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Thursday August 22nd, 2019 12:00 UTC


Monday August 26th, 2019 12:00 UTC

  • Any GMC member can take part in the GMC Jam. You must use GameMaker to create your game.
  • Games must be made between 12:00 UTC on August 22nd and 12:00 UTC on August 26th, and posted here in the games topic.
  • You may use resources such as graphics, sounds and scripts that were made prior to the jam, as long as the bulk of your work takes place during Jam weekend.
  • You may create one post per entry in the games topic. You may create this post before your game is finished and continue editing that post to update your progress, in fact you are encouraged to write a devlog!
  • All entries must have a download link in the Games Topic before it closes at 12:00 UTC on August 26th.
  • All entries must work on Windows as a standalone executable / compressed zip folder. No installers please. Your entry can also work in HTML5 and on other platforms, but only the Windows build will be judged.
  • All entries are encouraged to follow the Jam theme. It isn't mandatory to do so, but you'll often get more favourable reviews from your peers!
  • You may participate alone or in a team of up to 3 members. See the "teams" section below if you're looking for teammates. Only one team member creates a post for the game in the topic - do not create multiple posts for the same game.

Recommended post format:

Game Title
Developer Name / Team Name
DOWNLOAD LINK (when finished)

- maybe a screenshot here -

- your devlog here -
You can keep editing your post to write a devlog about your game.
You can also post in the discussion topic as you develop your game.
Do not post more than one post per game in the games topic.

As at the start of the jam the following people were looking for teams but be aware, they may already have teammates at this point:
  • @SilentxxBunny is a "VP of Creative Consultancy... Unofficially" and looking to join a team with less than three members. - more details
  • @Moon_Alex: Hello! I am coding-skilled person and I need an artist and a game designer to team up with.
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Objective: Stealth

Objective: Stealth is a short and stealth-strategy game Play as a clueless man named Marco who somehow got himself into the freelance business. Start out on the roof and work your way down to the first floor, where your objective awaits you. Use doors to your advantage against enemies, by luring and locking them into rooms. There is only a Single Point of Entry on each floor, to go to the floor below - an elevator (which requires a switch all the way on the other side of the room to work) - and it's heavily guarded. The game is made harder by the important rule: No Killing Allowed.

Download Link:
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Garbage Heroes by GameDevDan


00h 13m - I have my idea and I've sketched a couple of characters! As usual with the jam I'll go through a bit of a planning phase deciding the mechanics for the game and jotting some stuff down. I want to make sure I have enough time to polish this one properly since I have a few other commitments this weekend. Anyway here are my main characters: Fletcher, Popcorn and Skuzz -

01h 21m - I've started work on the first enemy, completing the graphics for it, a background and the HUD. Now about to move on to programming the main gameplay and then hopefully I can easily add more and more enemies and environments later using the base I have!

02h 56m - There is now actually a little bit of something to the engine! You can fight against the enemy (sort of) by following the pattern which appears in the middle of the screen. GIF here:

4h 30m - I've now created graphics for all the attacks in the game as well as for a few HUD pop-ups and added a few more little bits and bobs to the programming. I'd like to get the background code for battles finished by the middle of the day tomorrow so that it's just a case of adding new attack patterns and enemy graphics from then on!

6h 10m - Coming along nicely now! Battles can actually be finished (victory or defeat) when HP runs down to zero. A prompt is displayed at the start with instructions on how to beat the enemy. In theory everything in the battle works except for the fact that I still haven't done the hero graphics! Plus I'd like to do a few tweaks here and there to the actual gameplay. Looking promising though.

