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Question - IDE GM Studio 2 Debugger :((



I finally decided to give Studio 2 a try since they removed the resource cap and replaced it with a 30 day trial awhile ago and a lot of good content has been made for it. All has been well.. until I made the mistake of trying to use the debugger. Is there a way to just type in an expression somewhere and it'll track it in real time like the old debugger did? It was so simple yet.. so effective. I know the current one is supposed to be more 'powerful' and have a lot more features like breakpoints, stepping in/out code, and all that jazz but my games have never been so broken where I needed any of that.. I had a nice thing going where in all of my games I would just have a key for restarting the game and another for lowering the room speed to 1 and that would be enough to debug 99% of my problems. I know I can just draw whatever I want to track in the GUI layer but I don't like having my screen cluttered with 9 mil variables and its a chore to have to constantly add/remove variables to track in a debugger object whereas in the old debugger if I didn't want to see them anymore I simply wouldn't run the game in debug mode.

Again, just want to know if there's a way to do this in the current debugger and I just missed it or if there's an asset to do this? Sorry if this has already been asked


There is a Watch list in the Variables tab, but it only updates while the debugger is paused. Unfortunately, you'll have to pause the game or use a breakpoint and step through to see how the value changes.