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It Knows Something You Don't

Thursday 28th May, 2020 12:00 UTC

Monday 1st June, 2020 12:00 UTC

  • Any GMC member can take part in the GMC Jam. You must use GameMaker to create your game.
  • Games must be made between 12:00 UTC on May 28th and 12:00 UTC on June 1st, and posted here in the games topic.
  • You may use resources such as graphics, sounds and scripts that were made prior to the jam, as long as the bulk of your work takes place during Jam weekend.
  • You may create one post per entry in the games topic. You may create this post before your game is finished and continue editing that post to update your progress, in fact you are encouraged to write a devlog!
  • All entries must have a download link in the Games Topic before it closes at 12:00 UTC on June 1st.
  • All entries must work on Windows as a standalone executable / compressed zip folder. No installers please. Your entry can also work in HTML5 and on other platforms, but only the Windows build will be judged.
  • All entries are encouraged to follow the Jam theme. It isn't mandatory to do so, but you'll often get more favourable reviews from your peers!
  • You may participate alone or in a team of up to 3 members. See the "teams" section below if you're looking for teammates. Only one team member creates a post for the game in the topic - do not create multiple posts for the same game.

Recommended post format:

Game Title
Developer Name / Team Name
DOWNLOAD LINK (when finished)

- maybe a screenshot here -

- your devlog here -

You can keep editing your post to write a devlog about your game.
You can also post in the discussion topic as you develop your game.
Do not post more than one post per game in the games topic.

As at the start of the jam the following people were looking for teams but be aware, they may already have teammates at this point:​

  • @Bart - Hi! For the upcoming GMC Jam I'd like to have a try at making some music for a game. People who are interested can check out my SoundCloud page.
  • @Petrik33 - I am a programmer with a bit of isometric drawing skill with Marmoset Hexels, so I am looking for a person with good animating and drawing skill to cooperate on Jam
  • @abocado - I am a programmer , and i also draw and do animations, here is a link to my deviantart ( search in deviantart : gogogoangel )
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A game of mystery and discovery



8 am: Woke up and entered
8:01 am - 11:00 am: played League of Legends while trying to get an idea
11:01 am: Watched a Vsauce video and he used the word mystery and Bob's your uncle I got an idea
11:10 am: Made a couple sprites and the title
11:30 am: Made the devlog
Spent all day brainstorming where I wanted to go with the project
6 pm: Started working on the sprites
10:30 pm: Done with the main sprites still more to do, though...

Here's a little snapshot of the game and my last update of today:
9 am: Woke up and got right to it
I made a todo list last night and cracked off almost all of it in 3 hours
Player movement is done and I'm really happy with how it turned out
The whole house and garden/shed are set up and you can explore them
1 pm: Taking a break for a bit
3 pm: Break over back to it
8 pm: Kinda screwed around but the text box is done and functioning
I keep switching around the main goal in my head but the game will overall be the same
I have a graduation party go to so this will the last update for the night
3 pm: Got a late start but no biggy
7 pm: On and off just working on the story
Finished. Not as good as I had hoped but I think I'd need more time to make something more in depth. I went for a finished game instead of unfinished. It's playable. Enjoy!
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Squinty & Pasty
Dungeye of the Unknown

Team Ubihard (@ZendSeeker, @JeanBombeur & @salut_cest_valoche)

(Gamepad supported and encouraged)

This game is a die-and-retry 2D platformer where you play
Squinty the eye and Pasty the mouth trying to escape the
Dungeye of the Unknown.

Will you beat us ?
@ZendSeeker - Deaths : 4 - Time : 00:02:24
@salut_cest_valoche - Deaths : 51 - Time : 00:05:32
@JeanBombeur - Deaths : 349 - Time : 00:23:20

A game about looking and licking

(there are walls in this game as you can see...)​

Devlog goes here (French time) ⬇
14:00 - Let the Jam begin !
The first afternoon of this Jam was about brainstorming on a way to create a game based on the theme "It Knows Something You Don't" (which is hard).
We discussed the music and the graphics and we tried to implement basic gameplay mecanics.
@ZendSeeker will code the game
@salut_cest_valoche will design the assets
@JeanBombeur will compose the audio

00:00 - We found our theme !
We all know what we are doing, or do we ? Tomorrow will be a day dedicated to the first level : we need charadesign, audio and gameplay !
(and Gamepad will be supported).

14:00 - Story & Gameplay
This afternoon we focused on gameplay development and story writing.
We also created the game's two main characters:
Squinty and Pasty.

Squinty is an eye
Pasty is a mouse

"Squinty seek, Pasty lick"

Here's the Squinty design (running ofc):
*woosh woosh*

And Pasty's (licking ofc):
*slurp slurp*

Both made by @salut_cest_valoche !
@JeanBombeur also started to create some simple sound effects for the game, but we cannot attach sound in this post.
As for me, I took care of animating Squinty's legs during a jump. As you can see below (he's holding a key, but we'll see that later, wink wink)
22:00 - Level design
Tonight we started the level design of the game and the development of the gameplay.
We found a good way to adapt the Jam theme to the game.

From 12:00 to 05:00 - Level design, Textures & Sounds
Huge work on the level design, we decided to make one big level instead of several small ones. The layout of the level is almost done.
We are currently working on the texuring of the level.
Almost all of the sound effects for the character, environment and interactions have been added.

21:00 - Beta version is ready !
We have tweaked the level to add one more room and are currently polishing the texture of several assets and added a tutorial.
The music and sound design are both complete.
The game is almost done and we are very eagger to share it with you.
We are currently working on the debbug.

04:00 - Playtest & Debug
The game is finally done ! All the team is exhausted but we'll keep testing the game until dawn.

The whole team is very happy to have been able to complete the project.
We were able to play it all night long and make the various final adjustments.
So the game is ready for the end of the Jam and we hope you'll like it!
We posted our scores at the top of this post. Can you beat us?
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The M



-::Chapter 1::-
I think this is a really interesting theme. Making something good out of it boils down to understanding two things: who is it, and what is it that it knows? I was thinking about making a dungeon crawler where the shopkeeper gave you advice before each level on what to expect, what you should buy and where you should go but a friend noted that this would rather just limit how you'd play as you'd just pick the items and tactics the shopkeeper gave you. I scrapped the idea in favor for something a bit more story focused. Now it is a rogue AI and you are trying to shut it down, but it has complete control over the ship and launches waves of defense turrets at you. I plan to add some metroidvanea elements, with various gun upgrades you need to find in order to progress. I'm just scared I've completely gone beyond the scope of a jam with what I have planned, since I didn't finish my last jam game until about two weeks ago, I kind of want to make this one complete by the deadline instead.

-::Chapter 2::-
There are 3 characters in this game and all needs a decent animation set. I've got two done and the third is partially done, though I don't know how much he will be running around so I'm saving the rest for later. I've added a gun which you can shoot in various directions. It can also fire off massive laser beams that cuts through enemies with its secondary fire mode. It took a lot of tweaking to get shooting to feel satisfying. I tried to add a little bit of recoil animation and vary fire rate and bullet speed, but what really made it work was the nuzzle flash: it gave a lot more oomph to each bullet.

-::Chapter 3::-
Drawing in this perspective sucks. It's really hard to make things look decent and I often have to redraw tiles or sprites because they don't align properly. All walls were originally one tile tall which is smaller than the player. Now they're two tiles large which makes placing rooms a little trickier, because they need a bigger border, but the result is much better!

-::Chapter 4::-
I have a combat system where you trigger enemy spawns and fight waves. I've had a bit of a struggle defining what is a room and when combat is over but it's staring to take shape. When exploring the ship, you can see adjacent rooms when not in combat and the rest of the map fades in and out as you walk. It's neat but required a lot of edge cases and manual labor to get in place.

-::Chapter 5::-
When you die in combat, you continue playing as your partner who then has to fight the rest of the wave alone. If you succeed, your old character is revived and is now the AI partner. If you want to keep playing with that character, either don't die in the first place or get killed again on purpose so you can switch back (but that's really mean).

-::Chapter 6::-
Palette swaps are great. Let me tell you, one boss took considerably longer to create than the other. I wanted to include four bosses originally but I'll have to settle for what I've got. That also means cutting out two sections of the ship (including the exterior!) and a bit of story content. I'll try to keep part of it still, since the theme won't make sense otherwise, but it'll be short and probably optional.

-::Chapter 7::-
I'm really satisfied with the hud this time, especially once it's fully upgraded! I had to hide one last extra upgrade to just so that it would look even better once you're all decked out. :D
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Edit: I'd say that this Jam's theme is hard for me, but when I think about it, I feel that way about every Jam theme. Sooo... it's an excuse. Jam on.

Be creative (motivating myself). Good luck all.
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Yellow Dog

A game about exploring the deepest depths to uncover secrets!


The version with music is hella big (about 50MB) so I have included a version with the music removed.
If you can afford the download time, I would heartily recommend downloading the version with music.

Also, don't consider this version the final version until the jam is finished.
While writing this, I had a vague memory of the text in the help dialogue needing to be updated
(I wrote it on thursday so it's still just a placeholder to be honest).

So this is now in a state where it can be released. In truth I admit I massively underestimated how long it would take to draw out the game's environments. In a game about exploration, making the environments detailed enough to be worth exploring is absolutely paramount, and looking at it now it is really not where I wanted it to be. I may or may not make some changes to it tomorrow before the deadline, but right now it is half three in the morning and I am exhausted and I kinda just want to see the back of this project.

