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Android Global Highscores & Daily Challenge. Preferred Methods?



Hi all,

I'm looking to code global highscores into my game, Chameleon Swing. If it goes smoothly I'm also going to add a daily challenge that everyone can try once per day a la Spelunky/Binding of Isaac.

I've had a look around and have seen a few options:

- GooglePlay Services Highscores, which seems to be integrated with GM.
- GameMakerServer.com, which can be used with a GM extension.
- Learn and host highscores on my own server.

I'm thinking GooglePlay would be a safe bet to use, but I don't think it would support the one-try daily challenge mechanic (even though they have daily high scores).

One thing I didn't mention is the game will come out for iOS as well, but I've heard it could still work with GooglePlay highscores. Is this correct?

What's your experience with highscores in GameMaker?
Which method would you recommend?
Are there any other solutions to this?

Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks!


If an option does not allow a specific functionality, you could always try the second or the other one. My personal favourite method is using my own server because it provides freedom more than anything else. GameMaker Server is good too. But you should use what suits you.


Thank you again, Aura :)
I wonder what experiences others have had with global highscores.