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Thursday 27th February, 2020 12:00 UTC

Monday 2nd March, 2020 12:00 UTC

  • Any GMC member can take part in the GMC Jam. You must use GameMaker to create your game.​
  • Games must be made between 12:00 UTC on February 27th and 12:00 UTC on March 2nd, and posted here in the games topic.​
  • You may use resources such as graphics, sounds and scripts that were made prior to the jam, as long as the bulk of your work takes place during Jam weekend.​
  • You may create one post per entry in the games topic. You may create this post before your game is finished and continue editing that post to update your progress, in fact you are encouraged to write a devlog!​
  • All entries must have a download link in the Games Topic before it closes at 12:00 UTC on March 2nd.​
  • All entries must work on Windows as a standalone executable / compressed zip folder. No installers please. Your entry can also work in HTML5 and on other platforms, but only the Windows build will be judged.​
  • All entries are encouraged to follow the Jam theme. It isn't mandatory to do so, but you'll often get more favourable reviews from your peers!​
  • You may participate alone or in a team of up to 3 members. See the "teams" section below if you're looking for teammates. Only one team member creates a post for the game in the topic - do not create multiple posts for the same game.​

Recommended post format:

Game Title
Developer Name / Team Name
DOWNLOAD LINK (when finished)

- maybe a screenshot here -

- your devlog here -
You can keep editing your post to write a devlog about your game.
You can also post in the discussion topic as you develop your game.
Do not post more than one post per game in the games topic.

As at the start of the jam the following people were looking for teams but be aware, they may already have teammates at this point:​

  • @Misu. My skills are programming (gml), art, and shaders (glsl es).
  • @AnotherHero - I am exclusively a GML programmer. Also, could you do me a favor and leave a note that I work full time every day that the jam is going on, so I will only be able to work ~2 hours a day? I just don't want to find a team and leave them disappointed.
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Red Phantom

Puzzle House
by Red Phantom

What Is This Game?
You are in a house with many rooms.
You have $150.
Every door has a cost. To open each door costs either: $25, $50 or $75, depending on the door.
The goal is to reach the correct final room.
There will be characters in many of the rooms which may guide you... or may misguide you...

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BY TEAM FLOB (@GameDevDan and @NAL )


Professor P. Podley has accidentally lost all of Inkletint Island's sacred fruit!

Now he's developed an army of "blots" to help him get them back.

00:30 JAM TIME / 00:05 DEV TIME - Dan and Allie have teamed up as Team Flob once again. We have a title and a game plan. "Inkletint Island" is the name of the game. Allie is doing music, Dan is doing EVERYTHING ELSE. Remains to be seen whether this will actually get done.

06:15 JAM TIME / 01:40 DEV TIME - I've started the project and prepared some basic movement, surfaces for our character to paint on as it walks, and a textbox/speech engine which will run through all textboxes in a queue AND it can draw control prompts in the middle of strings. Screenie.

30:10 JAM TIME / 03:20 DEV TIME - NPCs and Scenery now exist as objects I can copy to make more. Not much else happens yet though. - Screenie.

72:00 GAME TIME / 11:00 DEV TIME - Game done -
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By me (Endercurse) & 2 friends (ImTheBanana, OpperTobba)

--->> DOWNLOAD <---

So this was my first game jam!
With the help of one friend providing the game's music and another friend playtesting the game,
we present - Noble's Quest:

In this mini-roguelike, you get send on a classic adventure to save the royal princess.
Contrary to regular heros, however, you're a young noble with an allowance of a thousand gold pieces to buy your way out of this farce.
Your father didn't raise you to be some peasant that goes swinging swords, after all!
So now that your time to shine is here, you better learn to manage your money, before you end up in debt.