I haven't been active with GM or these forums in a loooong time, but this project has made me super proud of where I am at with my coding skills. For these kind of things, I would generally shy away from collaborating since I tend to find myself a bit of a liability when it comes to programming. This project has shown me that I'm half competent with code (perhaps not so much with art, but hey-ho), and it's given me the confidence such that if I'm around for the next jam, I'd be up to work together with an artist to produce something of much higher quality.

I have this little platformer which just uses the built-in physics for now. I have never used the built-in physics before but I'm quite impressed so I may just keep them in place. You have an oxygen tube which gives you a limited degree of movement - if you aren't careful about the route you take, you might find your oxygen tube has got too tangled and you won't be able to move forward!

Now that the general movement and controls are sorted, I have started working on some simple graphics and made a working menu. I've been playing alot of Untitled Story recently so I've taken my art style from there - not just cos it's the only kind of art I can draw, honest!

I have spent the rest of my evening adding in the framework for a small conversation at the start of the game, as well as some cute little widgets to show the important values while you're diving. I'm particularly proud of that little spool that unwinds as you reel out your oxygen tube. I also added a bit more terrain, but I think that putting the environment together will be one of the last things on my list.

I was up quite late last night getting the UI polished off, so today I slept in and have spent what morning I had left making a little character sprite and adding a bubble effect for when he uses his boost. I also fixed a minor error in the pipe spool which was causing the pipes to be drawn with flat ends instead of rounded ends. I think after lunch I will start work on the main baddie!

Today has been mostly a backend day. I drew up a sprite for the player and put together a main baddie to chase them around. I've also added in a few powerups which give you more oxygen tube to play with, and to increase your fuel reserves. Meanwhile Mrs Lumenflower has started drawing up the full map to save me some time on sunday night. She's much better at level design than I am. Here's a sneak preview of said baddie - he has his own chase theme courtesy of Kevin MacLeod (of course). Not really fully happy with him, he looks a bit too much like a big cloud of gas instead of an unfathomable eldritch evil, but that's something for improvement over the weekend.

So up until now, if the player were to jump into a deep hole and not have enough pipe to reach the bottom, they would end up hanging from their pipe until either the monster caught them or they hit the restart button. I was originally happy to have this be the case, but after sleeping on it I decided it would be much better if the pipe eventually snapped under the weight of the player. So this morning I've implemented a little system whereby putting strain on the pipe will eventually snap it, leaving you to suffocate while sinking to the seabed. To go alongside this, I made a little game-over screen which displays after you die, and then takes you back to the main menu. Since it used similar code, I figured I might as well use the same mechanism to make an intro sequence as well.

I have put in some computers, which will be the main source of the game's lore. Still toying with the button layout, that will probably change since X is difficult to reach when your fingers are on WASD.

The last thing that was on my to-do list for today was to make the game actually end. So now, the monster is able to kill you, but you can also win the game by retrieving the plot device and bringing it back to the platform at the start of the game. There is a super-special reward for anybody who finishes the game! I don't know how challenging it is since Mrs Lumenflower is still hard at work on the game map, but I expect it will be quite challenging, since I re-did the monster's pathfinding AI so he no longer gets stuck going in circles. Once you pick up the plot device at the very bottom of the map, the monster is able to detect your exact location, so you will need some skill to evade him as you climb the 300m back to the surface. I also settled on using SPACE for actions instead of X, since it is convenient for both WASD and arrowkey users.

This means all that is left for me is to fill out the game map. With Mrs Lumenflower's help I should be able to get this done over tomorrow and monday morning, with a little extra time to add some poilsh.

So I had been under the impression that the last thing left for me to do today was to finish off the game map, but then after reading through the help dialogue on the main menu, I remembered that I had been intending to add a sort of 'depth probe' to give the player a helping hand with any deep drops in the game. If you jump into a deep chasm and your tube runs out before you reach the bottom, and don't have a backup plan and/or plenty of fuel, you generally end up snapping the tube and suffocating to death. This is fine and exactly how I want it, but it needed balancing, since the player often needs to jump down into areas they cannot see. It would be very unfair to expect the player to do this without having at least an idea of how deep the drop is, and whether or not they have enough pipe.
To deal with this, I have added a 'depth probe' item. It's a small sphere which you can drop off ledges and it gives you an alert when it hits the bottom, including the relative height difference. You start with a limited number of these but can find them scattered around the map as well. I like this solution because it's still quite vague (the tube widget doesn't give you an exact figure for how much tube is left) and also offers the player a risk/reward scenario (they can risk the jump without using up a probe, but might end up snapping the tube if it's too deep).

Given the short timeframe for development, I am not sure how efficient certain parts of this game are. I can tell that there are definitely some parts which are horribly written - and if there were no time pressure I would go back and reorganise them - but for now at least everything runs fine on my PC. Certain things such as the trajectory guide for the depth probes are given a certain precision. Increasing this precision may slow down the game, but will give a more accurate guide curve. It's hard to know whether the value I've chosen is appropriate for the PCs that people are going to be playing this on. I don't know where my PC sits against everyone else's.

On a different note, I was still unhappy with the design of the monster, but I now have a solution. I liked the way he was shadow-like, with eyes appearing randomly. Since the eyes are much more noticeable than the rest of him, it can sometimes be difficult to tell how he is moving, which is exactly the vibe I want. I added in a shader which creates a distortion effect when he draws near. The distortion is more severe the closer he gets, and like the music, you tend to notice the distortion before you see the monster himself which I love.
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Raccoon Jam Host
It knows where you Hide
EvanSki Studios



The jam theme "it knows something you don't" is interesting to say the least.
Sadly my mind is at a loss of any interesting concept of what to do with this idea.
So far the only Idea That is metamorphosing in my brain is a puzzle game, but any scrap of game play or actual puzzles is at a loss


Did some sound stuff
have no idea on how to do the layout of the setting
or puzzles, have an idea for the enemy

Figured out the layout, some game mechanics, and puzzles

Really losing motivation to continue, which is a lot of the reason why most of the jams I enter I don't finish, thinking about quieting this one but at the same time I don't want to because its another unfinished jam

So after 3 hours of nothing and my computer starting to have issues over heating
I'd decided to pass
I think the major issue is I don't like doing art, and a game requires just as much art as code
so I think next jam I'll try having someone on as an artist
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Here I am.

Current progress:

(More about this image under the spolier "Devlog: Day 1")

So, with no idea on what the game itself should be whatsoever, I decided to mess around and draw a character, hoping that I will find inspiration from that.

I wanted to make use of my program, so I'm going with sprite stacking for the player and enemies, ended up with this:

Moved the sprite sheet over to gamemaker and made a few screenshots from different angles in-engine, which you can see below, as well as a mockup to the right.

With that, I believe I have a set graphical style in mind, and the current plan would be to make a quest-based short moba with a simple story, and incorporate the jam theme in it somewhere. Might end up having a neat little twist in the story, we'll see. Sadly I don't really have a lot of time to work on this, but I'll try my best to finish it on time! I'm pretty excited to see what everyone else will come up with.

Oh well!
In the end, I simply didn't have time for my entry. The character sprite and the palette did grow on me though, so I'm pretty sure I'll make a game with them anyway. I hope I'll have the time to do something for the next GMC jam!
Good luck to everyone participating in this one!
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Temple of Truth
by Bart

< Download Temple of Truth >

There is a small, invisible ledge on which you can stand. Use a dash and time your jump to get there.
Press Delete if you want to destroy the boss with a single key press. Nothing more to it, really...
Yeah, it's in there all right. Look for the heaven room and press Up once in there. It's a one-way ticket, though.
Not going to spoil it all! ;)

(times are UTC+1 here)


14:20 - A good afternoon! Here we are again for the jam.
I actually have a very clear idea this time: a platform game in which the player is accompanied by some creature that knows more than you do about the environment and which gives you subtle hints. The setting will be a temple.
Things that are undecided at the moment are character designs and whether I'll use Blender for pre-rendered 2D images or go for hand-drawn sprites in GM's sprite editor. Or maybe go for actual 3D models in a 2D world.
All right, let's think this through.

20:30 - All right. I'm wrapping it up for today.
I tried the 3D model approach, didn't work out too well because of issues with the workflow.
Right now I have a very small project with placeholder graphics for a couple of objects.
The platforming is already working using Box2D as the underlying engine.


08:15 - A good morning. Off to an early start today.
Going to continue with the level designs.
That's the first time I'm doing this for a jam game.

11:30 - Got a couple more things done. I drew sprites for the player character and for its companion, Onio.
It really shows my lack of skill at drawing stuff. But the focus is on gameplay this time.
I may update the sprites when I have time left.
Here's how it looks at the moment:

I guess I'll do some background music next.

15:00 - Made a very basic background loop in LMMS. It's as simple as it gets but it does the trick. I'm pretty happy with how this turned out.
Also started working on a very simple tileset for the outside environment:

I'm taking a break and am going to focus on something else for now.

22:00 - I get the feeling that this project isn't working out.
The idea is really nice. And the story is more than alright.
But it's severely lacking in the graphics department, a direct consequence of my choice to make this a platform game where I need to make characters viewed from the side.
Top-down pre-rendered sprites allow to mask that shortcoming a bit better and give the whole a more consistent look.
So, as in previous jam, I may consider a plan B once again.
Maybe I should keep the environment and the story but make the game top-down.
Food for thought...


