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Question - D&D GM 2.0 D&D Search Fatal Error



I am going through the tutorial right now (which means that GM is running the youtube tutorial video in the left side-bar, which I thought might be relevant).

The D&D menu in the workspace has a search function. Whenever I try to use it I get this error box:

Header: "Fatal Error"
Text: "GameMaker Studeio 2 has become unstable. Please save changes and exit."

The program does not freeze or crash, and the video keeps playing. I just follow the directions and restart the software, so I don't know what happens if it keeps going.

The search function keeps working, but there is a momentary slowdown.

Let me know if I can provide any other information to assist with resolving this.


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If you can reproduce this, please file a bug with the steps, and include the ui.log