(Timezone UTC + 1 / Amsterdam)
27 Feb:
13:00 Trying to get first post here.. And failed. Since the theme had basically been spoiled, I'll mention here that the brainstorming fase had been in my head for a couple of days now,
but we're really excited to do our first jam.
13:16 Added a script to mess with GameDevDan, he knows what it is.
14:39 Made a rough layout of the GUI, while my friend works on sprites, I'm moving on the programming generating quests and their variables.
17:01 Finished an algorithm for creating quest sequence
18:33 Finished shader to dynamically color the otherwise graytone pixelart
20:31 Made text area display text properly, meanwhile these past hours the friend made some sprites, a coin animation, a custom font and a music track
21:31 Added the coin flip animation with a glorious pling sound!!
21:49 Added the music track and made audio toggleable with the M key
22:40 Health / Gold bar textured and in place. The majority of the code has been set up so I can build upon it as quickly as possible later. Time for bed
28 Feb:
10:28 New day! Just added a counter of your exact amount of gold to the gold bar from yesterday.
12:33 Got working buttons.
14:42 Still working hard to get the buttons to add all the menus for shops, combat, etc.
16:45 Adding sprites and functionality to buttons takes a while. Still on it.
19:04 Couple of things I forgot to write here:
- I've been working a lot on the tracking of resources for the player, setting up the variables and such
- My friend isn't here much today to help :/
21:23 Got a working shop system to buy resources. Good stuff.
23:34 The game now cycles through the encounters properly. (without crashing)
23:59 Did some more work on the sprites. Personally quite happy with how fast I can draw pixelart on a small scale.
29 Feb:
11:28 This morning I started working on adding proper displays of what each resource does for the player. Still on it.
13:10 Soldiers now require salary after combat encounters.
14:12 Game now displays images based on quest progression, hovering of a resource or current location. Starting on combat.
19:16 Most of the basics of the combat system work, still adding more combat features at this point.
20:32 Enemies are now able to be bribed with money to stop fighting! Oh, and buttons are now displayed as pressed when their functions are unavailable. Feels better.
22:38 Most of combat is in placing. Making a couple more sprites and I'll go to sleep after. Friend was absent today as well.
1 Mar:
10:20 I won't have much time at all tomorrow, so this should be the last day. Starting the day off with playtesting, balancing the game and bugfixing.
13:35 After fixing some bugs I'm finally making a title screen
14:08 First friend isnt able to help anymore. Called upon another friend. Friend 2 is now playtesting.
18:24 We've been playtesting and balancing for hours. Send help.
21:16 Balancing seems to work out atm. need to do quite a bit of pixelart now. Gonna be a long evening.
2 Mar:
3:13 Calling it. Posting the game here ASAP
3:42 Done. Good night.
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DOWNLOAD LINK: Still to come!

From Devlog 2:
Devlog #2.gif

Idea generation happening quickly! Have an idea for a platformer on a budget where every action has a cost!

Been working last night and this morning on getting the base systems down. As the player moves, jumps and shoots their 'budget' goes down and they have to see how far they can get before they run out. Added so far: some basic graphics, jumping, shooting, breakable block, key blocks and key pickups. Next up: Power Ups and level design!
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Cost Puzzle
by Bart

< Download Cost Puzzle >

Everything has a cost. You'll have to pay to be able to complete the game.
The cost of the player is the coin that you need to insert. It gives you a credit to play the game or rather, control the player.
The other game instances, npcs, enemies, etc. Well... They want their money.

The game contains levels. To complete a level, you'll need to go through 3 phases:
  1. Gather coins and pay all npcs to make them play the game. They're basically actors.
    Some npcs have to be paid twice, the gun npc that sells you a gun (you didn't think it was for free, did you?!) and the title npc that can change the window title to "Level <insert_level_here>".
  2. Play the level. Destroy all the enemies without getting destroyed yourself. Otherwise the game ends and you'll need a new credit.
  3. End the level, aka the relief phase. In this phase you have to find the npc that can change the window title to "Level Complete!".
This idea could be taken further by

If all goes well I'll also continue development on Skoip. The credits can then come from there (your friend is pretty willing to send you some money via online banking, but you obviously don't have Skoip credits).


13:15 - All right! Here we are again for another GMC Jam.
So the theme turned out to be as expected: "Everything has a cost"

The easiest way to include the theme would obviously be the following:
^ This just won't cut it...

Although I do have two more serious ideas at the moment:
  • Construct your own game, knowing that everything has a cost, including increasing the window size and hiring "actors" to play in your game. A idea that adheres to the theme but which lacks depth at the moment.​
  • Combine the idea of time = money with the idea of time dilation in general relativity. When time = money spacetime could become spacemoney. Could become something interesting but I'd have to do some research on the subject first.​
Time to let the unconscious brain do some work (hopefully...).

16:00 - Hmm... The brain isn't working too well today. I did some - ahem - research on the second idea but can't come up with a useful mechanic for a game. What would a cost mean in such a context?
I'm probably going to continue with the first idea.

22:45 - I've been working on a basic Skoip fer GM:Studio™ thing:

It uses Draw GUI events and resizes quite nicely which is precisely what I'm aiming for.
The current idea is that there'll be two executables. One is the Skoip one and the other one is a barebones game that you need to construct yourself, in-game.
Only thing is that literally everything has a cost. Starting the game costs you money and for that you'll need to contact your friend over Skoip.
And with this I end this first jam day. It hasn't been a really productive one. And I'm also still thinking of the right mechanic.
A good night's sleep will hopefully provide some more insights.

Wrapping up for today.


07:15 - A good morning. Off to an early start today.
I'm leaving the Skoip project as it is for now and I started work on the second project. Work on a coin slot, to be precise:

That's right! You'll have to pay to play this game.

11:00 - Time for a little update. I continued work on Skoip and so far it's turning out pretty okay:


Next up will be to add the profile images and some dialogues.

13:15 - Phew! I managed to finish the profile pics for the contacts.
I'm obviously not a graphics artist but I do want things to look as good as can be.
Learned a couple of new things in Inkscape along the way, such as working with gradients. And I got more accustomed to combining paths and all.
Here's the result:


I need a break now.
Up next later today: the first dialogues.