8h 10m - Battle mechanics are now COMPLETELY finished on the back end, woo hoo! So now all I really have to do is add a bunch more battles to play through with new enemy art and stuff. 50 hours left to that should be enough to make the game varied and interesting. Here's hoping! -

10h 50m - Yesterday I managed to add a couple of new enemies, now hoping to spend all of today getting this bad boy up to scratch! -

13h 20m - I've just managed to implement the final boss, and opening cutscene to tell the story of the game and a final cutscene to congratulate players on beating the last boss :) this means the game is now "book-ended" so it feels like a complete experience from end to end BUT, if I want to, I can add more enemies into the middle of the game to pad out the content. I'm not sure where I'll do that or if I'll just upload the current version as "final". It's nearly lunchtime, I have other stuff to do today - and I feel like the game is just the right length at the moment to allow people to complete it without getting bored - so I'm leaning towards it being finished... might just play test it now to make sure it's fun enough and then upload it!

14h 05m - I did, in fact, decide to do exactly as I said above and leave it as is. Now finished and uploaded to itch! -
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Crimson Raider
By Lolslayer and Kazimir Mariusz
Download (README in ZIP):

For this project we liked to work on an isometric game. So I created a simple pipeline to create and import isometric maps, and to extract collision data from it. Using this I made this simple 3D platforming test:

I sadly had quite a few chores the past two days, but I improved the platforming drastically, including adding the ability of sliding along walls when walking diagonally into them. But more importantly, by drastically improving the graphics as well, as shown in the video. I also added very basic map-editing functionality so I can set up the levels.

Finally I've gotten actual gameplay in there. You can die, and you can kill enemies. Combat is quite basic but hopefully very pleasant. There are two enemy types and I don't plan to add more because of the little time that I've left to work on this. For now, have a screenshot!

The final day was quite a crunch, many missing gameplay features were added in last-minute and I had to cut the map size down significantly compared to earlier plans, but it all seems to work quite well and I hope that it's fun as well. At least it was fun developing and the systems made for the project might be useful for later as well.
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The M

Dicy Dungeon


The devlog

I want to do a game about dice. You will be walking through a randomly generated dungeon, fighting monsters and collecting loot. There is one entrance and one exit and it's up to you to grow strong enough to take on the final boss without dying along the way. You start with a limited pool of dice but you can find more, upgrade the ones you have or combine them into powerful new dice.

I've been thinking a lot about how I want to handle the dice system. I can't draw individual sides for 240 different dice so I will have to break it down into parts. If I can create some good logic to handle the merging and upgrading of dice, the rest should be simple enough.
As it turns out, creating 60 unique die types (with 4 levels of each) is a bit of an endeavor and I've been asking myself more than once if I'm not going too far with this (and each time I've answered 'yes, this is dumb' and continued). After a night of debugging, here's the result:

I have a love-hate relationship with shaders. I really want to use them but I can never get them to work as I want. This time it took me two hours of trying, debugging and googling until I realized I'd accidentally placed some code outside of the main function, which compiled but was completely unusable. You'd never guess I do programming for a living... The result's pretty decent. My idea was to cut down on the time spent on graphics by making all enemies silhouettes with some strange noise around them and it seem to work pretty well. The noise algorithm can definitely be improved and if I have time to add a glowing red eye to them it would be so much better I think.

I've done rpg combat once before in a jam and the problem with it is that it takes most of the jam just getting the mechanics in place. I thought it might go faster this time as the interactions are less complex, but it doesn't seem like it. The problem is that this time you can choose which dice you want to assign to which target, including yourself (unless the dice have limits on who can be targeted by them which is a whole other can of worms), then all rolls are done in sequence before the enemies get to roll their dice. This results in a lot of code to handle all the states, which takes so much precious time, even if it's not that hard to do.

Finally, I've got combat rounds working. I haven't tested with any special dice and there are a lot of visuals missing but at least it doesn't crash. Tomorrow I will add health and armor displays to visualize die effects better. Then I'll hopefully be able to start with the rest pretty quickly.

I'm at a crossroads. On one hand I can start adding content to the game now that combat finally works, on the other hand combat ins't self explanatory and need a bit more visual feedback to be understandable enough that you can be tactical about it. I'm leaning towards the latter because I think that's the most important part. We'll see if that decision pays of in the end.

