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GMC Dream Journal


The forum's immigrant
Every night (or very few times), we dream of spectacular events or bizzare moments that intrigues you to tell your friends about. Of course, we have now this thread to share our most vivid dreams we had. Whether it is bizarre, or plain average, it is all like a story that awaits to be told (or not). Anyway, share your dreams!


I have a dream that one day even the state of Mississippi, a state sweltering with the heat of injustice, sweltering with the heat of oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice.


〜Flower Prince〜
I have a feeling a lot of pepole will not actually tell real dreams, but more things they just made up for reputation/to be funny...
I'm now going to write an actualy dream I had.
I was in a cave, that was in a cliff, and right outside of the entrance was a waterfall, making the cave hidden. I continued walking to find a girl from my class in school murdered with a knife, I started panicking and ran as fast as possible, jumped out of the cave/waterfall. Next scene, I was in an unknown building, with other people from my school, mourning over her. Next scene, I was in a pool, inside a building, it was night and dark, but in the room with the pool were neon lights in all colours, I was trying to swim, but I just flew all over the place, really trippy and annoying, there were also girls flying/swimming with me, but I forgot who it were. I went outside of that pool room, only to find that I was very high in the building, because outside of that door was just a balcony. On the ground, under the balcony, was a red trampoline, I jumped out of the building, on the trampoline. Next scene, I was in a world that seemed like a mix of Minecraft and LEGO, I was on a dragon destroying houses. I woke up. The scenes followed each other up with no connection.

Now, see? Most people will not find this interesting in any way. But yeah, I hope there will be interesting posts to come. Not just jokes/made up stuff or uninteresting but real stories like this one.


Last memorable moment from a dream I had: I placed 47th in the most recent GMC Jam.

Out of 50 entries.

There are more than 50 entries this time. I freaked out mentally until I noticed that factual inconsistency and realized it was a dream.

It was silly.


The forum's immigrant
Well in my case, I never make anything up about dreams, even if they sound too vivid, extensive, or personal. I have a very good memory and also vivid dreams in my life. The most amazing ones I tend to write them down or tell it to people. Sometimes the most cringy or personal dreams I tell them anyway (nfg).
Last night, I dreamt that I was slowly turning into a woman and I had beautiful hair that I would just play around with. (no, seriously, I did dreamt that)

Anyway, I have some few old dream passages I wrote that I would like to share. Of course, they are copy/pasted from an old topic at the old forum. They are my most vivid and extensive dreams I had.

Enjoy the Chronicles of MisuLand!

Last night I had a dream that I was at a beach for scuba diving and there were lots of people. I was in the water, swimming, minding my own business when suddenly I spotted a huge mansion on a small cliff near the sea. I had to swim all the way there to see what it was. I entered the mansion from a hole on a wall, got up the staircases to the main lobby and found random people walking around. Then I met up with CrazyGuyGames in person, we were wondering where we are and decided to split up to investigate the place but before we did, we went down a slope and up into a huge ball room with many people and a huge bright chandelier hanging up on the ceiling. The place kinda look like a mall. From there we split up and while searching around, I met a strange little boy who pointed at our reflection on one of the walls. He says that its an actual portal to the picture world. I didn't believe him at first but then he showed me a canvas that was on the floor and showed how the image of a flower suddenly disappears. He says by letting your mind drain into the image, your body is transcended into the pictorial world. He also says that if we enter that world, our genders would change. After that talk we had, he tried pushing me into our reflection, saying we have to go in. I told him strictly no, but he continues to insist; its for the sake of humanity. I tried getting away from him but he kept following me everywhere I go. I notice also that some of the reflection of the people that were wandering around has that change as well, dont know why. Anyway, my dream ended at some point in that moment. Can't tell what happened next.

I was flying around at my old highschool, until I realize some rumors (don't know how though) about a 5th floor at my school that was never set foot by anyone because it was forbidden and very secret. So I decided to fly up there. Once I descended on the 5th floor, it was veeery small, short hallway and there was a girl in a white dress crouched down on one end of the hallway. On the other end of the hallway, there was a door (gate like door) to some room. I went to check whats in the room. I peeked in and saw it was a veeery small room with a soccer ball inside. When I entered to check the soccerball, the girl from earlier locked me in the room. a few seconds later she unlocked the gate and entered with a pepper jar. She started to pour pepper on the soccer ball and then she gave me the pepper jar and said to me:-"You better start eating that soccerball"I was very confused and replied:-"Why?"She then answered me back:-"Because Bubba is going to eat you."From there I got a little scared and asked again:-"Who's Bubba?"But then she starts laughing hysterically as she exits the room. I exited too and I looked out of the school from the hallway and then I looked back at her and said:-"Bubba can't eat me because I can fly"She looks at me again and says:-"Oh really?! Proove it!"So flew out from the hallway, around the school (somehow i had difficulty flying around). And then I landed back at the hallway but somehow, the whole floor in the hallway was filled with pebbles like in those rivers. Then saw one big rock of a size of a football with white spots. This rock started to move and the girl then said:-"Here comes Bubba"Thats when the rock grew a mouth with sharp teeth. At that point I jumped out from the hallway to fly away from Bubba but when Bubba fell out from the 5th floor to the bottom, it began to hop, so high it can reach my feet. So I tried to fly for my life but Bubba can easily get my feet. So I form my fingers as if I was pretending my hand was a gun. So I made a shooting sound with my mouth as I pointed my hand at Bubba. from there, Bubba died. So next, I flew back to the 5th hallway and met the girls father who is Chinese. And somehow the girl became Chinese too. The father pat my shoulder and said to me:-"Congratulations! You solved the mystery!"I didn't even know what he meant so I flew away fro that place to find myself at a very bizarre structure of a outdoor gym(basketball court with a water fountain tied up with string, hanging down underneath the basket). There was a huge sign above with a paragraph written but I only read the first two words which said "So GO!" and some humanoid in a robot suite came up to me and challenged me on a race. So I accepted his challenge and I magically put on a robot suite and began racing. We would push a lot in the race. In the end, I found myself at some huge open area with food and beer stands and three friends of mine practicing yoga. Dream ended there.

