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gm is a godsend.

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lets face it gm is a godsend. the only reason people are complaining about it is because unity is also a godsend. It's like driving a model T and a corvette...You are asking for an F1 racer when you have a corvette in the garage...Just be thankful you don't have a model T.

Game maker, Unity and Unreal Engines are all godsends. I don't think you youngin's know how good you got it. Back in the day we had to use GM6 and basic d3d_shapes. This was the era of crappy fangames and clones. And now we are in the era where GM can render 480,000 polys. Appreciate what you got.

It's like, you got Game Maker, Unity and Unreal Engines all for free all of these great 3d engines for free. And so what if you can't do the latest PS4 graphics...its like...if you know how to optimize, you can make PS2 graphics which blow PS1 away. Personally, I don't like the style of Unity graphics, they have this plasticy COD look to them. I prefer the graphics of Game Maker or Unreal Engine. And I don't have the hard-drive space to install Unity or Unreal Engine. I stick to Game Maker and I'm happy with it.

I view GM as an Anarchy. In GM there are no rules and the only limit is lag. If you know the maths, if you know the logics, you can make any kind of thing with it. Dont like the room editor? Build your own. Dont like that it has no 3d collisions? Either do the math or build a dll that uses another library. There is no button in GM saying "No".

GM is leaps and bounds ahead of FlatRedBall. You ever use FlatRedBall? The workflow is like 100 times slower than GM. Be thankful of GM. It's not Construct 2. It's better than Construct 2. In Construct 2 there is a red flag saying "No." Construct 2 is rule-bound, it is the sign that says "No" and "you cannot do this". You cannot do things like 3d things in Construct 2. I am satisfied with GM and my only complaints are this.

I have GMS1.4 and I cannot upgrade to gms2 because my computer is 32 bit. I am poor and I cannot afford a new computer nor can I afford gms2. Thus I am stuck with the laggy room editor of gms1.4.

Basically it's like this. If you want a good game in Game Maker dont use the d3d_shapes. The d3d_shapes cause extreme lag so its better to use HD graphics like d3d_models.


i can relate about unity and its plastic graphics, unreal is just over the top for us peasants.
as for the laggy room editor, you can make your own, with either a grid or objects and export in an ini file and then save it to a script and use the script. you dont even need to create more then 1 room for your game that way.


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who's complaining? o_O
Exactly. Nobody's complaining. Even if somebody is, they are not here to listen to this, so it has little discussion value. So, closing. Sorry.

The GMC is the worst possible place to say both how good GM is and how bad it is. The former results in so many people agreeing with you that they have nothing unique and valuable to offer. The latter results in so many people disagreeing with you that all they have to offer is derogatory or insulting comments in exchange, sometimes politely sarcastic ones. We'd certainly like to hear why you love GM and even why you don't if it's constructive, but let's not compare it with other engines in the process, for it is a very biased community.
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