13:00 - A good afternoon!
I made some progress again, will keep going with this project. Added a background image and a couple of sprites and continued the work on your loyal companion creature, Onio.
Also added the ability to dash by double tapping the Left and Right arrow keys.
Onio now also tells random facts that you don't know (I hope :p ):

17:45 - I started working on a plan B after all after going for groceries this afternoon:


10:00 - A good morning again.
Concentration has been at an all-time low for this jam and it seems that today will not be an exception.
I'm going to work a bit more on Temple of Truth.

11:30 - Making some good progress today. I finally got a decent way of changing rooms working.

20:30 - All right. I spent the entire afternoon not doing anything for the jam game. That may have been necessary to be able to continue now.
On to the one before last dev'ing session.
Time to make that fountain of zesty marmalade juice! (details will be in the game ;) )

20:45 - It may be worth mentioning that I'm using an abundance of particles to hide the visual ugliness.
A particle designer would've come in very handy for this but in the end it's all manual typing.

22:15 - So I added a few more things. The fountain is in:

Otherwise, there's really not too much in this game. There's currently one enemy type and it doesn't do anything.
I do have a boss in there with a decent battle music. But, this one, too, isn't doing anything yet.
I may add something tomorrow. No matter what I decide to add, it'll be something simple, though.

22:30 - I really need to learn to plan out these games in advance. It's turned into an incoherent whole again.
I still hope to improve some of the things tomorrow.
Finishing for today.

Plans for tomorrow:
  • Improve that temple tile, it looks horrible
  • Implement some battle mechanic for the boss
  • Add a proper ending
  • Make enemies attack
  • Add jetpack?? (I really want this in)
08:00 - A good morning again!
I added a couple of things already.
F to toggle fullscreen. And also spikes falling from the ceiling!
Next up: enemy attacks.

08:30 - Quick tip of the day: if you use particles and manually update the particle system a couple of times to get it going then make sure to stream the particles first.
// This
part_emitter_stream(ps, pe, pt, 1);
repeat(1000) {

// Not this
repeat(1000) {
part_emitter_stream(ps, pe, pt, 1);

// Ugh... So obvious...

Getting things done here after all!

09:00 - Note to self: why am I adding more details to the background music when I need to code that boss battle?
Hm... Well, the music is an improvement, though.

11:15 - Got the boss battle working! Very basic, but it's something to keep you entertained for a moment (hopefully :D )
So I'm basically done with the most important things with 1hr45mins left.
Guess I'm going to add some backtracking and put in a couple of hidden rooms and easter eggs to increase the replay value!

12:00 - Almost finished. I'm pretty happy with how the game has turned out!
Going to add a couple of hints to this post in case anyone gets stuck somewhere.

12:55 - I'm finished! Only 5 minutes left now...
The jetpack is in. Controls are in the game and in the "notes.txt". No known bugs (intentional glitches, yes).
Added some hints to this post in case somebody gets stuck (the hints may not be too clear).
Hm wait! That file should be called "readme.txt" to be automatically recognized by the jam player. Ah well... It's included.
The game's done!
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The game can be downloaded here!

I drew up pretty much everything in photoshop on day 1. All characters are in layers and everything is painted with colors from a color scheme generator to be pleasing to the eye.

I took all the character layers and rigged them with bones and meshwork in DragonBones.

All animations were exported in parts and joined together in layers in GMS1.4

Using mesh, characters could be warped while idle to give the scene some more life. This implementation was extremely basic but is something I'll look forward to trying out more.

I learned a lot. It was my first time implementing online highscores into the game without forcing the player to open them separately in their browser. It was also my first time displaying keyboard string input in realtime, which was surprisingly basic and made me wonder why I haven't used that more in previous works.

I will reveal who tops the real highscores once the voting has been going on for a while.
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Name: Re:Story
Code Name: Egg
Team: IRON Games
List of members:
Neo_Kesha (Artyom Yashin) - Main Programmer and Secondary Artist, Composer​
Dark$amurai (Maxim Ostanin) - Game Designer, Level Designer​
TenGG (Sergey Molodev) - Main Artist​

Description: Sister of Claudio, Kumo, is very ill. She's passing away and her brother is desperate. Suddenly, some strange entity offers you a help - they say, that you can enter their dimension and collect ingredients to create a cure for your sister. After a bit hesitation, Claudio agrees and goes away with strange entity. But that... thing... Hides something. It can't be that simple, right?

Troubleshooting: if your game window appears to be borderless and you can't interact with menu, try restarting the game and making sure you don't switch focused windows meanwhile game launches.

Controls: Space - jump, next cutscene frame. A/D/Arrows - Walk. Q - Ability. E - Interact. F - Attack.

For more info about controls and mechanics, please, pause game with "Escape"

  • May 28th: We brainstormed topic of the Jam with team and decided to make a game in platformer genre, somewhere in size of 5 levels. Plot is yet to be determined, but some drafts and ideas are already there. Just in time i got access to GMS2.3 Beta. It will be little bit risky, but it will let us reach higher potential.
  • May 29th: okay, now we have idea, plot, and all essentials to start making a game. I made first tech demo with vital features and TenGG started to draw concepts and sprites.
  • May 29th: More and more things are coming into place, i started to create main game structure - whole working game that you can complete as intended, by with place holder cutscenes and empty minimal levels with only objectives and transition to next level. Also, cutting corners, because i feel pressure of time. Would suck to not get in time.
  • May 30th: I made most of gameplay features. TenGG provides us excelent artwork. Mostly what is left is to fill in game with content.
  • May 30th: whole game cycle is ready. All that is left - fill game with content, replace placeholder images, add music and pooooliiiishhh!
  • May 30th: Oi, guyssss i am drunk and did a lot of work on traps and some tech stuff for a game. I have to finish all traps and enemies for today so tomorrow we could dedicate our forces for level design and boss fight. Still there is a lot of art required. But we will make it. Balmor's Peak!
  • May 31th: You have to make a change of type of work you do. While TenGG did most of organic sprites with animations, like enemies and characters (And he is amazing!) I do stuff like backgrounds, blocks, items, traps and yadayada. I feel now much better, since i was hollowed out with programming of game behavior. BTW Samurai also does a lot of useful work, right now he is mainly handling design of levels
  • June 1st: At this moment project counts 1 Days 19 Hours 46 Minutes 45 Seconds of work since 28th. Damn, we all are tired, but it's final blow! We can do this. It's so little that left, but it's also little time left - 13 hours.
  • June 1st: Game is done. I only wait some SFX and few cutscene frames. Also Boss OST is rushed, besides me having little to no experience in composing. I am very proud of our work. I really hope you will enjoy our work. Even if it might be rushed, not tested, we tried our really best.
  • June 1st: Last bits of polish are made, SFX added, some level details tweaked. I hope there is no game breaking bugs. Adding download link soon.

I and my team wish everyone best of luck and inspiration!
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by deepfry3



Where? is a tiny game about being chased by a monster that can see you, but you cannot see yourself.
This is the first game I've ever published, and nearly the first game I've ever completed, after having mostly just been playing around in GameMaker for years as a side-hobby.

Community assets used:

Not too much to show for a game specifically about not being able to see, but here's the main menu:
Annotation 2020-06-01 143924.PNG

12 hrs:
Like many, the hardest part for me is always coming up with an idea, and my hope was that participating in a Game Jam (which I've never done before; barely even "completed" a game before) would help with that.
I still flip-flopped around ideas more than I'd like, and it took me until now to actually have any understanding of what I'd like to work towards, although there's still a lot of specifics to work out.
I chose not to use any assets or scripts I've written before, so I've started preliminary work on basic movement/camera etc. Nothing to be proud of yet, but my confidence is increasing...

24 hrs:
As often happens, I've luckily come up with more stable ideas just by working on the game, even without having as solid a plan as I know I should have. In any case, I have a very good indication now of what the final product will look like.
I've completed a decent chunk of the artwork (of which there isn't very much). Decided to challenge myself to not use pixel art for the first time, as I've never made anything non-pixel art. As it turns out, I still can't draw anything digitally, so it turned into me drawing stick figures on paper, which turned into trying to replicate my pencil drawings and paper digitally.

Now that it's all implemented, it looks like classic low-effort flash game material, but I still think it's cool, and it's a new style for me:

36 hrs:
Not much of anything other than sleeping in the last 12 hours, but I've tidied up a few little animations and such. I'd like to start focusing on implementing more of the core features, as I tend to get carried away with the finer details that no-one would be likely to notice. So that's the goal for today!

48 hrs:
Started implementing some of the core AI stuff - figuring out how to code an AI that works exactly how you want is one of the most mundane things for me, as someone who tends to prefer fussing over fine little details, working on optimizing code, etc. The good news is, despite a lot of procrastinating over the past several hours, it works! That's the biggest achievement of the day, I think.
Hopefully before the next update I'll be able to polish it a touch, and then maybe add the ability for the player's bullets to actually do anything. But I'm sure I'll get distracted adding a main menu and such, rather than working on essential gameplay.
I did envision myself having more by the halfway (48-hour) mark , but that's okay. It's not much, but I'm happy with it, and I'm probably about at the halfway mark of the end product as well.

60 hrs:
Unfortunately, looks like @Pinkuchu and I will be affected by a power outage for most of the day, so that puts a bit of a dampener on our projects.
Hopefully we'll still find a way to use some of the time effectively - for example, I think this provides us a good opportunity to take a step back and look at where we are, what there is left for us to do, how our plans should change, etc.