Last night I had a dream (don't know how it started) but I remembered I was returning to my apartment after an epic adventure I had (don't remember what it was). Apparently they destroyed the staircases to the top floor of the building so I had to use a ladder to get to the door. Somehow my roommate has been replaced by an emo girl who's anti-social. I would just place my bags on the floor and leave the place since I thought I could visit any of my friends around the block instead. I took my bike, I rode around the block and notice that the park has made mayor improvements. Suddenly I bumped into a gang who one of the individuals is someone I know (but somehow I don't remember who). He invited me to check out this Deamon Club later at night, close to the park. He said most of our friends will be there. I told him that "sure! I can't wait!" ... I dunno what the hell made me say that but what the heck. I rode to check the place and a couple of people have already arrived but are sitting on the benches, waiting for the club to begin later. I thought I could just go around the neighborhood with my bike and come back later. I rode around the park and made it back at my apartment where I decided to leave my bike their and head back to the park on foot (don't know why). As I was walking by the park on the sidewalk, someone had hit me on the head with some object, causing me to black out.

Few seconds later, my vision started to clear up and I found myself tied up and hanging down on a chain. I could see that it was already night and underneath me there was some satanic circle and encryption surrounding. Suddenly, I saw feet approaching me. I looked up while trying to get one of my hands loosen from the rope that was tied along with the chain. The person who approached me was a demon girl in black clothes, and short hairs. Her eyes were like cat-eyes, and she had sharp teeth. She said something but only thing I understood was that she mention how she is glad to see me awake. I don't know what was going on but by seeing where I was put to, I assume something bad is going to happen. I asked her what she want from me. She said she needed to sacrifice my body to summon the great Deamon Warlord back from his grave. I freaked out after hearing that but it wasn't too long until I thought quickly on how to get out of this. I manage to loosen out from the tie on both hands and feet. I told her that I knew someone who can help her find a perfect body for the ritual. Although I don't really know anyone in specific since I panicked. She took a minute to think and then she said "Alright! Take me where this person is". I told her that there is a club called the Deamon Club and the person should be there. So I took her to the place where the club was suppose to be. The club had already finished their meeting but there were still lots of people talking with one another. I told her to look around for any of the people to see if they know while I look for the person in specific. As we split up, I looked around and the place seems very strange. Weird tube like components where people would go in and sleep in them and lots of chickens everywhere. A couple of minutes have passed and people started to leave while I couldn't find anyone in particular who can help me. However, realizing that I am away from the demon girl, I could escape and make my way back to the apartment. So I ran off as fast as I could but as I was running on the street next to that satanic place from the park, the demon girl showed up and stopped me. She told me she couldn't find anyone who can help and that I still owe her a human body to sacrifice and If I didn't find anyone, she will use me instead. I got nervous and decided to flee out of the scene and head to my apartment.

As I was running my way there, I was wondering if my new roommate is still at the apartment. I checked from a far distance and saw that the lights were on thru my room's window. She had to be there. So I use my flying powers and flew across the other buildings to reach the ladders of the apartment. I got up, entered the building and rushed into my room. My roommate was sitting on her bed, reading a book. She stared at me, very seriously. I told her that I needed help, that there was a this demon girl that is after my body to do a human sacrifice. She didn't say anything but she did opened her eyes widely. Before I could say anything else, a noise was heard from the kitchen (where the entrance to the apartment was). We both went quickly to check what it was... it was the demon girl; she had broke into our apartment. As my roommate saw the demon girl, somehow her reaction was surprising, because she knew who that demon girl was. She started arguing with her and telling her to get out of the apartment. The demon girl also started arguing with her, and I was just... standing and watching, trying to understand what was going on. Through the discussion they were both having, I found out that they both used to be friends once, but the demon girl decided to become evil and that's how they were separated. The argument would still continue until I decided to shut them up and gave my own speech. I said that they both should stop arguing to each other, they shouldn't be enemies just because they both have different sides now. I mentioned as I pointed at the demon girl "She doesn't have to be evil with us just because of a certain decision we took of not becoming evil. We all still can get along if we all treat each other with respect and take care of each other; care for each other; have fun with each other just like real friends." both of the girls felt guilt and one of them said, "okay, we could try". As soon as that happen, the credits rolled up and the episode ended. Apparently all this was a tv series we live in.

The next episode began immediately after that. It started as we are inside my apartment room. The two girls still hated each other and they had another argument. The demon girl said she will leave back to her lair at a far away country to get away from my roommate. She also said she will return to her place as well. I somehow had a vision of the past in which I was portraying another, different character who was a knight with a horse. I had a cool silver knight sword. Me and a group of men were on our way to slay a witch. We went thru a gates, guarded by men, and stopped at a cliff where at the bottom of it lays the witches hut. We also saw the witch who was stirring on her cauldron. We left our horses, and sprung by surprise into the hut. We had the witch surrounded. I took a look at the witch and notice she was a little chubby so somehow, without any control of my actions, I told her she was fat, and she got depressed. "You called me fat?" she said, weeping. She then left far away from us, crying as my crew laughed at her. I realize then that the character I'm playing from the vision was a villain. I would then laugh maliciously and started drinking booze and we all making fun of each other. One of my crew members were Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse (they look very creepy). After that scene, the vision ended and I found myself at the cliff side of that same place but in present time. The spot where the hut was is empty but a mark of the huts ground shape on the ground. I felt bad of what happened in the vision and I looked at the horizon, wondering where that witch had took off to. There was nothing I could do so I packed my things and walk to head back to my apartment. The dream ended there.


The Village Idiot
I'll shorten my dreams down to one sentence each, cutting out the useless stuff.

Repeating House: My house did not have exits, the windows and doors lead to the other side of the house.
Gigantic Raindrops: I had this one a few years ago where gigantic spheres of rain fell from the sky.
Rainbow Tunnel: I was walking in a computerlike rainbow tunnel.
Ice Cream Van: Recurring dream, I dream that I buy an ice cream from a van in a place that doesn't exist in the real world. It's not very interesting. Quite a nice dream.
Late for work: I dream that I wake up several hours later, then I give up going to work. Then I wake up and I'm not late.
No idea: I can't really describe this one easily, there was just a pitch black shadow-like man that could not go behind anything. He (or she, it was hard to tell) would always appear in the foreground, making it difficult to tell if he was growing and shrinking or moving closer and further.
Drowning: I used to get drowning dreams a lot, I would fall into the sea and become unable to breath. Then I would wake up.
Dreams: Not in the way you think, I dreamed that I was telling my friends about my hopes and dreams for the future. Unusually frequent two years ago. On an unrelated note, I'm an accountant now.

