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GM 8.1 No longer validates my legitimate license!

I'll keep this as brief as possible.
I've had Game Maker 8.1 Standard since release with a legally bought License key.
I believe it was a License upgrade from GM 8.0 to 8.1 (using an old service called Softwrap).
Anyways, it worked normally under the Pro/Standard License for nearly 9 years now and recently it started asking me to revalidate my License.
That wouldn't be too much of an issue, except every time I try entering my license into the prompt, it throws an error.
Now I'm literally locked out of my paid copy of GM 8.1 which I want/need to use for some old projects that use old features of that version of Game Maker.
This started happening on my old PC (Windows 7) where I had the copy working for 9 years. Now I also have a new PC (Windows 10) where I aim to transfer my work. But this issue keeps happening. Windows version doesn't matter.

Here is what happens when I type my license into the prompt:

Back earlier when my License was working normally (GM 8.1 Standard active):

(NOTE: I have hidden my license in these pics for privacy reasons. If necessary, I can show my license to Staff.)

When I entered another license key in there (one I had for GM for HTML5 - that evolved into GM Studio 1) it gave a different box about not being able to verify that license.

So I assume I did everything correctly, but the licensing is just broken? If so, what happens now? How do I get my Game Maker 8.1 Pro/Standard back? Even though I paid for it years ago, I still own it.

Any help is highly appreciated. :oops:
If you haven't already, contact the Yoyo Helpdesk, as they are the only ones who have access to license records and can resolve licensing issues.

I lost my license a while back due some weird stuff happening on my account where I couldn't log back in on the website and upon and showing the helpdesk all my records and proof of purchase (including my liscense screen on the program itself that was thankfully still connected and working) they transferred my license to my new and working account straight away