16:30 - All right. I've been working a bit on the dialogues, but the system's a bit buggy at the moment.
I really threw the code together too quickly.
Meanwhile, in the category useless overkill features I added the possibility to change the user pic.
Then again, I really wanted to test this thing out.
There's little code involved:
var size = 80;

var spr = sprite_add(argument0, 1, false, true, 0, 0);

var sf = surface_create(size, size);


    draw_clear_alpha(c_white, 0);

    var cw = gpu_get_colorwriteenable();

    gpu_set_colorwriteenable(false, false, false, true);

    draw_circle(size/2, size/2, size/2, false);

    gpu_set_colorwriteenable(true, true, true, false);

    draw_sprite_stretched(spr, 0, 0, 0, size, size);

    gpu_set_colorwriteenable(cw[0], cw[1], cw[2], cw[3]);


user_pic = sprite_create_from_surface(sf, 0, 0, size, size, false, true, 0, 0);

// All done!
^ Since when does the forum have gml color coding?! Great!

High time for another break now.

21:00 - The last half hour or so I've been trying to think of good ideas for the other game. I may have come up with something that can work as a mechanic.
Everything needs to have a cost but, thing is, what will be the source of the money?
I'll keep that very simple, no need for rocket science: just spread some coins across the map.
The most important thing, though: you'll have to pay the enemies so they attack (shoot) you.
Same goes for NPCs: they'll talk to you, but won't tell you anything useful or "normal".
Come to think of it, this may really work as a mechanic!
"Complete the game" suddenly gets an entirely different meaning.
I'll have to look further into this idea. This may work.

It may also mean that I ditch the Skoip project altogether. It's not really a game after all, is it?

22:00 - I worked out some ideas on paper and I think the idea can work.
Wrapping up for today but will continue tomorrow!


13:45 - Good, uhm, noon!
A late start today. I tried to do a bit too much yesterday so decided to take the morning off :D

It has required a bit of time to let that idea mature:

15:30 - I started out with a very basic room setup:

The window caption is obviously missing since you'll have to pay for it first.

19:00 - Threw in a repeating background image and some animations to make everything look a bit more lively.
I'll keep the graphics like this since I'm not great at it anyways.
I also added collisions. Wanted to go for "normal" GameMaker collisions using move_contact_solid and all but I couldn't resist being utterly lazy and go the Box2D route again.
Less than 5 minutes of work to get flawless collisions.
Here's what needs to be done:
  • Tick Enable Physics in the Room Properties under Room Physics, also set Gravity Y to 0
  • Tick Uses Physics in all objects that will take part in the simulation
  • Set Friction and Restitution to 0, also set Density to 0 for NPC instances
  • Set phy_fixed_rotation = true in Create Event
  • Adjust collision shapes where necessary
  • Apply forces and impulses instead of setting x and y directly, it's a physics engine after all
  • Set linear damping to an appropriate value so it doesn't look like you're using the built-in physics

Time to continue work on the actual gameplay now.


07:30 - Good morning again.
Honestly, I didn't get a lot finished anymore yesterday.
Continued working on Skoip. Almost finished the "profile.dat" which contains the contacts and conversation history.
I added a couple of coins to a level in Coined and came to the conclusion that the collection phase is dull and boring.
How to fix that, knowing that enemies only start attacking you in the second phase?

13:30 - Got a few things done. The game is starting to work. Although I still have to implement the logic to switch from phase to phase.
I added some sound effects and a quick background loop made in LMMS, this time using presets from 3xOsc.

20:00 - It's really not advancing as it should. I think I'll end for today.
Might become another unfinished entry, unfortunately. The brain isn't working as it should.


10:00 - Good morning.
I decided to start something very small from scratch. Something that is at least playable.
A little puzzle game.
Not going to add too much to this devlog anymore. The thing needs to be "finished" in 3 hours.

11:15 - All right. So I think this is going to work out, more or less.
It's nothing nothing special but it's better than the other things I've been working on:

I'm going to try to throw in a newly created background music, a readme and a few more puzzles. They'll be quite simple, though.

12:45 - All right. I'm sending in this entry right now.
Added a moving background and a short background loop that I made some time ago.
Five levels in total. The game doesn't last 5 minutes, but hey...
I'm pretty happy with how it turned out knowing that I only started working on this 3 hours ago on this.
Hardest thing of all: I have the idea that it has some potential.

Here's how the final thing looks:

And with that, I send in this entry.
Learned quite a bit during this jam.

Time to play games and vote now!
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My Eyes

All ready to go! There is no real ending because I didn't have time. :/



Basic plot (without giving too much away)
You pay the price of a careless wish and now struggle to get back to where it all began with the hopes of undoing this mistake. Moving hurts you, but staying in one place can kill you. Can you navigate your way to safety when everything you do comes at a cost?

2/27/20 8:17 AM (MST)
Managed to get two main elements working. Got a physics player and a laser working. Now I have to get to my day job. I'll hop back to it on my lunch break. :)

2/27/20 11:00 AM (MST)
Had a short break and added some particles and effects to my lasers! Going to work on the visual direction a bit later today.