All I can think of at the moment.


I... Don't write my dreams down and I forget most of them a few minutes after I wake up, anyway.

Anyway, one sentence dreams, huh? I like that idea. I can only think of one right now, though.

Communication: I was a non-corporeal being that could only communicate by rearranging letters in alphabet soup, which I could do even if it's just a photograph, a drawing or something else.
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Cosmic Grain

My dreams can often be extremely vivid. I had an odd dream yesterday morning and I even made a picture for it right after I woke up.

I was just watching TV with my dad and sister and everything was normal then suddenly on the screen appeared a 3D animation of a cow being sexually assaulted by machines. Then a symbol appeared on the TV, covering everything up. This symbol:

And then, along with this symbol, a bunch of text started flashing on the screen really fast, but I could make out what some said. It was basically saying weird temptation things such "You know you want this" and "You want to see this". Also there were loud alert beeps that sound like those TV emergency interruptions mixed with censor beeps. The sounds were kind of hard to identify. I woke up from the dream soon after all that started, and when I woke up I was shivering and felt extremely anxious and paranoid/alert. Every so often I wake up from dreams feeling that way. I'm sure there's some word for that. But yeah, the symbol had my interest, and I wonder if there's anything real that it closely resembles.


The Village Idiot
You can't really go off-topics with dreams since they can literally contain anything. (Except some things because there will be pedants that point out something.)


〜Flower Prince〜
This night I had a dream that a nuke would be coming, the alarms went off and I searched for shelter. So I entered a building which contained a few school classrooms, and in one of them I encountered That Poppy, sitting on a chair.
I watch all of her YT videos, so I got super excited and litirally jumped a few meters towards her to land in her arms, giving her a super-hug. Her nose started bleeding for some reason. Then there was a big ugly old black cat that walked in and tried to jump on me to attack me, it suddenly went really dark, and the place was abondoned and Poppy was gone, and the rest of the dream consisted of me trying to run away and hide from that cat...
I don't really know what happened to the nuke warning though, lol!
I actually keep a dream log on my computer of particularly noteworthy dreams. Many of my dreams are quite frightening and may actually be distorted abstractions from traumatic experiences. I have a few nightmares in case you want to spook yourself tonight or fun dreams.

Inspirational Dreams:
I dreamed I hung out with a famous man who never existed. In the middle of a dusty old country town, probably in Northern Texas was a man who called himself Reid Lee. Honestly I have no idea what significance that name means in the real world, but he really liked playing blues on the guitar all by himself next to the empty shops. It didn't matter that he didn't have an audience, he just kept playing passionately on that guitar and the music seemed to echo through every corner of the seemingly dead town. He had his head tilted down with a cigarette in his mouth, humming every now and then to his tune. There were several dirty and rusted coins in his guitar case and I dropped some change into it. He raised his brows, tipped his hat, and said, "Much obliged!" I just stood there looking at the streets and asked what he was doing out there and why he played the guitar. He told me "The number of people you perform to don't matter none, as long as you do what you're passionate about every day you live, and even if no one is there to listen. Just keep livin' and doin' your thing. See, it don't bother me! I just keep playin'. I got all the time I need." I smiled and said, "Yeah, I guess you're right!" As soon as I glanced back, he disappeared, but the music kept playing. I asked aloud, "Where do I go from here?" and he said, "You'll find a way. Life is full of surprises. Just keep goin' down the direction you choose and you'll find better road."

I dreamed I invented a candy that changed flavors depending on the thoughts of the person eating it. If you want it to taste like chocolate, think about it. If you want it to taste like apple, think about it. I had to test them to see how people would react so I pulled a couple of strangers aside and gave them each a candy. An elderly lady said, "Why this is wonderful! Mine tastes like cherries jubilee! Reminds me of a birthday I had when I was a child!" A little girl said, "Mmm! Ice-cream! Cotton candy! And... sunshine... a big one!" The fidgety accountant adjusted his glasses and said, "M-my mother's apple pie... e-exactly as I remember it! It's fantastic! H-how did you do this!?" And one portly fellow with a cockney accent interrupted, "Oh! Oh! Mine changed to asparagus! My favorite!" Then I realized these weren't just candies, but memories in the form of scent and taste.

I ventured through the Bizarre Bazaar to sell my delightfully unusual sweets. Other merchants wanted to bargain for them. Word spread fast about my candies and suddenly everyone behaved like anxious children around the market. I had other merchants wanting to bargain with me for insane offers. One particularly excited trader shouted, "For one memory, I'll give you 10 golden watches! No, twenty! Yes! Maybe fifty? Oh you want fifty!" I handed the man one candy and told him to keep the watches. I winked and whispered, "Free sample! Just keep it to yourself." One reptilian lady bearing snake-like fangs wanted to trade three very beautiful beta fish made of fire for one bag of flavor-changing candies. I traded her a bag and she handed me three small jars containing these fish. Her forked tongue grasped a candy from the dark corner she was sitting in. She said, "Ssstrawberriesss... and jasssmine tea! Tassstesss beautiful! Remindsss me of home!" Like a serpent, she hissed her gratitude, "Thanksss for the fond memoriesss!" I released the fish and they swam the air around me, glowing different colors.

Night fell and I was walking toward my car. The parking lot was especially dark and no lights were on. A figure was creeping around the cars and I shouted, "Who's there!?" I heard a grumbling followed by a belch. The sound of a wretched old man laughing and coughing with a well-used cigar in his mouth approached me. He wore old military fatigues and a Vietnam Veteran hat with dirty sandals. I thought he might need some money or food so I didn't run from him. He hobbled forth and said, "I congratulate you for doing such a good job! You seem successful! Care to share one of your..." I said, "Sure." and handed him one. He tossed it in his mouth and quickly chewed it up before coughing and belching a foul-smelling smoke in my face. I said, "Are you okay!?" He flailed one of his arms up in his coughing fit and when he was through hacking and wheezing, he took a tremendous drag off his cigar, blew out a large cloud and said, "Ah! You have a way of perfecting... the very essence of death... and war. And such wonderful memories flashed before me as I literally taste and smell the fires... all those... children! Mmm, I love hearing them scream! It's like the war is coming back to me! You must tell me how you did this!" I told him it was a secret but then he demanded all of the candies. I hesitated and said, "I'll be leaving good sir... or should I say BAD sir. Good night!" Then my own car drove toward him at a high velocity and clipped his left shoulder. I was really confused as to what was going on until I noticed Cassy was driving. She said "Get in now!" I just ran toward the passenger seat and tried to close the door. The old tramp stuck his filthy fingers into the car snarling, "Give me my memories! Give them to me or I'll kill you!" I kicked him off the car and he threw rocks at my windshield.

