Asset - Extension GM Color Picker (free)



This .exe program runs in the background and makes it easy for you to find the correct colors for your game. From a set of key combinations you can copy the screen color under your cursor, open the windows color picker tool, and paste the stored color in a variety of different GM-friendly formats.

Key combinations:

Ctrl + Shift + Alt +
  • C: Copy the color under the cursor.
  • F: Find a color with the windows color picker tool.
  • 1: Show the instructions window.
  • 2: Set format to GM's color format.
  • 3: Set format to $BBGGRR.
  • 4: Set format to 0xBBGGRR.
  • 5: Set format to make_color_rgb(R, G, B).
  • 6: Set format to R.
  • 7: Set format to G.
  • 8: Set format to B.
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