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Question - IDE Git Configuration in GMS2



Hi I'm trying to configure the Git Source Control integration in GameMaker Studio 2. I got the local repository stuff working fine, but I am having trouble getting remote working.

I added an SSH key for the repository I want it to use, but the "Push Changes" button was still greyed out. I added the remote URL to the git repository by hand via command line, and restarted GMS2 and "Push Changes" became available, but when I clicked it I got this error:

Push Error: Unsupported URL protocol
The git URL I provided was as follows:


Is there an easier way to go about configuring remote repositories without having to add them externally? I feel like I'm missing something.



I use Bitbucket with GMS2 and it works fine - I never setup SSH or anything though.

I just created the repo on the website, then added my account details to GMS2 Preferences and used "User/Pass Authentication"

Then I checked "Source Control" in the project I wanted to use, chose "Import Project Into Repository" from the newly added Source Control menu and added the URL of the repo.

Works fine so far.


Hm yes it seems I had better luck with https user/pass authentication than the SSH keys. @gnysek I think you might be right, I probably needed to prefix the url with ssh://.

Thank you both!