2/27/20 1:00 PM (MST)
Ah! Adding some artwork to the game. Hoping to have a nice screen shot of the full character and main gameplay mechanics by the end of day.

2/27/20 2:00 PM (MST)
Got some work done on the artwork for the main character. Hoping I can get him into the game this evening and then add the lip syncing for the very limited dialogue at the beginning. Not my best artwork, but it's a big departure into a style I've never done. Hopefully it plays well on screen.

2/27/20 3:30 PM (MST)
Main Character biz:

2/27/20 8:25 PM (MST)
Put together a big level. It's a rough map, but it needs to be refined a bit. Programmed the camera system and started working on the game states. No real UI on this one because I want to put a lot of my time into the animation and sound. Should be pretty minimal in the end. Still have no clue what to do about the environmental art, but that is Saturday's problem. :)

2/28/20 5:12 PM (MST)
Who knew spine meshes could be so complicated. ;)

I guess a game jam wasn't the best time to learn them. Traditional lip syncing it is!

2/29/20 9:00 AM (MST)
Mouth states are done, I hope. Got the level fleshed out a bit better and I'm not adding hazards. Got the laser effects right where I want them. After audio I'm not sure I'll have much time for art so expect it to look pretty bare bones. It is a game jam after all I guess.


2/29/20 2:05 PM (MST)
I wish I had time to add more detail and color. I'm still happy with the look though. Make a wish!

Also, had to delete an old photo. Is there a way around the 5 image cap? I guess imgur huh?

2/29/20 8:35 PM (MST)
Simplified the level visuals even more because I don't have enough time to get them all looking cohesive. Added audio, but still need to do the lip syncing. After that I just need to set up the game complete logic and the "oh, you dead" logic. It's so close!
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Deleted member 45063


In this game you have to interact with several generated characters. Your interactions will dictate how much these characters like you. The goal is to be liked by as many characters as possible. Unfortunately there is only one interaction and very few personality tags and terms included in the game. Good thing is that you can alter the JSON files to add as many as you want! Just make sure the format is correct as that currently isn't validated. Unfortunately I couldn't add settings to change the number of characters / interactions generated so only 2 characters and 4 interactions are generated on each run. Have fun modifying the game!

~~ Links ~~

GitHub Repository

~~ Controls ~~

Check out the input_* scripts in the repository to see all inputs sources supported!

~~ Devlog ~~

The forum unfortunately does not allow more than 5 pieces of media in a post, so find the complete devlog in the YouTube Playlist.

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by ceaselessly

Protect the pineapple! But everything has a cost.


Video devlog #2 is up on YouTube! Likely the last video update until after the jam ends. Gameplay is in good shape! Working on audio and improving the art now. :)

Video devlog #1 is on YouTube:

8:08 AM EST - The pineapple has entered the chat. f34d946c-5b28-4587-a2e8-68bdf28b1d85.png
7:51 AM EST - A pot of coffee is brewing, and I have a few hours before work. Let's see what happens.

I'll be doing my best to post a video devlog here each day. You can follow my YouTube channel here, and this project's Trello board here.


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I will do my first jam ever, hope you guys enjoy my game.
As soon as I can, it will be ready to go!

I have an idea. My game will about making monsters!

Its a puzzle game/menu game about selecting monster eggs, and each monster feature make other feature false.
If you mix flying eggs your monster wont be able to run, if it spits fire its weakness become fire.
Everything has a cost, right?

I will get some free art around the internet now and after work I'll create the objects.

I just made a small board to manage what I want and can do.
Right now I'm working (should be, :p) and I will do most of it during saturday.

I started making it.
I got the menu ready, and the background.
I choose many sprites to make my game, and I'm trying to make kind of a state machine for the battle puzzle.

Started to make the enemy that will control the game flow.

I decided to make a battle game.
Choose your attack, choose your defense.
Dont run out of energy and survive.
Every choice has its cost and matters.

I'm struggling to finish the prototype but I think it's completely possible to finish it.
I have already coded most of the basics and now I'm trying to make a battle system as simple as I can.
After I finish it, I will add more features.

I gave up.
I wont be ready in time.
Thanks for the messages.
I learned a lot, and next time I will be able to do a better project and time management.
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Hero Mart Panic is now...

Plungy Mart Panic!

The dreaded "Plungy One" has attacked and replaced all of the grocery stores in the universe with his own brand of PLUNGY MART!
Plungy Mart is a nightmare to navigate because of its ever-changing layout, thanks to its ceiling plungers.
In order for the heroes to defeat the Plungy One, they need items from Plungy Mart, and FAST!!


Download on
I know it's a little buggy and lacking some polish, but it's fun and I need to be done working on it :)



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Danmakuconomy: A danmaku about economy, where you fight through hoards of bullets and foes, all while trying not to go bankrupt. Bullet hells are expensive business! (I composed my own music this time. I'm quite proud of it.)

Here it do be.

