HTML5 Get That Gold! - WGJ 65



Hello Folks!
I took some time off the tutorial making this week in order to participate in the 65th WeeklyGameJam. The theme was Watch Your Step

Play Get The Gold!

Game Overview
You have to get to the "X" spot without falling into the water.

To move you have to pick 3 steps, no less and no more, from the available ones and click on "Move!".
If you have picked a wrong step, just click on it that it will go back to your step selection list.
All available steps are randomly generated, so it never plays the same and it may be that you do not get a valid play sometimes (Yeah, I bet some pirates have died for no reason in the past).

Game is simple but it should take you a couple tries to get to the last level (10).


Other info
As with all Jam's, I did not have enough time to implement all the ideas I had for the game but I believe the "core" of the game is present. Maybe, in the future, I'll work on upgrading it to my original view (adding enemies, lava floor and rivers, as well as giving the player some power-ups) and fixing some bugs (Most have been cleaned out but a few persisted and the deadline came too fast).

I have also recorded the full game making session and will post a video soon showing it all, from coding to art creation. It will take me sometime to process the 22 video segments I got (Yeah, it was a very choppy development).

As always, let me know your toughts! Any suggestions, comments or critiques?