72 hrs:
Power's back on! I wasn't able to implement and polish as much as I would have liked today for obvious reasons, but still managed to add working bullets (including working animations when they hit things), but seem to have encountered a bug in my AI where it just stops...
We're in the final stretch now, and I imagine the last 12 hours or so will probably be the hardest-working, as I scramble to get everything finished. The game's actually playable now, in terms of being able to walk around and shoot the enemy, but still needs a main menu, game over screen, SOUNDS (hadn't even considered it until now...), so there's heaps to do still, but I'm confident that what I'll be submitting will be at the very least playable, even if it's less ambitious than I'd hoped.
I mentioned in my first log that I've chosen not to use any assets/scripts I'd made before, but once my game idea became more firm, I did end up using some other assets from the community, credit for which I've added in the description, as they're all super helpful!

84 hrs:
Final stretch now! I've added a main menu and tutorial (the latter of which I've never done before, having never shown anyone else things I've made), and I'm quite happy with how they've both turned out.
The only really essential things left to add are a game over screen, and to fix two bugs, which I don't see taking 12 hours of my time, so I should have time for the lower-priority tasks as well which includes more polish, credits, and potentially an alternate gameplay mode? Not sure.
I don't think the game is sophisticated enough to get many votes if any, especially when compared to some of the other games in this jam from more experienced developers, but I'm still quite pleased with myself for what I've been able to do in such a short amount of time.
Looking forward to completing a game good enough to be submitted at all, and to playing everyone else's.

96 hrs:
Wowzer, a hectic last few hours indeed. I made the mistake of having the monster's AI disengaged whilst working on other things, and after turning it back on today it turns out it's... quite broken. I've been frantically trying to band-aid its problems, and just as I applied the last one in time to export and submit... now I can't seem to get the monster to follow me at all.
I'm sure there's bugs galore in there, but I don't have the strength to go looking at the moment - the Game Jam's over. It's super disheartening to have poured hard work into something over the past several days only to have it fall apart right when you need to hand it in, and that no-one will be able to play it the way I'd hoped (and the way that was working :mad:).
In any case, I should have seen these constraints coming, and whilst it wasn't the excitement I'd expected and hoped to end my first jam with, I am excited to see what others have come up with, and I hope that maybe someone checks mine out as well.
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Here :)
Ready for first ever game jam and second ever game dev. Sorry in advance to the souls who play it.

by Pinkuchu

Download Link:

Here is my game "Decisions". There are a few bugs, I am sorry.

Hope you enjoy!

24 hr -

Starting my game from scratch - second ever game to be "completed".

The first 24 hours of working on "Decisions" was spent mostly developing the story and game play ideas. Probably too much time was spent on coming up with a story that matched the theme, however I hope that it is worth it in the end.

So far I have pretty much cemented the player movement, level transition and game/artwork style. Though there is a fair way to go still.

Hoping to get the following done in the next 24 hours:
Player artwork/animations
Level design/layout

48 hr -

I realise I haven't spoken about what form my game will take yet. This was mostly because I didn't quite know myself. At the moment "Decisions" will be a a multi-level maze game with choices integrated into the plot. I used the theme as inspiration for the plot that the game is what "knows" something you don't as the player. The choices you make will lead you down a path that only the game (and I) can predict.

There was a lot of faffing about with character movement/animation. But! it seems to be all done now, hopefully should not need much further adjustment for the rest of development.
The player sprites turned out cuter than I was expecting and I managed to animate a nice little bobble as they move about.
bobble.gif (sorry for the size and blurriness)
If I have time towards the end of the dev, I would like to maybe add some motion to the animation when moving.

As for working on the level design - I'm looking into using tiles and tile sets, which I have never done before. Doing this also means that I needed to clean up my room and views size (I'm terrible with ratios and scaling).

I haven't yet decided how I am going to implement the story elements of the game. I was hoping to do some short cut scenes with dialogue boxes, but I'm now thinking of little speech bubbles.

To do list tomorrow:
Finish tile sets and start building the levels
Start implementing scenes and dialogue boxes

72 hr -

Not a lot of development today. Power was out for most of the day, preventing any progress.

I did however get to making some tile sets and implementing collisions so I can start on level design.

Starting to get nervous about the amount of tasks left to do and the dwindling hours left to do them in.

Obviously the game must be completed by tomorrow evening. I have the following list to complete:
Level design
Main Menu
Rest of the tile sets
Cut scene/plot animations
Polishing off any rough edges to game-play

Its getting real!
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🐧 *penguin noises*
GMC Elder

The shark knows something you stupid humans don't!
And it's hungry. Also it has guns. And you know what? It's gonna upgrade those guns.

🦈 🦈 🦈

Killer Shark '77 is a psychedelic dive into the deep end, where a shark with superhuman intelligence sets out to eradicate humanity one snack at a time in order to serve its eldritch deity. Spend blood collected from unfortunate swimmers to upgrade your weapons, and use your movement abilities to stay out of reach for properly armored forces!

🦈 🦈 🦈


Splendid!! All you need is blood.

Say hello to Headline, the friendly neighborhood shopkeeper!

Comrade Goldfish gives you a briefing on your mission. Glory to mother sea! Death to the filthy capitalist humans!

  • Day 1, 14:30: Rats, it became that story-based theme? I suck at storytelling, and I don't want to make a story-based game. I gotta come up with something creative. First draft was one of my old ideas, Warning Forever except instead of a boss getting stronger every time you beat it, it's a dungeon that gets more furniture and enemies in rooms you went through, forcing you to take more inconvenient paths. ...but I didn't feel like making that, so instead I got my other idea. What if you're the thing that knows something, the nameless, creepy "it"? What if you're... a really smart shark?
  • Day 1, 18:00: I've got a solid concept and started knocking stuff around in GMS2. My idea is to have a psychedelic arcade action thing where you eat people as a shark equipped with guns, then use their blood to buy gun upgrades, so you can fend off the anti-shark troopers that the resort you're terrorizing eventually starts deploying.
  • Day 2, 02:10: I've gotten all core systems except guns working now. The combo system draws text in three different fonts, I've written some obscure code like a script for a healthbar with four arbitrary corners, and there's like a dozen special effects in place already, so stuff is polished out of the gate. All the effects are handled by objects, because who needs performance anyway? Being able to control every little aspect of how things moves is neato, and the game runs surprisingly well even when I absolutely flood the map with endless swimmers. Probably should get some sleep now, there's another workday tomorrow and I'll at least appear to care about my day job.
  • Day 2, 21:24: I ended up doing a lot more actual work than expected, but it gave me plenty of time to think about my strategy. Most of my endless arcade jam games suffer from balance issues where stuff sort of stops happening progression-wise, and I really want to avoid that for once and keep the game engaging the whole way through. Sadly, all that thinking left me with a grand total of zero viable ideas. Added more GUI elements, and the game got kinda too cramped to play... so I made it widescreen. I've got no idea what the new default GMS2 resolution is supposed to be, but I just rolled with it for the time being. But bumping it up to 1280px width was absolutely necessary, and it even looks nicer as a side-effect. The game now has score popups that get bigger and bigger the higher your combo gets, which hopefully gets your dopamine rolling. I had to cap off the size, because they would eventually cover the entire screen. There's also a money counter, which is one of those rolling things... I'm REALLY happy with the spin animation, it really sells the effect. Now to go add a shop and stuff, I suppose... and the guns... and then enemies to use them on! I also really want some more visual effects, like chromatic abherration, to really sell the drug vibe. I'll go make an itchio page for the game right now, so I get an excuse to procrastinate some more.
  • Day 3, 22:27: I've spent most of the day on audio design and even more effect polish. The screen now has a border to make the game look less flat (also makes the GUI elements pop) and I've added scanlines and chromatic abherration to EVERYTHING to make it look more visually interesting. I have three new music compositions done, and a host of sound effects! Not bad for a day I spent most of the time being asleep or doing chores. Also I finished the unfinished shop and did a whole lot of bugtesting. Still no guns or enemies, so I guess I'll pull an all-nighter to try to get this show on the road.
  • Day 4, 01:58: Just finished composing the main theme, to compliment the three other songs I did earlier during the day. It feels a bit too happy, since I was going more for a hazy dark thing to compliment the colorful but bloody visuals. But whatever, it's the sort of music I'm good at making, so I guess I'll stick with my strengths :p I'm a bit worried by my complete lack of progression and gameplay besides the core physics, so I probably should switch out of polish mode ASAP and start crunching together some meatier content.
  • Day 4, 17:19: I feel terrible. I've had a migraine the whole day (probably caused by a mix of 4 days of crunch stress, sleep deprivation, dehydration and overheating - the jam happened to be during a heat wave where I live) and I'm trying to keep above the "collapse in a pile of vomit" line with judicious use of painkillers. Added an actual shop object (instead of you using a debug key to enter it) and am currently coding the actual guns. Things are going too slow, I might need to drop out of the jam due to health concerns :/
  • Day 4, 21:32: I somehow managed to keep working despite being in constant pain (which still is there, just FYI). All the guns are functional now, even though there's no enemies to shoot. But I just finished a "boat" system that lets me string together boats and humans, which should give enough flexibility to let me just churn out like a dozen different enemies relatively quickly. LIMITS ARE FOR BREAKING. WRYYYYYY!
  • Day 5, 04:11 IT'S FINALLY COMPLETE. I've worked the entire night and ended up with a lot less core gameplay than expected, but a lot of my original ideas are in place and I'm really happy with the soundtrack. If there's a postjam version, it'll mostly be balancing, and having more types of boats that chase you down (the police boat is the most fun enemy to fight IMO). Also the metaprogression I had planned would be cool (I had an idea for a twist ending where your shark starts boosting uncontrollably, the water fades to bloody red, then the shark slowly turns into a sperm, crashes into something, and you realize it fertilized an egg)
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Slime Time
By Shadow_Lancer and Cowsox
[ Download ]

Entry 1
Well, it's only Saturday evening and we finally came up with something.. You are part of the bomb disposal unit and a slime for some reason, you need to find and eat the bomb before the time runs out... Did some set up plus animations...