Dropbox is so unintuitive. Lol. Click the "Open" button in the top right, and there will be a download button in the drop-down menu.
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🐧 *penguin noises*
GMC Elder

Project ideas:
  1. UX nightmare where you control a giant battle mech in first-person and need to manage dozens of weapons and utility machines that all draw from the same supplies of fuel, electric power, and ammunition - if you run out of fuel it's game over, and you gotta save up money to buy more fuel
  2. Abstract horror game where a guy that lives only to work and sleep has visions of his dead wife, who died because they couldn't afford medical treatment, which is the reason he's now overworking himself to death
  3. Cool menu + intro cutscene with lots of polish that leads to a rickroll midi
... I have an idea. It's fairly simple, but fits the theme, and will give me a chance to work on my abilities as a storyteller.

I might whip something up for this (if Murphy's Law isn't in full force this weekend.)

In the meantime: Here are two clips from Rick and Morty which go along with this theme and may inspire you.

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Download here



(All times are in Eastern Standard Time; Day 1 is Thursday, February 27, 2020)

Day 1
8:35pm - Two hours in, and I have a hexagonal grid to show for it. Needless to say, it's all infrastructure work right now. Working out how to refer to positions on this grid and how to move about it.

8:56pm - Smoothed out the edges of the bottom of the grid. I won't post another screenshot yet, but it looks a bit better now.

9:37pm - Implemented a rudimentary file format to store those hexagonal grids, since there's no possible way I'll be able to get GM's room editor to agree with the hexagonal system. And with that, I consider this a very good start for Night 1, and I think I'll go play some Fire Emblem for a few minutes and then fall asleep. Good night, fellow Jammers.

Day 2
3:52pm - Oh yeah, this devlog is a thing. I've been busy. I made a player sprite. And now I'm messing with the UI. You'll be able to drag the screen around with the mouse. I doubt many (any?) of the puzzles will be too large to fit on one screen, but it'll still be nice to be able to center things and look at them.

4:07pm - Rough sketch of what I want the UI to look like.

5:41pm - You know what they say about money. It makes the world go 'round. Now it's in the game. So I guess I'll explain the premise, then drop off a screenshot. You play as a robot who'll have to activate some tiles (basically, visit some selected tiles). However, you start off with no abilities. No movement. Nothing. If you want to move, you pay for it. So you can buy the action of moving up one square. Then you can move up one square anytime you want for the rest of the puzzle. But if you want to move down-left, you have to pay for that too. Of course, there'll be more complexity. Other movement types (hopping, sliding), other terrain types (ice, countdown spaces, walls), etc. will make it into the game. See the below screenshot for what I've got right now. I'm going to stop and make dinner now.

8:58pm - "GameMaker Studio has become unstable. Please save your work and exit." Wut? That's a new one.

10:04pm - I'm going for a hard sell on this hexagon theme. The movement buttons are hexagonal too.

10:51pm - Basic player movement (at least, the standard one-cell variety) implemented. Also, animated. The player smoothly moves from cell to cell. He can also collect the money if he moves onto it. Doesn't react to moving over gaps yet. That'll be next. But that'll also be tomorrow. I'm exhausted. Good night.

11:17pm - I lied. I did more work. Now that undo button works. You can undo indefinitely far (until your OS stops giving you more memory, I suppose), so spamming the undo button is effectively a level reset, while hitting it just once or twice is a good way to undo a bad move. Now I'm going to bed.

Day 3
10:18am - Had a brief scare when my computer decided it didn't have USB ports today. But it was nothing a good restart didn't fix. So I'll be having a quick breakfast (read: large pile of bacon) and then getting back into it.

11:47am - Player collisions with holes work now. When you die (e.g., fall into a hole), you have to hit "undo" to go back. There's no auto reset. Also, walls. They're pretty basic. You can't move onto them.

12:42pm - One whiteboard full of polynomial interpolations later, and we're hopping. As in, hopping is now a valid way to move. It does exactly what you'd expect. You jump over one cell in that direction and land on the next one. You can't hop if the cell you would land on is impassible (i.e. a wall).

1:23pm - Sliding works now too. Sliding is also basically what it sounds like. You start moving in a direction but you can't stop until you hit a wall. Obviously, sliding into a hole is not recommended. And with that, we have the three basic types of movement done. I had an idea for a fourth, but it's a bit wonky, so I may or may not bother to implement it.

2:21pm - Visual indicator of where you'll go if you hit a button. So when the mouse is on, for example, the down-left slide button, it'll look like this.

3:14pm - Countdown spaces. As usual, they do exactly what you expect. Every time you leave one (either by moving off it or sliding over it), it counts down. When it hits zero, it collapses and becomes a hole.

3:39pm - No puzzle game is complete without obnoxious ice physics! :D Ice cells, as in most games, will make you slip and fall. If you move onto them and you're not already sliding... well, you are now. At least until you stop being on ice. Of course, ice won't affect you at all if you're already sliding.

