Give your Game Name/title Ideas.



I am trying to figure out what to name my games so I want your Idea on what title to give them. Propose as many names for each game as you like. The games are:
  • An N64 style 3D platformer involving an animal character (Also name what animal I should use)
  • A dino killing sci-fi Fps (I prefer to name this after the main player character)
  • A 3D platformer involving a boy genius and his lab.
  • A detective-adventure hybrid
  • A martial arts beat em up action adventure (what should be the name of the main character?)
  • A cartoon GTA involving time travel to the caveman era, and the future era with flying cars
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Hi! So, I had to name my old and now dead RPG maker game multiple times, and I came up with the name wayyy before I finished. However, once I actually kinda finished and played through, suddenly the name didn't match at all.

Having a name that ties into your gameplay aspects and what you are trying to sell is important. Unless you have some actual somewhat fleshed gameplay, actual gameplay that you could test, I would recommend not naming your game and just sticking with a placeholder name, which for one of my games was meow meow circus

Your game's name will be a lot better once you're farther into the development process and when you truly start to figure out what this game is.