She sped through the residential streets in spite of how many times I shouted for her to slow down. She hit a few signs and bumped the curb numerous times causing serious damage to my vehicle. Then she punched the gas harder and zipped past a red light, nearly getting us both crushed by the passing traffic. Finally, she slowed the car down and turned towards a well-lit area (some sort of 50's style drive-in malt shop) where we would be safe, told me she had to go to the bathroom to fix her make-up as if she had forgotten all about the craziness we went through. I just sat in the car shocked yet relieved to be away from that drifter.

I learned, although it is a fond notion to please everyone, it is unrealistic. Even if you could, what if their happiness is something terrible?

Sad Dream:
I had a strangely beautiful yet sad dream the other night that resembled a Chinese water color painting.

A young boy was making his own world, painting beautiful mountains, skies, rivers, and forests. This paint he was using was enchanted, turning all he illustrated on the canvas to life. He walked into his painting and created some friends: tigers, dragons, cranes, fish, pigs, dogs, cats, mice... just about any animal you could think of. He ran with them along the colorful skies and lived his days happily within the painting.

One night, he awakened to the soft sound of a familiar voice calling to him. He wasn't sure who it was but it faded away after a brief period. A silent breeze hit his face and he returned to sleep.

When he woke up, he discovered this painting wasn't a dream. He was still in the world he created and frantically searched for a way out. He ran out of magical paint. His friends asked what was wrong, but he said nothing and panicked. The boy could hear his mother calling his name but he didn't know how to leave. He tried calling her back as loudly as he could but his mother couldn't hear him. He desperately asked his friends for help but they did not know how to bring him back to the human world. And to make things worse, no paint was left for him to return.

His mother called his name but no matter how many times she did, never got to see him again. The boy's mother grew old and heartbroken at the loss of her son and became gravely ill. She passed away from her illness and the boy wept. He wept so much that the skies blackened with tears and smeared paint. The rolling black tears blotted his friends out of existence until darkness remained. The poor boy crawled into a lonely corner and continued to weep, trapped forever in a blackened painting created by his grief.

I woke up in tears..


I made a horror maze attraction that garnered the attention of the whole community. All the walls were painted pitch black and specific areas would light up red from the bottom at random while my zombie recruits would chase customers through it, just for fun. I had one area in the center of my maze that had white tiles on the walls and floors, almost like a laboratory. My knife-wielding zombies were supposed to chop up the fake dead bodies in there and lurch toward visitors. A trap door would shoot them straight out of the maze and the people at the end would deliver a final scare.
It was a big opening night and the lines were packed. I had some ticket handlers at the front of my attraction selling turns to people. Of course I was allowed to just pass right through and I told them to make it extra scary when I went in. Cassy said she was so excited to go in there.
We walked into the maze and some of my zombies already started to grab at us from the walls. They scared us a bit and we laughed. I could already hear other people scream and laugh in the back, "Oh my god! That freaked me out! Ahhh!" Another zombie appeared behind us and chased us further into the maze. Cassy and I ran, laughing. We ran so much we ended up getting lost. I said it's fine, I have a map of the maze. While I checked it, ALL the lights went out and I heard the power may have failed.

Cassy asked, "Is that supposed to happen?" I said, "No, something must have gone wrong. They're probably fixing it outside. I DID put a lot of lights in this thing. We'll wait for it to come back on." I heard screaming again and this time it sounded different. Some woman was crying and she made blood curdling noises. It sounded as if she was hyperventilating, panicking even. At first I thought it may be because she was too scared of my attraction but it still didn't seem right to me. I heard some loud noises around the walls as if someone was destroying pieces of my maze... a chainsaw sound. The lights flickered on but I also heard some electrical current crackling in the distance. As we walked further down the maze, one of my zombies were chopped to pieces; his mask was torn to shreds and his lifeless body stared upward.

I said, "That wasn't supposed to happen!" Cassy was confused and asked, "What?" I said, "Someone is actually killing people in my maze." Again, I heard more rips of the chainsaw and more of my customers were getting shredded. I saw the blade of the chainsaw through one of the walls and pints of blood splattering out. I panicked too much to even look at the map and I think I may have lost it at that point. Cassy couldn't stop crying as we ran blindly around my horror house. There was a dead silence and I could only hear Cassy for a moment. Then we noticed a large shadow on the wall, walking in our direction. A tall man wearing what appeared to be a really cheap Toy Story mask resembling Woody walked into the red light. He stood about 6'8" tall with gangly arms and legs but a somewhat swollen and misshapen torso, as if some of the ribs were mangled and bruised underneath. There was blood splattered all over his overalls and tee-shirt. He said, "Nice maze!" before giving his chainsaw another rip and he chased us.
I looked for the emergency exit bit couldn't find it anywhere. I told Cassy to hide in the broken ventilation shaft while I looked for a way out. Then I noticed the tiled chamber was nearby. All my poor zombies were chopped to pieces and red was splattered all over the walls and floor. While I walked back toward Cassy, the man in the mask seemed distant. I could hear the muffled rumbling of the chainsaw from far away. I told her there's a trap door in the white room and that we can escape. I pried the trap door open and just as I attempted to get back up, Cassy screamed and the maniac swung his chainsaw with such great force, the other end of it broke the tiled wall and got stuck. I looked down and noticed my guts were slowly starting to spill. I fell to the ground, trying to keep my internal organs inside and told Cassy, "Get me out... please. Just get me out. I feel cold." The maniac's chainsaw was stuck in the wall. Right after he managed to pull it out, he was shaking at it and pulling the string frantically saying, "Dammit!" I never felt so weak in my entire life.

Cassy was crying her eyes out, trying to pull me into the trapdoor chute. I felt a horrible, burning pain in my abdomen where I was sliced. The lights flickered to black again. I heard the chainsaw rip again and Cassy screamed in the blackness.