5:02pm - Zap cells. They're quite dangerous. If you go near them for any reason, you die. This includes walking onto them, sliding over them, or even hopping over them. This is the only cell type in the game that can't be hopped over. You have to go around it. The "on/off" switch will toggle zap cells, turning all of the disabled ones on and all of the enabled ones off. A disabled zap cell has no effect on the player. "On/off" cells toggle whenever you move onto them or slide over them.

5:07pm - Another animation, just for fun.

5:25pm - Okay, so upon playing with it, I realize how counterintuitive the zap-hop reaction is. So you can now hop over zap cells. You still can't land on them or slide over them, but hopping over is fine.

5:37pm - The final cell type I'll be designing for now is the console cell. These are the objective. They all start off red. When you stop on one (which means landing on it; sliding over it isn't good enough), it turns green. Turn all the consoles green to advance to the next stage.

7:24pm - I just realized I've used almost every data structure available to me here. The only ones I haven't used are ds_queue / ds_priority_queue. Usually, I'm more of an array-heavy person (blame it on my Lisp background), so I'm not sure what's so different this time.

7:41pm - Nearly 60 hours into the Jam, and I've finally written the central mechanic of the game: paying for stuff. Take a look at the screenshot below. Some action buttons are disabled (those are hidden from view), so you won't be able to perform all movements on every given stage. Of the ones that are enabled, the gray ones are free. If a movement button is green, you have to pay the amount indicated to unlock it, after which it's free to use for the rest of the stage. Red buttons are just green ones that you can't afford right now.

9:38pm - Mostly setting up main menu type stuff now. Got a title as well: H.E.X.A.G.O.N. It's an acronym. It doesn't stand for anything. Or, well, it might. I dunno.

Day 4

12:39am - I'm done for tonight. Got nine missions done, and as far as I'm concerned, that's good enough to release a demo. See below or the link at the top of the post for the demo. It won't really acknowledge if you've beaten the game right now. It just takes you back to the main screen after Mission 9. I also will probably lock the levels later, so you have to beat them sequentially. But right now it just lets you access all of them. Still, it explains the mechanics, so good luck!

2:20pm - All of the missions are done. There are 24 total (the game says 25, but Mission 25 is just the epilogue cutscene). Most of them are probably pretty easy, especially compared to some of the puzzle games I've designed in the past. The last one... it took me awhile to figure out. Mission 24 is a doozy. I may end up posting the solution to it at some point. Anyway, I've got some errands to run IRL, but then I'll come back, polish it up a bit (save-load system, sound effects, etc.), and release it.

7:01pm - And it's done. Check above for the download link. Added music, sound effects, a more fun title screen, and a few other minor touchups. I'm pretty tired so I probably won't make a joke entry like I often do. It's been fun, guys.
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Well, I'm poofed!

Delivery Man:


Things are progressing nicely!
Will I be done in twenty seconds ? no..
20 minutes ? no..
How about 2 hours ? hmm
4 hours ? Maybe.
8 hours ? Definitely.
8PM: Well, I feel like I'm nearly done with the stats, then it's just the end game scene, and some minor bugs I guess. Then I'll work on art till I'm really tired and submit it in the morning!

Can I code for another eight hours ? that's another no lol.
So bottom line, I need to cut corners to meet the deadline because I can't code tomorrow since I'll be at work grr.
8AM: Began day 2 of development!
7:45AM: Had a cigarette.
7:41AM: Had a candy instead of a cigarette, feels like progress.
7:30AM: Finally awoke from my slumber
10PM: well, giving myself until 10AM tomorrow to finish else I'll submit it half assed.
6:06PM:Gonna warm up my supper.
6:05PM:Invented the new word I said I invented at 6PM
6PM:Busy with my participatorial(new word just invented it) entry!
5PM:Takes Vitamins
3PM:Brain Storms
2PM:Reservation for possible participation.
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Reserved for a game when I get back home and I'm not sleeping over night at work. I've been thinking about different games I've wanted to make lately. Thought of a few interesting ones. Dunno if they'll fit here. But I do love the theme. Very broad but gives direction.


unlucky me I got my mind set on an idea; worst of all I even got a title :eek:

Forget Their Names
by sylvain_l

as usual chances are high I won't make it in time... but who knows^^

The M

May 31


Day 1
I was wondering if knowing the theme in advance would give me an advantage but since everyone knew the theme in advance I guess it doesn't matter. I didn't think much about it anyway. With that said, I do have an idea and it's suitably ambitious. The problem is: though I knew the theme, I didn't know how busy I'd be this weekend and I basically just learnt I've only got the evenings to work on the game. It's fine, I just hope I get to finish it.

The idea is a war game where you defend against a massive, invading force. Funnily, I seem to create a lot of decision based war games in these jams (I'd put both Super powers and Bow before the Queen in that category). This one will be a little more hands-on as it includes tower defense elements. We'll see how it goes.

