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Discussion GM Studio 2 Crashes Computer



I just recently updated my GM Studio 2 to the latest version (which is the latest version right now). I'm just going to get right to telling what the problem is:

- I run Studio 2
- I open a game that I'm making
After a little while of programming, etc. it will say in the upper left corner that the program isn't responding. My mouse turns into the blue loading one whenever it's over the program. I try to ent the task in task manager, but nothing happens. When I right click on Studio 2 in task manager under the processes tab, it takes me to the details tab, and when i try to end the task from there I get an error. I tried to restart my PC but got a blue screen that said my PC ran into a problem.

I'm on a windows 10 PC with an Intel processor

Tell me if you need any more info,


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Sounds like a driver problem. GMS2 can't blue screen your computer, only drivers can do that.

That said, file a bug and include your LOG file and we'll take a look.