.


A Night Flight
by Kerry
When a young boy is shown shocking footage revealing that Santa Clause may not actually exist, he takes it upon himself to find the truth.


Looking forward to playing some games! (after some rest)




By Dickson Law (FrostyCat)

Return to the times of the Gileadites with this minesweeper-like puzzle game! You are a holy guard at a checkpoint in the middle of nowhere, and a mixed group of civilians and disguised rogues stands before you in file and wish to pass. The civilians know who the rogues are, and will truthfully tell you how many they can see. But the disguised rogues will attempt to disrupt your judgement by lying to you --- staying silent if they see their ilk, or making up a random nonzero figure if they don’t. Use logical deduction to see through their lies and bring your people to safety!

Screenshots: Menu | Campaign | Free Play



Screenshot (11).png
This is "Drug Dealer Simulator". this is only my third game/programming project ever so any feedback would be appreciated.
"It knows something you don't" in this case the cops know they are undercover and you do not.
In this game you try to sell drugs to clients and not sell drugs to undercover cops.

I am a charting music mixing engineer and have rights to the background song.


Intruder Alert

ship title.png DOWNLOAD LINK

This was going to be a game where one character is an alien infiltrator, and you must expose who using detective work. I coded a system where your questions affect your opponent's mood and vice versa. However, due to poor planning the game is not finish. Though, you can try out the question system and what does work. I might make a post jam version. See the page for rules and controls.
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Additional Entry:

Detective Ghost by @d4 Studios

This entry was completed on time but posted in the wrong place and therefore missed out on inclusion in the ZIP folder.​


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Very late entry - Unlawful Blobs by Bansai -
Was apparently completed by 4:56PM UTC June 1st but not PM'd to me until 3:38PM UTC June 2nd
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