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Question - IDE GM2 Conversion > TimeLines and unknown functions



I have a finished, released game in GM 1.4 that compiles fine in the GM 1.4 IDE.
I imported the project into GM2.
Conversion ran.

When I try to run the new GM2 project, I get a bunch of compile errors that all are related to functions not being found if they are called by timeline moments. There are hundreds of them all related to scripts not found. Here is an example of one error

"Timeline: timeLineFinishGate moment 10 : at line 6 : unknown function or script save_data"

If I go open the timeline and go to line 6 as referenced in the error, the function has the proper code highlighting indicating that it is a function and it can be found.
Similarly if I press F1 on the script it will open the save_data function in the IDE.

So it is not like I am missing a file something.
Also strange is there are no compiler errors in any of the objects that call that very same save_data script.

So the problem seems localized to scripts called by timelines
Is there something new about timelines in GM2 that behave differently now?


save_data is my script. It was just an example. Any script I call from timeline throws an error that it cannot be found.


Friendly Tyrant
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Yes, please file a bug report and (if you can) include links to both the GMS1.4 base project as well as the 2.0 version that you are getting the errors with (you can request that the bug report be flagged as private so that only the devs will see the projects).