After a long haul I've got most of what I want included. I still need a viewable map, a boss, audio, a lose state and more enemy variety but I can't do more today so I'll leave it for tomorrow. I don't think I can get all of it done but perhaps some of it at least.

In a desperate struggle to get things done in time I've been pushing in features all morning. Of course there's a lot more to be done with the entry and what's there is rough but at least it doesn't suck any more. I hope people get through at least part of it, opening a chest full of high-tier dice is really satisfying! With that, I'm done. For now at least... :D
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The Great Mech War of 2039

It's a robot. Deal with it.



(All times listed here are in Eastern Daylight Savings Time. Day 1 is August 22, 2019)

Day 1

3:01pm - In case it's not clear: Hi, I'm Mercerenies, and I'll be participating in this jelly-flavored event. The idea I've got is about building robots and fighting them against other people's robots. I've been working on getting the robot to consist of several different parts (the image above is actually 14 objects moving in tandem) so that each part will be customizable. You'll be able to equip better armor for the torso, various weapons such as laser cannons in place of hands, and hover jets in place of feet. The main mechanic of the game will be building the best robot. When you fight other robots, you get money, which you can use to buy more parts.

4:59pm - I am the unnecessarily destructive robot!

5:29pm - I am now a destructive, punching robot!

5:30pm - Just a note on the controls. It's WASD to move, and LMB/RMB to punch with the respective hand. Eventually, punching will also trigger other equipment. For instance, if you have a laser gun attached to your left arm, them LMB will punch with the left arm and then immediately fire the laser once the arm is extended fully.

6:35pm - Mechs will now recoil if punched. Basically, when two mechs collide, their relative strength is determined. Strength is determined by several things, including which part of the body is involved (legs are stronger than the head, for instance), whether we're in the middle of a punch, how fast we're moving, etc. Recoil is determined by who hits harder. So if one mech punches another, the punching mech will recoil a bit from the contact but the other one will fly back further.

8:11pm - Stopping for dinner now.

11:26pm - Made several changes since my last post here. Iron and steel armor are done. They increase your defense, making you harder to shove. I'm also thinking I'm going to do away with the healthbars completely; the wincondition will be to knock your opponent off the stage. Also, if you jump and hit an opponent with your feet, it counts as a kick and you deal extra damage.

Day 2

4:17pm - So I know I've said this before in previous Jams, but man do I love the GMS2 IDE. It's like, actually really great, and it does exactly what you expect and is intuitive and smooth and... yeah. Just wanted to say that.

4:56pm - The AI will now actually fight back. It's rather amusing actually, as it just looks like two robots got into a slap fight with each other.

5:58pm - I'm on fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire! ... yeah, flaming armor is a thing. High offense but stupid low defense. Like, defensively, this armor is literally worse than the starting armor.

6:22pm - Made a recolor of the flaming armor which is a bit darker. It's the nova armor, offensively the most powerful in the game but defensively the weakest. So, it's the natural conclusion of the flaming set.

9:06pm - I pitted the AI against itself and now I'm getting distracted watching these two bots just square off.

Day 3

12:10am - I wanted to get all of the costumes done tonight. I got pretty close; there's a handful of cosmetic ones I'd still like to do, but I unfortunately think I'm out of juice.

12:25am - Got a small second wind and did a few more. Here's a horned robot fighting a robot with a spiky mohawk. Now I'm going to bed.

3:36pm - Got the UI for selecting the outfit done.

10:23pm - I'm a bit beat. Been working on this pretty much since I got up. All I've done today is interface stuff. Suiting up, shopping, and getting to the (single-player) arena. I've got a lot to do tomorrow. Need to add some more single-player enemies, probably calibrate the shop prices, neaten up all of the rough edges around the menus, and the main thing: multiplayer. When I came up with this game idea, one of the big things I wanted was for you to be able to build your mech and put it on my server, where it could fight other players' mechs. You wouldn't actually be doing PvP; you'd just be playing against the AI which is using someone else's mech. But still, I thought it would be really cool for everyone here to be able to upload a mech with their name on it. But that's waaaaaaaaaaaay outside of my comfort zone, so... yeah.

