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    Apr 13, 2016
    This topic is for storing any GMC Jam posts/topics that you think should be saved from the defunct old GMC Archive. When posting please follow these simple rules:

    1) All posts must be from previous GMC Jams on the legacy forum, and any links or images must be working and visible.

    2) Please only make ONE post per jam/game. If the source material is too long, then we will permit consecutive posts, but try to keep it all as concise as possible (verbatim copy/paste is not required). Use code blocks and spoilers where appropriate to keep post size down.

    3) Please give credit to the user that originally posted the topic or post that you are culling from. Simply putting "OP: {name}" at the top of the post is sufficient.

    4) Please do NOT post conversations, discussion topics, memes, funny posts, etc.... That is not the purpose of this topic.​

    Anything that is posted here that does not adhere to these rules will simply be removed. We want this to be a repository of the best of the knowledge contained in the old archive! Keep in mind that (as always) posts are subject to the usual forum rules and moderator discretion will be used to decide what is permitted and what is not.

    Thank you all for participating in this, and we hope that it will be useful to future users for years to come!

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    Jun 20, 2016
    I'll be posting the general info about each historical Jam in this and subsequent posts: OP/hosts, theme (handicaps, secret words, hype words...), list of entries and rankings/best ofs.
    Also, later I'll be including ZIPs of all entries I managed to scrape from the topic. That, and trophy pictures if still available (RIP tinypic).


    GMC JAM #1
    Theme: PANCAKES
    OP/host: thatshelby

    Top 3:
    1st: Moose's Pancake Adventure by Greenblizzard
    2nd: Flippin' by Robert3DG+
    Tied for 3rd: Virtual Chef Reality by Cubin J and Linx, and Pancake Problems by chance.

    -Pancakes Revenge 2: The Revenge of the Revenge by makerofthegames
    -Infinitus by quick12
    -Modar by orseoste7
    -Mr. Evil Pancake by phoelich
    -Super Pancake RPG by superjoebob
    -Time Crysis by Takagi
    -Sneak by Yal
    -File Corrupt by commander of games
    -Pancake Problems by chance
    -Moose's Pancake Adventure by Greenblizzard
    -Fishing Frenzy by DruidTC
    -GeoMetry by michael pw
    -Plight of the Firefly by Theophilus
    -Pannenkoekenhuis by Snail Productions
    -Butter teh Pancakes by 2d_games
    -Super Bomber Pac Pancakes Woman Deluxe by Mark13673
    -Bomb Detective by fawful
    -Pan-quest by RpGjUnKi3 and Dark Matter
    -Virtual Chef Reality by Cubin J and linx
    -FLIPPIN' by Robert3DG+
    -Unk by Ugriffin
    -Super Cyan by Canite
    -Pancake Island by Rusty and slayer 64

    ZIP of salvaged entries: pending...
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    Jun 20, 2016

    GMC JAM #2

    Theme: INSANITY
    OP/host: Nocturne

    1st: Boom Chk Chk Bang
    2nd: Diagnosis
    3rd: Psycho Powers
    4th: Ocean Insane, Oh No
    6th: Quaintbrush
    7th: Flipswitch Squares, A Tiny Sin
    9th: A Beautiful Nightmare Livid
    11th: Video Game Addict
    12th: Click It
    13th: Pancakes Revenge, EPI, Waiting in Line
    16th: Road to Insanity
    17th: The Offroad Asylum, Pats Greatest Adventure, Asylum, Dont Mind, IOICMMOATWBSME, Dillusion, Incongruity, Creeping Insanity, Uggs Journey Home
    26th: Wry Little Pillface
    27th: 40 Marbles

    Ugg's Journey Home by whoisit
    Creeping Insanity by creativebunch
    Waiting in Line by gmx0
    A Tiny Sin by TrueValhalla
    Click It by FiLkAtA
    Incongruity by gmClay
    EPI by joshuaallen64
    Ocean Insane by orange08
    Diagnosis by Snail
    Dillusion by Rani_sputnik
    40 Marbles by Cotote1
    IOICMMOATWBSME by bannanawalrus
    Flipswitch Squares by Druid TC
    Wry Little Pillface by skullnbones
    Video Game Addict by Dadio
    Dont Mind by chance
    Road To Insanity by SoulSnatcher, music by RPGJunki3
    Pancakes Revenge by makerofthegames, music by RPGJunki3
    Asylum by TD Games
    Livid by Canite
    Pats Greatest Adventure by Blopit
    QuaintBrush by XMDJesse
    Psycho Powers by zeddidragon, Zaceron and Overdark
    The Offroad Asylum by CubinJ, sprites Linx137520 and llama_man, music by Di
    Boom Chk Chk Bang! by SpyDog
    Oh No by Fawful
    A Beautiful Nightmare by Fireball16 and Simaster48

    Also entries inspired by the theme, but didn't make it to the voting:
    I See Demons by Rusty
    Untitled by Theophilus
    Unnamed Jam Game by GreenBlizzard

    ZIP of salvaged entries: pending...
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    Jun 20, 2016

    GMC JAM #3

    Theme: LIVE
    OP/host: Nocturne

    Doodledoo, by TheSnidr
    Tied for 2nd:
    The Statues Live!, by orange08
    Don't Die, by CoolGamrSms
    Die, by Davve
    Enliven, by IceMetalPunk
    Colour My World, by TheUltimate
    Underfall, by orse ost e7 o
    RogueLife, by True Valhalla
    Tied for 9th:
    Pangaea, by CubinJ
    Cantilever Bridge, by ThatSnail
    Tied for 11th:
    Bound, by JonathanPzone
    Geometry, by RedOctober
    Rainbow Dash, by Klassic
    SakanaJo, by Yal
    TalkShow Hero, by Punky
    Sanctum, by ziggler1
    Die Again, by Big Bomb
    LiVEWiRE, by link3000
    Tied for 19th:
    ...and then he fell, by AntonHuckleberry
    Live As Long As Possible, by jeff159357
    The legend will live on..., by bretboy129
    Rogue Live, by Dark Matter and theg721
    Livewire, by Cakefish
    Penguin Survivor, by kalzme
    (Super) Novavon, by BearealisGames and Earthwalker
    Tied for 26th:
    Soulsnatcher, by Fireball16
    The Meaning of Life and Death, by fenyxofshadows
    Spud Wars, by Link Works
    Germs Life, by Fiuz'en Had
    Mickey Mouse - In search of life, by livsk
    Everybody Lives, by chance
    tale of Isamu, by linkronny
    Rocket Leaper, by orange08
    Tied for 34th:
    Tidal Wave, by Imperial Games
    JAM! LIVE! RANDOM!, by ParodyKnaveBob
    Freedom, by michael pw
    Lead Iron Fire Explosion, by turgon
    Live: The Game, by ratsby
    Congratulations, You're Alive, by PurpleFuzzy
    I Have Given You Life Now Live, by @Alex@
    Suburban Warfare, by Ivaxlar
    Nature comes alive, by Fuzzle
    Breaking News!, by Soulsnatcher
    Sunless, by exar3000
    Bomb Disarmer, by GamerTeen
    Tied for 46th:
    Zombies, by GamerTeen
    Traim, by creativebunch
    Fourth Dimension, by Follomania
    Showtime, by Gooses
    Enimies and allies, by slam drago
    The Underworld, by Sondar
    THIRTEEN, by ariugh
    Alive?, by masterofhisowndomain
    The Ball 2 - Live Current, by Shadowrend
    High On Life, by speedchuck and makerofthegames
    Story of a Mother Bird, by ador862

    ZIP of salvaged entries: pending...
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    Jun 20, 2016

