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If you're seeking feedback on a work in progress project, it is vital that users can play it, or at the very least see it. This forum is for you to post your current WIP and request feedback and opinions, and as such threads should have a minimum of information, including at least one screenshot or video and descriptive/explanatory text about the project. Ideally you should always aim to include a playable demo as it's difficult to give any decent feedback on simple images.

Please don't post threads for projects without at least one screenshot, as this board is not intended for concept or design discussion. You should consider posting your game ideas and concepts in the Game Design forum instead. Also try to make your game available as a ZIP or as a stand-alone EXE (although note that sometimes Windows will flag this as a virus) rather than an installer. For demos and small games installers annoy people and will put people off playing the game. Finally, ensure your game does NOT use any copyrighted assets as these will be removed due to legal ramifications of using assets from other people's IP.

Also note that it's one topic per game and if you have an update or a new feature, etc... use the edit button to edit the main topic instead of posting another one.

If you decide that the game is finished or published then you can either:

- Report the topic and request that a moderator moves it to the Completed Games forum


- Report the topic and request that it be closed and then make a new topic in the Completed Games forum.

General forum rules and guidelines apply too.
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