Day 4

8:45pm - It... works... you can upload a mech and then fight mechs other people have uploaded. I'm actually quite proud of this. I've done simple online stuff, like achievements and highscore tables, usually through the GameJolt API. But this is the first time I've done something substantial like this online, and I wrote the server myself at that.

11:15pm - It's done. Whew! I'm exhausted! That was really fun!
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Thirst of Freedom
by Fried Llama Studio

A three members team here! Our brinstorming ended up with a cool game idea and we have a couple of conceptt arts and a working prototype. Keep moving forward! =)

Most of the game mechaniccs are ready but we didn't add normal graphics, sounds and... well, just exuce us for not finished game.
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by HayManMarc



Concept: Old-timey plinko. Kinda like this...

Physics game. Ball enters at single point at the top. Player manipulates objects to try and direct the ball to the exit at the bottom.

Outlook: I have very little time, so if this gets finished, I doubt it will be very fancy.

Log 1: (24/08/19 @ 1:50am PST) I've worked out the basic physics and have the pegs, pockets, ball, and walls. Need to add game systems (start, scoring, advance), and manipulation objects. Also need to figure out some kind of "lives" mechanic, or something -- win/lose conditions.

Log 2: (24/08/19 @ 5:00am PST) Added "lives" (number of available balls) and scoring. There are seven pockets at the bottom of the game with 4 different scores -- 10, 50, 100, and 200. If the ball lands in 200, you get an extra ball. If it lands in 50 or 10, you lose a ball. Game over when out of balls. Still need to add the game over condition. Also added a couple of moveable "wedge" pieces to try to direct the ball.

Log 3: (25/08/19 @ 4:30am PST) Game over condition and a cheap restart has been made. Sounds and music have been added. The game is playably complete, but certainly not polished. I hope to add a front end and polish the music transitions. Still no pic or gif, sorry. Hopefully tomorrow. Must get sleep.

Log 4: (26/08/19 @ 4:10am PST) Done. A little rough in places, but should be a complete game. I hope at least a small amount of enjoyment will be had with it. Happy Jammining!!
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Turret Trap
Basic concept is you will fly around a blackhole try to keep monsters from escaping your shield barrier by blasting them before that get to it.
Friday - worked on a little last night and this afternoon I think I have enough coded that I can at least turn something in.
Saturday - I think I got a nice little arcade game going.
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Okay I'm in.

Day 1.
Still haven't thought of a strong concept that reflects the theme. But I know it will have something to do with entering a heavily guarded secret facility through the...ummmm...single point of entry. Got some sprites and tiles done.
Edit: Also got the basic mechanics done late last night. I think I've pretty much finalized the look and feel of the game. Here's a screenshot:


Day 2.
Not very productive. :( I spent most of the time trying to fix a weird bug in the code. I've patched it up for now. Hopefully, tomorrow I will have to finalize things. Because I need an entire day for fine tuning, adding sounds and uploading.

Day 3. Slow day. Designed more rooms as well as the players path. Added some new obstacles. But I don't think I'll have the time to do some things I planned to do. :(

Day 4. Fixed some errors. Did the Menu. Designed some new enemies and spent t. I still haven't added sound! In fact, I haven't even thought of a decent name for my entry!

Day 4. Done and uploaded to Gamejolt with 5 minutes left before the deadline! :)


Some GIFs before this thread is locked:

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Count me in, but don't expect much! HAHAHA

You work in a nice office but notice some slime coming out of everywhere, you go to investigate by taking the elevator down to the basement. Now your only way out is to use the keys and go deeper to find what or who is making all the slime.

Screen Shot:

Download (Includes messy source code):

All art, music, sounds (with my mouth) were done by me.