    GMC JAM #4

    Theme: LAWS
    OP/host: Nocturne

    1st place: Carmageddon by Robert3DG+

    2nd place: Sophia's Spirits by IceMetalPunk and TheUltimate

    3rd place: PolyGravity by YellowAfterLife

    4th place: Zombie Zoo Murder Case by Yal

    5th place (Joint): The Deep Sky by TrueValhalla, Gaming 101 by makerofthegames

    Carmageddon by Robert3DG+
    The Deep Sky by TrueValhalla
    Gaming 101 by makerofthegames
    Sclaw by SoulSnatcher
    Lawbreaker Of The GMC by orange08
    Abide by JonathanPZone
    Sophia's Spirits by IceMetalPunk and TheUltimate
    Greetings From Liverpool! by ThatSnail
    Evergreen by Hazz and dawnbeforedead
    Anti-Colorist by Venomous
    Laws Of Life (LOL) by ellisvlad
    Fusion by michael pw
    The Door by snail man
    Spencer Street by RedOctober
    Rain by Rusty
    Springs by HomeBrand Gaming
    Law by GMKizzle
    Laws by 4Kings
    Sizzler by shinyjiggly
    On the [Run] in Space by Jakobs98
    JetPack Judge by Faissialoo
    The Vehicle by ahmed # elyamani
    Quest For Rebirth by mads2194
    MindBlow by MythStudio
    PolyGravity by YellowAfterLife
    Dyson Crime Ring by BearealisGames
    Biosphere 7 by AKSuperNewb
    Lawless by Programmmer5
    Super Atourney Advanced by Blopit
    Lex Codex by Hastings2
    Principia Mathematica by Coppolaemilio
    Santa CL:A:W:S: by Coolbot4K
    Monster Season by Geoffrey83 and KidIkari
    Autumn by Newkill
    Thermodynamics by Joe H
    The Law Breaker by RPSR1994
    Ghosting Laws by wakeskater_X
    Law Abiding Zombie by HecklerJH
    Mountains Of Noy by Alex1101
    Red Dead Damnation by masterofhisowndomain
    Genetic Laws Broken by bobmoo
    Planet Ninja by nujuat
    Tower Of Knowledge by Docopoper
    Virtual Lawyer by CreativeBunch
    Enforcers of the Laws by GamerTeen
    Zombie Zoo Murder Case by Yal
    Gotta Break 'Em All! by Nanolotl
    Help The Lawyer Lie by Gogafem
    Mad Old Laws Of Britain by _236380
    Miss by Programmmer5
    Numberi by Tomudzjeris
    Law And Disorder by Tzunami
    Bandit Outlaw by Fireball16 and Zesterer
    Dungeon Shooter by Chat0oo0
    The Lawmasters by ImperialGames
    Soul Assault by Frigg
    Stupid Laws by Autywa
    Outlaw by Joh
    Think Tank by FatalSleep

    ZIP of salvaged entries: pending...
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    Jun 20, 2016

    GMC JAM #5

    Theme: FACADE
    OP/host: Nocturne

    Video featuring all Jam entries by @TheSnidr:

    1st place:
    Disillusion by TrueValhalla
    Breaking The Facade by Ziggler1

    3rd place
    An Inconvenient Facade by RetardedLemon

    4th place
    Duality by TheSnidr & Zekka
    Citified by Venomous
    False by JonathanPzone & KodyT

    7th place
    Nothing Will Ever Hurt You by DxSmiley

    8th place
    Boximus by Harrk
    Dawn Of Nightmares by mads2194

    10th place:
    Falling For Milk by 11clock

    11th place:
    Water, Water, Water by orange08
    Fix It by ThatSnail
    You Monster by Klassic
    RedHood Revelation by _250500

    15th place:
    Subterranea by Viloen

    16th place:
    SpyBot by TheM
    Mario Norris Kart by Yal

    18th place:
    Save Us by Khornel
    Mystery Men by RedOctober

    20th place:
    Shadow Runner - Behind the Facade by Fireball16 & Zesterer
    Moonlight Sonata by Docopoper

    22nd place:
    The Fountainface by masterofhisowndomain
    Feet Of Clay by Blake
    Kaities Flight To The Netherlands by Zeddidragon

    25th place
    Julius Dragonslayer by wakeskater_x, IceMetalPunk & TheUltimate
    Fake Date by ShinyJiggly
    Cellz (The Viruses' Facade) by Hgameguy

    28th place
    Hallucinogun by NAL

    29th place
    Gaming 404 by makerofthegames & Speedchuck
    Money Running Out by free_napalm
    Bots by Ivaxlar
    Bubble by Rusty
    ICTOAT by snailman
    Defend! by ariugh
    Dungeon Deceiver by Keevor
    FayKade by HayManMarc
    BakLush by Desttinghim
    Squirrel Launch by Follomania
    Facade by SkullSoft
    Fac-Ace by Joh
    What You See by TrickPixel Games
    Twisted Mission by Earthwalker
    Agency by Sondar
    Masked Awesomness by faissialoo
    Bair by NicroGames
    City Mania by ahmed#elyamani
    Seeds And Weapons by RekNepz
    Clown Fish Coffee by DarkClower & Tribbe
    Masks of Duhkovu by True_Predator
    SHAP3 SH1FT3R 2600 by Bobmoo
    I Love My Wife by blopit
    PolyWorld by DarKblaDe
    Wanted - Dog Not Alive by jakobs98
    RGB by snailman
    Eulophoria by mrScience00
    BallX by ImperialGames
    Eeveelution by alex1101
    Daface by exar3000
    Modern Hero by BruceCollins
    Shoot The Pigeon by Rusty
    Don't Judge A Building By It's Facade by Irfanfox
    Defender Of Rospuda's Valley by Nirvan
    Fake Guide by The_Puzzle
    Molten Lead by CaptainApril

    ZIP of salvaged entries: pending...
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    Jun 20, 2016
    JamWinner.png Jam2nd.png Jam3rd.png

    GMC JAM #6

    Handicap: Include one or more achievements to unlock within your game, separate from the main goal or objective
    OP/host: Nocturne

    Best Use Of Theme: Bloom by Chessmasterriley
    Best Use Of Handicap: Aaaah... by makerofthegames and speedchuck
    Best Overall Presentation: Bloom by Chessmasterriley
    Best Devlog: Divided I Stand by Soulsnatcher

    1st place:
    Isra's Wing, by Jools64

    2nd place:
    Bloom, by Chessmasterriley

    3rd place:
    Sleepshooter, by orange08

    4th place:
    Chaos, by Davve

    5th place:
    Willo, by GameDevDan

    6th place:
    Tripod, by JakHak

    7th place:
    Origami, by TheUltimate

    8th place :
    Aaaah..., by makerofthegames and Speedchuck

    9th place:
    I Dub Thee Able, by SpyDog

    10th place:
    Divided I Stand, by Soulsnatcher

    11th place:
    Traversia, by TDWP_FTW
    Serenata, by coppolaemilio

    13th place:
    Ataraxia, by Nocturne

    14th place:
    The Story of A Leaf, by Fireball16

    15th place:
    Pigout, by Venomous

    16th place:
    Miniature Golf, by follomania

    17th place:
    Sleepy Maneuver, by 11clock
    Sea of Tranquility, by Coolbot4k
    Fields of Illusia, by Viloen

    20th place:
    A Figurative End, by Blake

    21st place:
    OrganGrinder, by Joe H and EVGartist

    22nd place:
    =( )=, by chainsawkitten
    Forgotten Place, by Joexx3
    Gather, by Greenblizzard

    25th place
    Sea Of Tranquility, by Snail_Man
    Fox In The Forest, by Robert3DG+

    27th place
    Fly, by Blopit

    28th place
    An Ode to Dreaming, Jobo

    29th place
    Balance, by NicroGames
    A Dying Curiosity, by elektron
    Tranquility Mobile, by 247slashGMC

    32nd place:
    The Tranquilliser, by Fihrilkamal

    33rd place
    Dandelion, by Centauri

    34th place
    These Tranquil Waters Shall Not Hold, by johnki
    Cry of the Forest, mads2194
    Peace & Quite Nightmarish, by IceMetalPunk
    Tranquility Restored, by Brighteyes
    Juniper Hill, by max_r_61270
    Fire Tears, by Yal
    A Warrior's Rest, by DesertDog
    Escape From Hades, by lukew23
    Life Flow, by BlackSheepGames

    43rd place
    Calm, by imonster

    44th place
    Cat Martyrdom, by Docopoper

    45th place
    Peaceful Warrior, by _226266

    46th place
    Protect the Guru, by TheLegend
    A Circle Race, by RekNepz

    48th place
    Crystal of Tranquility, by zxmantisxz and Kehran

    49th place
    Aardvark Cwm, by NAL
    The Surreptitious Dr. Swiss, HayManMarc
    FerretJam, by KygonsCube, Neroveus and Furritus
    Defending Tranquility, by CaptainLepidus
    HelloOleChapThisIsAStoryHello, by ThatSnail
    Payload, by Keevor
    The Thing That Money Can't Buy, IrfanFox
    Enough Portals, by Ziggler1
    Retrospection, by MrGame
    Akovi, by Rusty
    Shoot The Pigeon 2, by Rusty
    Dreamy Beamy, kalzme
    The Way of Tranquility, by greyzebra
    Tranquility, by CapitanLepidus
    Just Let Me Sleep!, by zakaos
    tranquility is a lame theme, by slayer 64
    Swan, by Yal
    Serenity Slaughter, by Dangerous_Dave
    Arcadia, by Mr.Munchkin
    Bird, by dereklarue

    10000000001th place:

    ZIP of salvaged entries: pending...
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    Jun 20, 2016
    1stPlace.png 2ndPlace.png 3rdPlace.png

    GMC JAM #7

    Theme: TWO WORLDS
    Handicap: The game must have at least one cutscene
    OP/host: Nocturne

    Best Use Of Theme: Divided Existence by TerraFriedSheep
    Best Use Of Handicap: Twice by Lune
    Best Overall Presentation: Conquerors by Chessmasterriley