Entry 2
Made a bunch of progress.... Cowsox is working on some music and SFX. Can't do a video/gif at the current time... so screen shots will have to do.

Entry 3
Added some text events in so there is somewhat of a story and such. Going to try and work on a few other level variants.

Entry 4
Yep, ran out of time to do stuff. Very short game again. But it seems fine for a day of work.
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Shell Game


If it knows what kind of game I should make, I sure wish it would tell me!

Good luck everyone!

This is my second ever game-jam, and I'm still learning Game-Maker, so I've tried to keep things nice and simple.
My idea is a version of The Shell Game, aka Find the Pea. A rigged gambling game where the player has to guess which shell the pea is under.
The opponent always knows where it is, but the player doesn't. (spoiler: it's usually not under any of them, and actually in the grifter's hand)

Actual game progress is still pretty slow - I've spent a lot of time on sprites and GUI (not that it's obvious based on this screenshot).
Hope to get some interaction and animation working tomorrow.


Update 2:
Got some interaction working via the mouse controls, although had some problems.


now to make the actual game work!

Update 3
well, I'm probably not going to get this game finished as I have to work tomorrow.
but given my experience, and the amount of time I was able to spend on this project, I'm pretty pleased with the outcome so far.
my code needs a fair bit of tidying up, which is why I think I ran into so many problems
I'll continue to wotk on it after the jam is over and hope to have a functioning game in a couple of weeks time.

Here's a gif of what the current build looks like.. see if you can spot where it starts to go wrong!


(I used quadratic functions to path the movement of the shells... apparently my maths is out somewhere!)

I fixed this right after posting, I'd messed up by one decimal place!


For context, this is what the idea was based on:

I intended to add a hard mode that involved sleight of hand. You would have to watch the dealer's movements carefully,
otherwise he would know where the pea is, and you would not!

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Murder At Lansbury
A short, interactive, murder mystery!


Murder at Lansbury 5_31_2020 6_11_27 PM.pngMurder at Lansbury 5_31_2020 6_12_32 PM.pngMurder at Lansbury 5_31_2020 6_12_59 PM.png

Help! There's been a murder over at the Lansbury mansion! With almost all the security footage deleted, the identity of the true killer lies in a piece of technology - the smart speaker! Play as Officers Jim and Pam, and navigate your way through the story - interrogate the suspects, collect the clues, and read between the lines to solve the murder!

Download link:
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Former Jam Host
GMC Elder
Who Killed Mr. Tibbles?

Team Flob (GameDevDan & @NAL)

Download Link


00:00 GMC Jam Time
I opened the games topic for everyone then went to grab some lunch. Some time later I created this post, but I still haven't done any actual work on the game yet.

04:15 GMC Jam Time
NAL has made excellent progress on the music making a main background tune for the game!
I've drawn up a datasheet of the characters, objects and locations that will be in the game, and then I started making the graphics for them! Really happy with how they're looking at the moment but not enough to share...
Happy with the progress we've made for today!

Some time later which I CBA to figure out
Been concentrating too much on the game to do the devlog... aaawww well. The whole thing is basically finished save for the possible addition of some sound effects and a little more music! Will try to get that done Monday morning just before the jam closes :)
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Mr. Zoomie's ESCAPE
Team Zoom (@ojhernandez & @pudgyalpaca)



A platformer where you take on the role of Mr. Zoomie the Cat to escape after he is kidnapped by a mysterious figure.

all times in EDT (UTC -4:00)
8:52AM: @ojhernandez and I, checking in! It's our first game jam and we're SO excited (and slightly terrified)!
10:46AM: We've come up with a game idea and have split up the work that needs to be done! We will be reconvening at 1PM!
2:55PM: Finished one sprite. I'm very new to this pixel art thing. Also took a nap. Time to work on music!
5:50PM: @ojhernandez has got some of the basic mechanics down. I made a checklist of things I need to do. I also got coffee! Might be a late night.
9:11PM: Just ordered pizza. Made MC sprite, working on animations now. @ojhernandez has laid out the first level, some mechanics, and a collision system. We're having fun!
11:46PM: Looks like it's a night for me! I was able to draw all of the sprites for MC. Tomorrow I'll work on enemies and one of the level's music. Hopefully we'll also have a title so I can make the logo and title card. @ojhernandez has to learn how to use data structures for a specific game mechanic he wants to implement...he seems to be doing alright, however. 😅
2:27PM: Today's been a slow day for us in terms of the game. We have procured some SFX, I'm working on level music, and on an enemy sprite. We're hoping to have a title by tonight. @ojhernandez is trying to figure out this weird bug he has but hoping to finish up level 1 today!
12:55PM: We finally have a title and splash screen/logo. We've had to scale back the mechanics of the game in order to actually be able to finish the game by June 1st. Our game is using the theme in the mechanics. I have sprites to finish today as well as our music loop! @ojhernandez has mapped out what he needs to program. Hopefully we'll just be doing finishing touches tomorrow!
7:20PM: I just have another sprite to do and work on music. Then I can go onto my wishlist items. @ojhernandez has had a lot of progress getting the core game mechanics to work. I love this game!! I've grown attached to the MC, haha!
7:11PM: Ahh!! I haven't updated all day. Well Orlando is done programming so all that's left is one more sprite and sound editing. If we're up to it, we have some wishlist items we can work on. But our game is good to go soon as is! Woohoo!
9:13PM: AND WE'RE DONE... KINDA!! Just a couple finishing touches (like the end screen) but that's it. @ojhernandez is also setting up on itch account to post the game. Will be up soon!
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Made by Chico Perez (GrizzliusMaximus)
Download Link

Everybody knows you're in love except for you. Play as a Tsundere, Cassandra "Cassie" MidnightBlossom. A short Otome-esque game.
WASD to move. Space to continue dialogue.

-Devlog not yet fully updated-
DEVLOG (Japan time)
I plan on working everything from scratch. from the code, to the sprites, to the music. I feel like inclined to do this even if I don't have to.
So all I did is brainstorm. I'm thinking of making a story-based game and I'm still coming up with a game mechanic. I'm worried I'm biting more than I can chew here. It's 1 am here (I currently live in Japan) so It's probably best I go to sleep. Maybe I'll be blessed with good dreams
4:55 am. I woke up. The sun has already risen here. I didn't mean to wake up at this time, usually I would go back to sleep but I decided to start working on the textbox system
6:00 am. I did lots of dumb stuff but I go the simple textbox working! It supports auto-newline :)
7:05 am. First sprite made! I think it looks good :)
7:30 am. Second sprite made!
9:50 am. Did my dumb homework which I shouldn't have procrastinated. Ate my breakfast. I also cut my own hair because it was getting annoying. (Do you guys need to know this?) Time to get back to business :)
2:20 pm. I tried making pixelated portrait art for the first time, thinking I will be a first time wonder. I should've known. Things aren't looking too good...
4:10 pm. I "fixed" the portraits. Not perfect but it will do for now. If anybody is wondering if I made anything playable yet... nope
8:30pm. Added walking sprite. I question why I'm doing this
12:20pm I made a GIF
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Josh Chen

Logo.png in your hands.....
by Team Kaboom 💣 (@bandman28 & myself)



Have fun!

When you finally fix a bug and two more bugs appear:


We hoped this might be the theme.

We prepared the music.

We created some graphics.

We thought the jam started at a decent hour but did the time change calculation wrong. :rolleyes:

We came up with three main goals for our game:
1. To make you laugh....many times.
2. To have great graphics AND great code.
3. To have three goals..

Coding session #1:
We have created two fully functional movement systems. (That's right, two.) In different environments, Jeff's movement changes. (Yes, his name is Jeff, don't make fun of it. His parents were very sophisticated people.) If you went into outer space, your movement would change too. An astronaut? No, Jeff is not an astronaut. How he ended up in space? Trying to save the world from Dr. Kaboom of course! Silly question.

Coding session #2:
We began writing some conversations for the characters. We created a working system, and already programmed a bunch of funny lines that the characters will say. All in all, we accomplished almost all of our goals for today. Tomorrow we will be working on the spaceship and final battle, and putting everything together.

Coding session #4:
And we're back. Coding session #3 wouldn't be worth reading :p. After being energized with some slurpees, we got to work making the first level of the spaceship. Once boarding, you will be launched in to space, which is when the gravity and movement changes. Like most games, the levels will not get easier from here.....

Also, I made a logo :).

We're still going! No bugs yet which is surprising and incredible. 3 levels created. 2 to go. We're currently testing the difficulty of the levels. As I type, @bandman28 is testing the game and talking about how good he is because he took diving lessons from a baboon. We're doomed. No, the game has nothing to do with diving, or baboons. Oh, apparently the baboon liked donuts.

Levels complete! We're almost there! We've been testing and adjusting to make them just right. Our strategy is to count how many times it takes us to complete, estimating how long we want each level to take, and making sure you won't get bored or frustrated. Well, ok, maybe a little frustrated.....hehehe. Next session we'll be completing our story. I'm loving the outer space, zero gravity movement. You automatically rotate slowly, accelerate when you move, and bounce off walls, so don't go to fast. This makes the laser maze an interesting and unique challenge.

Coding session #5:
Ooh, major plot twist developed, yay! Also, the boss, Dr. Kaboom, can now throw bombs at you! More chances of death, hooray!