Day 1:
Tonight a lot of time was spent on art and organization of the project. I am using trello to stay on task and hoping to do a nice final version of the game before the Jam is over.

Tonight a lot of decoration, tileset, and character work was done. Obviously after I have placed them into the game I can see what now needs to be done :p

Tonight's Efforts:

Day 2:
Today was not very productive (I have 4 children, and they were all off today) so I only got a little bit done. You can now pick up some of the different keys. I also changed the weapon from a gun to a briefcase and also still working out the story. Level design will be the hardest thing I think

Tonight's Efforts:

Day 3:
Today I got the working elevator, and the tutorial level done. I started working on the enemies and as you can see they need a little bit more polish. I am hoping to throw together the next couple of levels and then work on some sort of boss.. Then of course a menu because we always need a menu!

Tonight's Efforts:

Day 4:
Ha... don't get me started.. Seriously running low on time decided to say IDGAF and just put together the rest of the levels. After deleting the boss level and not backing anything up on Github, I really just turned out the most basic last two levels and called it a night. I know im not getting anything special but it is always fun making these small games and I find more room for improvement and how to do things better.
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by Bart

<< Download Spielcomm >>

This time I got inspired by the annual Gamescom fair. My version is called Spielcomm.

The organization of the annual Spielcomm games fair sure isn't making it easier for the average English-speaking visitor to get in.
Several entrances, yet only one of them is the single point of entry, as they call it at Spielcomm. Talk to the people around and look for clues to find the right entrance.


Got an idea for a game that will go by the name of Spielcomm.


Spielcomm didn't make it.
I realized how I was overscoping it again. Already.
The new idea is Doors. Continuing with the concept tomorrow.


09:00 - Good morning! I'm currently creating a tutorial object and working on the concept.
Nothing too fancy this time. Gameplay first. I'm even using the built-in score variable.

Here's the current idea: the people (still blocks at the moment) move towards the doors. You need a certain number of people to enter.
Only one of the doors can be the entrance at a given time, however, acting as the 'single point of entry'.
Switch the single point of entry in various ways.
That'll be it, really.

14:00 - Added a level selection screen and some basic graphics. Units are still, uh, blocky:

I also replaced the batteries in the mouse. So far for developing with a touchpad!

16:30 - Hmm... So, honestly, I really do like that idea for Spielcomm.
Maybe I will change my mind and go for that after all.

19:30 - Worked a couple of hours on Spielcomm. But it's not working out.
Meanwhile, I have zero inspiration for Doors.


10:00 - Still no inspiration for Doors, but I've continued work on Spielcomm.
So that may be my entry for this jam if all continues to work out as it is now.
Here's how it looks at the moment:

11:30 - And the collision masks are in!
Going to finalize the model now. Then throw in some gameplay.

13:30 - All right. I made the last adjustments to the level model and physics mask.
Adjusted the FOV a bit and added security guards:

And with all these things done I decided on my final entry. Spielcomm it will be!

16:30 - I added the last building structures so that it's now impossible to get in.
I'm also thinking of a storyline, either for one of the four entrances of for all four.
Guess I'll best stick to one for now...

Still, I'm quite happy with the progress already.

20:30 - Added the basic version of the translator:

Now the only thing that is still needed is to fill in the found words in the sentences of those German-speaking security guards.
Still, inspiration is at an all time low.
Well, everything added so far is working properly. That hasn't happened that often yet.

00:00 - Finishing up for today. I did not only get the translator in properly but also a few secrets/hidden areas. I consider the game largely finished.
The last few things will be for tomorrow.


09:00 - A good morning again.
Going to try to get those last new things in in the next couple of hours. I'm thinking of substitution of translator words, some kind of 'achievement' system to give you the feel that you progress in the game.
Otherwise, I'm already quite happy with this game as it is now.