    1st place:
    GameDevDan - Chickens & Moles

    2nd place:
    orange08 - Morph Worlds

    3rd place:
    Snail_Man - Dual Personality

    4th place:
    Venomous - Double World

    5th place:
    Centauri - Knockdown

    6th place:
    TerraFriedSheep - Divided Existence

    7th place:
    holgersson1988 - Nostradamus

    8th place:
    11clock - Spectrum

    9th place:
    Blake - VirtualTrial

    10th place:
    newkill - 9999

    11th place:
    Viloen - Hellscape

    12th place:
    Oracizan - Underworld

    13th place:
    DXSmiley - Sendling

    14th place:
    Bill23 - After It's Over

    15th place:
    Chris_Devl - Insomnia-An Interactive Story

    16th place:
    makerofthegames - UTWPVG

    17th place:
    ChessMasterRiley - Conquerors

    18th place:
    TrueValhalla - Senseless

    19th place:
    Lune - Twice

    20th place:
    Spydog - Super Spaceship Escape

    21st place:
    bksonic - Everything's a Lie
    Robert3DG+ - Tangible Fortress
    Yal - Makaijima

    24th place:
    Darzoz - Asperous Flux

    25th place:
    fenyxofshadows - Split+Balance

    26th place:
    95Jonpet - Alignment

    27th place:
    Hiznopellagio - Stepsy

    28th place:
    cantavanda - Cheeseburger Quest

    29th place:
    Pixel8ted72 - The Last Time Keeper

    30th place:
    sisyphus - Little Comet

    31st place:
    Simaster48 - Guardian Angel

    32nd place:
    TeamSteeve - Aliens Apart

    33rd place:
    land of games - Duality Maze

    34th place:
    @Alex@ - Project Solomon
    chance - Organomech
    Feerple - Bubbly
    Fireball16 - Dream State
    HomeBrand Gaming_Pens-Into The Purple Void
    NeoTalon27 - A Sudden Change
    PwndGames - Synchrocity
    Team49 - Terra Duo

    42nd place:
    blopit - Untitled
    bobmoo - A Second Earth
    Furmo - Mundus
    lukeyrulz - Toast In Space
    sp202 - Change

    47th place:
    PrinceOthman - Insane

    48th place:
    ND4SPD - Stereoscopic

    49th place:
    Jonathanlacombe - Seth

    50th place:
    faissialoo - Jumper
    Irfanfox - Just Jump
    lukew23 - Jetpack Hero
    Team DIMN - Bridge Of War
    The_Puzzle - Valid Or Invalid

    55th place:
    Jobo - Saving Private Ryan

    56th place:
    Dangerous_Dave - Passive Aggressive People

    57th place:
    sners - 1 0.5x2 Worlds

    58th place:
    ZingZingZap - Amazalkazopopolusity

    59th place:
    Jack Indie Box - Wormhole Warrior

    60th place:
    duckshooter - Jam Game

    61st place:
    WORLDTree - Read All Over

    62nd place:
    Chainsawkitten - A collection of thoughts regarding her
    Lilybugged - CherryChomp

    64th place:
    Rusty - Shoot The Pidgeon 3

    ZIP of salvaged entries: pending...
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    Jun 20, 2016

    GMC JAM #8

    Theme: DISASTERS
    Handicap: You cannot use text (Excluding the game name, credits and key bindings)
    OP/host: Nocturne

    Best Use Of Theme: Disaster City by Joh
    Best Use Of Handicap: A Game That Fits The Handicap by Snail_Man
    Best Overall Presentation: (first post in games topic images are missing)
    Best Devlog: DynaPogo by NAL

    1st place
    holgersson1988 - Turtle Termination

    2nd place
    TheSnidr and Lolligirl - The Little Tornado that Couldn't

    3rd place
    Saijee - Remnants of a Beautiful Day

    4th place
    Blake - Brolly

    5th place
    NAL - Dynapogo

    6th place
    Greenio - In 200 Seconds

    7th place
    Darzoz - A White Space

    8th place
    blopit - Alien Beatdown Carnage Dub Edition Freestyle
    DXSmiley - Warp

    10th place:
    Snail_Man - Everyone Explodes

    11th place:
    TeamSteeve - Cities

    12th place:
    RekNepZ - Weatherman

    13th place:
    Joh - Disaster City

    14th place:
    Chance - Runaway carriage

    15th place:
    Dadio - Doomsday
    GameDevDan - LOS_Paper_Pumpkin_Apocalypse

    17th place:
    Yal - QuakeHouse

    18th place:
    Dangerous_Dave - Aqua Ascent

    19th place:
    StallionTG - Disaster Determined

    20th place:
    Hgameguy - The Great Picnic Disaster

    21st place:
    NicroGames - Forest

    22nd place:
    Chainsawkitten - Stay Alive

    23rd place
    icymx - Upwards and Onwards

    24th place
    Brighteyes - R'lyeh

    25th place
    Land Of Games - Shooter Game

    26th place
    Pixelade - Coin Collector

    27th place
    Team ClockworkOrange - Desperate

    28th place
    Shinyjiggly - Escape From The Sun

    29th place
    MonstrGaming - Bob And his Disasters

    30th place:
    Hiznopellagio - Chase
    sp202 - Crazy Texter

    32nd place:
    KalebParhamProductions - Buzz Kill Gaiden

    33rd place
    Darkwalker247 - Kinetsuka

    34th place
    Rusty - Shoot The Pidgeon 4

    35th place
    The_Puzzle - Disaster Zone

    36th place
    Zakaos - A.B.I.A.C.S

    37th place
    Lukew23 - Generic Ninja Game

    38th place
    Macocco - Disaster Run

    39th place
    Fireball16 - Attack of the Killer Plants

    40th place:
    Desttinghim - Disasters

    41st place:
    Ariugh - The Floor Is Lava!

    42nd place:
    CapitainLepidus - Parkour Platformer

    43rd place
    GameRoom - In A Time Of Need

    44th place
    Simaster48 - Dev Island

    45th place
    Centauri - Global Thermonuclear War

    46th place
    Feerple - Frankenstorm

    47th place
    Cantavanda - Unit 3452

    48th place
    @Alex@ - Meteor-The Second Impact

    49th place
    HayManMarc - Deluge Deep In The Burrows
    Snail_Man - A Game that Fits the Handicap

    51st place:
    Mercerenies - Cyclone Apocalypse

    52nd place:
    Lilybugged - The 12 Pages

    53rd place
    ThatSnail - At The Corner Of The Earth

    54th place
    Nujuat - Happy Fish

    55th place
    2d_games - The Little Tornado that Could

    56th place
    Orange08 - Buk

    57th place
    Masterox7737 - Techno Defense
    NightGrader - Protect My Virtual Vault

    59th place
    Desertpunk12 - Surviving The Madness

    60th place:
    johnki - !

    61st place:
    NewKill - Star Bomb Rock Bird

    62nd place:
    Kibblesbob - Trigger Finger

    ZIP of salvaged entries: pending...
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    Jun 20, 2016

    GMC JAM #9

    Handicap: Must not contain humans nor humanoids
    OP/host: Nocturne

    Best Use Of Theme: The Experiment by Joh
    Best Use Of Handicap: That Doggone Cat by TheSnidr and Lolligirl
    Best Overall Presentation: That Doggone Cat by TheSnidr and Lolligirl

    1st place:
    THAT DOGGONE CAT - TheSnidr & Lolligirl

    2nd place:
    CODE GUILLOTINE - ChessMasterRiley

    3rd place:
    CIRCLE17 - Lune

    4th place:
    NEAR LIFE EXPERIENCE - Supamaster004

    5th place:

    7th place:
    VITAL SPARK - Oracizan

    8th place:

    9th place:
    THE MUSIC - Snail_Man

    10th place:
    ROOMBA LAB - DanRedux and Shinyjiggly

    11th place:
    VISION PILL - orange08

    12th place:
    STREAM OF BLOOD - SpeedChuck

    13th place:
    SPACE CHASE - programmmer5

    14th place:

    15th place:

    17th place:
    VIRUSECT - Pixelade

    18th place:
    MR BIRD - Greenblizzard

    19th place:

    20th place:

    21st place:
    CRITTER CREATOR - TeamSteeve

    22nd place:
    BIRD - NicroGames
    BLOBS vs ROBOTS - TheLegend
    BOB THE BLOB - iceshield
    ECHO DIE! - imef
    INFECTION - SquireBox
    NOT POODLE - JackOatley
    PROFANITY BOT - GameDevDan
    RAGABALANCE - Boudoudou
    RAT RUN - Fireball16
    SPARE PARTS - chance
    THE PATH OF THE BLOB - mr magnus

