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Android Glitch in full screen black bars on Mobile (padding glitch) "SOLVED"

Can anybody help me to find a solution for a glitch that shows up when running my game on my android device? (phone Oneplus 3).

The game has a resolution of 384x256 pixels (ratio 3:2). My phone is set to 1920x1080 pixels (ratio 16:9), so my game has to show black bars at the side, but those glitch out as you can see in the attached screenshot.

On the left you see some weird green glitch and on the right some copies of the right of the screen...

Has anyone seen this before and is there a fix for this? First I thought of extending the game room , but to compensate for other aspect ratio's I eventually end up with black bars.

IDE: Runtime: Screenshot_20190423-220829 (854x480).jpg
After a lot of tweaking and fiddling around I finally found the "Fix" for an existing and known artifact within GMS2 when games run at Android devices. I should have checked the "Clear Display Buffer" option in the Room Editor.

The text below is from the GMS2 Help file of the Room Editor - Properties section:

"NOTE: If you are using automatic aspect ratio correction (as set in the Game Options), then you should always have this checked otherwise you can get odd effects over the "letterbox" that your game is drawn in. If you do not use this option then you can un-check this and get a small boost to your games performance (especially noticeable on Android and other mobile platforms). Below this you see the list of available views (you can define a maximum of eight) with the information about where these views are to be drawn contained in the boxes below. First of all you must indicate whether the view should be Visible when the room starts by checking the appropriate box, and if you wish to use views, make sure at least one view is visible at the start of every room. Visible views are shown in bold in the view list above this."

GMS2 Android Screen error - FIX.png
screenshot from the help file