10:30 - All right. I'm wrapping this up. I didn't I add everything that I wanted but it's in a pretty playable state.
I'm quite curious to see if everyone will discover the secret things in this game.
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#1 Dad
by Timothy Y




This game is going to have to be short but sweet.
This is going to be a 3D sidescroller taking place entirely around the exterior of a coffee mug.
The "single point of entry" in my game is the hole in the handle of the mug where the player will continuously enter as they travel around the mug.
August 24 1:04 am

I finished for the night after working on the fancy 3D graphics part of the engine for a couple of hours. I started thinking about the concept of a single point of entry and ended up with the idea of a circuit that repeats indefinitely by looping in on itself: a cylinder. The first thing that came to mind was a coffee mug, which I thought would make a unique idea for a simple game. The models, shader and 3D renderer are completed, so tomorrow I can start on the gameplay.

August 24 12:55 pm

I have completed the sidescroller platforming controls and made the 2D graphics wrap around the exterior of the mug. I also implemented the system of the level continuing around the shape of the mug continuously so the player must make their way around the mug several times to complete the level.

August 25 8:00 pm

I finished work and I have almost a 3 hour commute home. At that point, I’ll be trying to finish up the game before bed!

August 26 2:20 am

The game is done! It's extremely short but I didn't have a lot of time to work on it. All things considered, I think I ended up making something interesting.
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Just Another Night
by Shadow_Lancer & Cowsox

Entry 1: I think this is the first jam where I've had an idea for a game so early. Bascially you're a security guard at a nightclub and you choose to let people in or not. Game changes over time with dress code changes, VIPS and other events.

Entry 2: Been working on adding a bunch more systems. Going to start working on the NPCs next I think =)

Entry 3: Started working on the NPCS. Some funny combinations so far, still want to add quite a few more. First night's dress code only requires shirt and shoes... Will start working on additional nights soon!

Entry 4: Gave it a good run, submitting what is done now! =) Thanks for the jam guys! =D Also thanks Cowsox for your help!

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Can you find the secret ending?

Use your different abilities to traverse through puzzles and escape!

Controls: arrow keys / Xbox controller (joystick and A button)
8/24/19 (3 am)
spent all-day fiddling with different ideas and couldn't come up with one. got some nice looking graphics and a system working, but needed to find a direction. Finally got a direction earlier (about 12 am) and have the gist of the game figured out and how I want to implement it!

8/25/19(1:39 pm)
Alright this is the last stretch! I got everything pretty much figured out. Just need to really add 1 or 2 things as far as the system but the rest is just a matter of making the puzzles. Hopefully I can get it done in time!

some screenshots!


screenie 2.png

Only two levels so far (mainly tutorial). Cant wait to start busting out some level designs and see if I can get a good amount of puzzles figured out!



[EDIT 2]
had an audio issue I had to fix real quick ( wouldn't play when re-loaded)
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First Game Idea - Orbital Re-Entry - < On Hold >
Second Game Idea - No Smash The Walls
Untitled Project.gif
Dev Log
96 Hours To Go
T-96h SINGLE POINT OF ENTRY is the theme!

T-95h59m <Cracks Knuckles> Time to learn Orbital Mechanics and Basics of SpaceFlight! I've played Kerbal Space Program, this should be easy!

Hmm.... "The square of a satellite's orbital period is proportional to the cube of its average distance from the planet." ...ok

and..."The fundamental laws of astrodynamics are Newton's law of universal gravitation and Newton's laws of motion, while the fundamental mathematical tool is differential calculus."

T-93 ...let's just use the GMS 2 physics, a few physics_apply_impulse() will do the trick....

T-92 ... Gravity is working, my player can orbit a planet with the right velocity and distance purely under the physics engine.

T-90 ...Hmmm...I want to do this, the idea is based on having to hit the SINGLE correct POINT of ENTRY to manage a controlled decent down to a precise location on the planets surface, the closer you get the target, the more points you get.

However - This may be more tricky than I thought to make a fun game out of.

T-89 - Decide to go with a simpler action game with a single mechanic and then polish it up. Might include the prototype of the orbital mechanics game as an unlockable reward later.