    39th place:
    RETROACTION - Feysoura

    40th place:
    NINE TWO - DXsmiley

    41st place:
    SPACE PENCIL - Faaaebs

    42nd place:
    EXPERIMENT11 - Gorkiller

    43rd place:
    PARADIGM - Diptoman

    44th place:

    45th place:
    A TALE OF TWO - makerofthegames
    COUNTDOWN - Beaver
    LAB RATS - Sirham
    NUCLEAR NAUL - Zesterer
    SBX INVASION - wakerskater_x
    SCIENCE GONE WRONG - lukew23
    SGW - JimmyBegg
    SPIDERSCAPE - Dangerous_Dave
    THE COMMUNITY - darkwalker247
    TOOTHPASTE MAN - Cantavanda

    55th place:

    56th place:
    ANONYMA KROPPER - chainsawkitten

    57th place:
    A SHOT IN THE DARK - Fenyxofshadows

    58th place:
    AFTER LIFE - DesertDog
    FROGLIM - GoinBatty
    WORM VIRUS - Bran000

    64th place:
    SAVE THE WORLD - funnysoft

    65th place:
    THE DROP OF THE DROP - D4rknezz and John Nikitakis

    66th place:
    AMOEBA - andyphillips20
    BACK TO EARTH - PixelKing
    CAT IN A LABORATORY - Destinghim
    ILL BE JAMMED - Derme
    MOTHER - Minimuffin
    OUTOFSIGHT - masterox7737

    72nd place:
    BEET THE TREES - wumbologist
    ICESCAPE - Faissialoo

    74th place:

    75th place:
    YUMMY - Irfanfox

    76th place:
    TINMEN TURMOIL - Greg Squire

    77th place:
    NUT A JOKE GAEM - Lukasmah

    78th place:

    79th place:

    ZIP of salvaged entries: pending...
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  11. Alice

    Alice Toolmaker of Bucuresti Forum Staff Moderator

    Jun 20, 2016

    GMC JAM #10

    Theme: FOREIGN
    Handicap: The game must solely use grayscale (black through white) and one other colour for visuals
    OP/host: Nocturne


    Best Use Of Theme: Sriggy Moggful by orange08
    Best Use Of Handicap: Seeing Blue by True Valhalla
    Best Overall Presentation: Seeing Blue by True Valhalla
    Best Devlog: Outlander by Coolbot4k

    1st place:
    Rainbow_Below - Lune

    2nd place:
    Eternal Chamber - Newkill

    3rd place:
    8Bit Vomit - Yal

    4th place:
    Redemption - Chessmasterriley

    5th place:
    Distant Mind - 11clock

    6th place:
    Hi_Me_Ro_Me - NAL
    HitmanV2 - Joh

    8th place:
    Outlander - Coolbot4K
    Seeing Blue - True Valhalla
    SriggyMoggful - Orange08

    11th place:
    Papantzin - GameDevDan

    12th place:
    Antartic Battle - Greenblizzard

    13th place:
    MissionDemolition - Swifty

    14th place:
    For a Lost Hat - Gorkiller

    15th place:
    Slippery Slope - Dadio and Jack

    16th place:
    FOD - Chance

    17th place:
    SkyScraper - Snail_Man

    18th place:
    Rovitation - Dr_D_Flopper

    19th place:
    Cyan - amcd

    20th place:
    Intruder Alert - benf2

    21st place:
    Purple Invaders - Second reality

    22nd place:
    Ego In Hoc V Horarum - Darzoz

    23rd place:
    Defend The Homelands_MishMash
    Platform13 - Darkwalker247
    Polaris - Oracizan
    The Life And Times Of..This Square Right Here - makerofthegames

    27th place:
    Death_To_Zepplin - Goinbatty

    28th place:
    Fortress Face Off - RekNepZ

    29th place:
    Introductions - @Alex@

    30th place:
    TheFourDoors - Exkakx

    31st place:
    Recrudescence - Dangerous_Dave

    32nd place:
    Dark World - MikeDark_X

    33rd place:
    Island_Medley - mr magnus
    Matrix6 - Earthwalker

    35th place:
    Specimen - TeamBoilerplate

    36th place:
    Smithereens - Fireball16

    37th place:
    ParaVerse - jett87

    38th place:
    RunningFromtheForeign_Bruin Games

    39th place:
    September Campaign - The Legend

    40th place:
    Shooting Stars - Feerple

    41st place:
    The World I Created - bobmoo

    42nd place:
    Alien Attack - slojanko
    Defend_The_Treasure - Sirham
    Samurai Ghost Hunter - 94931355

    45th place:
    A Gentlemanly Game of Pie in the Face - jordland
    Avoid - SecondReality

    47th place:
    When they Come - trg601

    48th place:
    Bliss - lilybugged
    Cursed UFO - The Black Dragon

    50th place:
    Foreign_Wars - Overloaded and Jagtiger

    51st place:
    Rain_War_YouGot - Rusty

    52nd place:
    Lazer Dojo Death Frenzy_blu3

    53rd place:
    Dust Cloud Gone Mad - NightGrader

    54th place:
    Greyfield - Nightswim

    55th place:
    Snail racer - Rusty

    56th place:
    Borders - gmx0

    57th place:
    Nut Kick - IrfanFox

    58th place:
    SuperJellyAlien - GameMakerFun300

    59th place:
    Nut A Joke Gaem2 - Lukasmah

    ZIP of salvaged entries: pending...
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  12. Alice

    Alice Toolmaker of Bucuresti Forum Staff Moderator

    Jun 20, 2016
    GMC_Jam_11_Winner_zpseb69f4e8.png GMC_Jam_11_2nd_1_zps028f5ede.png GMC_Jam_11_2nd_2_zpse9082603.png

    GMC JAM #11

    Theme: MONSTERS
    Handicap: Must contain no violence of any kind
    OP/host: Nocturne

    Best Use Of Theme: Boo! by SecondReality
    Best Use Of Handicap: Dewey Feed Grogg by GameDevDan
    Best Overall Presentation: Department by Lune
    Best Devlog: Lolligirl and TheSnidr

    1st place:
    Lolligirl & theSnidr - Race friends

    2nd place:
    Snail_Man - House OF Shadows
    TehPilot - Trials Of Hell

    4th place:
    TerraFriedSheep - Letterboxes

    5th place:
    Venomous - Rollolol

    6th place:
    chance - Sticky Zombies

    7th place:
    Lune - Department

    8th place:
    11clock - Destitute

    9th place:
    GameDevDan - Dewey Feed Grogg

    10th place:
    bksonic - Im Not Scared

    11th place:
    SecondReality - Boo!

    12th place:
    Centauri - FuzzMonster
    Detective Pixel - Drunk Dino Simulator
    Hellfish - Monsters Are Not Real

    15th place:
    Hiznopellagio - Pixhroom

    16th place:
    NAL - Prisnhax
    Osiris - Exploit A Monster

    18th place:
    Darzoz - Idle Hands

    19th place:
    darkwalker247 - Fighting Fire With Foxfire

    20th place:
    xaveri - Grow a Monster

    21st place:
    thegame - Abbey and Elliot

    22nd place:
    Coolbot4K - Egg

    23rd place:
    kearel - Cookie House

    24th place:
    Yal - 7 Emeralds

    25th place:
    Scimitri - Jimmy Jam

    26th place:
    blopit - Glob

    27th place:
    Joh - Monster Dodgeball

    28th place:
    Lemon Flavor - Don't turn off the Lights
    lukeyrulz - The Bounds Of Endersome

    30th place:
    MishMash - And then Came the Monsters
    SpeedChuck - The Monster Within

    32nd place:
    MusicalGameDev - Little Monster

    33rd place:
    mads2194 - Haunted

    34th place:
    Brawl - Dragon Void

    35th place:
    Blake - Snatchers

    36th place:
    @Alex@ - Monsters Love Colour

    37th place:
    94931355 - Icarus

    38th place:
    N-Cubo - My Little Monster Adventure

    39th place:
    GameRoom and Wik Eraser - Tickle Wrestling
    the ch8t - Air Jeff

    41st place:
    Bruin Games - To the Wardrobe
    HayManMarc - the Grumpies
    xDJ357x - Super Orchard Defender

    44th place:
    TeamSteeve - Grumpy Growlies

    45th place:
    kikjezrous - Metrojdvania
    mentally_challenging - Doom Sheep

    47th place:
    Roflstompz - Monster Bake

    48th place:
    Mercenaries - Pacifist - The Monster Hunter
    Misu - Super Robo Monster Blaster 3000

    50th place:
    Sirham - Monster Mania

    51st place:
    chaz_13 - Afraid Of The Light

    52nd place:
    Shadow_Lancer - D.E.R.P

    53rd place:
    Exkakx - Monsters

    54th place:
    MikeDark_x - The Hunt

    55th place:
    Monstr Gaming - Sprite & Entity

    56th place:
    AhmedElyamani - Evolu
    TropicalMammoth - Demons In Nice Suits

    58th place:
    Beaver - Monster Sanctuary

    59th place:
    dadio - Hotelefone Uf Horrar
    Fireball16 - Monster Defense
    programmer5 - On The run

    62nd place:
    makerofthegames - The Skeletons That Pushed Out Of Their Skin

    63rd place:
    RekNepZ - TurnX

    64th place:
    Doogie_Forever - Static Space
    mr magnus - Deamons orb

    66th place:
    N8 - o_275455 - Legs

    67th place:
    The Legend - Transformation

    68th place:
    Dant3 - Uplink
    jett87 - Duck Run
    Overloaded & slojanko & Jagtiger - Unlocking The Door Of Fear
    renegadeninjanl - legend Of frankenstein Junior
    rothnarge - Run Away
    The Black Dragon - Toyz
    trg601 - Monsters Of the Dimensions
    Feerple - Paint

    76th place:
    Lilybugged - Veggies And Beasts
    Lukasmah - Nut A Joke Gaem 3
    newkill - Star Bomb Rock Bird 3 - Revenge

    79th place:
    Noel_Abercrombie - Super turbo building Puncher

    80th place:
    Viperpilot - Strike Force

    81st place:
    Boysano - MonsterCraft

    ZIP of salvaged entries: pending...