I have just returned from my visit -- a dilapidated, so-called Teal-Eye Motel located in a vague, rickety shantytown appropriately named Ash Canyon. I remain unsure of its exact location but perhaps it lies in between New Mexico and Arizona? The town was strangely sitting within miles of a presumably inactive volcano, hence the name of the town. Small, equally dilapidated pastel houses lined the broken street, with tacky plastic decorations and fake lawns unjustifiably covering up the powdery orange dirt. They were also adorned with garish blinking Christmas lights, some of them shaped like peppers or pink flamingos. Joy seemed evidently reduced to a mere desperate endeavor for whatever hell surely awaited the visitors. The incredible smoke billowing from the volcano, spilling across the sky tended to blot out the sun, rendering the desert below in a perceptively infinite darkness, only allowing what light remained to project itself in hellish orange or depressing gray. Scarcely any trees or life dwell within the town aside from a few passing guests.

The motel itself had an obnoxious, robins egg blue color all around it with a crackly white trim appearing without a fresh coat in decades. Hideous rust stains seeped through every tiny crevice, revealing the sheer negligence of the entire vicinity. Some of the doors and windows were broken or left open as if tenants struggled to leave. The landlord of the property was curiously a very kind and elderly woman who lived in one of the tiny houses just next door to the motel. She couldn't hear too well, and was nearly blind. The old woman sat in her front porch waiting for the next visitors to move along, "There is nothing to see here and it is no place to rest your eyes!"

Unfortunately, one grossly oblivious family sought to stay for the night. Even after the old lady refused entry, they decided instead to feign leaving and defied her warning. The father made sure to park far from the house, clear on the other end of the motel. He grabbed the luggage and brought it to room 292. The door itself was left ajar and did not seem to have any dust within it. But the door itself was unusual in design. The outside knob appeared to be made of crystal with a small, radial brass decoration in the middle of it. The knob somewhat resembled an eye and would occasionally move without anyone noticing. Contrary to the ugliness beheld outside, the room itself appeared clean, cozy, and accommodating much like a high-class suite. The father insisted that the family get comfortable for the night. He brought along his son, Joey and the boy remained uncomfortable and frightened of the place in spite of the charming indoor setting. The father tucked his son in the separate bed furthest from the window. Good night... lights out.
The door turned and the eye pointed 6 o'clock. Ding! The thermometer rose to red and with one squeaky movement, the eye shifted upward and a red liquid filled within the crystal nob. I could hear a very low-pitched, guttural gibberish, accompanied by boiling lava, bellow from within the room... it was as if the motel was laughing in delight.

Little Joey closed his eyes awhile and woke up to the frightening, muffled sound of his own parents trapped in separate rooms, desperately hitting the walls, calling his name. The once charming room was transformed into a gray, dimly lit room with cracks on the ceiling, no carpet, peeling paint, and dark water slowly leaking from above. Gray ash mixed with the dark water, producing muddy puddles in random parts of the floor. What appeared to be a door leading to the next room was heavily chained. Something behind that door was trying to break into Joey's room.

A muffled deep voice from whom Joey assumed was his mother told him, "Joey! Run! Run away! There are monsters inside!" Joey tried to shake open the lock from inside the room while whatever demon in the other room kept slamming at the other door. Joey managed to get the lock open the very second the demon got into the room and ran down a deep, winding staircase. The way the staircase wobbled, almost at a 90 degree angle, ejected Joey into a blackened void. Ashes fell heavily from above and every direction seemed to be a large pathway lined with motel doors and windows. The sky was actually an immense ceiling that dripped thick, black water while ceiling chunks occasionally fell. Joey floated toward that ceiling and found his only escape... a dark hole. It was almost too narrow for Joey to fit in, but he had no choice considering the demon below was looking for him. The kid broke through and managed to hide within it. However, the seemingly endless rafters transformed into a continuously narrow crawlspace and the hole closed. It shook violently and rippled up and down like a serpent.

A multi-phonic, androgynous voice hissed, "Foolish, stupid child! Did you really think you can escape your fate!? No one leaves the Teal-Eye! You died the moment you shut your eyes in that room!" And then the terrible motel let out a deafening roar as the entire structure seemed to implode and crash in the most hellish possible way as ash, jagged pieces of wood, and concrete chunks collided.

The motel remained the same on the outside and the old lady, sensing another victim succumbed to the deceptive Teal-Eye shook her head in tears. "Those poor people! I told them! Lord knows I told them not to go in. Devil ain't got mercy for those givin' in. Poor poor, Joey! He didn't know any better! Lord, please have mercy on Joey! Please!"

The red door knob turned again at 6 o'clock. The red liquid drained and the eye returned to 12 o'clock. Ding! Anyone want to check in?


I had a dream in which I was using rusty-copper-colour sheets of plutonium to slap flies. Reason being plutonium is apparently very hard and therefore makes a loud sound when hitting the flies (also I had 100 sheets so I could hit 100 flies). Of course, I ended up with a bunch of plutonium dust on me and only then remembered that plutonium is famously radioactive. Just a little bit of increased risk of death, no? Nothing wrong with that, just wash it off and use something more sane to slap flies.


〜Flower Prince〜
OMG How do you guys have dreams that make so much sense!
Or do you just dream a lot of images and try to make it logical afterwards?


I had a dream that I was wandering around my uni accommodation completely stark naked, everyone was telling me to put my clothes on but I didn't really feel like it. It was quite alright at the time, but I woke up with a pang of embarrassment, like how you feel if you've ever done something embarrassing while drunk, expect in this case it happened in a dream. It still bugs me a little, what was dream me thinking? Why wouldn't he put on his bloody clothes??


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I dreamt i was in war and I was exploring a massive abandoned city with wrecked up buildings.
Don't you hate those dreams where you're in class but everyone laughs at you because you are naked? I also occasionally get dreams about my hair or teeth falling out.

But I do enjoy flying dreams where I can glide quickly just inches above the ground only to swoop up above the buildings. It's quite exhilarating!

I also enjoy the dreams where I find coins or money on the ground. I remember one where I was getting a soda from the machine and the change receptacle broke followed by a bunch of coins pouring out. I would nervously pick up handfuls of coins and stuff them into my pockets.


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Last night I dreamt that I received a GameInformer magazine from the mail and the front cover was the reveal of the Nintendo NX. It was a black N64/Dreamcast simularity (by hardcover appearance) console and the title of the front cover was "Revealing the NX: Nintendo's New console with BOLE system technology!"