T-51 - Have a basic game created with mechanics in place. You have to guide a cube through a single point of entry in a wall that is rapidly approaching. Now need to add some polish and work out some interesting variations on the mechanic.​

T-48 - Last 3 hours, family time with daughter - NO WIP Possible. So far, estimated time spent:

3 Hours Research Orbital Mechanics
2 Hours Coding Orbital Lander Game
4 Hours Designing/Coding No Smash Walls Game
39 Hours - Non Game Jam Related

+ 3 Hours Adding *very* basic menu/level complete/game complete/secret level/cheats/fixing bugs/play testing.

May not have more time to work on this due to other commitments, but at least have a working playable game with an ending.

Not sure if its more fun dodging the walls or smashing them...a certain green super hero that you don't want to get angry comes to mind...
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Nacky Slocker

Popcorn Spider
Nacky Slocker


Geez, Google is giving me a... stupid time.
Devlog Day #1
Created spider sprites
Created popcorn sprites
Programmed spider
Programmed popcorn
Added sound

Devlog Day #2
Created oil sprites
Programmed oil
polished existing programming

Devlog Day #3
Finished all programming.
Uploaded image and exe to google drive

Well, if anyone has any questions, the answer is "I don't/didn't have time"
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The Laughing Rogue
by ParodyKnaveBob
[ download zip ]​

(Yeah, I've dropped my theUndiscovered business and thus the label. Just using BWH/PKB for authorship. Still need to get my GMC member title changed...)

A different kind of devlog:
2019 Aug
No programming of anything in any language for over a year!
Returned to the GMC just before this jam started.
The jam inspired me to scrape off my GM:S 1.4 rust even though I wouldn't enter.
Started a little tic-tac-toe game right about when the jam started.
Had to check the manual for so many things -- image_scale? initializing event order? etc.
Had to check an old Trello board for so many things -- asset-naming conventions, comment header conventions, etc.

2019 Aug
Decided to use no sprites -- only vector graphics.
Created a background tileset that I'd colorize on the fly for the gameplay grid. (Well, almost only vector graphics.)
Decided to use no controller object. I'm a renegade.
Decided to only use objects and instances -- no data structures.
Got a 2P system working -- a functioning game at bare necessities.
Created a couple background graphics with words (still no sprites anyway) to reduce texture page usage and drawing effort (it's the principle!).
Started thinking, it's moving along swiftly, all things considered. Maybe I could enter into the jam after all... Maybe. Perhaps I could include the source since it's so low-value otherwise... Anyway.

2019 Aug
Decided that for it to know if one player wins or not, I really could use a controller object after all.
Made it know when one player or the other won, yay! (Big, huge yay, since I didn't use a DS Grid or anything!)

2019 Aug 25
Bit the bullet and created about the most rudimentary AI you could get in this game.
Saw... I've set up other things well enough... maybe it wouldn't be too much hassle to create the mid-range difficulty I'd planned... which worked. Oh wow. $:^ D
Went ahead and created an AI level in between. Three total levels now. (No serious contender. Just moron mode, half-decent, and actually-tries, but hey hey! My first AI!)
Okay, now it turns into a normal devlog. Just that first part (where I had to go from memory because I wasn't even entering the jam) was pretty funny to me. $:^ P
2019 Aug 26

Decided right there and then. I'm entering the jam. $:^ ]

Twelve hours remain -- well, now eleven-and-a-half, after writing all the above, lol. All I intend to add now are a title screen/menu (rusty plus lost years of work on my gorgeous menu system ~~siiiiigh~~), sounds (no problem), and basic audio programming (rusty!!).
Aaaaand yeah, I'll include the source, somehow. $E^ J
Here we go! $:^ ]
(Maybe I'll create a background, too. Ah, and a proper Windows title thingy. Aw man, publishing to the jam, now I also have to remember a quick legal write-up, especially if I pull someone else's music, which I'm considering.)

