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Android Ghost Hitch




The Ghost Squad needs your help to rescue the kidnapped baby ghosts, so keep reading! :eek:

I am from Portugal and this is Ghost Hitch, my first game for mobile devices.
Ghost Hitch is a puzzle game in which you have to guide ghosts through very colorful and fun levels, skipping obstacles, solving riddles and avoiding enemies to save all the missing baby ghosts.

Throughout the game you can collect stars to unlock new characters to play, win special powers, find hidden bonus levels and defeat evil bosses.

There are 3* different areas to play, each one with 10 levels, 1 boss and 1 secret bonus level.

It's up to you if you're willing to help the Ghost Squad on this quest to find all the missing baby ghosts.

Good luck! ;)




Hope you enjoy the game and if you do, do not hesitate in telling me your thoughts about it, what you liked the most and where I must improve!
I promise not to haunt you. :)

*The base game features only 3 areas to play, but new ones will be released from time to time within new updates. Candy Route, the candy-themed fourth area, will be released on Monday, June 27th.
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