I did not know what BOLE is and I do not think it exists at all but it got me extremely curious now...


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I dreamt I was running down a shore and encountered an amazing landscape view of the entire island with ruins and many people on the beach. The rocks look extremely bizarre and beautiful. Some just look like it came out from the grand canyon.


I dreamt I was eating a sandwich when someone asked me a question. And I'd taken a very large bite of the sandwich so I was chewing it waiting to swallow so I could reply. But for some reason I couldn't finish chewing the sandwich. And more people kept turning up and asking me questions. And I couldn't respond to anyone because I'd taken such a massive bite out of my sandwich and for some reason I couldn't swallow it. Strange nightmare.


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I cant tell if that is considered a nightmare unless "struggling" is considered horrorifying. If so, then my life is a nightmare I guess.


Imagine you're eating a sandwich, and then for some reason the food you are chewing just won't chew. You can't spit it out, you can't swallow it. What is happening? You feel like you're chewing the food. But the process isn't working. And people are talking to you, they're waiting for you to reply. And they keep lining up. More and more people are asking you questions. Why are they asking me questions? Why now? Why can't I eat this sandwich? Now there are 50 people are around you. you're waving your hand to say "just a second", chowing down on this seemingly expanding gumball in your mouth. Did they plan this? Is this a prank? Will you ever be able to speak again?

Yes, it's a nightmare.


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Last night dreamt i was doing a real life mario kart challenge with a bunch of 8 year olds then suddenly i saw two teenage couples (ugly looking) painting their faces and putting on rainbow wigs. They went into a secret basement and I had to go folllow them because of my curiousity. I end up finding below a theater roomwith, filled a bunch of clowns doing a secret alliance meeting to kill all non-clown people. I suddenly became a clown and blended in. In the end, the clown meeting was over and somebody was incognito as a clown, trying to escape. I dont remember what i did since the dream became a blur to me from that point.


Last night dreamt i was doing a real life mario kart challenge with a bunch of 8 year olds then suddenly i saw two teenage couples (ugly looking) painting their faces and putting on rainbow wigs. They went into a secret basement and I had to go folllow them because of my curiousity. I end up finding below a theater roomwith, filled a bunch of clowns doing a secret alliance meeting to kill all non-clown people. I suddenly became a clown and blended in. In the end, the clown meeting was over and somebody was incognito as a clown, trying to escape. I dont remember what i did since the dream became a blur to me from that point.

Cḽ͙̼̜̮͖̾̀ͅo̫̘͙̮̿͐w̬͉̙̲̹ͯ͑͆̐̊̏ͣN̢̙̮͇̒̏ ̘͓̞̓ͯ̄̃c͈͇͖͞L̦͌̆̒̆ͫ̐O̢͚̝͍̗̫̎ͦͪ̄ͪw̢̤̱͇̾n̩̹͑̈̐ͬ̊͝ ̥͙̯̙̲̱̻ͣ̒c̝͇̺̜͍̯̞̉̌̃̂ḷ̰̱̼ͭͤ͂̚Ö́̊͟w͓͕̖̭̠ͫ̈̉͐ͩ̃ͬ͠ͅͅṄ̙ͩ͋͆̿ ͈͕̱̖̤̦̓̿̊ͦC͇̆̓ͥ̀L̙͖̟̖̗͍͗̓̿͛̅̀oͭ̓͑́ͯ̚͢W̸͎̝̹̥̺͌̑̔ͯ̚n͉͉̭ͭ̑͠


Here's a tragic story or something.

I'm not sure how the dream started. I'm not sure what happened before. What I do know is, I was walking down the street and something quite unexpected happened. Jackie Chan, in his red Chanmobile, appeared pretty much out of nowhere, slowly driving through crowds of people and advertising a new restaurant of some kind. He looked at me... And gave me a leaflet. The moment he gave me a leaflet I realised I'd been standing next to the restaurant the whole time. As Jackie's face turned into someone else's face, I entered the place. I was oddly compelled to do so. Inside, there was also a girl, telling people a tragic story about her parents. Her mother was a human and her father was a dragon shaped balloon. Unfortunately, he turned into a bunch of decorative tape and then a human, so he had to go into hiding because, as we all know, everyone is racist against humans who used to be balloons.

Another interesting thing that added to the atmosphere during this depressing story was the music video in the background. It started with a human figure seen from far away in a forest of some kind, and a female acapella voice singing an oddly haunting, distorted and reverberating mix of a few spy film themes and similar music. It would work pretty well in a horror film of some kind if the lyrics didn't sound like they were a bunch of quotes trying too hard to sound deep or relatable. When I woke up I remembered the exact melody and lyrics, but, sadly, I don't remember them any more. Anyway, the video slowly transitioned to an illustration of some kind on a solid green background. It looked like a logo, stylised, solid black and with smooth, clear outlines, like a vector art logo of some kind. It depicted the head of a cow without a lower jaw and the head of a dog without a lower jaw using each other as mandibles, forming a sort of weird vertical mouth. A new, male voice started singing and some cheerful background music started, while the creepy music the video started with was barely audible. The vertical mouth opened completely and disappeared, revealing a still stylised but also coloured and detailed Frankenstein's monster kind of a circular cat cow thing. The new voice's song was about cow anatomy, so the video switched to showing what was inside the weird creature, with all of its organs lumped together in the upper right part. Whenever the voice mentioned a part of the cow in its song, an unrelated organ would get highlited. It all seemed like a less logical MrWeebl video.

Then I woke up. I like to think the video in the background was a metaphor of some kind. A representation of our society, life and death etc. Or maybe my subconscious was just telling me to make a farming game to annoy Lukan and Ninety.
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I had a dream I was sentenced to prison for 3 years. But for some reason my family didn't know I was in prison, and I didn't want to tell them, so I was trying to hide it from them. Not sure why I had a mobile phone or was freely walking around prison in my jumpsuit though...


Jack of All Shades
Gotta have this dream recorded some place, this thread might as well be it. (Swearing is mainly just a "sweetener" to the story.)

