GMS 2.3+ GM bug. Sprite's Broadcast Message does not work!

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is this a troll?
wasnt this about image indexes and brodcast messages?

How he hell did we get to talking about useless micro-managing of code spaces?

My favorite part is how the OP starts trashing game maker because its not x or y engine. No duh its game maker.

then the bashing of Nocturne and the docs then the talk of tickets not being filled becuase yoyo isnt a big company

Should have took a left at Albuquerque
talk of tickets not being filled becuase yoyo isnt a big company
It's worse than that, lol, they assumed that Yoyo had the same number of employees as the larger companies then assumed that no tickets would ever get looked at by yoyo because of the assumption that tickets don't get looked at in big companies. A triple whammy of incorrect assumptions. But eh, I'm pretty sure they're just trolling. Literally the only post history they have is in this thread.


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I think it's a good idea to stop this train before it derails completely (although I'm not sure it hasn't already)...

So, to sum up: The issue that user has is that they were relying on bugged behaviour (GMS 2.3 update changed the way image_index was calculated) without realising it was a bug, and when the bug was fixed (image_index is now dealt with the same way it was always dealt with), the code they have no longer works. After finding that out they got annoyed, said some things, others said some things, and the topic rambled on a bit before I put it out it's misery by saying:

"Topic closed".

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