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Legacy GM GM:S 1.4 Sound Latency

I made a simple sound latency test by playing a short wav sound on a keyboard press. There is a pretty obvious delay. The sound when I tap on the keyboard happens a lot sooner than when the sound started playing.

I have checked the audio file on Audacity and I removed whatever silent part at the beginning.
I tried different sounds.
I tried using all the compression types.
Instead of using the step event, I placed it on begin step event.
Changed the FPS all the way to 240 FPS.
I even tried reverting to legacy sounds.
None of these worked.

I got the wav file straight from the project folder, opened another game engine and made the same keyboard press and play test. The sound played as soon as pressed it.

In short, I tried everything and it only worked when I used it on another platform which is definitely not the solution. I am not sure if this problem has been solved in GM:S 2.