Coding session #6:
On to day 3! Now you can fight back, so it's not totally hopeless. Huge bug we have... ope, we just fixed it, haha! The timing is almost too good, my life must be the Truman Show..... Setting up the final conversation and then the game will be over, but there's still more to do. This is the last day that we can work together in person, so tonight and tomorrow we'll be using FaceTime. Waiting for him to code something....supper was great last night....chicken wraps....excited the bug is fixed....we're so close....we can do it....building some hype and motivation....keeping myself occupied....pretending to be busy doing something important.... Ahh, lasers! That's what's missing. Even more chances of death. Now the boss level feels complete.

Coding session #7:
Of course, when we see the finish line in sight, bugs begin to appear. It was bound to happen sooner or later. We add a new feature, something goes wrong. We change it back, it still doesn't work. Luckily our amazing coder (not me, him) has fixed it all so everything is back to normal. We are no longer together in person, but tomorrow finish things up.

Coding session #8:
The home stretch! All the bugs have been fixed that we know of, everything works perfectly. Music and sound effects are up and running now. Just a few more things to do and we're done!!! We will do a full run through the game soon.

Houston, we have a problem, one bug that is very important we fix. So far we cannot figure out what's wrong. Time to go outside.

We're so scared that our game will be ruined...

Coding session #9:
YES! WE DONE IT AGAIN! Haha, like that grammar? We figured out what was wrong and that about wraps it up! We did a full run through of the game and wrote down minor problems and fixed them.

Just have to say it again:


Good luck to y'all, we're so excited to play your games. Hope you enjoy ours.

This was the best "Log of the Devs" you've ever read ;).

Signing off.

Who knows why you chose to read this, but you did, so here it is!

Head game developer: @bandman28
Graphic designer, game developer: Me
Forest music: @Bart
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First ever game jam... Title undecided

idea: 2D platformer reverse "stealth" game with player playing cops trying to stop AI trying to get one of three treasures

progress: o_player state machine pretty much done, struggling to find solution for keeping original position of o_player in each room

realized the scope of the project is pretty unlikely to happen, tried to trim down so the basics of the game can still be run

3:40 PM
did not find a way to keep original position, possibly come back to it, struggling with the enemy AI in trying to find the exit. Just move right and jump????

What I forsee is out of the scope of my current skillset... will need more learning to proceed... will not get finished by monday 6AM, will keep working on it :(
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My first jam! Let's go!

A short story game by Feather Dreams

  • May 28th, AM: Currently busy at work, but did some brainstorming with friends on chat while working. Got some basic ideas going.​
    • Picked up some royalty free music over my lunch break and got some more ideas.​
  • May 28th, PM: Made some basic graphics because I'm not focusing on those. Started tinkering with the code to figure out the things I need.​
  • May 29th: Got the basic gameplay loop in place. Still needs a lot of aesthetic tweaks and some additional content.​
  • May 30th: Huge rush of dev today. Essentially put everything together. Still needs some testing and I might get a few friends to playtest. I should be able to take it easy tomorrow, though.​
  • May 30th (later): Got some more testing done, ran it by a few friends. I think it's ready.​
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Alright you shoobies! test your might here!

Download link

is actually a HE, and what he knows is how to SHRED!


do you have what it takes to skate like the Hawk himself?
We're gonna find out and you're gonna bust your ass while you do it.

come, get judged and watched by the HAWK!!

All art was done by @Toque and coding done by yours truly.
We had a ton of fun writing and doing the art for this jam. You may even see a familiar face or two if you play it. Thanks for all those who will download and I look forward to seeing everyone else's game too

my apologies for the lack of devlog - in short - it was a little hectic.

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first game jam, good luck everyone
and wow that time went fast

download link

well this was certainly fun! even though my time management was awful and it is largely unfinished, it was great developing it
i'll be sure to take part in more jams in the future (hopefully with people who can make sounds and artwork)

8 bit platformer

hopefully will finish it on time ^^



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Balls to the wall
download link - .zip

Include README file

Might update later if I need to but I believe its pretty Much done. Includes 3 Levels, 3 Players, and a couple options for fighting!
BTW use the (Start) / [ESC] button to access the pause menu when in battle!

Here is the goal:
Using physics, swing your weapon (the part attached to your ball player) to inflict damage to the AI. You have a number of defensive tools available as well as one that allows you to add offensive strategy to your gameplay. Using the shield can help mitigate and eliminate damage from an attack as well as an aerial dash. However an aerial dash can help you to get the upper hand on the AI in a split second decision

I realize now after play testing my GF you will get more desired results by jumping and if the AI sticks you remember to shield and jumps it's the....thing they know that you don't!!...? Haha. I included a README file but if you, @GameDevDan could include these extra notes in a readme of sorts that would be much appreciated! If not no worries! This jam has gotten much bigger than previous ones. Haha

Decided to make a simple but juicy SSB type game. Got me a little ball guy flinging his tie around for now:

- Got the camera working pretty well with the little player icon bubbles popping up and got an enemy. He don't do much yet but he will!
Camera working good - Enemy not so much

- 6:13 (guess I should be posting some times. haha)
Added in health. Got the Ai working where you can actually fight. Added some JUICE!!! Screen shake, particles, ect. Added in a dash mechanic. Still needs plenty of tweaking but its starting to actually be fun to play! Need more background elements and need to add in the dash mechanic to the AI. here is a little video of how its kinda looking so far:
Video gif of AI battle!!
Got the ai and character tuned up and ready for battle! Added some music and background elements. Got some friends over to help with the 'crowd' sounds. This part is looking good!
- Level select (Maybe 3 Different Stages)
- Difficulty Levels: (Baby / Meh / Quit)
- Not sure if I will actually implement any character changes but if time is forgiving
- Item drops (mostly for health re-gen)
- A special orb you can power up by destroying and do special move (again time forgiving...:p)
-11:44 pm
Got some items added. Still tweaking the 3 different difficulty levels but got a solid easy medium and hard mode. I wanna add in two more levels (environments more than anything) and need a main menu (level picker and difficulty picker). Would love to add character select but creating a new moveset / different parameters seems like too big of an undertaking. Gonna just focus on some solid environments and fun. Maybe add a timer too but not sure yet.
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What Does the Cat Want?
a game by Little Donut

@ceaselessly & @carlopie_

Your cat knows what it wants, but is it possible to decode its meows and yelps?
12:26 PM (EST) - Inspired by real life events, we will be making a game about a cat and its needs, and the impossible task of figuring out those needs.

Edit: We're gonna bow out of this one, just don't have enough time to fully participate this time. :) If anyone's still looking for an idea, feel free to nab ours!
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as always I'm good at finding a silly title for a game... (now the hard part trying to make it)

by sylvain_l

DOWNLOAD LINK (when finished, but I'm really bad at that so chance there won't be any download link...)

- maybe a screenshot here -

- no devlog here -​
first jam, I'm scurred :S

Title: What's Doggo Got!?
by KooKooKachoo
Description: Doggo walk sim where you walk around a park and follow your dog as their nose leads you to discoveries only they can find!

Download Link

-- 30/5/2020 @ 08:45. 1st update: So basics of doggo logic done, he can switch states between following, roaming, searching and fetch! He'll get bored of the same object if no interaction and will stop recalling back to player if he returns too many times without getting rewarded (hearts floating) Today is art day to try and make this all a lil prettier!

GMC Forum Gif.gif

01:52 Monday 1st June.....

UI indicator when doggo found something to alert player of whereabouts
GMC Forum Gif2.gif

Added more art, doggo poops if feeding them too many treats and reacts to randomised bushes for treasure as well as bins.

Bunch of other tiny bits but the UI indicator is what I'm most stoked about :)
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Fog of War

(working title)

Latest Version Can Be Found Here
I decided to build an RTS game. I began by figuring out the controls and basic game mechanics. This part usually goes the fastest. Since I am doing everything quick and dirty I don't need to create a complex and re-usable system. I was able to get the unit selection, commands, and state machine completed.
(9:26 AM PST)
My goal today is to work on the HUD, build unit building buttons with queue, and get all the stat variables for the units, and add in the mechanism for unit types under my flags array.
(9:58 AM PST)
Progress is going steady so far. I created a button system, a simple HUD graphic, and am in the process of replacing my previous attempt with game objects (buttons) being activated / deactivated and just storing all the data in arrays as lightweight objects. Fingers crossed this wont take two hours to debug :)
(12:11 AM PST)
Time to debug all of the code that I wrote. I have replaced the old system with the new system. The new system allows me to create command buttons in each unit object. Right now it is set to only build units, but the code is modular enough to allow other functionality -- because each button is passed a custom script that executes when
the button is pressed.
(2:45 PM PST)
Finished creating structures, units, workers, and unit spawning functionality. Debugged all visible issues. Now planning out how to make user-customization units and add in the rest of the unit stats and properties. The battle systems are working good, but pathing can get a little funky when commanding more than 6 units.
(1:15 AM PST)
I created a system of buttons and scripts that allow the player to click on the command buttons or activate them with the associated key codes. Then I added in all the basic commands for moving units around: move, patrol, stop, and attack. I then went through and did a tremendous amount of debugging because of all the bugs created from the competing systems. I still have to add in the commands for building new structures, a system to customize units a little bit, the menu system, sounds and music, and the quest system.
(7:59 AM PST)
Neeeed Sleeep... but I must finish this :)
(7:44 PM PST)
Most polishing off the game, getting ready to add the menu, and most importantly the fog of war.
screen shot new.PNG
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a point and click adventure game about getting birds... to space!!

this is a severely watered down and rushed version of my original concept due to time constraints. If I had the full four days I probably could have developed it but instead I've opted to make the game a parody of itself.

