Windows [GM2] How to convert frames into individual sprites.


Hi! I have a tile set, and I have converted it all into frames using the convert to frames thing, but I would like to take every frame and make them all separated, I could do image_index = x but I fear that it will lag the game, so what is the best thing to do?

Edit: I'd prefer to make it so I could convert them all into sprites so I can construct rooms easier
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all your sprites are compiled into texture pages by the engine regardless if you add them one at a time or not
search texture pages and texture groups in the docs
if you goto Game Options->Platform Settings->Windows->Graphics there is a preview button next to the Texture page size selector
that will actually output your texture page so you can see how they are being packed by the engine, you can control this somewhat with texture groups
so your sprites will all end up packed on one internal big sprite anyway, using image_index just moves the UV's on the texture page to the area your image is
TLDR yoyo is smarter than that and images are highly optimized, drawing is batched etc.
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