    Package with reward badges:
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  13. Alice

    Alice Toolmaker of Bucuresti Forum Staff Moderator

    Jun 20, 2016

    GMC JAM #12

    Theme: EVOLUTION
    Handicap: Trains or locomotives must appear in the game at some time, and must affect the gameplay in some form
    OP/host: Nocturne

    (no best-ofs found in the results post)

    1st place:
    Greenblizzard - Fox Of The Night

    2nd place:
    Nal - LabWagon

    3rd place:
    Darkwalker247 - Project Adamii

    4th place:
    DoomShark - theSnider

    5th place:
    Apex - Snail_Man

    6th place:
    Lone White Blood Cell - BKSonic

    7th place:
    Off The Rails - TerraFriedSheep

    8th place:
    Evolution of the Wheel - Chance

    9th place:
    Locomotive On Legs - Spydog
    Project91 - DoubleParrallax

    11th place:
    Happy_Sunshine - ShadowLancer

    12th place:
    Fan Grazer - Yal

    13th place:
    Serpent - Lune

    14th place:
    7R41N - N-Cubo

    15th place:
    Forced Evolution - Lonewolff

    16th place:
    Forks - thegame
    I must change to go on - Nallebeorn
    Wish That I Could Be Human - GameDevDan
    You Must Dodge - Kepons

    20th place:
    Reevo - JackOatley

    21st place:
    Train Game With Nukes - 95jonpet

    22nd place:
    Candy Trains - Roflstmpz

    23rd place:
    A Train Through Evolution - thePC007

    24th place:
    Darwins Basement - @Alex@
    Impossible Train - Nujuat

    26th place:
    Temple Of Evolution - GlueGuy

    27th place:
    Blu Cat - Monstr Gaming

    28th place:
    Time Train - JimmyBegg

    29th place:
    Train Wreck - programmer5

    30th place:
    Metro Assault - Syntaxibles

    31st place:
    The Train Game - RekNepZ

    32nd place:
    Darwin Express - 2Create

    33rd place:
    BFSE - Mercerenies

    34th place:
    Mutation Train - LukanSpellweaver

    35th place:
    The Great Pumpkin Patch Match - Oracizan
    Train Eater - Darzoz

    37th place:
    Evolo - bobmoo

    38th place:
    Trains Of War - mr Magnus

    39th place:
    Kurei - MikeDark_x

    40th place:
    Live Ammo - Detective Pixel

    41st place:
    Rescue Her - Sirham

    42nd place:
    HellGauge_Armagedon - DANT3

    43rd place:
    Great Pumpkin Smash - Grimdayz

    44th place:
    The Train Of All Life - trg601

    45th place:
    Evolution of Survival - Sneezy103

    46th place:
    Desolation Planet Earth - xDJ357x

    47th place:
    Dont Be A Train Wreck - petrus_ward

    48th place:
    Trains_Evolution - Dangerous_Dave

    49th place:
    Stereotype - CreamyBacon1

    50th place:
    Defend The Train - yokcos700

    51st place:
    The Devils Railroad - HayManMarc

    52nd place:
    YYH_Shooter - GameDevDan

    53rd place:
    Time To Live - Teroil

    54th place:
    ForFun - Shadowrend

    55th place:
    Dead Reckoning - Archdemon

    56th place:
    Train Evolution - Overloaded_&_Jagtiger

    57th place:
    Evo - Team Steeve

    58th place:
    Turbo Super Trans-Continental Afro Holocaust - makerofthegames

    59th place:
    Click The Train - Mercerenies
    Murder Train - brighteyes

    ZIP of salvaged entries: pending...
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  14. Alice

    Alice Toolmaker of Bucuresti Forum Staff Moderator

    Jun 20, 2016

    GMC JAM #13

    Theme: PIRATES
    Handicap: The graphics and gameplay of your entry must be entirely 2D
    OP/host: GameDevDan

    Best Use Of Theme: 1999 by the ch8t
    Best Use Of Handicap: Flabby-Blubberin' Football by Detective Pixel
    Best Overall Presentation: Chessmasterriley and Lune
    Best Devlog: Lune

    1st place
    Greenblizzard - Spiderbomb

    2nd place
    Lune - Such inheritance, much saga

    3rd place
    diptoman - Epic Pirate Battle Simulator

    4th place
    theM - Moonlight
    yal - Ye Legend Of Ye Pirate Princess

    6th place
    joh - Booty Warrior

    7th place
    thech8t - 1999

    8th place
    tum - Siem and the cat captains

    9th place
    chessmasterriley - The legend of the floating isles
    detectivepixel - Flabby Blubberin' Football

    11th place:
    Blake - Galleon Force
    gamedevdan - Tiny Pirate Captain

    13th place:
    chance - Aarrh!
    terrafriedsheep - The pirate that snook

    15th place:
    crazyguygames - Gold Wars
    darzoz - Kraken Feed

    17th place:
    Alice & Smash ball - Pirate Puzzles

    18th place:
    NAL - Well cut lass

    19th place:
    thegame - White

    20th place:
    squarebit - Jeff

    21st place:
    gizmo199 - shadow of the sea
    kepons - Drunk Pirates vs Drunk Musketeers
    Snail_Man - Jolly roger, solo pirate

    24th place
    shadow_lancer - Parrot thief

    25th place
    nallebeorn - The flying dutchman

    26th place
    dant3 - Piratic Skies
    darkwalker247 - Moekira Massacre
    jack Oatley & Team - SPISWSLAR
    programmer5 - Kidnapped Treasure

    30th place:
    mercerenies - A boy and his tub

    31st place:
    Benf2 - Treasure Hunt
    exkakx - Brain Pirate Legacy
    glueguy - Fun Pirates
    syntaxibles - Pirobots

    35th place
    yword - Super Pirate Ship

    36th place
    mrmagnus - Le merveilleux detective

    37th place
    Beaver - Pirate Sword Fight
    katipogames - The Pixel Pirate
    nvrogers - For a reasonable sum of cash

    40th place:
    gameroom - Agent 22 and his incredibly ineffective weapons

    41st place:
    pixelade - Ancient Piranha Isle

    42nd place:
    haymanmarc - Cargo Dog

    43rd place
    gvmakesgames - Captain John

    44th place
    reknepz - (Game)

    45th place
    feerple - Carribean Trail
    goinbatty - Pseudo Pirates

    47th place
    nightswim & Team - Whale Island

    48th place
    sirham - High seas

    49th place
    2create - (Game)

    50th place:
    mikedark_x - Wings Pirates of the sky

    51st place:
    renegadeninjanl - Candy Crushes Pirate Saga

    52nd place:
    dadio - Pirates vs Ninjas... etc.
    overloaded - Messin' with the pirates

    54th place
    roflstompz - Pirate Souls

    55th place
    dadio - Twerkin' Yaaar!

