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Discussion in 'GMC Jam' started by GameDevDan, Jun 10, 2019.

  1. GameDevDan

    GameDevDan Get Gyro Boss DX Moderator GMC Elder

    Apr 21, 2016


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    Full Rankings

    1 :: Pagefault :: TehPilot
    2 :: GR1D_0 :: Baukereg
    3 :: Powerout: The Adventures of a Broken Robot :: Cat & Var
    4 :: Toggld :: Lazertrax
    5 :: Timer :: orSQUADstra
    6 :: Motti :: Relic
    7 :: Lights Out :: TinyGamesLab
    8 :: Elephants Don't Play Video Games After Dark :: wkaudio & KaraLynn.cosplay
    9 :: Grid Pause :: The M
    10 :: Something Scary :: bearman_18
    11 :: Blabbit in the Headlights :: GameDevDan
    12 :: Tricky Farming! :: Paul & Sergio
    13 :: Jasmine Laslo - Switch U On :: NAL
    14 :: game_end() :: ghandpivot
    15 :: Once Upon In Albimore :: MilesThatch
    16 :: Rebot :: HayManMarc
    17 :: Break/Link :: Alice & Siolfor The Jackal
    18 :: RoBros :: BeardyElf
    19 :: Lightbulb :: sp202
    20 :: Reflector Sector :: Woodsmoke
    21 :: How We Find Home :: Lt. Farfetch'd
    22 :: Server Reset :: MikeeyBikeey
    23 :: Dusk... :: Dallas Riley & Riley O'Neail
    24 :: ... :: Misu & Yal
    25 :: Occupational Hazard :: Cheshy & SamSam
    26 :: Hungry Thing :: Shadow_Lancer
    27 :: Greenshield the Brave :: Mercerenies
    28 :: Ghostlight :: Doug M
    29 :: On and off, Back and forth :: Mercerenies
    30 :: Neet Retreat :: JacobV
    31 :: Computer IT :: Michael McMullen
    32 :: Cat Factory :: Toque
    33 :: Off and On in the Octagon :: Bentley
    34 :: Save The Lights :: KPJ
    35 :: Fun Park :: Bart
    36 :: Gung-ho Pro Commando :: Roa
    37 :: Shield Shuffle :: Curato
    38 :: Matsu Switch! :: TheMiningBoyAlpha
    39 :: PAINTB***H 2.0 :: Lukan
    40 :: Switch Glitch :: Silas the Dev
    41 :: Office Shape Saviour :: Pixel Poison


    Best use of theme: ghandpivot, Alice & Siolfor The Jackal
    Best concept: TehPilot, wkaudio and KaraLynn.cosplay
    Best Presentation: Lazertrax
    Best Story: sp202
    Best Devlog: Lt. Farfetch'd, Bart, Misu & Yal

    Results Spreadsheet
  2. curato

    curato Member

    Jun 30, 2016
    Wow, I didn't think a no vote hurt your position so much. Anyways fun jam. I hope to put a post jam version out with some of the suggestion from feedback in there.
  3. Bearman_18

    Bearman_18 Member

    Jan 24, 2018
    This being my first jam, I can say I'm quite pleased with top 10. :D congrats @TehPilot!
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  4. Toque

    Toque Member

    May 25, 2017
    Congrats. There were lots of fun games. I think my game was where it should be. Thank you for the kind comments. I look at the top 20 and I can't say any of them shouldn't be there. Really good stuff this jam.
  5. Baukereg

    Baukereg Member

    Feb 22, 2019
    Congratulations to everyone who made a game, and big big thanks to all the reviewers! I had a lot of fun playing all entries.

    I didn't expected to end up 2nd. I thought puzzle games to be too niche. I only started doing game jams recently and this is just my 3th entry (you can find my two other attempts at Previously I fell into the endless abyss of over scoping, so this time I wanted to make a smaller game yet more polished and finished. I guess that plan turned out pretty well. But the most important to me are the lessons I've learned and all the valuable feedback I've received. I'm already working on a post-jam final game and thanks to your feedback I have a clear picture of how to improve it. See you next jam!
  6. Alice

    Alice Toolmaker of Bucuresti Forum Staff Moderator

    Jun 20, 2016
    Oh, we got the Best Use of Theme award, apparently!

    I'm glad that - despite the fair criticism our entry got for not explaining itself properly - those who *did* get the entry appreciated its use of theme. I tried my best to come up with a concept that, while using the theme literally, would still stand out among the others.
    (thank goodness we didn't go for the plain light-switching navigation mechanic; this has been used *a lot*)

    Also, congratulations to the winners and all the participants. Special mention goes to @sp202 who managed to make a Best Story entry in a pretty short timeframe.
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  7. HayManMarc

    HayManMarc Member

    Jun 21, 2016
    Congrats to the winners, especially @TehPilot -- your games are always top tier. IMO, every game entry, though some weren't as great as others, had good qualities about them. Good work, everyone!

    My game, Rebot, captured 16th place! I'm very happy with that, since it was unfinished and unbalanced. I appreciate all the comments and reviews, big thanks to all the reviewers!
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  8. Lt. Farfetch'd

    Lt. Farfetch'd Member

    Jul 17, 2016
    Congrats all on some wonderful entries. I got really bogged down in stuff and didn’t manage to play them all, but those I did looked really great. :)

    @GameDevDan I think you might have moved a point for me from the ‘story’ to ‘devlog’ column, resulting in me incorrectly jointly winning the devlog category. I didn’t actually have a devlog to speak of. :p
  9. Lukan

    Lukan Gay Wizard Freak

    Jun 20, 2016
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  10. var

    var Member

    Jun 23, 2016
    Congratulations to everyone who participated, and especially to @Baukereg and @TehPilot! Happy to see that my favorite ended up getting 1st place!

    @Cat and I started with last place at our first jam, now we've continually improved up to 3rd place this jam. Gunning for 2nd place next :D
  11. Bart

    Bart Member

    Jun 21, 2016
    Congratulations to everyone! And congratulations to a well-earned top 3!

    Also a great thanks to those who reviewed my game for the useful feedback!
    Simply put I overscoped my entry. Put quantity above quality and playability. Again...

    Honestly I'm quite surprised by the shared Best Devlog award :D
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  12. Sk8dududu

    Sk8dududu Member

    Aug 14, 2017
    Really great first jam experience. I'm so thankful for the handful of people that enjoyed my game, and for everyone giving feedback.
    I really expected to get a better place than 23/41 going into the jam. But there is some really tough competition so I won't beat myself up too much. Good job, everyone.
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  13. flashhmob

    flashhmob Member

    Jul 7, 2019
    congratulations to all
  14. Wesley Thomas

    Wesley Thomas Member

    Sep 9, 2016
    Nice job lads
  15. artcadev

    artcadev Member

    Jun 24, 2016
    Nice work with the GMC JAM, interesting ideas I see overall in here :)
  16. Joshua220

    Joshua220 Member

    Nov 1, 2016
    Great job everyone!

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