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Thursday November 28th, 2019 12:00 UTC


Monday December 2nd, 2019 12:00 UTC

  • Any GMC member can take part in the GMC Jam. You must use GameMaker to create your game.
  • Games must be made between 12:00 UTC on November 28th and 12:00 UTC on December 2nd, and posted here in the games topic.
  • You may use resources such as graphics, sounds and scripts that were made prior to the jam, as long as the bulk of your work takes place during Jam weekend.
  • You may create one post per entry in the games topic. You may create this post before your game is finished and continue editing that post to update your progress, in fact you are encouraged to write a devlog!
  • All entries must have a download link in the Games Topic before it closes at 12:00 UTC on December 2nd.
  • All entries must work on Windows as a standalone executable / compressed zip folder. No installers please. Your entry can also work in HTML5 and on other platforms, but only the Windows build will be judged.
  • All entries are encouraged to follow the Jam theme. It isn't mandatory to do so, but you'll often get more favourable reviews from your peers!
  • You may participate alone or in a team of up to 3 members. See the "teams" section below if you're looking for teammates. Only one team member creates a post for the game in the topic - do not create multiple posts for the same game.

Recommended post format:

Game Title
Developer Name / Team Name
DOWNLOAD LINK (when finished)

- maybe a screenshot here -

- your devlog here -
You can keep editing your post to write a devlog about your game.
You can also post in the discussion topic as you develop your game.
Do not post more than one post per game in the games topic.

As at the start of the jam the following people were looking for teams but be aware, they may already have teammates at this point:

  • @BlackForestStudios - Hello, my name is David and I am a sound designer/composer looking for a team to work with either in the current game jam or any other collaboration that may be available. My portfolio can be found at
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Super Adrenaline Boy
by Lazertrax

Up Arrow :
Jump / Double Jump
Down Arrow : Slide / Duck
Z (HOLD) : CLOSE EYES [THIS HIDES ENEMIES AND RAISES ADRENALINE LEVEL] You can pass through enemies while holding the Z key
X : SCREAM [Shoot a high speed scream that scares away the first enemy hit]


EDIT: Added Devlog
Awesome theme! Brainstorming Intensifies

28/11/2019 9:00 pm
Still Brainstorming, made a mind-map and I have a bunch of ideas. Some are too generic.
Decided to give it a bit more thought.

29/11/2019 10:00 am
Still torn between a few ideas not able to decide which one to go for.

29/11/2019 6:00 pm
This is quickly getting out of hand. I need to decide on something and start asap.

29/11/2019 11:00 pm
Decided on an Idea, not sure if it's scoped correctly but it seems a bit overwhelming at the moment. Started writing down the basic concept and game-play.

30/11/2019 6:00 am
I've wasted enough time already, time to sprint through this :D

30/11/2019 9:00 am
Got a very rough working prototype, no main mechanic yet. I know what the main mechanic will be but I need to balance it enough and give the player incentive to do some actions.

01/12/2019 12:00 pm
I've got one type of enemy down, game is playable but it's only 7 levels. There are no lose conditions for too much adrenaline or too low adrenaline.

01/12/2019 6:00 pm
Added win/lose screen and implemented an adaptive system to prevent spamming buttons (I guess).

01/12/2019 11:00 pm
Spice things up the graphics a bit and add the main menu and some sounds.

02/12/2019 3:00 am

Added more levels and play-tested them, game still needs work but I have work in the morning and I can't stay up forever. So I need to wrap this up asap.

02/12/2019 5:00 am
Finally exported the game, wrote a read me file and uploaded it to itch. I feel the game is a bit too hard but I hope people take that as a challenge. I wish I got the idea a bit earlier so I have more time to work on it. I believe it still needs work but I'm pretty satisfied with what I've got going so far! That's a wrap :)
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Scary Ghost

You are an old man that need to walk through Haunted forest to go home. Be aware that the last part is really hard.