So far I've got a basic pathfinding algorithm set up. It's node based so it requires a bit of manual work as I must link the nodes together but it gives a bit more control than say a grid based A*. I've got overlapping maps too so it's hard to work with walls.
Day 2
I created an enemy soldier so I can test the pathfinder. To my astonished surprise, it worked on the first try! I got a dozen other bugs afterwards to compensate so world order is restored again. :D
I've created a shop interface and it looks neat but there's so much functionality missing and no gameplay yet. I fear I might not have a working game by the end of this but we'll see what happens tomorrow. I should be able to get some two or three hours' work done in the morning.

Day 3
Unfortunately, it looks like I won't finish this project: I just haven't had the time. I estimate this game would take some 40ish hours to complete and I've barely had a quarter of that, at most, as other obligations have taken priority. The big problem is that the game doesn't really scale so it's hard to scope down because the core mechanics are what takes up most of the time. Maybe I can convert it into some kind of demo and finish the real game later. I still like the idea too much to just throw it away.

Day 4
I decided to remove everything that wasn't in the game already and just make a playable demo of what I've got. I still don't have much time so this will be crude. Very crude.

I made 2 more levels and left the other 3 empty. The game probably won't crash when you get to them but I don't have time to test that hypothesis. Balancing is out the window and the game scales horribly. One issue I found was that you either clear a level or lose the town, rather than the intended effect of losing one street at a time. It's possible I could solve it by beefing up barricades but I'll leave it as it is for now so that I don't break things further.

The game doesn't have an ending but it does end if you either survive for 30 days (very unlikely) or the capital falls. I still want to finish the game because the concept is too nice to just give up on but I won't consider this a successful submission.

Oh, and I fixed the clock so that an hour is 60 minutes instead of 100 as in the gif above!
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After some intense grinding I have something I think i can pull off by the end of the jam.

CONCEPT: Things you do effect the ending boss battle. :)

Spent most of yesterday and all of today making my little rpg town. Got some quests done. Got the coin system done. Got the dialogue engine done. Got a stamina system set up. Decided to use graphics and audio from another project to help mitigate some time. Need to add some NCPs, some environmental stuff and the final boss! Feeling very optimistic about this jam! :D will update tomorrow. :p

12 hour to go:
After a day and a half to some intense grinding and motivation I am getting close!! I decided to just stick to some REALLY basic mechanics of an RPG mainly movement as the main tool you use to complete the game. Ive got some NCPs. Tweaked the quests a little. Got the boss battle mostly done Just need to add a couple more attacks. Got some environmental stuff like leaves falling and some rain effects. Got pretty much all of the sounds and music added in. Just gotta tweak this boss battle up but its coming along well! I have actually been pretty surprised at myself with how quickly i've been able to get everything working without any major hiccups. Excited! I feel like it doesn't fit the theme as well as it could and I wish I could add some actual combat in but oh well. :/ Heres some screenies of some of the little town. :)

Screenie 1.png
Screenie 2.png
Screenie 3.png
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Worth of a Soul
by Shadow_Lancer and Cowsox

[ Download ]

Entry 1#
Not sure how far we'll get yet, but ummm some progress without context...

Entry #2
The great spoopy weirdness can grant pretty much anything you can think of... It is willing to make a deal, whatever that may be!
Added the main game loop for trading items along with each item having a worth, which can change on a person by person basis....

Entry #3
We've come up with quite a number of ideas, just need to work out on how to represent them. Also added some background stuffs and interactions for objects...

Entry #4
Didn't get the spend much more time on the game, so it is very short. =/
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Phase Shifter
Curato / JacktheBlindRabbit


This is a runner you run forward always. You can jump, shoot, or shift from light to dark
all of those things cost you either light or dark energy. If you run out of one or the other
it will stop you in your tracks. If you hit obstacles it will cost you enery. If you get shot
it cost energyIf you hit the wrong phase at the wrong time it is all over.
You will fall right through.

Enter - to shoot
Shift - to change phases
Space - to jump

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Gay Wizard Freak
By Lukan
Download the unfinished garbage here

A city building sim akin to SimCity, but with way worse graphics.

BTW, you can press G to toggle the Grid!

I started formulating ideas when everyone knew the theme, so I've been percolating for a while.
No code was written until last night and I've been working away at it for a while.
7:35 PM PST, February 29th
I have menus working and am working on population type stuff. Should have something playable soonish!
1:14 AM PST, March 1st
Roads have finally been debugged. You have to place them tile by tile right now, want to make them click and drag to build later on, but might not get to it.
1:58 PM PST, March 1st
The game now actually has mechanics of a sort. It's basically just a very simple city builder.
I've only had very limited time to make this work even this much.
I've added water and power plants and reworked a few scripts to be less wonky.
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The dream team is back together! @Cat, @var, and @let present:

Summer King (link coming soon lonk)

Day 0:
time:travel - I still firmly refuse to call this day 1 of the jam

Day 1:

Day 2:
16:27 - how do these new forums work lmao
16:31 - so apparently formatting hates me and thats okay i guess because i hate me too
16:35 - i need to post a lot to make up for lost time so here's a recap:
  • @var made some amazing art. I'm telling u, he's just too talented
  • I have the rending kinda sorta done? So far I guess
  • @let has done stuff but I haven't really seen much of it. I'll bug him tomorrow
  • Oh yeah I "acquired" some music that I think fits the game pretty nicely
16:57 - Milk acquired! Time to get to work!

