Windows Glory Defenders



This is a real-time strategy game, the objective is defend your castle and defeat the enemy units. The game consists in 6 mobile units and 4 buildings (not counting the main castle), each unit requires a lot of resources and each offers different advantages to the player, wrong choices can be estremamente harmful. Be careful and quick!

Evandro Gomes (me) - Programmer / Sound effects
Andre Coppola - Graphics
Fabio Manna (dotCHAOS) - Musics

Special thanks to iwanPlays (to record the video of game play).

How to play
All game commands are performed by mouse.
Esc / P - Pause / Exit

Gives priority defense, upgrade your castle and gathering resources before attacking.


Glory Defenders Stable 1.0 (4MB)

Any suggestion or critic is welcome! =)


predictably random
Forum Staff
This is an interesting take on the traditional tower defense type theme. With all the different worlds to choose from, it's clear you put a lot of work into it. There are many different character choices to launch. And lots of options to discover.

The music is pretty good. It's a bit repetitious, however. Maybe not the exact same tunes... but the same style. So that could use some variety.

The graphics are highly pixelated, but they are done in a consistent style for both the scenery and the characters. So that's good. However, I found the level of pixelization a bit too coarse. It was difficult to tell what the some features were. Fortunately, you have a mouse-over feature that displays the name of items. But still... I feel the graphics are just too rough. Perhaps if you used a smaller display window.

Speaking of display window, there's no reason to run this full screen, with a smaller display inside. Windowed mode would be much better. Plus that would allow easy closure. As it stands now, I had to use the Task Manager each time I ran this. Esc would pause the game. But P would not close it, as advertised. That's VERY unfortunate when players can't easily quit the game -- especially in full screen mode.

There's lots of worlds to choose from, so that's a nice feature. I prefer the worlds where everything is on the same screen. It's cumbersome to have to scroll around to see the action as the characters move along the path and interact. Just my preference.

But overall, this is fairly good. Not my favorite genre and style. But except for the full-screen issue (and exit problem), it should appeal to fans of this genre.


Hello, thank you for play, my aim was make a very simplified game, but without missing the action and shift attention to the gameplay. I think achieved a cool result, although the commands are with the mouse (nothing consistent with the proposed style), didnt have time to do the commands with keyboard.

Im particularly adept at fullscreen games, i believe it creates a much greater immersion than in windowed mode, but I understand that some players do not like it, really messed up to close the game, you need to pause then give up the current progress (the game will go to the main menu), and it has the exit, but youre right, it is a very long way to out.

About the graphics, Im not the author, actually Im a monkey doing pixel art =S, usually Fabio Manna (dotCHAOS) creates the graphics, his work is much better: cleaner and objective. But in this project i used graphics creative commons by Andre Mari Coppola, his job is available here.