Arrow or WSAD
Space for shooting
ESC for pause menu


- Reaper : WarmGuy on
- Title font : Darrell Flood font
- Level music : The Cynic Project / /
- Enemies : Reemax on
- SFX : Little robot sound factory on

11/28/2019 7:00 EST
Awesome theme. I will think about it !

11/28/2019 11:30 EST
I just found my Idea. Writting all this in Word. This afternoon, I will continue to brainstorm while I'm working. lol.

11/28/2019 20:40 EST
I wrote my ideas in a document. Then I started to create the project. First step, the title screen ...

11/29/2019 18:38 EST
I change my game idea, it was too complex for a game jam.

11/30/2019 8:30 EST
Working on ennemies sprites

11/30/2019 14:00 EST
The game start to working. I have a lot of fun doing this.

12/01/2019 11:20 EST
There is 3 types of ennemies in my game that working well. My level design is done. For this afternoon, I have some polishing to do and the boss fight. If I have time, I will maybe add 1 or 2 power up.

12/01/2019 15:20 EST
All ennemies are in place in the level. I'm now working on the last boss.

12/01/2019 18:16 EST
All is done. My first ever game in game maker studio 2. YESSS.
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The forum's immigrant

Im a hunt ghosts! by Misu
A crazy top down game of chasing ghouls and fools!
Hey I finally finished the game sort of. Did the last thing around 2am over here and it still has very minor bugs in the game but its still playable at its best. Gonna submit it as it is. The game could use more things to spice up the fun but eh this is the best I could do. Enjoy it and make sure to read the Read Me file before you play it. Thanks everyone! :)
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Sk8dududu(Dallas) & Non gmc member(Riley)

upload image

Day 1: Spent the day brainstorming ideas via text with my partner while I was at work; no actual work completed.

Day 2: Find out my daughter got lice from daycare. Spend the whole day sanitizing absolutely everything and drop her off at her mom's to deal with it.
No work completed on my part.. Again. My partner sent me a bunch of art for the game though.

Day 3: Get home at like 5pm and work all evening on the game from scratch, almost all the art is complete and my partner is now creating music/sound effects. By the end of the night there is a playable (albeit rough looking) game.

Day 4: Barely have time to work on it, but added a few finishing touches that I could with the remaining time and fixed a few bugs. I'm satisfied with the outcome, even if it's a pretty short game.
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Get your butts ready for Spectre 2023!

It's a game about using your reflexes and trying different approaches to situations in order to kill the supernatural potato mob. It's pretty difficult, but I tried to keep it somewhat fair.

Full gameplay! If you don't want spoilers, don't watch it!

(Unfamiliar with Dropbox? Click the three dots on the sidebar and hit "download".
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Cat, var, and let present... a game (soon)

Day 1:
-Nothing to report chief

Day 2:
6:01 - I think we're finally starting work?
9:37 - @let has graced us with this fantastic title card:

Day 3:
7:01 - Everything is coming along relatively well so far! @let has done a fantastic job on the art, @var has set up a really nice system for the game to run on, and I've been drinking milk implementing content and generally doing stuff.

8:50 - Everything is not coming along relatively well so far. We've put the project on the backburner, and will resume work in a few months when our schedules will have cleared up a bit. Right now, I'm not 100% on what we're actually doing. let is off elsewhere, var is working on something for his job, and I'm messing around with an idea just so we can submit something. I guess we'll see what happens?

Day 4:
11:30 - new game is looking good so far!

yoooo y'all better get ready because it's OUR GAME comin in hot off the presses, get one now, get a dozen, don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe, and i'll see you all next time!

Legitimate :clap: download :clap: link
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The Mouse Curser
Created by Cloaked Games (Programming) and aSingleCapella (Art)
Special thanks to my discord for custom ASCII art

A mad scientist is seeking to prove the existence of the supernatural... He sets up an infernal experiment... and it works! Unwittingly, the scientist has summoned a dangerous creature from the realm of spirits, and now it wants out... This is a point-and-click adventure game, styled like an escape room.