    56th place
    brano000 - The Devil's Triangle
    cancan460 - DotS
    gregsquire - Happy Candy Pirates
    lukanspellweaver - Lieutenant Swell
    mikedark_x - Sweet Pirates
    mitchbrits15 - Ye Olde Pirate Ship
    rui_rosario - Shoot The Parrot
    thunkgames - B. Coughlins

    64th place
    brainstorm - Bread Defense

    65th place
    chaoticbeta - The Prerogative Backers

    66th place
    moon489 - (game)

    67th place
    buddy5 - (game)

    68th place
    mishmash - Deck Sweeper

    69th place
    thealvamc - Ocean Tale

    70th place:
    mott - Art Exhibit V1
    smashball - Roy the short: Boats of war

    72nd place:
    mercerenies - Adventures of the roy boat

    ZIP of salvaged entries: pending...
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  15. Alice

    Alice Toolmaker of Bucuresti Forum Staff Moderator

    Jun 20, 2016

    GMC JAM #14

    Theme: MEMORIES
    Handicap: There must be no less than five different sound effects unique from each other in the length of your game
    OP/host: GameDevDan

    Best Use Of Theme: Eidetic by Blake
    Best Use Of Handicap: Memory Piano by Shadowrend
    Best Overall Presentation: Eidetic by Blake
    Best Devlog: The_M

    1 - Blake - Eidetic
    2 - DetectivePixel - Mind Therapy
    3 - Diptoman - John
    4 - Ghandpivot – I Do remember
    5 - UKDutyPaid – Remember, Dummy
    6 - Darkwalker247 – Psychomatica Optima
    7 - Lune – Parting
    8 - Squarebit – Memories of fallen heroes
    9 - Turgon – Wizard Amnesia
    10 - Snail_Man – Alois
    11 - MrMagnus – the bedroom door
    12 - Joh – Darklords Memoir
    13 - Terrafriedsheep – fading fast
    14 - The_M – Memory Lane
    15 - Greenblizzard – Veggie Penguin
    16 - Shadow_Lancer – Memory Xtreme
    17 - Teamsteeve – Twisted memory
    18 - Rani_sputnik – Jam Tart
    19 - Chance – GMC Memories
    20 - LukanSpellweaver – Psymons Says
    21 - Nvrogers – Call of obligation
    22 - Programmer5 – beat
    23 - MAnlk800 – Dream Doctor
    24 - Reknepz – Old Jamz
    25 - Yal – Yal's memory training
    26 - Thech8t – Dance Dance Detective Pixel
    27 - Alice – Define
    28 - Exkakx – A place called Nodezche
    29 - Nitemare38 – Everlasting night
    30 - Beaver – From Memory
    31 - Kepons – LongShotPot
    32 - Hippyman – Yologuins
    33 - Xor – The Past
    34 - Sirham – Jenny
    35 - Brainstorm – an old child's memories
    36 - Feerple - Agyro
    37 - Nvrogers – blind memory
    38 - shadow rend – Memory Piano
    39 - Lan_Shade – boring game
    40 - petrus_ward – Tank Game
    41 - Darkwalker247 – Amtipo Acitamosohcysp
    42 - HayManMarc – Retrospect
    43 - Richardlord – Space Fighter
    44 - GameDevDan – Just Pop Bubbles

    ZIP of salvaged entries: pending...
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  16. Alice

    Alice Toolmaker of Bucuresti Forum Staff Moderator

    Jun 20, 2016

    GMC JAM #15

    Theme: BUILD AND USE
    Handicap: Your game cannot be a platformer
    OP/host: GameDevDan

    Best Use Of Restrictions: Disperspective by 11clock
    Best Presentation: A Crafty Escape by TehPilot, SIMOV by nacho_chicken and Fort Bloks by Diptoman (tie)
    Best Newcomer: 2Dcube, xNyo and nacho_chicken

    1 - ZOMBIES INDIE HOUSE - Fort Bloks

    2 - JACKOATLEY, PEPS1992, JAMIE GUPTA - Booty Trap

    3 - 2DCUBE - Must go up

    4 - 11clock - Disperspective

    5 - xNyo - Tower's soul is you

    6 - Snail_man - Tie

    7 - Lolligirl & TheSnidr - Poker Defence

    8 - Mercerenies - Bridges

    9 - Terrafriedsheep - Plodolps

    10 - Coolbot4k - Minion Quest

    11 - Jett87 - Calgos' battle

    12 - Poizen - Purple block space

    13 - Yal - Shattered Rocket

    14 - mr magnus - The Path

    15 - Pixelade - Micromanagement defence

    16 - UkDutyPaid - Atomism
    Exkakx - Four Zeroes

    18 - NAL - FrankenFireArm

    19 - TehPilot - A crafty escape

    20 - nvrogers - Colony

    21 - speedchuck - Tower Beat Down

    22 - faissialoo - Cobus

    23 - Dangerous_dave - Confidence builder
    The ch8t - Vaqueros del Oeste
    Marsiic - Cube

    26 - Double Parallax - Pixel

    27 - Team Moon Rabbits - Dolls of steel
    Shadow_Lancer - Simple shapes RTS

    29 - Goinbatty - ZGJIDHJE

    30 - Smash ball - screw this

    31 - nacho_chicken - Simov

    32 - Noele - Brick Maker
    Weckar - game

    34 - Alice - TINAMCNIIAGGAB

    35 - GVMakesgames - Kill them all!
    TRG601 - Duel of Gears

    37 - Sirham - I hate Yellow

    38 - Brainstorm - Afterbuild

    39 - bksonic - Building Peacefully

    40 - Boudoudou - Build to succeed
    Chance - Construction Deconstruction

    42 - Misu - Bash n Crash

    43 - Kepons - Octopus of happiness
    Feerple - A subpar game

    45 - IceMaster - Cubi
    The Rock Abdo - LWS
    Joh - Jamwinner

    48 - Lan Shade - Save The PResidant!

    49 - The Legend - Engineering survival
    Wixu - Die or live

    51 - GoldenIndieGames - Castle Steward

    52 - Mercerenies - Roys adventures in crafting

    53 - CreamyBacon1 - Heat Death

    54 - ParodyKnaveBob & Team Auctor - In the year 2000
    Camper125Lv - Build and fight

    56 - Brainstorm - Minions say meh!

    57 - Rockyfelle185 - No time for name

    ZIP of salvaged entries: pending...
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  17. Alice

    Alice Toolmaker of Bucuresti Forum Staff Moderator

    Jun 20, 2016

    GMC JAM #16
    Theme: BIG AND SMALL
    Handicap: The protagonist is a failure
    Secret word: ?AND? (PANDA)
    OP/host: GameDevDan

    Best Use Of Restrictions: System Failure by Annoyed Grunt
    Best Presentation: Titan Tighten by NAL and Taco Quest by DetectivePixel
    Best Use Of Secret Word: The Miserable Petronella Panda by Nallebeorn
    Best Devlog: Lonely Blooban by hippyman, The Universe! And Randy by Holgersson1988 and Barry the Brainless Overlord by Mercerenies

    1.  "Titan Tighten" by NAL
    2.  "Dartmoor Finch" by JackOatley & Jamie Gupta
        "Kidnap the Princess Because... I don't know" by Yal
    4.  "Taco Quest" by Detective Pixel
    5.  "D1G1T@L_DR0P" by Parakoopa
    6.  "Gem stack" by The M
    7.  "Barry: the Brainless Overlord" by Mercerenies
        "The Universe! And Randy" by holgersson1988
    9.  "Another Fleating Day" by mr magnus
    10. "A Mouse in Space" by Greenblizzard
    11. "Tiles of Reim" by Alice
    12. "Big Foot Small Ball" by TerraFriedSheep
    13. "When We Were Young" by Robo
    14. "XANDU VS KANDY" by dadio
    15. "Brief Case" by Snail_Man
    16. "Daughter" by nvrogers
    17. "Expendable Blocks" by 95jonpet
    18. "Little Nicolas: The Unlucky Elephant" by Nocturne
        "System Failure" by Annoyed Grunt
    20. "BIGG" by the ch8t
        "The Miserable Petronella Panda" by Nallebeorn
    22. "Last One Standing: Tiny Panda Barrage" by GameDevDan
    23. "David vs Goliath" by Joh
    24. "Teh Kitteh that Liked Clocks" by kepons
    25. "small" by Oracizan
    26. "Code Breakers" by ziggler1
    27. "Agent Guy" by Shadow_Lancer
    28. "Elven Man" by Lune
        "Manjuu" by 2Dcube
        "Stomp" by wikaman1
    31. "Bot Circuits" by NazGhuL
        "Resetka" by Goinbatty
        "The Adventures of Slimey" by Epicular_
    34. "Mine Zombie Failure" by Galaxy & Boysano
    35. "Boss Inc." by Sirham
        "Err, a game" by RekNepZ
        "Forgiveness" by trg601 & moon489
        "Forgotten 3d" by Camper125Lv
        "Mr Big and Dr Small" by Monstr Gaming
        "Razor Treat" by OHKO
        "Size Matters" by chance
        "Steam era war" by brainstorm
    43. "Hippy Business Balloon" by Nitemare38
    44. "A Lonely Blooban" by hippyman
    45. "Dr. Swiss 2" by HayManMarc
    46. "Micro Mini's" by mAnIk800 & Armoured Boar
    47. "Mice lllI" by Exkakx
    48. "Sandy vs Handy" by Strandypants
    49. "Cube's 3D Adventure: How to become stronger" by Kahvana166
    50. "Roy's Bigger Balloon" by Mercerenies
    51. "PaintB***h" by LukanSpellweaver
    52. "Mother Duck and Baby Duck" by 11clock
    53. "Keep them small" by The M