So I get to the TV room in my dorm after learning that a space virus wants to destroy Christmas so it's infecting people and infected people would be taken over by the alien... virus. Now bear with me. I see a friend of mine and I ask him some question, about the moon. And I ask him what is the moon and he's like huh... and I f***ing smash his face with a 4x4 on that hesitation. I was trigger happy for that **** motherf***er. Then he dies where he stood and I tell him "It's a natural satellite b****" and then another friend walks by and I ask him "How old are you?" and he's like huh... and I say to him "B**** how many times did the Earth revolve the moon since you were born?" and he said "20 times" and I f***ing smash his face in with the 4x4 because that was a trick question and he dies as well. I smashed them so hard their skulls were showing where their faces were. I ain't taking no crap from space alien viruses.

Then I meet an alien I think who is a good guy and he says "You gotta get outta here" and then this girl friend of mine is out on a date with a friend and I know that that guy is infected somehow...? And then the virus makes the person multiply as well so there were multiples of that guy and I was killing them. And the police arrive and saw me killing people and I'm like "s***" and so I run away with my alien friend who at this point I notice looks a lot like genie from Aladdin (expecting some lawsuit from Disney right about now) and he can fly so we fly together and he says I can fly a bit as well so I believe in him for some reason.

Then we go to a store to buy off our own stolen clothes (pretty complicated scheme) and to get out of the store I would need my passport, because of course you need a passport to get in and out of malls. At this point I was contemplating a life time in jail. The police immediately recognize me obviously and I learn I got psychic and superpowers from the genie and I fight them both off then I fly away but I can only fly for a bit so I dress like a ninja and jump from roof to roof tossing around an apple tied to the end of a rope to help me on landing each roof top and the dream ends.


OMG How do you guys have dreams that make so much sense!
Or do you just dream a lot of images and try to make it logical afterwards?
Serious? My dreams feel like memories but they have a strange quality about them that lets you know they aren't real. Some dreams are long, others are more like scenes of a movie jumping back and fourth, but all of them tend to be first person experiences as though real life. It seems like this is the case for *most* people.

If you only remember "images" I'd suggest you aren't remembering your dreams, or you aren't reaching a decent enough quality of sleep to have an uninterrupted dream.

I spent years learning lucid dreaming to the point I could do it multiple times per night. It has become a fairly common hobby for people to practice. Ever since then I've always been able to remember my dreams vividly, so maybe you should read up on it and see if you can remember your dreams better.


I've written versions of my dreams before that are projected onto Alice of Wonderland, but apparently my grasp of how Victorian Britain was like wasn't so strong so I ended up with something unrealistic.

This was the first one in the series, called Alice in College. It's a bit of a short story.
I opened my eyes.

Ahh have I fallen asleep on the bus again? Indeed I have not had a lot of sleep for the past few days. I definitely should start sleeping earlier. Ever since I received the first letter from him, I have not been able to sleep early… With classes starting again, proper sleep is a must… I must tell myself to sleep early from now on…

I looked around me. Oh… My long lost primary school schoolmates… I have not seen them for 7 years… Why are they here?

The familiar school bus driver and the familiar school bus nanny… Ahh… It’s been so long… I sure am glad to see them again…

Hmm… It looks like we are approaching Mandy’s home soon…

“Since it is the last time I’m sitting on this school bus, I’ve made you this thank you card,” Mandy said as she gave the card to the school bus nanny.

“It’s for both you and Uncle Shaw,” she smiled before getting off the school bus.

The driver, Uncle Shaw, turned and said ‘thank you’ to her.

“Aww you didn’t have to!” said the bus nanny.

“Hehe~ Byyye!” Mandy waved goodbye as the door started to close.

“Thank you for the card! Farewell!” the bus nanny waved back as the door closed completely and the bus started to move again.

Huh… It must have been ultra lucky… We had the same school bus company for secondary school and primary school? I didn’t think I would see any of my primary school schoolmates again… But I never asked them for their contact details… I have regretted that since our graduation…

I remember back in Primary 6, people exchanged “commemorative books”. I never understood why they were called that, since they were really just sheets of paper. Come to think of it, it is probably cause they were put together to form a book…

Our teachers strongly discouraged us to write those before graduation, even though people didn’t care and started distributing them throughout Primary 6…

I have written for numerous schoolmates, but sadly I never asked anyone for any contact details… I always assumed they’d write to me… and then I could get their contact details

But it’s been 7 years… and none of them did…

But there’s this one guy who I wanted to meet the most with… He went by the name “Lewis” and wrote a fantasy novel. He asked me to be his editor. Although seeing as to how by the time he asked me, I was already about to graduate…

Yeah… There were a number of other schoolmates who sat in the school bus and ever since they graduated, it had felt more empty and quiet…

Nevertheless, Lewis was one year below me… I had no idea how it was going to work… Since I only had a few months to be his editor… And yet… being an editor sounded so cool… He would give me his draft and I would read it every day, making comments about it… Since he was always the first to get off the school bus as he lived nearest to the school, I always only had a chance to read a bit of it… And thus the progress was slow… Yet, I really liked the story…

How was I going to be his editor after graduation? It couldn’t just all end… right?

How wrong I was… It definitely did end just like that…

I was always under the belief that God would not let such “horrible” things happen to me, if you’ll even consider that “horrible”… But whatever the case, contact between us ceased…

He was one of my only friends… And he got into trouble with a lot of others, the bus nanny did not like him… But I liked him… We were friends… But because we weren’t in the same year, we never saw each other outside of the school bus… Since we were not allowed to go to other floors…

Ahh the memories…

I turned around, and there I saw him…


Ah yes… He always sat behind me in the school bus. That’s how we became friends, and how he shared his work with me on the school bus…


He was about to get off the bus.

“Please, I know this sounds weird, but, I seriously need your address! I couldn’t explain why at the moment, but please! Since this is the last day of school!”

Lewis smiled at me and said, “Ahh but you could always write to me.”

“But I don’t have your address! How could I-”

The walls of my dormitory materialized before my eyes.

I was lying on the bed, in my college accommodation.

I felt cold wind blowing at me… Oh of course… the window. I had left it open before I went to sleep… I should close it or else I’m not going to make it to class tomorrow due to not getting enough sleep… It is, winter after all…

I got up to close my window. Looking at the desk next to it, I see the pile of love letters written to me by Reginald. Oh Reginald… Will I be able to see you… and if so, when?

I took my clock and held it to the window.

Oh… It’s 5:31am…

I seriously need to get back to sleep or else I’m not going to get any better in classes…

And so I put down my clock and went back onto my bed, trying to clear my mind and fall back into sleep…


I don't dream much. Or like since a couple years ago.