I did not end up finishing though. That's the concept but all you got of this game is the greatest bulletin board you ever saw made in GML! There is a secret message somewhere in there though if you look closely enough.

Devlog contains spoilers.
[10:00] Did some brainstorming and came up with a cool concept. I still need to do more design to be able to implement the concept.
[11:00] Implemented a text-box system with the ability to queue messages and a typewriter effect.
[12:00] Discussed with my brother and came up with a proper plan. The idea is to have a mad scientist who accidentally summoned a mouse cursor from another dimension. In the game, you play as the mouse cursor and must find a way to escape the Mad Scientist's lab. My brother, aSingleCapella, is doing the art for this game. Also, I am hoping to do voice acting for this game.
[1:00] Finished up design for each of the puzzles. aSingleCappella started drafting the scene for the game, figuring out the placement for everything.
[1:30] Implemented an audio queue system, similar to the text, which allows me to queue prioritized voice-lines for the characters to say.
[3:00] Figured out how to lock the cursor to a particular region. I started working on scaling which is hell as always, even using code from my other game projects. At any rate, taking a break for Thanksgiving dinner.
[6:30] Finally figured out how to do scaling. Really, just sort of cheated and ended up doing most of it manually. (It is a jam after all). Made progress on the starting jar and finished the first computer screen. Added the second computer motion monitor. Added several sprites that had been finished.
[12:00] Sort of took a break but also spent WAY too long on the text wrapping thing to no avail. I need a cheap solution, but first I gotta go to bed and move on to actual gameplay.
Every other day. Heh, I didn't do anything really. Had a great weekend though!

Anyways, submitted what I got, it's very pathetic.
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🐧 *penguin noises*
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You thought you were playing a normal game of Tetris, turns out it was haunted. Boo. Ghosts, pumpkins, skeletons and eerie flames from beyond the grave all want to have a dance!

Not only do you need to contend with non-standard tetris pieces like skulls, crosses and bones, you need to deal with pieces multiplying, vanishing into thin air, or moving around! Even before you hit the first speedup, Ghostris will give you a run for your money!

Developer: Yal
Download link:
(it's like 40MB... geez, maybe I should've cut down on the photoshopped backgrounds .-.)

nov 28, 13:25 - Saw theme, considering ideas...
nov 28, 18:30 - all ideas suuuuuuucked, but I finally figured out what to do. TETRIS. WITH GHOSTS. Ghostris.
nov 28, 20:59 - my idea for how to implement a tetris engine works in theory, it's just buggy. Dev screenshot:
nov 28, 22:00 - game has working lines / score / game over system now, it might have potential after all! Time to implement that interesting mechanic I had in mind :D
nov 29, 00:19 - the haunted blocks now move around in various ways, and it turns out it was a lot more fun than I imagined! Added in sound effects and some other juice.
nov 29, 01:47 - game is essentially complete, switching over to composing some ghostly ragtime piano doots for it and then it might be complete and ready for submission~ My plan for the in-game music is to just smush together samples and try to go for a "take a walk through a demented tivoli" theme where you never get to hear an entire melody.
nov 29, 02:18 - Title screen music is complete, I spent way too long making it sound like an old radio recording. Hopefully it's scary, I'm getting too tired to tell x3
nov 29, 04:08 - music took forever, it's super late, but the game is sort of complete! Woo!
nov 30, 14:49 - I've got a cold from a mix of being outdoors with too little winter clothes and working on my jam game until 5AM the preceeding day, but I figured it was time to rebalance the game a bit. Made the difficult block shapes / types more rare, figured out a way to make the audio files smaller (they defaulted to be converted to WAV <__<) and added in that tetris feature where you saved a block for later. There's still some visual bugs occasionally but idk if I wanna try to figure out what the heck is happening there.
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Dooone :D

Bad idea list:
-All Hell Broke Loose
-When Lunch Eats You.
-Potatoes From Space
-If Buffalo Had Wings
-Maybe I should eat breakfast before thinking of jam ideas

(Ate breakfast)

-Killer Demon Santa Eats Nice Kids

Wait, that's still food related...