    ZIP of salvaged entries: pending...
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  18. Alice

    Alice Toolmaker of Bucuresti Forum Staff Moderator

    Jun 20, 2016

    GMC JAM #17
    Handicap: Dying in the game has twisted benefits
    Secret word: A????D (ABSURD)
    OP/host: GameDevDan

    Best Use Of Restrictions: Gnomes by Snail_Man
    Best Presentation: Auditurgatory by Lune
    Best Use Of Secret Word: Drusba by kepons
    Best Devlog: HannaH by GameDevDan

    1    Snail_Man    Gnomes
    2    GameDevDan    Hannah
    3    Lune    Auditurgatory
    4    Jack Oatley and Hayman Marc    Attack of the flying saucers from outer space
    5    Detective Pixel    Synclox
    6    Coolbot4k    Boppy and Zippy
    7    Yal    You will become a turret when you die
    8    NAL    Bullet Hills
    9    Mercerenies    Circuitboard
    10    11clock    Destitute 2
    11    ChessMasterRiley    Chronicle Timeflow
    12    Mr magnus    Beyond Limbo.
    13    Dadio    Captain Toof Vs Da Clone Tentacles
    14    AntonHuckleberry    Out Of Sync
    15    Wikaman1    Clocktower Chaos
    16    AndrewCay    Toro Jump!
    17    aamatniekss    Clicheroes
    18    Joh    Sinch OS
    19    Doc Nogloff    The agonized lanks
    20    TehPilot    Soul Synch
    21    Team Ettin    Gemini
    22    The M    I am virus
    23    Xor     Imposter
    24    Gizmo199    The Machine
    25    Mercerenies    GMCynchronized
    26    JimmyBegg    9 Lives
    27    Monstr Gaming    BeatBoy
    28    The Rock Abdo    Circolors
    29    RekNepZ    Converge
    30    Nallebeorn    Dash-gunner
    31    nvrogers    Burning Time
    32    the ch8t    Dance dance detective pixel 2
    33    Kepons    Drusba
    34    BretHudson    Synchrobeatings
    35    STDev    Juliet
    36    Goinbatty    Ninja Arena Cube Of Deadness
    37    Sirham    Roy G. Biv
    38    Greg Squire    The not so great escape
    39    shadowspear1    Drawn forth
    40    Alice    Long Range Delivery Service
    41    Camper125Lv    Missile Def
    42    SampanVermaGreat    Black Flag
    43    Snotling Master    Robot Boogie
        Rusty    Pancake Island
    45    brainstorm    Bad ducks with bad karma
    46    LukanSpellweaver    Synchro Psymon
        trg601    Innocence
    48    brainstorm    SYNCHRONISE
        Lan shade    Galactic Chaos
    50    Soki    The many lives of Greg
    51    TcMax    Stuck in sync
    52    Goinbatty    SUPPER PIXL ADVETUR!!1!!111!
    53    DeliriumBoy    Sheeple
    54    pinsir935    SuperSymmetry
        mnsingh367    lose_control
    56    Peps1992    Cynthia 

    ZIP of salvaged entries: pending...
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  19. Alice

    Alice Toolmaker of Bucuresti Forum Staff Moderator

    Jun 20, 2016

    GMC JAM #18

    Theme: COLD WAR
    Handicap: All sound in your game must be made using your own mouth
    Secret word: T??E (TREE)
    OP/host: dadio

    HYPE TRAIN (downloadable version)

    Best Use Of Theme: A Very Normal Antarctic Day by Nallebeorn
    Best Use of Handicap: Voyage Vikings by JackOatley, HayManMarc and speedchuck
    Best Use Of Secret Word: Cold War Kitty by liliththepale
    Best Presentation: Potato Patch Propaganda by GameDevDan
    Best Devblog: Cold War Kitty by liliththepale
    Best Hidden Potato: Arctic Clash by aamatniekss

    1. Gun Princess Zero - Yal
    2. Voyage Vikings - JackOatley, HayManMarc, speedchuck
    3. Cold War Kitty - liliththepale
    4. Ice Queen - Blake
    5. Echolotrate - TehPilot
    6. Kirov Rampage - Shadow_Lancer
    7. Potato Patch Propaganda - GameDevDan
    8. Arctic Clash - aamatniekss
    9. A Very Normal Antarctic Day - Nallebeorn
    10. Warp 2 War - Revamped
    11. The World Has Gone M.A.D - Snail_Man, TheUltimate, ParodyKnaveBob
    12. ByteStack - 11clock, RayRay
    13. Cards On Table - Joh
    14. Ice-Bot 3000 - Mercerenies
    15. White Mist - The M
    16. Tactical Box - Goinbatty
    17. Kapitalist Klown - kepons
    18. Cold War, Warm Pizza - AimkidProductions
    19. Snotty Vikings - Greenblizzard
    20. Coalition - shadowspear1
    21. Spring Rebounds - chance
    22. The Warning - Chaosmore
    23. Sword Soldier - fel666
    24. The Little-Known Struggles Of The Cold War - Doc Nogloff
    25. Orange vs Blackcurrent - AntonHuckleberry
    26. COOL JAM - Alice, mr magnus
    27. Notes Aux Plusieurs Espions - chainsawkitten
    28. Snowball Wars - Monstr Gaming
    29. Shaking Soldiers - yodamerlin
    30. Damaged - Floofpaws
    31. Duck - RekNepZ
    32. Anton - trg601, Moon489
    33. Pinguin Slaughter - Camper125Lv
    34. Kalter Krieg - Hulle
    35. Crazy Old Lady of Duck Wedded with an Amazing Richman - brainstorm
    36. Cold Potato - TerraFriedSheep
    37. Daughter Mother - Peps1992
    38. Major Kong; The Wild Ride - Pandoomic
    39. Acid Dough - Nitemare38
    40. Torch Runner - Sirham
    41. Balls Of War, Starring Ramballs - Mocgames998
    42. Arctic Flame Prototype - Detective Pixel
    43. (Untitled) - MikeDark_x
    44. Arctic Wars - Xor
    45. The Battle For Peng-Winterfell - Blopit
    46. Warehouse Mayhem - augeacc35
    47. Silent Warfare - Mrbear91
    48. Potato Blaster - Mercerenies
    49. Potatomon - Barvix
    50. Kosmonaut Kombat - Mr_Y_Not
    51. Potato Clicker - GCmakesGames
    52. Rushed Jam Game - makerofthegames
    53. Snowball - CaptainPuddleboat
    54. Laika Sh*t - Freaknarf
    55. Nut a Joek Gaem 4 - Lukasmah

    Complete original ZIP:
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  20. Alice

    Alice Toolmaker of Bucuresti Forum Staff Moderator

    Jun 20, 2016

    GMC JAM #19

    Theme: JAPANESE
    Handicap: Your game must attempt to teach the player some knowledge, concept, story, or wisdom from the real world
    Hype Object: Underwear
    OP/host: dadio

    Best Use Of Theme: Sore o Kopi by rui.rosario
    Best Use of Handicap: Chie by GameGoblin & Shadow_Lancer, Sore o Kopi by rui.rosario and Super Honeybees Cluster on Hornet by GameDevDan
    Best Use of Underwear: Ninjapants by aamatniekss
    Best Presentation: Zeninja by Hiznopellagio and Sushido by Zombies Indie House
    Best Devblog: Rabbit Hole by Mercerenies
    Best Reviews: speedchuck

    1. Sushido by Zombies Indie House
    2. Raiden Hakusan by Yal
    3. Battle Shounen Extreme by Joh
    4. Robot Man Delivery Time by Snail_Man
    5. Quest the Epic by The M
    6. Charlie's Spiritual Adventure by ghandpivot
    7. Ninja Rusken by Greenblizzard
    8. Unconventional Warfare by metromaniac
    9. One Girl, Two Cups by NAL & Nocturne
    10. Zeninja by Hiznopellagio
    11. Find Japan by RekNepZ
    12. Ninjapants by aamatniekss
    13. Hashiru by trg601 & moon489
    14. Rebus by kepons
    15. Rabbit Hole by Mercerenies
    16. Sore o Kopi by rui.rosario
    17. Tokyo Sky War by Floofpaws
    18. Survivor by the ch8t
    19. Samurai Gaiden by nvrogers
    20. Bikkuri****a Bash by Detective Pixel
    21. The Red Seal by NTGuardian
    22. Against the Rising Sun by Alice
    23. Hanafuda Koi-Koi by LukanSpellweaver
    24. Fushi no Shinden by hippyman
    25. Ultimate Ninja by Monstr Gaming
    26. Super Sushi Sakusei Simulator by Nallebeorn
    27. Springy San by dadio
    28. Smog Run by shadowspear1
    29. Samurai Deli by DocNogloff
    30. Ultimate Japanese Spaceship Shooter by Teroil
    31. Arakawa River by speedchuck
    32. Chie by GameGoblin & Shadow_Lancer
    33. Super Honeybees Cluster on Hornet by GameDevDan
    34. She's Had Enough by TheStolenBattenberg
    35. The Daring Escape from the End of the World by mr magnus
    36. Untitled Samurai Game by Chaosmore
    37. BushidoBot by HayManMarc
    38. Red Sun by Sirham
    39. Mr Japan's Mindfart Adventure by Mocgames998
    40. Flag Hunter by Mercerenies
    41. Island Trade by Nitemare38
    42. Sumo Champions by FCat
    43. Underwear Says Meh by brainstorm

