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Steam Gleaner Heights - The bad boy of farming sims is coming!



Hi all!

It's been almost 2 years since I started developing Gleaner Heights. Welp, it's ready. Should be out on Steam by the end of February.

So Gleaner Heights is the bastard offspring of Harvest Moon and Twin Peaks. On one hand, players tend to their crops and animals, befriend villagers, go fishing, mining etc. On the other hand, players can discover the secret lives of villagers, sinister plots, vile crimes and even supernatural horrors!


  • Play as a male or female character.
  • Over 30 villagers with their own schedules, habits, likes and dislikes.
  • Extended farming mechanics with over 40 different crops.
  • Animals like chickens and cows, as well as a horse. Extended sub-mechanics include growing mushrooms in a mysterious cave, or breeding silkworms.
  • Extended crafting system with lots of recipes, from fences to explosive arrows to cheese makers.
  • Cooking with over 110 recipes.
  • Complete town upgrade projects. Have your very own boat and explore the river and waterfall, and even explore underwater with your diving suit!
  • Romantic interests and marriage.
  • Day/night cycle, seasons, and weather system.
  • Skills, perks and equipment (clothing) with set bonuses.
  • Tool upgrades and mining.
  • Fishing! Over 40 fishes populate various water bodies around the town and in underground lakes.
  • Town events and festivals.
  • Main plot with different "endings".
  • Explore and discover hidden areas and dungeons.
  • Surprisingly fluid combat for a game of this genre, with players being able to charge ther tool attacks while moving, roll, dash, perform power attacks etc.
  • Multi-language support (in progress).
  • Gamepad/mouse support.

You *know* it's gonna be good!

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What you have looks good. You've got a good set of mechanics and stuff to do.

The only criticism I have just by the look alone is your colors could be better, more vibrant to give the game more life and look less muddy / dreary.

Also, I think you can do with more trees unless its one of those things where you've literally cut down all the trees. I saw some in the village though.