Alright, I think we got this:

(100% original, minus the things that are not)

Demon Santa flips you off, because he can.


-Added more arms for double the salt.
-Eviler face, horns

-Time constraints have lead to... budget cuts.

-Massive downsizing of expectations as I realize I only want to spend 3 hours making this
-Crappy jumping clone commencing

-Yup, it's one of these games. I can only hope, my superior music skillz can carry me

Extreme minimalist platformer code: I give permission to borrow it
if (keyboard_check(ord("A"))) {
    x -= 8
    image_xscale = -1

if (keyboard_check(ord("D"))) {
    x += 8
    image_xscale = 1

if (keyboard_check_pressed(ord("W"))) {
    if (jumps < 2) {
        jumpRate = -20;

if (jumps > 0) {
    y += jumpRate;
    jumpRate += 1;

if (!place_meeting(x,y + 1,cloud) && jumps = 0) {
    jumps = 1;
    jumpRate = -1

while (place_meeting(x,y,cloud)) {
    jumps = 0;
    y -= 1;

if (mouse_check_button_pressed(mb_left)) {
    las = instance_create_depth(x,y - sprite_height*.666,-10,oLaser);
    if (image_xscale = -1) {
        las.direction = 180;
        las.image_xscale = -1;
-Time so far spent: ~90 minutes
-Spent half an hour failing to learn how to add a note in FamiTracker. Ripped Cheetahmen theme song from action 52

Edit: ~3.5 hours. a bit over time.

Known bugs:
-random crashes
-demon santa sprite always running
-angels don't face the way they move
-no sound effects
-the game just goes outside the room infinitely and miraculously works(ish)
- objects never die upon giog outside of room, so theoretically you can crash it if you live long enough

Edit: 4 hours total: spent another half an hour fine tuning
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Title: Possessination


You play as a spirit named Polt hired/summoned by a cultist in deep trouble with the mob. Your target is the head of the mob who is currently working on a big shipment at a warehouse.

To get close to him you have to make your way through several rooms by possessing and neutralizing guards, Polt can ONLY move through other beings and remaining in a dying body means game over!


I am working on this game with two of my classmates who each have a copy of GM, although I will be acting as the team 'leader' by posting here.

We started thursday evening (3 hours after start) by brainstorming the idea and my artist-friend who is in the team drew up an image and logo to use as cover art before starting to work for the sake of inspiration.

Currently we are working hard on a main engine and discussing design ideas. We are hopeful for this game although we have limited knowledge of making AI-enemies.
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Deadly Dungeon
by KPJ

Death Dungeon is a simple, yet hard, fast paced and action packed bullet hell game where even there is no room for a single mistake. Travel to the depths of the dark dungeons of death to retrieve your brother's soul, and restore him to health, with the help of an old man living up in the mountains.
Pick one of three supernatural powers to use during your quest, and try to survive.

Controls: WASD to move, Space bar to shoot Fire/Destroy nearby obstacles, Click to teleport


I had a really awesome time making this game, and I really enjoyed the jam! Hope you enjoy my game! :p

Edit: There was a bit of an issue with uploading the files to, but it's all been sorted out now, and the download file is now uploaded. Sorry for the small delay :p
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I'm ready, the subject will take you along the path of the dark supernatural. For now I present the character. I will be reporting on this thread, but also the devlog on my Twitter account @GG_JuanPabon

I think I can't sleep today. So far I am making the sketches, although my character already has the animation to run. Yes, I know, I'm a little late, but we go with all the energy.

He never imagined that the time would come, but there is always an option to escape.

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Lemon Overlord
Forum Staff
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The Cabin

"It comes supernaturally"

by Bart

<< Download The Cabin >>

You are all alone in your shed in the forest having fun with your equipment. Or well, fun?
The environment is acting pretty weird. What is going on?

