GMS 2 Get String in Console Exports



Version: Game Maker Studio 2 Full - IDE v2.2.1.375 - Runtime v2.2.1.291

So I've been working on a game that I'd like to be more console friendly for future exports and have no idea how getting a user entered string would work on something like PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Since my main target platform is the Nintendo Switch for the future, I was wondering if anyone knew anything about how the Switch handles text entry.

I know that both switch and ps4 have their own keyboard system setup and so I'm concerned if I should just make my own keyboard system or if using (get_string_async) will pull up the currently used platforms own keyboard. If anyone has any knowledge on this subject, I'd like to know! Thank you for reading!


One alternative would be to draw the keys on screen and have the player use gamepad / mouse to click letters. Maximum compatibility to everything, as no physical keyboard is needed.