The last dream I can remember was of me burying my mum.

It happened 3 years later.


Me and my friend has just arrived in this city (it was kinda post - apocalypse) and we needed a place to stay but had no money. Fortunately there was a house you were allowed to stay in for free - only downside was that everyone had to be very gentlemanly and respectful to each other inside the house and if you were ever anything else the houses ever watching AI would immediately shoot you. But whatever, it was a place to stay, so we went in.

So we change into our suits and walk up to the house which is in the middle of an empty field. Inside we make pleasant conversation, being all polite, but I'm getting a little bit scared because I know that all it would take is once curse word and sniper rifles would appear out of the walls and kill me. (My dream actually stared with this weird cold open where someone I didn't know was getting butchered inside the house because they said "i hate it here!") but after a while I relax and decide to head to bed.

So I'm going to be room and i see this huge descending staircase so naturally I decide to slide down it. I slide down all the way to the bottom. My friend looks at me and says, "Well that wasn't very gentlemanly, was it?" and i suddenly freeze up, realizing how close i came to getting shot. But for some reason the house has decided to let me live. I go straight to bed but struggle to sleep well that night.

The next day I decide to leave the house. My friend doesn't want to go though, he's having a pretty good time, but I can't take how frightening it is being so close to death. So I leave the house with two girls from it. It's very rude to leave the house after just one day though, and I half run the walk down the front garden, until finally stepping on the road and relaxing. I ask the girls where they are staying in the city, but they won't give me lodgings.

Evening comes and I still haven't found a place within the city to stay. Now because it's a bit apocalyptic / dystopian if I sleep on the streets in this city I know that i'll die. So I decide, **** it, I'm going to return to the house.

So I'm walk back up to the house, still in my suit, thinking, "Will the house mind that I spent the day outside?" I step on the front lawn. And yes, the house minds. I've finally spent it's patience, it opens fire on me and with no where to hide I'm forced to rush towards it, dodging the bullets.

SOMEHOW I end up in the house's basement, where it's machine guns can't shoot me. It's cameras can still see me though, and it will kill me if I even stand in the doorway. I'm trapped.

My friend comes down to see me, but the house does NOT like that, so now me AND my friend are trapped in here. The house freaks out, and decides to flush us out, opening every door and letting this massive blizzard flow through the basement (the dream starts to make less sense here). So now me and my friend and a few other residents are trapped in the basement and the wind and snow are throwing us around and there are machine guns outside shooting at us whenever we get a chance.

And then I woke up.


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Last night I had a dream that I was living in a huge corporate hotel that had many garden rooms, classrooms, places to explore. What I mostly remember from the dream was when I was suppose to leave the hotel to head back home, I decided to fly out of the hotel and look down below. I realize that the hotel stood on an isolated island (which it occupies the space entirely). Everything looked like its in a video game so I decided to fly out of the island and explore beyond that point. I found more tiny islands in strange colors. I also notice that the entire universe was a large room with wide pillars standing firmly in several places. I kept flying until I saw a young short woman walking around the waters, which the ocean was only deep to the feet only. She was getting something or placing something on a few islands. I flew down to see her a bit and she was already walking her way straight to a door that said "silly" on its glass pane. I followed behind as she entered the door, looked back and smiled at me as if she was greeting in courtesy of seeing a stranger (not sure you guys would understand that). Anyway, through the door was a hallway and she was walking down to a bathroom. Of course I could not enter the bathroom since I was not lucid dreaming so I turn around to exit back where I came from. Suddenly, at the exit, that woman popped out again, but this time she said hello to me as if she knew me. I was so confuse because I could have sworn she entered the bathroom. When I turn around, I saw her exiting the bathroom as well and then they immediately stared at each other in shock (paralyzed). Then another clone showed up from the exit, repeating the same sequence. And more of her clones kept showing up in that same way over and over until the space-time continuum was destroyed and everything went in blank white. I woke up from there.

Chris S.

Well, mostly I dream of code. If I've had a stressful time wrestling with my game earlier in the day it turns into a nightmare. Otherwise I may dream up some interesting and legitimate solutions.


When I worked in restaurant, I always found my work nightmares very amusing. The weirdest ones would be where I would wake up inside one of the booths with my blankets and pajamas (or worse no clothes on) and have the hosts start triple-seating me because I'm supposed to be on the clock. Then I'm taking care of tables in my pajamas and I keep getting double-sat until the restaurant is full or until I wake up. And of course, the managers and bussers are nowhere to be found. Only an incompetent host who keeps seating me and one other server who is equally swamped.

Another time, I dreamt that my high school diploma was invalid for some reason, and my old high school let me attend part-time for free so I could get a real diploma. So here I am, a 23-year-old, running around and using lockers and attending class with angsty 16-year-olds. And of course, I get lost inside my tiny private school, which managed to quintuple in size, and I miss class for the entire 45 minutes of it.


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Last night I dreamt that my mom took me to a strangers house for a tour gift. The stanger was young guy and has a business inside his home (which the inside of his home was very nice looking). His business is a tour around his house, seeing cute japanese females cosplaying as hot animu girls on beds. I felt like this would result lot of cringe so I drag my younger brother along just in case. As we just entered through the living of the guys house... I woke up.


Pirates vs Clones
I recently bought a nice desk chair. Much comfortable. I dreamed there was tour vehicle (sort of) in city center. Guess what kind of vehicle that was....


Last night, at the end of this crazy series of a dreams, a pair of good looking teenager girls drove with 50cc Suzuki PV straight through of my mother's house to the balcony and parked the bikes there. Don't ask me why, lol, i don't know. I had a chat with a girl on a phone, she were single as i do. The dream ended, sandly, just would like to know her number or name if she were real. The dreams where everything can happen is a personal Hollywood, or even better which things never can happen for real.
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Pirates vs Clones
I dreamed Harvey Weinstein won the elections(not that we had this in real life, who does even?) for becoming our school principle. The school a become an ominous, Shutter Island-esque institution (my highschool being an old church/orphanage added some sinister value to it). We were restricted from many things and being watched all the time. We formed and alliance, but I only remember till the end of schoolday where we had to take a 5 euro bill from Weinstein's hand and getting a badly forced awkward hugs (just hugs though). So yeah...