Demo Glitched! (or, Debug Mode: The Game)

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    Glitched! is an "unfinished", intentionally glitchy Metroidvania platformer that you edit as you play.

    Move and jump with the arrow keys (or WASD), while using the mouse to place or erase platforms and other objects, filling in missing chunks of level design. You unlock different types of placeable objects by finding treasure chests.

    Sequence breaking is possible - and encouraged - by exploiting various "glitches". Clip through walls, go out of bounds, level wrap, or just mess up your sprite.

    Left, Right / A, D - Move
    Up / W - Jump
    Left-click - Place object
    Right-click - Erase object (you can only erase objects you've unlocked)
    Space - Pause, view map
    Enter - Restart current room

    Made with Game Maker 7. I made the graphics and music myself. The graphics are meant to resemble a Super Game Boy game. Only four colors are used at a time, and the color palette is different for each area. Also has a SGB-style border, which doubles as a HUD. The music is more like a SNES game.

    Download demo here:

    Mainly looking for feedback on the level design. How "unfinished" should it be?

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