Day 3:
2:06 - Work has been gotten to. Sort of. We have a good number more things to do, but overall it should work out well!
2:10 - Oh yeah I saw what @let has been working on and it's good!
4:46 - Progress time! I'm about to make some progress on stuff, @var is working on stuff, @let is doing an absolutely amazingly incredible job on the UI... life is good friends : )
9:54 - The game is looking nearly done! It's obviously not going to be huge / complex / anything like that, but I like what we have!
11:05 - This should be the final stretch! I need to finish the music, implement the music, implement @let's fantastic UI, and then I'm done! All that's left at that point is for @var to make the levels, and then the project is complete!
12:21 - so you know how you spend the first few days really carefully planning out your project and making sure everything is all neat and easy to work with, then on the last day you just give up and everything turns to spaghetti? well let our project be a cautionary tale as to why you should't start on the last day
15:33 - There really isn't that much more I have to do, so that's nice. We might not have as many levels as we'd hoped, but c'est la vie
18:40 - so like i've kind of given up at this point. there's a lot more to the game but i don't have the time or energy to implement it all. var and let did such an excellent job on making the visuals, it feels bad that i didn't really do them justice
20:55 - so as i said, i'm about done, @var is going to handle the rest. time to get two hours of sleep and submit it
24:04 - we did it. thanks @var and @let, it's been realeo
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- M c M u r d o -
A micro-horror in Antarctic winds.


In this icy blizzard, every movement will lower your core body temperature.
Don't freeze.




Updates to come...
We're a three person team based in Melbourne, Australia. We've always wanted to give a horror game a go, and since this is one of the longer game jams, we figured now was the time!
We have a talented 2D artist, Zak, who's responsible for the unique style. @ZakOfSomeTrades
A great writer/concept artist, Alana, writing all the lore and diary entries.
And I write all the code (Sam.) I've probably been using GML for around nine years. @samujcodes

Follow the team on Twitter! @SheepDragonStud

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by Cantaloupe

I'd been looking into genetic recombination as a way of twisting images in odd and interesting ways, just to change up my workflow. I coded up a simple recombinator and played around with it a bit, noticing that images tended to become corrupted (probably due to rounding issues) and that this corruption would propagate such that the two images at the end of the process would look completely unlike either of those at the start. This led me to the idea of atrophy, which then inspired the interpretation of the theme which I followed.


The concept is that the world and terrain gradually degenerate as the player moves. I decided to structure the game as three distinct parts, each behaving slightly differently. By the end of the day, I'd completed the first part, save for sound design (though I had some rough idea of what I wanted).

The only real problem I came across was that the terrain degenerates in the same way as can be seen in the gif (not smoothly), and the player avatar is just cast down onto it each step. Since the player doesn’t actually see the terrain, all that mattered was that the player avatar wasn’t too jumpy and any method which accomplished that would be good enough. I ended up taking samples of the terrain height at evenly spaced points and took straight lines between those to calculate where the player should be drawn.

I started work on art and behaviour for the second part but didn't have time for much else as I was at a concert.

I continued work on the second part of the game. The way the world degenerates is even more of an issue here because the player has proper 2d control, so it’s totally possible that they could walk into a region which turns unwalkable. I thought of a few ways to correct this, but all of them could result in game-breaking behaviour.

Part 2 out of bounds

It's seeming unlikely that I'll finish the game (and frankly I haven't been feeling so motivated to), but some parts of the process so far have been quite rewarding :)
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by Käsityökerho

Download from Google Drive.


DEBTMAN is an arcade twin stick shooter with minimalist graphics.

In the world of Debtman, everything is controlled by corporations and nothing is free for your average citizen.
Take the role of a citizen, who is fed up with greedy corporations, and start a desperate fight against the system, no matter the cost!


Movement - WASD / Controller Left Stick.
Aiming/Firing - Arrow Keys / Mouse/ Controller Right Stick.
Skip Dialog - Space / A Button

The game was made in one night by a team of 3.


Have fun!
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By 2Dspessman

short description (since I don't want to ruin the story with a screenshot)
-Sent on an important quest to retrieve a banana, your father trusts with this task, do not fail him

-I only had the last 10 hours to work on the, game I am still proud I was able to accomplish this much, with the multiple endings, and multiple speed running categories
-Yes this game does adhere to the theme, despite initial impressions



Mansion Mayhem

Brought to you by:

Team_70s is:
@Alice - Programming
@HayManMarc - Art
@Micah_DS - Sounds/Music

Lawrence and Yvette want that mansion on the hill. They really, really want it and will do anything to get it, no matter what the cost! Help them fight to gain status and fill their bank account. When they've gathered enough wealth, that mansion will be theirs!

>>> DOWNLOAD <<<
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