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GMS 2.3+ Glitched-looking sprite after deleting associated tileset.


Step 1) Assign a sprite to a tileset. Disable export is selected.
Step 2) Delete that tileset
Step 3) Use that sprite in a room. It can be attached to any object.

The sprite looks glitched now, like a black/white checkerboard pattern - but only when running the game. The sprite in the room editor window looks fine, it looks fine in the sprite editor and everywhere else it appears - but in the actual game it's totally screwed up.

I can provide pics if needed, although there's really not much to see. I'm hoping this is a common problem I just somehow couldn't find the right search terms for.


this happened to me once too. I resolved it by opening the sprite editor and pasting the sprite again from a back up. It worked for me on GMS 1.4 though.


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Have you cleared the compiler cache? It's the "broom" button at the top of the IDE. Most odd issues like this are related to a stale cache, and it should always be the first thing you do when you get something weird that isn't working how it should.