Most of it is in the devlog below


All right. The theme is Supernatural!
One thing I know for sure: I want this game to be mystery/horror.

19:15 - Getting some inspiration during the train ride here. Not sure if a mansion will be doable since it requires several different renders of walls with different things on them (paintings, chandeliers, ...). That's probably overscoping... Been there, done that. Not this time.

Early ideas
  • The Polaroid camera (use surfaces + a blend mode)
  • The Audio receiver (tune to the right frequency/frequencies)
  • A mansion with walls that contain clues not visible to the naked eye
  • A shed in the forest where you have your equipment

08:45 - Time for an early morning brainstorm! Today I don't have much time but we'll let the subconscious mind handle the creative thinking (hopefully). Will continue work on this tonight.

18:00 - A lot to do this week. But it's weekend now. I can start working on the game.
The idea is slowly taking shape.
You are an amateur radio operator in your cabin in the forest. Equipment acts weird. Seems like some measuring tools are picking up things that they aren't supposed to.
Next up is thinking about gameplay and required assets for this game.


12:00 - Good morning again! (well, morning...)
Been working on the game for a couple of hours now.
Here's the result so far:

The graphics are very basic since I'm focusing on actual gameplay. I'll redo them if I find the time, although I doubt it.
I threw in a couple of physics objects as well, such as the lamp and the grandfather clock.
The idea is that you take photographs with your camera and wait for them to develop. The ghosts/spirits are caught on the photograph but aren't visible in the real world (currently they still are). The photographs indicate the direction in which the ghosts approach and how close they are (scale).
Once they reach the cabin, they possess your equipment (and, after a while, not only that, hehe :p).
I still need to find out a way to destroy them, one that actually makes sense, an "EMP device" or something. I'm not an expert at the subject, so it's time for some research!
The hardest thing to achieve gameplay-wise will be timing and keeping the game interesting between two ghosts.

I also added a sound effect for the grandfather clock and an eerie/dark background loop.
All very quick and simple, using LMMS and ZynAddSubFX (such great presets this plugin has).

20:30 - Phew! It's time for a new entry to the devlog.
I got a lot of things done this afternoon.
Here's the most recent screenshot:

Quite a lot is going on. The clock's pendulum is moving, the tuner displays noise and its frequency can be adjusted using the knob. The ghosts turn off the light at times but that's not all they do :D

That being said, I'm still undecided on how to win and lose the game. My current idea is that being possessed by a ghost all of a sudden will trigger a game over.
The odds of this happening increase with the number of ghosts that are nearby.
To destroy a ghost you need to figure out its frequency using the radio tuner and transmit on that frequency using the transmitter (still need to add that one).
Taking pictures should be a goal as well, i.e. take a picture of as many ghosts as possible.
Escaping the cabin should become the main goal.


10:00 - Good morning again!
Time to get the actual gameplay right today. I need the tuner working and add a device that transmits a signal. You need to be able to adjust the frequency on that device.
No too sure yet if I'm actually going to use audio emitters and a listener for the tuner...
Anyway, to make sure the game has some additional features, I'll make sure you can save your ghost pictures to your computer (the real-world one). That requires reworking my current draw_polaroid_picture script, where I currently hard-coded the values (Yuck, yes, I know).
Rule of three galore it is!
Nothing better than pen and paper for a quick visualization of all that:

13:45 - Back on track! Quite literally, really, since the next couple of hours I'll be on the train while developing.
A nice environment that will hopefully spark some creativity.
Only one disadvantage: there's no plug nearby. Hopefully my laptop's battery won't die too soon.

15:45 - So far for my laptop's battery.
But I've been able to get quite a few things done.
Ghosts now try to possess you at random once they are floating around inside. This is nothing special, the only thing to do is to get the ghost's power to 0 before the timer runs out by pressing the Space bar.
If you succeed you end up back in the cabin. If not it's game over.
The transmitter has been added but its frequency cannot be adjusted yet.