Development roughly 40% complete!

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Game Title: AKULA
Developer Name / Team Name: Just me
DOWNLOAD LINK (when finished)

Nuclear submarine moral dilema + FTL


Wasting valuable time on graphics



Starting on day 3... panic!

Working on some game mechanics, is looking good but I'm not sure if I can finish it by tomorrow

Yup, I'm not going to make it in time, although it was quite fun. I'll leave a couple of final screenshots here
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Download Link:


(All times are in Central Daylight Savings Time. Day 1 is May 28, 2020.)

Day 1
4:56pm - Okay, here we go. This is going to be a huge departure from what I usually write. If anyone remembers my Warm-up Jam entry from way back when (Daron Moore: Private Eye), this game is probably going to have a somewhat similar feel to that. Very story-heavy. I've got a framing device, and I'm writing the basic stories. In fact, given the circumstances, I'm going to be careful how I write here. Since this is going to be the sort of game where knowing everything in advance really ruins it, I probably won't write a whole ton about the story here (at least, nothing spoiler-y as much as I can avoid it). I'll write about mechanics and things in a bit.

6:53pm - Okay, basic story has been laid out. I'm going to put a general light spoiler warning here. If you read on, minor details of the story will be revealed, and it may lessen your enjoyment of the overall end result. The main character, through whose eyes the player sees, is Carla Calderon. Most of the story will revolve around her, her family, and her boyfriend. The story opens with Carla entering an elevator, muttering to herself about finding "it", about "it" knowing more than she does, and about "it" judging her. She climbs aboard the elevator, and the basic mechanics of the game are explained. The game itself will be a point-and-click style adventure, like Daron Moore, and it will be split into five chapters (five floors on the elevator). On each floor, Carla will get off and live some part of her life. The first floor will be her childhood, the second her teen years, and so on. The goal is to stay on good terms with everybody and get the happiest ending. The fifth chapter doesn't have any opportunities to branch; it's more of an epilogue to tell you how you did. The first four chapters involve several opportunities to talk to different characters or interact in different ways, to gain or lose favor with different people. And you can only spend one (in-game) hour on each chapter, which means if you spend too much time doing some things then the later opportunities of that chapter will be locked to you.

Day 2
1:59am - Alright, I'm experimenting with Inkscape this time. I used it a bit when Alice and I were working together but not extensively. We'll see how this goes. These two are probably going to be (with some slight modifications) the main characters: Carla and her boyfriend Luke. Since the story takes place at different points in their lives, I'll obviously have to make child versions of them too, but this will be the basis.

12:50pm - One cheeseburger later, and I'm back.

1:13pm - Okay, wow. Game Maker is really not happy about running in a box with 2GB RAM and one processor. Huh.

2:07pm - Oh, my god. It takes like seven seconds to save, and a full minute to compile. This is horrifying. I feel like I'm using a machine from the 80s right now.

3:01pm - You know, I know I say this literally every Jam in my devlog, but the new IDE is great. It's just so streamlined and easy to work with. It's.... really well designed.

3:11pm - My virtual evaluation copy of Windows 10 is updating... this could be awhile...

3:17pm - That was a completely pointless interlude. Seriously, it's the evaluation copy. Like, if they're trying to attract new users, they should probably tone down the single most obnoxious feature in Windows 10 for the evaluation period.

3:19pm - Decided to give my virtual machine a second core. Ohmygodeverythingsfaster. How did people survive when computers only had one processor?

4:51pm - Basic dialogue system is up and running. Pretty much the whole game is going to be this interface.

5:22pm - Another cheeseburger later, and I'm back.

6:29pm - No game is complete without a classy clock in the top-right corner! This clock is going to technically be real time, in the sense that it will move forward at a rate of one second per (irl) second. But generally it'll advance when you do significant things in-game. For instance, driving to a place will advance the clock by twenty minutes or so automatically.

9:36pm - You know I just realized, my computer is still on Eastern time. So half of these updates in this log are probably an hour off what they're supposed to be, since I've just been looking at that clock.... Huh. Anyway, next major function here is the friend meter. Whenever a major character other than Carla is speaking, they'll have a little odometer-thingy next to their name. That's sort of a combination of their general happiness and their feelings toward Carla. Needless to say, you want it in the green. To get the "true" happiest ending, all of the major characters (her sister, her two parents, her uncle, her cousin, and her boyfriend) have to end up with the meter sufficiently high.

9:41pm - And with that I'm about done for tonight. I didn't quite get as far as I wanted to. I was hoping to have the engine 100% done tonight so I could spend all of tomorrow writing plot and drawing artwork. But it wasn't meant to be. I want to have at least one sort of interactive minigame, just to keep the player's focus. Nothing fancy, and certainly nothing difficult, but just something to spice it up a bit. I don't have it in me to design that tonight, so I'll do it first thing tomorrow. I'm off for tonight. Here's hoping I manage to wake up earlier tomorrow.

Day 3
2:41pm - As usual, I think my dialogue system is very close to being Turing complete. It's not quite there, as you've only got a handful of variables and no real array or stack structure, but we do have general flow control and the possibility for recursion. So... there's that. Anyway, the engine is now complete... finally. Also, I've written a simple Python script (and accompanying JSON schema) to validate my game's dialogue structure, so I don't have to run it every time I make a change to check for typos.

5:47pm - Oh god it's so much work to even design a simple miniquest. Why did I say I wanted to have five major stories? What's wrong with me? (Also, bow before my superior placeholder art capabilities, mwahahahahaha)

Day 4
1:30am - Wall. Hit. I thought I could finish, but I just hit the wall. I can't think well enough to write one more line of this thing. I'm going to be dreaming in JSON tonight, so wish me luck with that I guess. Still a full day of work tomorrow. I'm really pushing the deadline this time. I finished the first three stories. There were originally going to be five, but I'm cutting Story Four due to how behind I already am. I'll write Story Five (which was already kind of intended to be an epilogue, not a full chapter, anyway) tomorrow morning, and then I'll draw a boatload of sprites tomorrow. That's if my wrists don't get fed up with me and just run away tonight after the torment I've put them through today. Then I've still got music, credits, polish, everything else. And uploading. For those of you following along at home, I currently have four times as much JSON dialogue written as I do actual Game Maker code (800ish loc GML vs 4000ish loc JSON). Goodnight, everybody.

10:41pm - It's done. And with just eight hours to spare. This one cut it closer than I usually do. Download link is above, as always. Now I'm going to sleep for four years.
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A Solo @Terminator_Pony Game

Scraps is a point and click puzzle game featuring a scrapbook... and well, it knows something you don't.

I've got a rough idea of the scope/story/gameplay, but I tend to bite off a tad more than what's feasible. 😅 Don't really have time until tomorrow, so it's pen and paper for now!
It's been a long time since I've messed with 3D... the end result will probably end up being 2Dish, but here is the model I got going this morning in Blender. Textures? Getting it into GMS2? No clue. 😬 That's part of the fun right?
I wanted to update my devlog sooner since so much has happened, but the deadline was ticking and I wanted to be safer than sorry. I'm known to procrastinate. 😅

Let's summarize whats happened since the last devlog... 3D went out the window after countless problems inside/outside GMS2 and I'm much happier with the final result (and less headaches).

I opted for 2D stills of my render, and got busy with a couple of the puzzles I had in mind. Frequently along the way I had to make slight changes to the scenes, so GIMP and Blender saw a lot of action...

Creating music is something I can get very distracted by, so I got that out of the way early on.

All in all, 3D was interesting to attempt, but once I changed the scope of the project it was relatively smooth sailing and a lot of fun. Now I'm just nervous. 😁

I hope you all enjoy playing, and thank you to my wonderful wife for letting me hide away this weekend to participate in the Jam.
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By Cloaked Games, Joseph Ellis, and FAZIL


Download - Official Jam Version
Check my itchio page for post-jam updated versions.

You are an engineer, woken up from cryosleep to conduct emergency repairs on FAZIL, a doomsday AI designed to keep humanity safe from armageddon. Solve puzzles by connecting circuits with tiles, rotating and sliding pieces into the right places. Explore the inner-workings of FAZIL and find out what secrets it hides. Can you repair the AI before the apocalypse gets even worse? Additionally, test your skills in timed challenges with procedurally generated puzzles. See if you can beat the developer high score in endless, and complete all the puzzles in story-mode with the minimum number of moves!

  • Story mode with 12 levels to learn the mechanics and uncover the secrets of FAZIL.
  • Engaging voice-acting (and subtitles) for the story.
  • Endless procedurally generated puzzles of several difficulties.
All times are PST. Total man-hours of the entire team: 47 hours.
7:00 PM - Met with the team and discussed the plan. Our goal is to make a puzzle game, with some sort of sinister narrator (voice acting if we can), probably a robot or something, like Glados. There will be different rooms with different puzzles, and each room will have some dialogue revealing more of the story. To fit the theme: first, the narrator knows something the player doesn't, and we may possibly obscure some rules of the puzzle. Now I do have some homework, but I will hopefully design all the puzzle mechanics tonight.