I refactored code just a touch to prep working on the title/menu -- and remembered I haven't implemented an explicit "cat" result yet. That'll come after I finish the title/menu.

Found and fixed a bug -- turned out GMS had an unexpected behavior I had to work around.
However, fixing that got me an internal Cat state -- now I just need to show it moreso onscreen.
Next, a different bug I tested for and found, where the player can interrupt the AI and mess up the game...

Nice, fixed the AI-interruption bug! Refactored a touch while I was at it.
Now onto that title/menu!

Biting another bullet. Adding a font. Just too much to deal with for a one-screen menu in short time (especially without my menu extension I created and lost ~sigh again~).

It's unfortunate that I'm sleepy now. (Been sleepy for some hours. Slowed down quite a bit.) Why have 3+ levels of AI, plus 2P mode, if you the player can't access any of it? I need a menu, but I'm mostly staring blankly at the screen now. Less than 3 hours remaining. $:^ | Even skipping sounds and other polish, you need a menu.
Maybe instead of continuing to program a menu, I should just slap down a bunch of hard-coded jank. Yeah, I guess that's what I'll do. Hm.

Wound up programming a kind of interesting menu-option object after all, but then fell asleep for some hours! Only 1.5 hours left, and I still have to actually implement that object design (and set up scripts for the different options). Also, I'd better finish the Cat ending since I'm already close on that, too...
Meanwhile, I haven't even looked into the upload process yet... Eep.

Correction. I'd fallen asleep near the end of finishing the menu framework programming. Now it's done, needing next to write up those options' scripts.

Options are done! Now to remove placeholder code that's messing up the menu, cool, cool.

Done. Next, finish the Cat ending!

All done! Mostly tested! Lol. Now to upload. Somehow. $8^ ,

Welp, all is uploaded and linked. And then, re-opening the game to maybe get a title screen screenshot, I see I forgot to add the corrected jam number to the font (where the code does try to write it). Oh well, it still works. $:^ J No audio, btw, but oh well there. (Just ironic that I keep submitting all these silent games over the years despite my love of creating quirky audio!) I don't even know if I formatted things correctly for the GMC Jam Player due to time and a couple more tech hurdles -- but I did include the source, yay. $:^ ]

upload_2019-8-26_8-29-22.png upload_2019-8-25_20-34-44.png
No, it has nothing to do with the theme. $:^ } There are, like, what, nine points of entry. Lol.​
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Fort With Guns

Created by: MikeeyBikeey
Playtester: Aaron Baron


- screenshot-

- devlog-
day 1: Added guns and player.
day 2: Changed guns.
day 3: Changed guns and added rooms.
day 4: Changed guns, changed player movement, and added: trees, bushes, ammo, ending boss thing, ... I'm out of time.

And lots of stuff I forgot (like the sounds).
I was very short on time this time.

Three days before the jam I was 100% sure I was not going to be able to join,
until life threw a curveball of awesomeness.
I'm happy to be part of this jam :).


An Entry for the Thunderous 34th GMC Jam by FrostyCat


Chemodynamics is a sliding puzzle game combining elements of Sokoban and the ubiquitous "blocks-in-a-row" mobile game. You play the role of a chemical engineer at an industrial plant. As reactant units stream into your vessel through a single intake pipe, you must move these units into a line to make them react. Once the product unit forms, you may then use other units to push the products out the exit pipe. Keep playing for as long as you can by meeting your production quota and avoiding unsafe board patterns!

Download: Link
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David Pisano

var start_jam

if ( didn't realize jam started = true)
start_jam = 24 hour late

/* Day 2

-attempting to create simple game
-creates are and then attempts to create main gamplay loop and fails entirely lmao
-sleeps to try again in the morning

Day 3

-struggles for several more hours because his "simple" game idea was out of my scope of gml knowledge
- scraps 8 hours of work and decides on new game idea and feeling good about it
-holy crap i'm almost finished. probably some polishing to do tomorrow after work.

whoops pulled an all-nighter and then got my post marked as spam lmao

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