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[GM:S 1.4] array_copy does not work for 2d arrays


Hi, it's me again!

In case anyone else is wondering what they're doing wrong: nothing. array_copy does not seem to work with 2d arrays.

for (var xcor = 5; xcor >= 0; xcor--)
    for (var ycor = 8; ycor >= 0; ycor--)
        array[xcor,ycor] = "test"
arraycopyheight[0,0] = 0
arraycopylength[0,0] = 0
arraycopyheight is now a one-dimensional array with 6 items and arraycopylength is now a one-dimensional array with 8 items.

I'll look for a solution (i.e. a way to copy a 2d array anyway) tomorrow.
Although, actually... come to think of it, what array_copy does is probably just something like
for (var index = array_length_1d(your_old_array); index >= 0; index--)
   your_new_array[index] = your_old_array[index]
In that case, I don't even need array_copy. :p That's something I should remember! If I'm having trouble using a built-in function (in any language), I should consider, or look up if there's documentation, how it works, and if it's not more efficient than I can program myself, I can give up on using the built-in function, perhaps.