I guess that's all for now. Will likely continue working on this later tonight.

16:00 - Unforeseen EDIT: since when does GameMaker support audio listener masks?! This is exactly what I was looking for for use with the tuner! Will continue the reasoning using pen and paper :D

21:45 - Phew. I can continue working on the game now. Probably won't do too much anymore today. I'll do the rest tomorrow.

22:45 - So I did still spend about 1 hour doing little things like adding a readme and a game over screen. But I really need to quit now. Time for sleep. Tomorrow's another (half) day.


09:00 - Good morning. The last couple of hours to work on my entry.
Just a few things left that I really want to get in: get the tuner and transmitter working correctly and throw in a quick title screen. Ah yes, and pick up and put back the camera. Phew.
Which basically means that I'm still left with coding (part of) the base mechanic on the last jam day. Sounds strangely familiar. Hmm...

12:15 - All right. I'm wrapping this up.
Just thinking. For those who think I'm already past the deadline, there's a 1 hour difference here :)
I added the possibility to save photographs and view them in a separate 'collection' room.
Also added another sighting that may appear at random.
Then added a simple introduction room, improved the game over room, ...
The base mechanic isn't working fully, though. You can destroy ghosts by adjusting the frequency on the transmitter but the tuner doesn't work properly.

Download link will be added in a moment...
And... Done.

Time for real life again!

12:30 - Added a small tagline, just for the sake of it.
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by Shadow_Lancer



Entry one -
Brainstormed some ideas. We like the idea of being a ghost type thing that can posses inanimate objects and sort of move them around to try and haunt a house?

Entry two -
Basic house template attempt...

Entry three -
House was way too small, made it larger and we are working on adding some details. Should probably look into some actual game stuff as well...

Entry four -
Oh wee... you can now jump inside some objects... even if you can't control them very well...

Entry five
Looks like it might just be more of a sandbox thingy, not had as much time as I'd like to have had.

Entry six
Running low on time, submitting what is done for now. May get some time later to add a few more things. =/
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Dodge Em' Dracula

By Firedingo​

(Heads Up This is Unfinished!)

So there's controls on the page. At this stage version 0.6.0 is the current one. Despite starting well I haven't finished well. There's a good chance I may not get the game finished before the deadline so making this post to ensure I am included in judging. I definitely want the feedback.
If you want a twitter is the place for that. It mostly contains the fails I experienced along the journey.

Created by: MikeeyBikeey.
Music and playtesting: Aaron Baron.
Menu art: Caroline Zina


SOURCE CODE DOWNLOAD LINK (This is my first time sharing source code. Let me know if you have any questions!)

- maybe a screenshot here -

- your devlog here -
This was fun to make.

There was going to be dialogue, but I removed it.
The main bad guy's name is Dr. Science, and he was trying to prove that the supernatural is very scientific, but when he found out that it made no sense, he said "If I can't explain it I will destroy it. Make room for science!".


By Dickson Law (FrostyCat)

screenshot.pngscreenshot2.pngscreenshot4.png screenshot3.png

Chiaroscuro is a brand new variation on the classic game of Reversi. You play as either an exorcist summoning angels or an occultist summoning demons. Black or white, it matters to you no more --- all that matters is whether the divine or the demonic side is face up. With 6 maps to choose from, 4 levels of difficulty and even a 2P mode to play with a friend, you will be enchanted by the strategic depth and endless replayability of this game --- or bedevilled.


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Programmed by @Micah_DS
Arted by @HayManMarc

--- DOWNLOAD --- 23 by HayManMarc and

--- (mirror download) ---

You've been abducted because of your slight telekinetic abilities. After cruel experimentation, your abilities have grown and now you are able to escape the facility.

Use you power to move objects, block lasers, and knock out guards. Find your way to the stairwells and make your way to the main floor. Destroy the main terminal to gain your freedom!
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