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getting back into GMS 2 is helping me get through this (pandemic)


everything is closed here or is open but there's zero service so they might as well be closed; stressing out bout incoming layoffs and this incompetent/criminally negligent gov--and it seemed like there was nowhere to turn! i new i needed some kind of distraction, but a positive one else instance_destroy()! then for whatever reason i new i had to get back into game dev, been over a year now. so i did, i'm starting a brand new game about something really interesting to me this past year (its aliens lol), and i feel so much freaking better. its like a huge weight on my shoulders that although is still there, doesn't weigh nearly as much and i can breath a sigh of relief. gonna have a video of the game soon too


This thread made me happy. I've been struggling to find motivation to do much besides play Animal Crossing the past week, as things seem pretty dire right now, but knowing other people are finding motivation/inspiration from gamedev right now is itself inspiring to me. Hope you make something great, @S-4!
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Yeah, I've been spending 5-9 hours a day working on my game, worked wonders for my productivity at a time when I was starting to drop off. :p

I also have been playing Animal Crossing like @tsm on the side, as too much game dev can get stressful for me.

Have fun with your project!