    Complete original ZIP:

    Package with reward badges: DOWNLOAD
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  21. Alice

    Alice Toolmaker of Bucuresti Forum Staff Moderator

    Jun 20, 2016

    GMC JAM #20

    Handicap: Failure should result in loss of something other than progress
    Hype Object: Pets
    OP/host: dadio

    Best use of theme: Oviraptor by Blake, Stone Trek by Squarebit & aamatniekss
    Best use of handicap: Your Fault by Yal & Tsuka Yuriko
    Best use of pets: Prehistoric Rescue Ranger by Mortalo
    Best presentation: Ink Cipher by NAL, Stick and Stone by Mercerenies and Hiznopellagio
    Best devlog: Neanderthals by HayManMarc, Survive and Tribe by The M
    Best reviews: The M

    1. Oviraptor by Blake
    2. Charging Your Phone In Prehistoric Times Simulator 2015 by Zombies Indie House
    3. Survive and Tribe by The M
    4. God's Laboratory by ghandpivot
    5. Dino Delivery by Ixlegraw
    6. Stick and Stone by Mercerenies & Hiznopellagio
    7. Cavemen With Peashooters by GameDevDan
    8. Stone Trek by Squarebit & aamatniekss
    9. Mammoth Revolution by Greenblizzard
    10. Your Fault by Yal & TsukaYuriko
    11. Dinoman by the ch8t
    12. Everybody's Gone to the Raptor by Jobo's Jam Juggernauts
    13. Grandpa And The Dinosaurs by Detective Pixel
    14. Cave Born by TheMasterspiffy
    15. Cave Conquerors by kepons
    16. Devil's Symphony by nvrogers
    17. Dino Die by Nallebeorn
    18. Anki! The Sumer Scientist by mr magnus
    19. Prehistoric Rescue Ranger by Mortalo
    20. Jeffery the Jurassic Animal by Misu
    21. Ink Cipher by NAL
    22. Extinction - Mars by Lindion45 & Panzergeist
    23. Dinosplore by Shadow_Lancer
    24. After Pixel by Sammi3
    25. Oldworld Babes Bordel by Teroil
    26. Volve by Intoxicatious
    27. Cavemen And Dinos by NightOwl35
    28. Adam by JackOatley
    29. Dino Time by Xor
    30. Cave War by Joh
    31. Cellection by Snail_Man
    32. Wac A Mammal by Nocturne
    33. Clash of Primordial Goddesses by Floofpaws
    34. Black Knight 1000 by Baron_Mercury
    35. EXTINCTION by Sirham
    36. DragonMen by Boysano
    37. Cell Wars by LordDestroyer & Leafen
    38. Make Way For Sid by nivarthiakhil
    39. Ptero Hunt by PizzaBoy
    40. Time Stranded by trg601 & moon489
    41. Additive Blending - The Game by Floofpaws
    42. Caveman's Guide To Pets by Mocgames998
    43. Prehistoric Arena by MrBear91 & mAnlk800
    44. High Tops Rampage by DiligentDodo
    45. DA NUMSKULZ by dadio
    46. PreRun by Forester
    47. Mother Pterodactyl by Assassin7
    48. CyberDino by ExentrixZ
    49. Neanderthals by HayManMarc
    50. Ham's Joke Game by Sirham
    51. ROB THE MUSEUM by SilverSteeples & Zedmonkey
    52. Jesus VS Cat by C.B Productions
    53. Ghost Hunt by Chaosmore
    54. Jam Jumper by Mercerenies
    55. Solar's Pet Sandbox by Nocturnal_knight
    56. Trilobytes by RekNepZ
    57. Dino Smash by H3lli0n
    58. Eater Eater by theonewhoisodd
    59. The Dark by dadio

    Complete original ZIP:

    Package with reward badges: DOWNLOAD
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  22. Alice

    Alice Toolmaker of Bucuresti Forum Staff Moderator

    Jun 20, 2016

    GMC JAM #21
    Handicap: The game must utilize humor as part of the gameplay or storyline
    Hype Object: Gift
    OP/host: dadio

    Best use of Theme (Day and Night): Nocturnis Gressus by Alphish Games (Alice and Hiznopellagio) and Rough Tides by DocNogloff
    Best use of Theme (Sacrifice): Slavelings by Nallebeorn
    Best use of Handicap: Dan's Narcissistic Adventure in Jam Land by GameDevDan
    Best Presentation: KABOOM by Venomous
    Best Concept: Dungeon Party by Revamped

    Best Story: Daze by trg601 & moon489
    Best Devlog: Guardian of Tomorrow by Team SpeedHayWeaver (Lukan Spellweaver, HayManMarc and speedchuck)
    Best Reviews: nvrogers

    Best use of Gift: Tomb: Raider by The M

    1. KABOOM by Venomous
    2. There Was a Slugmen Rebellion by aamatniekss
    3. Dungeon Party by Revamped
    4. One Killer Vacation by TehPilot
    5. Slavelings by Nallebeorn
    6. CLOWN around the CLOCK by Yal
    7. The Adventure of Dying by ghandpivot
    8. KnightCycle by Lindion45
    9. Tomb: Raider by The M
    10. 6500 Ft. by nvrogers
    11. Dan's Narcissistic Adventure in Jam Land by GameDevDan
    12. Nocturnis Gressus by Alphish Games
    13. Metal Slug, Literally by kepons
    14. Daze by trg601 & moon489
    15. Rough Tides by DocNogloff
    16. Meat Quest by Otyugra
    17. Aztec Sacrificial Joke-Off by mr magnus
    18. Chasing Night by TerraFriedSheep
    19. Noctia the Night Witch by Floofpaws
    20. Guardian of Tomorrow by Team SpeedHayWeaver
    21. Donut Factory by RekNepZ & Snail_Man
    22. Crab Islands by Xor
    23. Atom Danmaku by Mocgames998
    24. Day Deer Night Deer by Forester & Ninety
    25. Mr Pilgrim by shadow gamer & Coldmage3
    26. Ninja Fight: Mega Super Ultimate Edition 2016 by Goinbatty
    27. The wereaxolotl and the day cycle freeze by brainstorm
    28. The Temple Of Lives by Nexusrex
    29. Bazombie by turpeluren
    30. A King's Atonement by MadeByJawns
    31. dadiomadememakethisgame by Teroil
    32. Lay Off The Limbs by Sezri
    33. LilDudes by hippyman
    34. Neverending Nightmare by LordDestroyer
    35. UNI vs SHARK by kiesenverseist
    36. Clewninck Darkness by Misu & Leafen
    37. Kill the Clowns by ericbomb988878 & ZiggyZero
    38. Maze of the Moon by Mercerenies
    39. Hurry Fastly! by AimkidProductions
    40. KLIK DA KLOWN! by dadio
    41. super reimu extreem DELUX by Floofpaws

    Complete original ZIP:

    Package with reward badges: DOWNLOAD
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  23. Alice

    Alice Toolmaker of Bucuresti Forum Staff Moderator

    Jun 20, 2016
    One more...

    GMC JAM #19.5
    Theme: DEMAKE A CLASSIC (demake a game from an earlier Jam)
    OP/host: GameDevDan

    (best use of demake picture is intelligible; damn you, photobucket!)

    1st - Nallebeorn - Taco Quest - 5.13
    2nd - nvrogers - Doomshark Devolve - 4.53
    3rd - Alice - GMC JEST - 3.82
    4th - HayManMarc - Saucers From Space - 3.70
    5th - Yal - Sushido NES - 2.70
    6th - GameDevDan - Maggot In A Frying Pan - 2.43
    7th - Nocturne - Maggot In A Frying Pan - 2.16
    8th - GameGoblin - WillO - 1.71
    9th - Snail_Man Cookie - Restaurant - 1.24
    10th - Mercerenies - Roy's Adventures In Crafting - 1.06
    11th - LukanSpellweaver - Twerkin Yarrr - 1.02[/code]

    Complete original ZIP:

    Package with reward badges: DOWNLOAD
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