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 GM7 Sprite Editor


When I started using Game Maker, I came up with a good method for creating seamless textures with the sprite editor for my 3D projects.

I would stretch it to 300% then paste the old sized image back in rows of 3 so I could use the blur feature to smoothly merge the borders of the image and then resize it back to the original size. I would make brick wall textures, grass and other things.

Before I would stretch it and blur it I would pick 2 colors and use the spray paint tool to scatter the colors onto the sprite. The spray paint tool is totally different now, instead of scattering individual pixels it shoots a solid stream. It's pretty much a blurred version of the draw tool.

I really wish they wouldn't have done this, or at least they could have added a scatter tool or something in it's place. It was really useful. Now, to get the same effect I would have to click a billion times to place every individual pixel. :eek:


Maybe it's time for an image editor software upgrade? :p Perhaps something a bit more modern?