Git SCM issues - assets not being recognized as part of the project after pulling



So my team mate and I have been working on a project together, and we manage our versions on github. There's an issue that occurs whenever my team mate commits and pushes his work to the repository.

What happens is that any changes either of us make are not successfully reflected after pushing and pulling from the repo. For example, if I were to add a new sprite to the project and commit+push and my team mate pulls the change, the new sprite will not appear as an asset in the project on his computer. Instead what happens is that the actual asset file gets pulled, and will exist in the correct path in the directory on his computer but will not be recognized by the project on his gamemaker studio. The same thing happens when I try to pull something he pushes.

Additional info:
We use Gitkraken as our GUI for git - not sure if that affects anything. And we did not configure the project for SCM as described on the docs page: use/source control/getting started with source control.html

Wasn't sure if configuring the project was necessary because I wasnt planning on using the built in source control.

Any help is appreciated, thanks! =D


Do you have the project open in Gamemaker when you are pulling the new version (you shouldn't)?

You are right about the setup btw, you should not configure the project for scm in gms itself when using external tools for source control.