3D Getting started guide for 3D?


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This is my first post here and I'm not sure if it should be in this part but bear with me.

I'm interested in learning about the 3D functionality of GM:S but I can't find any introductory videos or sites. YoYoGames has its knowledge base which explains what all of the 3D commands and functions do but I can't find anything on creating models, applying textures, controlling camera etc. or even moving objects around in 3D (unless it's the same as 2D but with a z coordinate).

Could someone point me to some resources that could teach me such things? It's also worth noting I am very new to 3D graphics in anything.

Thanks for any help.


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While I think that there are not enough guides for using 3D in GM:S, I also feel that grasp over 3D comes with time. The first thing that I'd suggest you to consult is the Manual:

http://docs.yoyogames.com/source/dadiospice/002_reference/drawing/drawing 3d/index.html

Apart from that, there are a number of good tutorials here:


...particularly this one:


If you still face issues then you ask for help and clarification here -- that's what we are here for. ^^"


https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/2249/gravity-ball-3d Here is a free project I made that shows you how to create pretty graphics with some easy 3D skills

I've got vacation in less then 2 weeks, if you want to you can ask me with a PM for my Skype account I could help you with some 3D in Game Maker, including 3D platforming, 3D AI on a grid and a few more sexy things you can use to create 3D assets in Game Maker ;)