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Full Rankings

1. Otherside - Gizmo199
2. H.E.X.A.G.O.N. - Mercerenies
3. Inkletint Island - TEAM FLOB
4. Debtman - Käsityökerho
5. Date - Siolfor the Jackal
6. My Eyes - Deadly Serious Media
7. Mansion Mayhem - Team 70s
8. Summer King - cat, var, let
9. Danmakuconomy - Bearman_18
10. Coin Drop - Toque
11. A Noble's Quest - Endercurse, ImTheBanana, OpperTobba
12. Everybody Wants Your Pineapple - ceaselessly
13. May 31 - The M
14. Worth of a Soul - Shadow_Lancer, Cowsox
15. McMurdo - SheepDragon Studios
16. Cost Puzzle - Bart
17. Phase Shifter - Curato, JacktheBlindRabbit
18. Dino Arena - RefresherTowel
19. Plungy Mart Panic! - AnotherHero
20. Pay the Price - KPJ
21. Humpty - sp202, Solistix
22. Banana quest - 2Dspessman
23. Baserisk - TheMiningBoyAlpha, Misu
24. GMCity - Lukan
25. Delivery Man - Xer0botXer0
26. The People Pleaser - Rui Rosário
27. Breach - Lolslayer


Use of Theme
My Eyes - Deadly Serious Media

Best Concept
H.E.X.A.G.O.N. - Mercerenies

Best Pres
Inkletint Island - TEAM FLOB

Date - Siolfor the Jackal

H.E.X.A.G.O.N. - Mercerenies
My Eyes - Deadly Serious Media
The People Pleaser - Rui Rosario

Results Spreadsheet

(thank you @Alice for tallying up the results!)


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So, in the end we scored 7th.

That was more or less the result I expected, based on the previous Jam - with me getting 2nd place and Hayman & Micah_DS taking 5th place, it's just logical that together we'd be 2+5 = 7th
(that's also where the Team 70s came from, by the way)

I'm glad that a few voters enjoyed our entry enough to place it in top 3, with 2 first places. Congratulations to everyone for participating, and especially to top 3 for pretty well made entries. Even taking into account Otherside assets were made before Jam, it's still quite impressive in technical terms. Hope to see Otherside being developed into a full-fledged game.

Just a note for the next theme chooser. It seems that last time EVERYTHING HAS A COST has been chosen, but it actually tended to promote LIMITED RESOURCES or RESOURCES MANAGEMENT kind of games instead, and that includes The M's entry (who was the one to choose the theme) - I mean, it definitely involved lots of resource management, but it's not like the costly things were out of ordinary.
I guess my point is - if you want to go for a strictly gameplay-based theme of sorts, think of the kind of game you would make for that theme. Then, consider whether some other theme phrasing wouldn't be more appropriate and/or allow broader range of gameplay mechanics/settings while still conveying similar idea. Also, without becoming a non-theme like awfully generic OVERCOME ALL ODDS.

That's it for now, till the next Jam...


I think those are some worthy top 3 winners right there! I had a great time with all of those.

I'm pretty pleased with ninth. Danmakuconomy is pretty rough right now, but I was pleasantly surprised to see I still managed to break top 10 with it. Next time I'll get top 5 for sure!

@TheMiningBoyAlpha Don't feel too bad. When I was playing Baserisk I noticed a remarkable improvement over your previous Jam games. It's seems you get better each time. (I didn't finish writing reviews in time, but I liked the way your gun worked.)