8:15 PM - Created a design for the puzzle mechanics. Tested it by creating a few small puzzles, and I am fairly sure it will lend itself to good puzzles. [Tweet]

That is all for day one. I must be sure to finish all my homework so I have plenty of time over the weekend.
1:15 PM - Programmed cells with basic connections. They can conduct signals between connected cells. [Tweet]

4:40 PM - Finished basically all of the mechanics required for the puzzles. Just a few other details to wrap up, then need to add the story and design more puzzles. I am also considering whether or not I will implement a save mechanic or not--if the game is short it might not be worth the time. [Tweet]

9:30 PM - Had to fix a nasty bug, but somehow I managed to make the puzzles procedurally generated! The game will hopefully have the regular story mode, plus an infinite puzzle mode, with increasingly difficult puzzles. [Tweet] CG Roommate also came up with a draft for the story, and some concept art. FAZIL? Is that you?
10:50 AM - Started working again. I am making all the room transitions, to navigate the menus and things.

1:20 PM - Timed endless mode is coming along excellently. Timed modes for three difficulty settings are done, along with high scores and developer high scores. Who will be able to beat my high score? Next, I will add regular endless that just creates infinite puzzles.

2:30 PM - First full look at timed mode! The endless puzzle mode is also finished. [Tweet] Artwork for story mode is coming along nicely as well.

3:30 PM - Added mute/unmute, fullscreen toggle, back, and retry buttons.

4:20 PM - Added save system to keep track of puzzle progress. Added transition buttons between story mode puzzles. Taking a break for dinner.

7:50 PM - Designed the story mode map and the first four of the story puzzles. CG Roommate finished several of the sound effects and the title screen artwork. Added move counter for story puzzles (see if you can do it in the fewest possible moves!)

This is all for day three. FAZIL watches and waits.
2:00 PM - Started working for the final day. I am buckled down to stay up until it's done, no matter how long that takes. I have so far designed one more puzzle (rather challenging one) and fixed a few simple bugs with the selection code highlighting tiles that weren't selected.

5:30 PM - I have finished about half of the story puzzles. I also added a tracker for how many levels you have completed, added all of the sounds (created by CG Roommate), and added title screen artwork.

7:00 PM - Finished all the easy and normal puzzle levels. Only a few more to make. CG Roommate finished writing the story intro. It will be implemented into a cutscene later (hopefully with voice acting!)

9:00 PM - Phew, we're getting to the crunch. Gonna have to stay up late for this one--but it will all be worth it! We trimmed a few of the levels from the plan and finished the story concept. CG Roommate is writing up the last line of dialogue. We got a friend of ours to do the voice-acting too! Here's what's left to do: write dialogue, record/edit dialogue, add story text into the game, add voice lines into the game, add three cutscenes (short ones), make and add the music. Create a game icon, readme, and upload to submit.

10:30 PM - Finished one of the two songs. Added functions for music. More progress is being made on the story and voice recordings.

11:15 PM - All the music is finished and implemented. The script is done and the voice lines are almost fully recorded. Now comes the final push: adding all the story in one fell swoop!

2:00 AM - God it's been ages since I was up this late. (I will be skipping class tomorrow...) Anyways, all the voice lines are added, plus subtitles! Three cutscenes and two different endings. Just waiting on a tiny bit of art, and I am starting now to write all the posts, etcetera.

2:45 AM - Submitted. FAZIL is here.

3:30 AM - Fixed a game-breaking bug. I'm not going insane this late or anything.
FAZIL was created by:
  • Cloaked Games - Programming, Puzzle Design, Music, Art
  • Joseph Ellis (CG’s Roommate) - Story, Audio, Voice Acting, Art
  • FAZIL (Another Friend) - Voice Acting
Premade Assets:
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My spot.

Dr. Swiss 4

>>> DOWNLOAD <<<

DevLog 1 (first day)
Came up with a story line of sorts. Made a new sprite of Dr. Swiss on a 16x16 canvas. Used an old character sprite from an earlier jam game (Last Hope) as a base. Got basic movement and a nice camera-following feature implemented. Still need to come up with game mechanics, but the game is based on a platformer style. Sleep now. Day job tomorrow. Hopefully can think up some stuff for devving tomorrow night.

Here's a pic.

Devlog 2 (last day, last hour)
Well, I didn't think up much more the following night. I'm just not feeling awfully inspired.

Here's the pic I shared in the discussion thread...

Anywho, I "completed" my entry and I hope it at least makes you smile. :)
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Edit: I'm not going to finish this one. I haven't been able to work on it for the last 24 hours and am too far behind now.

In the Dystopian Future

Sam Spade


Devlog 1
I saw the theme and thought of something that seems reasonably doable. I might back out, but it's been awhile since I actually worked on a game, so I'm going to try.

Devlog 2
Decent progress in a couple hours. Everything works and the core is there. I think even in limited time I can have something playable.

Main Menu - lots of choices
Main Menu.png

Gameplay - beautiful, intuitive ui

Devlog 3
Last night I didn't code at all, but did spend a couple hours trying to map out how it the next big section should work. This morning I started coding it. I'm about halfway through. It seems to be working and I am having fun, although I'm not sure what the final product will look like.

A couple code take-aways.
  • This is the last time I build a complex data structure in 2.2.5. Now that I can chain accessors in 2.3 not being able to is a pain.
  • I realized you can create a nice loop structure by writing a custom dequeue script that enqueues the dequeued value as well as returning it:
///@function ds_queue_dequeue_circle(queue)
///@ param {ds_queue} queue

var _value = ds_queue_dequeue(argument0);
ds_queue_enqueue(argument0, _value);
return _value;
Not revolutionary I know, but it was a fun realization nonetheless.

Next big step is displaying the results of my fancy new data structure as currently I'm just reviewing it in the debugger.

Devlog 4
Everything is displaying correctly it seems. Having made it this far, I think I can finish at least the basic idea of what I'm going for. The basic idea is to make a single player game of The Resistance. You, the player, are always on the side of the resistance, but are not one of the resistance/spies. Instead, the 8 purple squares are the agents and your job is to select which ones to send out on missions and try to pass at least three missions, following the basic rules of the Resistance. Essentially, you need to determine which of your eight agents are spies, and which are trustworthy resistance members.

Remaining Goals:
  1. Add AI Personalities (turns out, it is very easy to determine who the spies are when they're honest about their likes and dislikes)
  2. Make a usable and decent looking player Interface
  3. Add Instructions
  4. Improve Art and add flavor
  5. Add Career Mode (you must complete multiple sets of five missions, taking some of your agents with you each time)
  6. Improve Art and add flavor even more


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Sheep Wink

You are my ability
- Onions have Layers

Download Link

2D Arcade game - Kill, fly, fire etc. Combining up to 4 enemy abilities at a time. Definitely worth turning into a fully fledged game alongside my other WIP project. To come:
  • Increasing challenge spike with ai driven enemy variety
  • Awesommer combos
  • Actual game things like menus, goals & a mini-asthetic & mythos

I consider the Monthy Python inspired enemy walking animation one of my best, if not only worthwhile accomplishments this year.

Other than that, need to work hard to learn to build a good vertical slice vs fixating on needless details & spending time floating around in-game

First time doing a Jam. Great challenge and great seeing every one work hard and creative.

Thank you lovely people and looking forward to playing your games!

Day 1: Started a day late - Euro times

Decided on a mechanic to steal abilities from creeps. Hope it doesn't fit the theme too loosely!
  • Wrote basic platforming code
  • Creating graphics from scratch.
  • Writing in creep abilities & combining abilities
Day 2/3:
  • Set up Basic Ability stealing mechanic & some combos
  • Added basic enemies.
  • Still have to build enemy behavior, variety & finish combat system
  • Found I spent too much time finetuning mechanics & graphics to make enough functional progress to reach target state.
  • That being said, the gliding system feels nice and smooth
Day 4:
  • Spent until 9 AM in the morning creating the combat engine (not in this build)
  • Stripped away everything half assed that was conflicting with what is actually fun: flying and multi-dash-killing hordes of enemies.


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The world knows something Baby don't


Happy: I succeded to use data_grid, adding content would be easy. And I produce a simple working game.
Not Happy: That's quite a ****ty game :)

Hopefully, I can do a playable game.
Started this morning.

Spend about 6 hours on it. Just reused a Tiramisu sprite. And, I am a bit ashamed of the result considering what other people say on the forum.
Also, I would prefer anybody to try the Tiramisu game more than with one, which is far from what I wanted to do.

So, finished working 30 minutes before the deadline :) Quick run of the game.
I added 3 sprites of mom with simple interaction. Also, changed the design of the main room. There is a transition bug the second time you die and I am not sure why. Also, game mechanics are a bit too random, so the experience is quite different between two runs. Quickly upload the version before it's 12 UTC... and apparently somebody already downloads it.
Really looking forward to see what others have done.


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It Knows
by woodsmoke


1st day I didn't join because the theme was too hard.
2nd day I came up with an idea how to put the theme into game-play. Started and worked on the core ~2h.
3rd day I did nothing.
4th day I refined and finished, also only about 2h.

Very happy with it. Especially how little time it took, because I have a main project that's getting hard to finish. I needed this jam.
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In the Mime's Box
by Endercurse
--future download--

--future screenshot--

30th of May, 2020:
14:10 Aight, as a heads up: I'm a little depressed lately. I was hesitant wether or not to participate, especially on my own,
but after starting on a prototype yesterday, I'm gonna try to give it a shot regardless. Right now I have some hitboxes and basic collision detection.
The goal of the game will be to get out of a room, where you're trapped with a mime.
The catch: Only he can see the room, while you navigate based on his directions while people applaud you for your "act" on the street.
15:52 Made a prototype for a hand to touch your surroundings, which led to starting work on drawing the game in a gui, rather than drawing the actual game room.
17:56 Got a bobbing guy with a movable hand. I ain't gonna be able to finish this the project like this.
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