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GM Backend
Category: Extensions (All platforms, GMS 1.4 & 2.0)
Price: $30.00/Month as a service | $699.99 Permanent License
We offer two ways of implementing this extension: The source code for this asset can be purchased for the listed price - You must run and maintain your own PHP server if you plan on purchasing the software outright. If you prefer to not maintain a server or have such a large upfront cost, you can alternatively subscribe to our hosted service for $20USD/month (per game). This gives you full access to a backend for your game without the upfront cost and you still get all the features listed below. Please get in touch if you are interested in the hosted option.

A multi-purpose backend for your Gamemaker games - manage many settings and updates straight from your browser. Primarily it can be used to dynamically manage and maintain a "store", and add DLC and cosmetic items to your game without having to update the user's app (Helpful even more so when you have more than one platform to maintain, or a lengthy update process like there is with iOS). It also provides a few other functionalities listed below.

  • Create and update your games sprites from the backend - no need to make title updates to your game!
  • Make items that are purchasable with In-Game currencies. (See the first screenshot of the listing). Add entirely new items for the user to purchase with the push of a button. Fully managed: Add, remove, change their price and look. (Can also: Add items that are only available to some users (By Facebook ID), items that are only available for a certain amount of time (Christmas specials),
  • Change game settings - Arbitrarily change settings about your game from the server. (Usage examples: Conduct A/B testing, change how often ads appear, how many coins IAP's give you, tweak spawn rates and game mechanics, daily messages, any other settings)
  • Optional Cloudflare integration - Save bandwidth when users download new cosmetic items
  • Private and public content channels - Test your updates before sending them out to the world
  • View users who have logged into your game with Facebook and their details
  • Secure, multi-user access to the backend
  • Any other required features for a Game's backend can be developed at cost. Get in contact for more information.

Supports Gamemaker Studio 1.4 and 2.0, all platforms.
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Update: Live demo available, use the "Contact Publisher" button to try it out.